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A while ago I was researching Tanya Edward pairings and found one that was a really cute songfic featuring the song more like her, I do have this son on this one-shot but this is not the same and I’m not trying to copy anything so no misunderstandings please….

Why I decided to write this fic? in the saga they never say things about her, I mean Tanya was the leader of the Denali’s and is even a older vegetarian that Carlisle, so I guessed she had duties with her sisters, you said right people tend to portray her as the antagonist but if you read the saga carefully, the Cullen’s are always saying thing like "Laurent went to Alaska with Tanya, and her family" or things like "Bella we were staying with the Denali’s for a while, with Tanya and her family" they don’t usually say Denali coven its always Tanya and her family, because she is the head of the Denali clan
she was always leader after the volturi killed Sasha, so I pictured her more mature, not so teeny and lunatic, she must be very mature to handle a entire coven because she is the lead of the Denali like Carlisle is the head of the Cullen’s so I guessed responsibility gave the Tanya we meet read about in BD a mature grown up edge, very loyal and insightful

Nobody pays attention to Tanya, to everyone she is just one witch more, but what if she did love Edward? What was like things seen in her eyes? A one-shot based on my perception of the strong Denali leader, how it was and how it could be seen from her eyes,

Based on the songs

The outside Taylor swift (twilight)

I'll still be loving you kylie minogue (new moon)

not much in eclipse.

More like her Miranda Lambert (breaking dawn part1)

Miss independent Kelly Clarkson (breaking dawn part 2)



author note on the sidelines: we all have passed trough that, those times when the storybook doesnt go the way we planned where we dont get to be the cinderella but get cast as the princess from a foreign kingdom who the prince doesnt love, but who he still marries, i have been in tanya's place and i know it hurts to watch from the sidelines too...


Tanya pov

As I sat in looking at the stars that night, I thought about him, thought about everything that had happened ever since he met her, and wished the memories a place in


I didn't know what I would find
When I went looking for a reason, I know
I didn't read between the lines
And, baby, I've got nowhere to go
I tried to take the road less traveled by
But nothing seems to work the first few times
Am I right?

I heard you that day when you came here and see I behaved nicely, I fell for you instantly but you rejected my love, you thought you knew my mind?, thought it was just a simple infatuation, I just controlled what I thought around you, I guess I wasn’t right for you, because I head news Edward, you really did love that human, and as a mature person I am I just want you to be happy even if I love you so much, you will never know, I guess, you were not smart enough

So how can I ever try to be better?
Nobody ever lets me in
I can still see you, this ain't the best view
on the outside looking in
I've been a lot of lonely places
I've never been on the outside

I have to take care of my sisters Kate and Irina, but Edward I do love you, I love you so much it hurts me to hear from Carlisle every time he says her name, with such a pleasure it really hurts me, this isn’t the best way to look at you, from outside, from behind the screen, you always where so closed, I guess you never really knew my feelings, and you know you where not the only one lonely, I was always a pest right? well I didn’t want you to feel that way, I will always be here Edward she may hold your heart but I still keep hope, I have been in places suffered so much, I wanted you to be happy, I wanted to feel I was doing something good by not meeting her, I wanted to feel that way you would love me in a twisted sense

you saw me there, but never knew
that i would give it all up to be
a part of this, a part of you
and now its all too late so you see
you could have helped if you had wanted to
but no one notices until its too, late to do anything

we got a new member Laurent, he and Irina fit very nicely, I so wish he had more control, but with Irina’s help, he can do anything, or so I hope, he talked to me about you, how you are still kind and gentleman, and how you protected her and wanted to save her from James, I was proud of you, I knew that was the reason I loved you

how could i ever, try to be better
nobody ever, lets me in
and i can still see you, this aint the best view
on the outside looking in
ive been alot of lonely places i've
never been on the outside

Edward I heard he saved her, Bella, I heard he is a hero, I still love him, but Edward is with her, and that day I was strong enough not to cry, I was strong enough not to feel the pain breaking me inside, and Eleazar was compassionate enough to hold my head while I broke down, and Carmen was nice enough to avoid entering my room for days.

oh, yeah

how can i ever, try to be better
nobody ever, lets me in
and i can still see you, this aint the best view
on the outside looking in
ive been alot of lonely places i've
never been on the outside

and I was strong, I was strong enough to not ruin your happiness


AN:posting more soon just comment ok and i will post the part of new moon and eclipse as soon as i can

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thank you i will write more tomorow
this is amazin i luv how well the song fits, cant wait for more

ok so im posting this next chapter its actually the continuation of the previous one so deal with me, hate me for thinking tanya is not such a bad girl but really, have you ever thought about being in her place?


New moon

Laurent has left, and Irina is so broken, alas my little sister, so many loses, it has always been my duty to console you, it will be alright I said, we got to stay together, and maybe the pain might go away. I stood there that night consoling Irina with Kate’s head in my lap, after mother died, I was the oldest, I’m the one that takes care of the coven, I’m the strong one, the controlled, the one who they look up to, the one who won’t allow herself to cry.

I'm seeing it your way
But I don't believe it's true that
I'm not the one to make you happy
It would be so wrong for us to break in two
But do what you gotta do

Carlisle and the others are here I’m so happy but they said Edward is going trough a lot because the girl got a paper cut he is blaming himself, wish he had come here, then we would have talked, I would have told him it wasn’t his fault, and maybe he would have seen what I want him to see in me.

I still love him, I don’t want him to be unhappy, and so I stayed comforting the Cullen’s.

I hope you find someone
who can love you like I do
I'll be strong inside
But I'll still be loving you But I'll still be loving you

Kate as always ready to go and find Edward wherever he is and make him get things right, she is my beloved sister, and Irina, glad to have rose near, I do the best I can making my home a happy place for the Cullen’s, I try my hardest to smile and cheer them, I’m selfless enough to think he would want that, if he thought about me...

but one person I can’t be around is jasper, he knows what I feel, and my emotions are not as easy to control as my mind, I do love Edward, and I wish every day, I was her, I wish, but alas I’m strong enough to know he doesn’t feel the same, and the knowledge the breaks me and burdens my soul

Since the day that I found you
I built my dreams all around you and I
Believed you would never leave me
So sure it was love forever more
But if you walk out the door

Alice left yesterday and this afternoon Rosalie and jasper said they are leaving too, I know he is in danger, he went to the volturi and I wanted to help, go there and tell him he is committing himself to the devil, tell him it will be alright as I did last year, I wanted to, begged them to let me go and help him, but alas Carlisle knew my responsibility was here, with Kate and Irina, and Eleazar and Carmen, Irina is mourning for Laurent and they need me, alas Edward they need me more than you do... so I stayed and did my duty as my family needed. I will miss them, miss the Cullen’s, and Carlisle especially, one who would be compared to a family by blood because he feels the same about taking human life.

I hope you find someone
who can love you like I do
I'll be strong inside
But I'll still be loving you

But I'll still be loving you

I called Carlisle today, I asked him not to tell Edward I had, I was worried for him, and alas Carlisle told me Edward is fine, I breathed with relief, the girl rescued him, and I cherish the human for that, Carlisle told me about Laurent and the wolves, and all those things, ohh Edward what will become of you?, Carlisle told me with satisfaction in his voice how Edward had proposed to her, he proposed, and I just could congratulate him on my family's voice, then Kate had to take the phone, she was eager to talk to Alice

You say the magic has gone forever
But deep down inside I don't believe it's so
But I'm letting you go

that night everyone went hunting, all except me, I stayed at home, painting with my master skill, I painted a canvas for them, the Cullen and the Denali, like before, but Edward, I love you, and if she makes you happy, I won’t interfere, I still wish you had chosen me, but alas here I am, too afraid of getting hurt, maybe if I had showed you the real me maybe you would have loved me, that night, Eleazar was there like a father with his daughter striking the back of my blonde locks as I cried, cried because you where hurting me, and you would never know to what extent I loved you, I sobbed, sobbed for my fate, and sobbed because once you where wed you would belong to her

I hope you find someone
who can love you like I do
I'll be strong inside
But I'll still be loving you

But I'll still be loving you


the human brought trouble again, and alas things with Irina had not changed, she swore revenge on the wolves and for as long as Kate and I wished to put her at ease she would not calm, Laurent wasn’t good for her, I knew it, and dear Irina, if you would just listen to what others have to say, its better having you loved one dead that mourn for a unrequited love at least he loved you once and died loving you the same, evil as he was he died loving you the same

and because of Irina Edward I could not help you fight the terrible pest that stalked you, and believe me I would have, but I still didn’t want to meet her, I did know I would tear down in front of the girl that stole your heart, those two reasons where enough to overpower the love I felt for you, and refuse to help you in the battle, I apologized to Carlisle, but Edward I love you too much, and I know I need to build a lot of the strength I have to face you, face that charming man, and know you never belonged to me in the first place, I hope that you can forgive me one day but I cannot help you or your family when mine is like this, I owe Irina my loyalty as a sister.


next is breaking dawn in her point of view.. plase comment please i want to know i have readers..

thank you well one person is one comment im glad you like it


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