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This takes place after New Moon. Edward never came back for Bella, because he never thought she was dead. Alice was actually out shopping alone when she had the vision of Bella, and decided that she would go check on Bella before telling anyone about the vision. So, Edward never got wind of Bella and Cliff-jumping.




Chapter 1 Edward's POV

Years of travel and distraction could never keep me from seeing her beautiful face. Numerous courtships with others like myself, couldnt keep me from wishing I'd never left her side. Everyday i was faced with a new pain; longing for her touch, her scent.

Already it's been 20 years since I had seen her, and it felt like eternity without her by my side. I cant stand it any longer. I'm going to find her, and beg for her forgiveness. Maybe she will have gone against what I told her. Maybe she WILL remember me.

But, what if she has completely moved on? What if she has a new life, a family. A hus-... A husband?
"Edward? You know you are only going to give into yourself anyways. Why dont you just go? Stop over analyzing things." Alice said from behind. "I know you are going to do it anyways."

"Alice. This is something that needs to be over-analyzed. What if I completely traumatize her by showing up in her life again?"

She sat for only a moment, then piped up with a fast response. "Then only go to check up on her again! You can still see her, but you wont have to go through the trouble of hurting her, if you really think about it."

I suppose she is right. That's what I had planned on doing from the get-go. I dont know why I hadnt done this earlier, instead of dragging it out forever.

"I know you are going to ask to go with me, and of course you have already seen me say yes. Go get in the car. I know your things are already there."

"Oh Edward. You know me all too well!"


"Alice, could you at least try to contain your excitement about my upcoming displeasure?"


"Oh come on, Edward! You know you are just as excited as I. You just happen to be a bit better at containing your emotions." She smiled fiercely. "Forks, here we come!"

The whole way to the airport, I was questioning my sanity. What if this, what if that.
What if?

"Edward. Your starting to make my head hurt. All of these decision changes are not any good for your health or mine. Just do us both a favor and just SHUT UP."


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can u plz update me!!! i like ur story!
lik it:)

love it

keep me updated :))

A m a z i n g.



Jaja, Alice seems impatiend :)

Still, I love it!!

Please post more ^.^


- LoveCookkies

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


Chapter 2 Edward's POV


The flight landed without trouble, and suddenly I was hit with fear. I havent seen my Bella since she was 18... What could have changed? Just about everything I suppose.

"Edward. If I had the ability to make you quit thinking, I would. You are being irrational. This is Bella we are talking about here." 


"But Ali-" I started.


"No but's Edward. You started this, and your going to finish it. Understand?"

Just a slight nod, and we were stepping down from the plane into the rain. My nerves were wearing thin. I just wanted to see that she was okay, and had moved on, so that I could move on too. Lost in my thoughts, I had actually misplaced my tiny, monstrously annoying sister. I skimmed the airport and finally spotted her at the rentals desk. Alice was renting a car until we could get back to the old house.

"Nothing special. Just a Buick. They are going to pull it around front for us." Alice said nonchalently.

I grabbed the trolly, and started for the exit. "Alice? Is it really neccessary for you to bring a suitcase for each type of clothing? Surely one would have sufficed?"


"Edward! You never know who we may run into, or what occasions we should be dressing! Unlike you, I actually care about my appearance. But no worry's big brother. A few of these bags are full of things for you."

Great. What does she think we are doing? Staying for an extended vacation?

I reluctanly loaded the car with her luggage, and then we were off. Taking the 101 from Seattle to Forks should be long for any human driver, but we dont particularly enjoy taking are time. With Alice driving, it would take us about 45 minutes to get to the old house.

With the quiet drive home overwith, it was time to find her. No waiting. I helped Alice bring the bags inside, and upstairs to be unpacked. No one likes wrinkled clothing. 

As soon as I knew Alice would be fine here by herself for a few hours, I went down stairs in search of car keys. It'd been so long since we had been here, that I had almost forgotten where they were kept. I rifled through the safe and found the keys to my Volvo mixed in with objects that I couldnt ever remember seeing.


Curious as they were, they would have to wait until I returned later in the evening.


They're going to see Bella ^^


Post more when you can :)


- LoveCookkies

I wonder what the objects are.....  anyway can't wait for more!  :)



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