The Twilight Saga

I got inspired by jesse McCartney song called Leavin'.
What if Bella was going out with Jacob, but met Edward and knew from then on that Edward and her were meant to be. How will she tell Jacob, and what will his reaction be like.

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Comment if you think I should continue
yes please continue
if u dont continue u know tht every one will die so i suggest u write more lol it was really good
love it
Hope you write it
i like it
I dont no i like the plot but not the banner LOL!!
sara if you don't like it then your welcomed to making me one :)
i think you should continue!! it seems like it would be interesting! i never thought of it that way
I think you should write it..add me
sounds really GOOD
so excited
can't wait for the first chapter
love it write it PLEASE


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