The Twilight Saga

Written by: Dog Hugger (aka Bella Cullen) and Euni



My existence was no longer in danger, but the
desire was stronger every time. My shield wasn’t strong enought since my loved
one had decided to break it. Breakable. That’s how I saw the “happily ever
after” that could’ve seemed eternal. Nor my husband, my siblings, or even my
own parents could do anything at the moment. The young girl I’d seen 7 years
ago with the kind and chatty personality of her grandmother was now saying “Not
anymore. Never. It never was. It never will be”.

And he kept bleeding. It was the blood of our
Jacob. While the love of my existence lost pieces of its being.



Renesmee has been over at La Push a lot since she turned seven. Instead of the 3 year old image that only existed for a while has long gone, for she now looks like she is old enough to pass as 16. We have thought a lot about trying to get her a license but for some reason she'd rather run. The treaty was soon put to rest about a year after Renesmee's birth. Edward told me that the main reason Jacob had fought so hard to get the treaty to have a few exceptions is because of my daughter. I chuckled as I remembered that day when I nearly killed Jacob for imprinting on my daughter and calling her Nessie. The main reason for my outburst was because everyone thinks of the Loch Ness Monster, a.k.a Nessie as a monster and I didn't want my baby girl to be called a monster.

Now that the treaty is gone and the werewolves trust us, all of the Cullens are allowed to go to La Push.

''What's so funny?'' Alice asked, interrupting my thoughts. I realized, once again, that my mind is faster and there fore all that I just thought of only took 4.27 seconds to think of.

''Oh, just a memory.'' I replied to her.

''Well, why don't you stop thinking about memories and tell me what you think of this dress!?'' Alice showed me a beautiful red dress.

''No matter what I say,if you think it's awesome you'll get it.'' I said.

She shrugged, ''I guess you're right.''

''What is that dress for anyway?'' I asked her.

''It's for Nessie, I thought that she might need this dress for special occasions.''

 ''Like what?''

''Well, maybe one day she'll go to a prom or a party with normal teenagers.''

''She doesn't even attend a school though.'' I said.

''That doesn't matter.'' Alice said back to me.

I followed Alice over to the register. The girl working at the counter looked at us with envious eyes. On her name tag was: Hazel. Her eyes matched the name. I couldn't see why she would be so envious of Alice and I. She had beautiful, loosely curled blonde hair and clean, fair skin. She had wonderful human beauty.If she ever becomes one of us - which I doubt - she'd be as beautiful as Rosalie and Renesmee. 

''Your total is $87.24'' Hazel said.Alice handed the girl a hundred and said, ''Keep the change.'' We walked out of the small store and into her Porsche,then we drove away.

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To my surprise, I was a really good dancer. When Anouk started playing to a faster rhythm, Edward and I had a lovely synchronization. Two minutes later, Esme, Carlisle, Jasper and Alice were dancing too. Emmett and Rosalie had left really quick, I don't really know why.

We had a great time, dancing, and having fun. After the dance, everyone started doing their own thing and Edward, Anouk and I decided it was time to get back to the cottage. Jake, Renesmee, Quil and little Claire were there, playing board games, again.

When I saw the two werewolves and their respecting imprinted I wondered...What had happened to Jim imprinting on Anouk? I wondered if Anouk had started missing him or something, probably that's why all the romantic stuff had hit her hard this afternoon. Maybe she just wanted everyone else to appreciate what they had in front of them right at the moment, because you never know when something bad's going to happen and tear you apart from the ones you love... Maybe she just needed someone to be there with her, for her, to comfort her when she remembered her human years and the horrible past she had told me. I started to feel bad for her, and I was sure that Edward wouldn't want her to be sad. For some reason, I didn't want her to be miserable either. I did recognize a tad nostalgic look when we arrived to the cottage, also when Jake hugged Renesmee the way he used to hug her, and when Quil threw little Claire in the air. And also when Edward pulled me close to him and grabbed my hand. It hurt me to see her like that, all alone, all by herself, even when she irradiated the feeling of a strong, independent woman that was sure of herself and where she was.
When all the werewolves finally left us, Anouk went back to the book shelf that she had been stuck to for the last two nights. She had finished almost every book in it, since it wasn't a big shelf. Nessie and her had been intimating, and talking until late. Jacob was starting to feel a little abandoned, and I was too, but Anouk had many questions about the werewolves that she was ashamed to ask Jake, even when they got along very well, making Renesmee her first resource for werewolf information. She asked about the imprinting of course, but the legend about the third wife and others also brought a lot of interest to her.

"Goodnight Jake. Quil. Take care of little Claire" I said, when they finally decided to leave.
"Say hi to Seth from me" Edward's friend wasn't around that much since he'd been hanging out with his sister a lot.
Renesmee went directly to bed, she'd been really tired with everything that was going on, a new routine, with Anouk around.

Edward went back to Carlisle's to pick up something for Renesmee's birthday, which was going to be celebrated in two weeks. I didn't know why everyone still insisted in celebrating her birthday, but if that made them happy, then it was fine. I didn't mind either. When Anouk and I were alone, and after debating myself, I got the nerve to ask her:

"Anouk, Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, Bella, anything" She said, leaving the book at her side and accommodating in her seat.
"What happened to Jim? I mean, how are you holding up? Do you... miss him or something? He just disappeared"
Please continue.... I need to know is she going to fall for Jim and leave Edward and Bella alone.
We stared at each other. I was waiting for an answer that she didn't know how to give me. Maybe she had seen Jim after the incident and she was protecting him. Maybe Jim had died. Maybe there was never any imprinting.
No. She wouldn't lie, she had proven all of us that she was trustworthy.

"Anouk? Are you okay? I'm sorry if I brought this up and upset you, I just wanted to know how were you holding up" She looked in pain, and I felt a bit sad about making her feel something that maybe she'd been avoiding. I knew that kind of thing was something you usually had to avoid if you didn't want to fall to pieces, "I'm sorry" I repeated.

Edward came into the room. I was holding my breath, trying not to do anything that could release Anouk's anger or pain more than I already had. Both of us had been petrified for about 10 minutes and when he entered, Anouk suddenly turned to see him, then turned to see me and said "I have to go. I really have to go. I can't deal with this anymore! It was such a stupid mistake to come here! I never should've come here! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! What the heck was I thinking!"

"Anouk calm down, what's wrong?" Edward ran to her side before she could even move and grabbed her shoulder. But he stood too close to her. Too close. Before I could think of anything, a growl chocked in my throat, so I closed my eyes to get a grip of myself, to analyze the situation, just for half a second. I turned to open the window, just for the sake of doing something with my hands. I was closing my lids so hard that I didn't realize I'd just broke the window lock.

Then I heard what seemed to be something really familiar to me. A kiss.
I didn't move. I couldn't. I felt like all the strength I had accumulated throughout the years with Edward had evaporated in just a second. I started shivering. I almost felt human again. I started panting, and I heard her whispering "Oh my God". Before I could turn to see him, she left. I continued panting, I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. It just... -It couldn't- It couldn't be possible. Not now. Not her. Not him.

"No Edward. No. Stay away, right now" My voice broke twice, though I couldn't cry. I couldn't find enough air to talk.

"Bella..." He whispered, with a huge guilt in his voice. He got closer and grabbed my arm, just like had grabbed hers.

"Please, don't do this. I'm having trouble standing right now! I'd just like to lie on the floor!" I screamed.

"Bella, I'm s---"

"Don't. Don't say that. Not now. I... I can't... breathe..." My head started spinning, just like when I was still human. But this time, I didn't fall, I didn't lose consciousness, I just felt like something had ripped me inside, I fell to my knees, trying to fight the pain, a pain I'd never experienced before.

"Bella? Bella! Please. Are you okay? What's happening? What's the matter?"

"It hurts! It hurts! Too much"

"I'm so sorry Bella! Please forgive me! I can't excuse myself..."

"No... It's just... I... Something's wrong... with... me" I muttered, with no air and a horrible pain invading me. Body and soul.
i like it
oh no she didn't ,she wouldn't have no lips if she kissed my man id be like' UH UH don't run now b**** '
Chapter 4

"I have to go now, Jacob! Now! I can't believe I screwed up this hard"

"It can't be that bad, what happened anyway?"

His words were in my head, over and over. I'd always known I was an idiot, I just didn't think I'd get so far. In front of me, two entrances were defying me. Which one would be the most lonely? Maybe the one at my right, it looks older. The one at my left is too green.

As I was pondering the best cave option, I started to ask myself if what I really wanted was to be alone, with no one to talk to, nobody to discuss with, nobody to love... It would be like going back to the beginning, where I had screwed up and I just wanted to be buried alive if that'd been any help. I turned around to see the place I'd stay for as long as I was capable of. It was rather beautiful, the wide, deep blue river ran wild down the forest, making the most relaxing sound I could get lost listening to. Before. Unfortunately, it wasn't relaxing enough now that I'd done such a stupid thing. I felt horrible.

But, would I just be the coward that ran away? Yes, I'd made a mistake, but this wasn't what I learned, what my mother taught me to do. If I'd kissed Edward, I'd experience the consequences... right? I couldn't just run off wherever I wanted. Now, listening to the river sound, the echo of my steps going out of the cave I entered to wander and ponder, I knew that I'd go back eventually. Essentially because Renesmee had been the only one best friend I had. Who would think that a 7 year old vampire-human hybrid would be the perfect best friend for someone like me? I was so scared that she would hate me after this. I wouldn't blame her, though.

After a few minutes of trying to calm myself, I thought: Anyway, how do you handle the memory of the most perfect kiss you've ever had with someone who has a wife and a daughter? No sentence would be enough to describe the horrible pain I felt when I remembered his name. Edward. And then it was a different kind of pain when I remembered their names. Bella and Nessie. Again, I would've loved to be buried alive if that had been soothing.
Oh my Gosh!!!
This story just keeps getting Better and Better!
Can't wait for an update!
this keeps getting better and better,vwrite more soon, and keep me updated.
keep me upddated :)
it was pretty cool!


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