The Twilight Saga

Written by: Dog Hugger (aka Bella Cullen) and Euni



My existence was no longer in danger, but the
desire was stronger every time. My shield wasn’t strong enought since my loved
one had decided to break it. Breakable. That’s how I saw the “happily ever
after” that could’ve seemed eternal. Nor my husband, my siblings, or even my
own parents could do anything at the moment. The young girl I’d seen 7 years
ago with the kind and chatty personality of her grandmother was now saying “Not
anymore. Never. It never was. It never will be”.

And he kept bleeding. It was the blood of our
Jacob. While the love of my existence lost pieces of its being.



Renesmee has been over at La Push a lot since she turned seven. Instead of the 3 year old image that only existed for a while has long gone, for she now looks like she is old enough to pass as 16. We have thought a lot about trying to get her a license but for some reason she'd rather run. The treaty was soon put to rest about a year after Renesmee's birth. Edward told me that the main reason Jacob had fought so hard to get the treaty to have a few exceptions is because of my daughter. I chuckled as I remembered that day when I nearly killed Jacob for imprinting on my daughter and calling her Nessie. The main reason for my outburst was because everyone thinks of the Loch Ness Monster, a.k.a Nessie as a monster and I didn't want my baby girl to be called a monster.

Now that the treaty is gone and the werewolves trust us, all of the Cullens are allowed to go to La Push.

''What's so funny?'' Alice asked, interrupting my thoughts. I realized, once again, that my mind is faster and there fore all that I just thought of only took 4.27 seconds to think of.

''Oh, just a memory.'' I replied to her.

''Well, why don't you stop thinking about memories and tell me what you think of this dress!?'' Alice showed me a beautiful red dress.

''No matter what I say,if you think it's awesome you'll get it.'' I said.

She shrugged, ''I guess you're right.''

''What is that dress for anyway?'' I asked her.

''It's for Nessie, I thought that she might need this dress for special occasions.''

 ''Like what?''

''Well, maybe one day she'll go to a prom or a party with normal teenagers.''

''She doesn't even attend a school though.'' I said.

''That doesn't matter.'' Alice said back to me.

I followed Alice over to the register. The girl working at the counter looked at us with envious eyes. On her name tag was: Hazel. Her eyes matched the name. I couldn't see why she would be so envious of Alice and I. She had beautiful, loosely curled blonde hair and clean, fair skin. She had wonderful human beauty.If she ever becomes one of us - which I doubt - she'd be as beautiful as Rosalie and Renesmee. 

''Your total is $87.24'' Hazel said.Alice handed the girl a hundred and said, ''Keep the change.'' We walked out of the small store and into her Porsche,then we drove away.

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this sounds really good
this sounds really good
this sounds really damn good so far keep writing plz
While the car sped up through the streets, Alice turned on the radio and started to sing along an octave higher to this new hit that I listened to everyday. Of course, it all started with Jacob buying Renesmee the cd, then Emmett and Rosalie taking her to a concert, Jasper and Alice covering her room with posters, and Edward getting an autograph by all means, but the big bonus was the VIP ticket that Carlisle and Esme got her. I couldn't figure out how they did it, and Edward wouldn't tell me, so I wasn't really sure that I wanted to know.

"Oh, not that song again!"

"What's wrong with it? It's great! And have you heard the lyrics? The music is great and it's not the typical pop/rock song that's always playing on the radio" Since when was Alice so interested in music?

"Heey, Gilmore addict, easy with your analysis, what's happening?"

"What do you mean what's happening?"

"Oh come on Alice..." I gave her a look that could only mean 'you know what I'm talking about' and started drilling my fingers on the board.

"Bella, really, could you stop being so paranoid? It freaks me out, I start to think that maybe you're having some kind of premonition that I'm failing to see and can't stop thinking about it"

"You're really chatty today." Alice immediately got a defensive position in her own seat and then completely focused on the road. Her eyes were sad. She glimpsed at me for less than a second and then let her guard down.

"Something's wrong with Jasper." She said, abruptly changing the subject. "And I don't know what is it."

"Oh, I see."

"I wish I could say the same..." she muttered.

"Well... have you tried talking to him?"

"No, of course not, nothing's happened, but everyday I see this big change coming closer and I can't figure it out."

I realized my breathing had stopped when I tried to vocalize my own worries. It seemed like I wasn't as paranoid as I thought. Changes weren't always good and, if Alice was worried, then this could only mean one thing: Werewolves.

The rest the journey home was totally silent, I turned off the radio and rolled down the window for a few minutes before we got to Forks. It was unbelievable that after all this time, we came back. It wasn't really necessary, with Jacob running back and forth wherever we went just to be with Renesmee, but I missed Charlie. I missed him so much. I knew I was lucky to be where I was, but still, Charlie was my father, the man who brought me to life and made me lucky enough to live in a town where I'd meet Edward. If it wasn't for him, I would've never met Edward, or had Renesmee. I was eternally grateful for that.

"Sue is very happy, and she's been wanting to see you. I've been wanting to see you too, honey, why don't you come sometime soon? It's been years... I miss you so much, Bella. Really, I can't tell you how much I miss you.. The pictures and the phone calls are not enough, please come home." His letter was comforting, but it had me thinking whether it was safe for him to having him get to his own conclussions.
The altered pictures were Jaspers idea, and I did call him about once a month, but I agreed, it wasn't enough. The more time passed, the more I missed my dad. And my mom. Reneé was coming to town, with Phil and their dog. I found it weird when Jasper told me he was dying too see how everything would turn out when Reneé arrived with her suitcase, Phil carrying the other bags and the dog checking out Charlie's yard. I couldn't think how the heck Charlie offered to let them stay there. Yes, he had expanded the house a few years ago, but still, the thought of it was a tad uncomfortable.
However, Reneé didn't complain, instead, she agreed immediately. I found it so weird, I thought the house would bring back memories that she wouldn't want to remember, but it seemed like she didn't care.

Alice parked the car outside the house and we got out in complete silence.
Alice and I both went at vampire speed to the door.When we walked in the door we saw Emmett,Rose,and Esme sitting on the couch.
''Where's Edward and Carlisle?'' I asked.

''Carlisle had to go back to the hospital and Edward went to La Push to pick Nessie up.'' Esme told me. Renesmee,I corrected her mentally.

''Why?Renesmee normally just runs home.She told me that it's more fun to run.'' I said.I walked over to the loveseat and sat down.

''Renesmee called Edward because her and Jacob got into a fight.'' Esme replied. ''Also,your father called about an hour ago,wondering if you wanted to come down to his house to see Renee and to eat dinner.''

''Why did Renesmee and Jacob get into a fight?'' I asked her.

''Edward didn't say''


I pulled my iphone out of my pocket and dialed Charlie's number.After two rings the familiar voice of my father said, ''Hello?''

''Hey dad, it's me, Bella.Esme said that you called earlier.''

''Yeah,I was wondering if you wanted to come down here to eat dinner and see Renee.I thought that she might like to see Nessie in person for the firsttime.''
Uh-oh.Renesmee is supposed to look like she's ten,not sixteen,so I quickly thought of an excuse.

''Actually, Renesmee is down in La Push,hanging out with Jacob.I think that Jacob was going to teach her how to fish.I hope that's okay,maybe Edward and I could go over there tonight instead.''

''Sure,either way you get to see your mom.'' I smiled.

About five minutes later I could hear tires turn onto the long driveway from the road.Then,I heard the faint squeal of brakes and the engine cut off.As soon as that happened Renesmee walked through the door with Edward no more than a step behind her.I held my arms out,motioning her to come sit next to me.When she sat down she leaned against me and I embraced her,trying to console her.Emmet,Rosalie,and Esme got up and walked out of the room.Edward took their place on the sofa.The only other family member who stayed in the room was Alice,but she stood in the corner of the large room.
''Why don't you tell me what happened.''

As she spoke she sobbed ''Well,firstwe were just talking casually and then he used the word ''parasite'', for he was referring to all of us, and then I reminded him that I was pretty much a ''parasite''.And then,when he said,'I know',I asked him if that is what he thinks of me and then there was alot of shouting,and... and... I really don't want to talk about it right now,okay?''

''I know how you feel.It really ticked me off when he would say that kind of stuff,too.But,how would you feel if we went down to Grampa Charlie's house?There is someone who wants to meet you.'' I said.I figured that Alice can use her skills to make Renesmee look like a ten year old.

''Who?'' she asked.

''It's a surprise.'' I answered.

''Okay, I guess.'' she said back.

Alice walked over to us and held her hand out.Renesmee got up,took her hand,and walked up stairs.I'm surprised that Renee and Phil got here so quickly,all I knew was that I couldn't wait to see her for the first time - in person - since my wedding

Alice's ability still surprised me when my supposed-to-be-16-year-old kid got down looking like she was 10 years old. She was glowing like she hadn't in months and, for a sec, I felt relieved knowing she wouldn't grow up after this. Renesmee walked downstairs in the pink, shiny, funny dress that she had made fun of weeks ago when Alice had bought it, not really knowing what she'd need it for. It wasn't the same dress that Alice and I had bought the day that we met the strange cashier named Hazel, but I did remember the day we went to the Kidz Outlet to buy something pink and really sweet. I also remembered that Alice stated the need for that dress, demanding that she wouldn't know what we needed it for, she only knew we needed it, maybe more than we thought. I was suddenly thankful for her demand and couldn't help but thinking that maybe Reneé could really buy this whole 10-year-old kid act.

"You look amazing! You're the most beautiful supposed-to-be-10-year-old kid I've ever seen, you look like you're from royalty" Esme was thrilled by the idea of Renesmee meeting her other grandmother. I was too.

"Well, obviously Alice is the master mind behind this look" Nessie said, with the professional tone she used to give credit to other people.

"Edward, would you mind taking Her Highness to the carriage? It's late and we don't want to keep the king, the ex-queen and her husband waiting" Alice sounded happy with the idea of us visiting Charlie, but she hadn't said anything about any visions she had about the possible disasters of the evening.

"Come on, sweetie. Time to see grandpa"

"Who is the ex-queen?" Renesmee asked, almost sounding like a child asking questions for every thing.

"You'll see, you'll see" My voice was nervous, but I knew everything would be fine if we kept our act going.
I looked at Alice trying to tell her to not spill the beans to Renesmee.I even threw in the ''I'm gonna kill you if you do it'' look,too.

As Alice,Edward,Renesmee,and I walked out of the house and towards the car,Renesmee said,''Honestly,I really wish that you wouldn't talk to me like a real 10 year old.I remember that you didn't even talk to me like that when I was born.'' I can tell that she's getting that teenage attitude problem that is normal in teens;althought I remeber that when I was human that I never got that.I remember how Renee would tell me that I had gotten more and more middle aged every year.

''If that's what you want,sweetie.'' Edward said.

A few seconds later Alice said,''Wait,it's been seven years and aren't we supposed to look about that much older?'' I looked at Edward and then he said,''I guess you're right.''
Alice pulled a few things out of her purse and started working on me in the middle of the yard,then she moved onto Edward,and finally,she did a few things to herself.
When I got into the passenger seat of Edward's Volvo,I looked into the mirror and saw a 25 year old image of myself.Wow.I know I have been amazed by Alice before,but
this is new.In about,ten minutes Edward stopped in front of Charlie's house.I got out with a sigh,took Edward's hand,and made the short walk to his door.I looked down at the skirt Alice had dressed me in.I was distracted for a moment while looking at the prints on it.But then the sound of the door opening caught my attention.

Carlisle? What are you doing here?" My voice was obviously revealing the shock, I stared at Alice and Edward to look at their faces, but they weren't surprised, so I assumed they already knew about this.

"They're here!" Carlisle opened the door to us as he held a beer in one hand, I wondered how he had drunk half of the bottle already.

Loud screaming and giggling came from the kitchen as I heard Jacob's voice. This was so weird.

We came in and walked towards the kitchen, and there he was. Jacob. Standing as if nothing had happened that afternoon. Renesmee was shocked as her breathing started to accelerate. I looked at her and tried to calm her down, but she started nodding her head and walking backwards.

"Jacob, WHAT are you doing here?" Edward asked, as she grabbed Renesmee by her shoulders and caressed her fatherly like.

"Oh, well, I came to visit Charlie and Sue, Seth and Leah are out of town and I assumed they'd want some company, of course I didn't know that Reneé and Phil would be here too-"

"-but we loved to meet Jacob finally!" Reneé ran in my direction and hugged me. I hugged her back as she started crying, I wanted to cry, it was how she remembered me, but obviously I couldn't. However, I tried to look as excited as any vampire could. "Oh Honey look at you! You're a woman!"

"Well, yeah, did you expect to find anything else?" All of us Cullens laughed. Of course, a rhetoric question.

Edward giggled softly and then looked down. Then, he made a quick move to turn to see Jacob with furious eyes, as Carlisle grabbed him by his arm, calming him down. It took him half a second to compose himself and then took Renesmee in his arms. "Mom, I'd like you to meet Renesmee, she's... well... kind of our daughter."
I focused my eyes on Renee,who looked like she was choking.In about thirty seconds she composed her expression and said,''Well, is she adopted, or your real daughter, or what?''

''Well,Edward and I have discussed this for seven years,and we decided that this might be the best time to tell you the truth.''

''And does Charlie know about this?''

''Well,he's been here throughout her life,but I think that the truth should be told.''

''Okay, shoot.'' she folded her arms together.I put my arm on Edward's shoulder and pulled him and Renesmee into clear view for Renee to see.

''Why don't we take a seat in the living room first?'' We all started piling into Charlie's living room.Some of us sat on the floor,others stood or sat in a chair.
''Okay... What Charlie knows is that,Renesmee was Edward's cousin's daughter. When they died in a car crash we took her in.But,the real story is that I had Renesmee shortly after the wedding.''

''So you lied to me?'' Charlie said,close to exploding.Renee put a restraining hand on his forearm.All I could do was nod.

''And why didn't you just tell me?'' Renee asked me. I glanced at Edward,hoping that the look would tell him that I was practically screaming for help,though I was sitting silent in my seat.

Edward said,''Well,there was a situation where we had to as private as we could.''

''Let me guess,you aren't going to tell us what that situation was,are you?'' Charlie said.

''You guessed correctly.'' Edward replied.

''Well, I guess all I have to ask you is, is the situation no more?'' Charlie asked.

''All is well.'' Edward answered.

''Are you angry at me, mom?''

''I'm only a little angry because, I wasn't there for her birth, I don't know much about her, and the fact that you lied to me, period.''

''Will you - and Charlie and Phil - accept my apology?'' All three of them nodded.I got up,went to them,and hugged them. First, Renee, then Charlie, and finally Phil. From then on, it felt as if the whole atmosphere had shifted to a much lighter note.Everyone started talking casually among themselves. Soon after my confession,the rest of the Cullen family arrived. I was thinking about how we came back.Most of the time it was only Edward,Renesmee,and I who would go to our other home in Brookings, Oregon. Sometimes, Alice or Jacob would come with us. We chose Brookings because it wasn't too far away,and it's average rainfall is about 74.78 inches of rain in a year,so we thought it might be a nice place. Soon Esme and Sue walked into the living room, telling everyone that the food was ready. Uh,oh.I haven't had to do this yet, and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to. There was cornbread,coke,beer,and beef stew.

I knew that if I was still human,this would be so delicious,but I guess that I'll just have to try.Renesmee looked like she was enjoying herself.I listened when her and Jacob had stepped out to try to work things out.I smiled when I heard them tell eachother sorry.I even heard it when Jacob pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the cheek.
''So,I thought that you said that you couldn't even come,because Jacob and Nessie were out fishing.'' Charlie said to me.

''Well,Renesmee had decided to come home early,when she caought her fisr fish.'' I said.

''What kind was it?''

''I think it was salmon, but I'm not sure.'' Renesmee said

When we were all done eating and I finished my first beer we all piled into the living room again.

"So, Renesmee, you're really beautiful, sweetie, I bet guys are crazy about you in school, am I right?" Reneé told her.

"Um... Actually I don't go to school"

"Really?! Why?"

"We're homeschooling her" Edward said, trying to calm Reneé, but only made it worse, I could tell by his expression right after he said those words.
"Homeschooling her? Isabella Swan -or Cullen, I should say- Are you trying to make your daughter an antisocial? Are you out of your senses? Isn't this town too small already to make her own even smaller?"

"Mom... please" I begged her to stop since Charlie's expression looked hurt.

"Sorry, Charlie, no offense"

"I don't mind, actually. I'm happy with everything, being home schooled, living here... Everything's too green"

Edward looked at me, that wasn't the first time that he listened to that phrase. He'd once heard me talking in my sleep, when I was still human, I'd just moved to Forks and I said exactly the same words.

"Well... If you are really happy then I guess it's... ok... But I'm with you on that, everything's too green, I always thought the same thing"

We all stared in silence at the window, as if we were trying to examine the green.

"I'm sorry, Phil, I feel like we've been ignoring you" Charlie grinned as he said the last two words, his malicious intents were obvious only to me, though. I knew him too well.

Phil started babbling about his new job, he'd quit his job at the baseball team a long time ago, now he worked at some kind of online sports magazine. It was incredible that my mom was still with him, their 10th anniversary was coming soon.

I knew that things were way too perfect at that moment, and that they wouldn't last like that for long, when Alice stared at the floor, she was having a vision.

I was lost in thought, what would I buy them for their anniversary? When I heard the loud noise that came from outside the house, along with what seemed to be gunshots and a howl.

I couldn't help but notice Renesmee's voice breaking, when she asked "Where's Jacob?"
AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post more soon please !!!!
''He stepped out for a minute when we were all done eating.'' Edward said.

''Okay,I want all the ladies and someone to volunteer to stay in here,just in case.''

''I'll do it.'' Jasper said.

Phil and Charlie jogged to the cabinet,where Charlie kept all of his guns.They handed out hand guns and other guns I wouldn't know the name of to all the men.Then,Edward came up behind me,handed me a small gun,and said,''Only if you have to.''

Obviously,it was for show.It's not like I would need it to do any damage.I could probabaly tear this whole house up in a matter of minutes,maybe even seconds.I listened to hear what was happening outside.I could feel the influence of Jasper's calm cloud suround me.I could feel it trying to creep up on me - the fear and screaming - ,trying to tear me down in the moment where i needed to be strong.From outside I heard Charlie's cheif voice commanding the people I love to get in certain positions or go around the house.I heard Edward say,''Oh,no...Jacob.'' I gasped and stood up.Renee said,'' What is it!''

I stammered for a second then finally said,''I think I'm gonna be sick.''

''Well,if you're going to be sick I'll come and help you.'' Renee said

''I'll be fine.'' I said as I looked at Alice,hopefully signaling her to come with me.I started to go up the stairs when I heard Alice say,''I think I'll go too,my contacts are slipping.''

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