The Twilight Saga

cater umo
edward pov
I cant believeim gettimg married. I was tellimg myself. although (a\n edward is still human.)i am gettimg mrried to he most beautiful woman on earth i jut wish my parents could have met her. see my parents died because of the spanish imflueza. and i had it as well but i got over it really quick. I have no idea how though.
well my fiances name i isobelle marie swa. she has long dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. (a\n i kmow what your thimkimg is it bella well youll just have to wait) i love her smile. whenever she smiles i tell her shes the most beautiful person in the world. of course she mever believes me. well today is the day that im gettimg married. i absolutly love isobelle.

chapter dos e pov
the burning.

theres a man in my dressimg room??
who are you i ask
I am arlisle cullen. please believe m you will regret marrying this woman. i realise you are im love but there is someome im you future who is better for you. he told me
and how o you know i ask
come with me and youll find out.

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HEY WAZ UP LOL.............................
Sounds interesting please continue.



it sounds great plz keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3

(A/N I'm not going to do parts in Isobelle's POV for a while it will all make sence eventually)

 This man Carlisle had his lips to my throat and told me to close my eyes. and then the extreme pain began, travelling through my veins. Excrutiating pain!

"KILL ME" I wanted to yell but couldn't find my voice.

(SOrrry I'm gonna skip the whole changin process)

I opened my eyes and could see every color, every little filiment in the lightbulbs, but then I saw a mirror in this mysterious room I was in.

"Where am I?" I said to my self then I heard foot steps and crouched in a defensive position.

""Relax son It's me. I'm here to tell you what you are and why I changed you."

"What you changed me? Into What??" I asked

'I don't know how to tell him that he's a vampire?'

"I'm a what??!!!" I said obiously confused.

"I haven't said a word. Wait what am I thinking?"

"Your thinking about a woman a very beautiful woman in a blue satin dress, and I think me running?"

"You have a gift, son Apperently you are a mind reader."

"I'm a what?" I say

"A mind Reader"

And then I realise what he's saying.

(Gonna skip some but it's all gonna play oput right just go with the flow.)

Bella's POV

I was going over to my grandmothers house today when I notice a new car going through the small town of Forks.

I walk up the stairs, knock, and walk in. We are really close we look like I dentical twins, kinda wierd considering she's my grand mother, but you see. She is a vampire, while a human she was r@*3* by a vampire and the next day she walked by a vamopire on her way home from the blood drive, the vampires name was Lindsay and after that they were best friends. I see lindsay sitting on the couch.

"Hey aunt Lindsay, How are you?" I ask.

"I'm good how about you?"

"I good, hey do you guys know anyone with a silver volvo?" I ask her and my grandma.

"Umm I don't think so why?" They say simoltaniously. I told you they were like best friends.

" I saw one driving through town on my way over. here."

Ohh wait I forgot to tell you my name, It's Isabella Swan my dad was who my grandmother was pregnant with and sinced she was well, you know she decided to have his name be Charlie Swan. Ohh and the worst part about it is that My gran got dumped by her fiance that day, He just up and left the Alter. Leaving her there by herself, being the coward he is.

love it!!!


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