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Chloe was just your normal happy eighteen year old Original Vampire/Witch who enjoyed spending time in her kingdom with those she loves. She thought she had found everything with Dominic until his whole family was murdered and she believed he had died with them. She soon finds out that Dominic had made it out alive but he had changed and was threatening her life. The love she once believed was real was nothing but a broken glass which was never going to be fixed again. She is then forced to leave her kingdom and everyone she loves just so she can hopefully be able to live her life normally like she used to before this all happened. Chloe then finds herself moving into the beautiful New Orleans hoping to be able to start her new life that she had wanted with Dominic but now she was starting it alone and single. Chloe then in a magical twist of fate meets Matt and discovers all those feelings for Dominic were now gone and she had no reason to ever look back. She started to become the woman that she never thought she would ever become. Chloe then realizes that her heart was actually Matt's. While Dominic plots an evil plan with his twisted brother to get to Chloe Matt does whatever it takes to keep the new found love safe from these evil brothers. Will Matt be able to stop this evil plan the brothers are setting on time to save her?

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Chapter One - Goodbye My Love

I took my normal early morning walk like I normally did everyday it was quiet and I didn't have to always have people try to throw flowers around me and give me stuff I just didn't want because the kingdom's people just saying hello made my day. I stopped dead in my tracks seeing Dominic my amazing loving boyfriend as he walked over toward me wrapping his big strong arms around me. I smiled happily as he kissed my hair softly I took in a deep breath and looked up at him we both brushed our lips against each others. We smiled happily into one another eyes then finally we both began to talk along the bath into the forest. We came across a beautiful little meadow which had beautiful flowers we walked over to a plan piece of the bright green grass and sat down I looked at at him then finally lay back I sighed happily as I just enjoyed being with him no drama no pain just peace and happiness. He lay down but pressed himself up with one of his arms and stroked my cheek softly with his hand I looked up into his sparkling green eyes this was like a dream I just didn't want to wake up from. He was just so perfect to me in every single way which was something I love about him he never made me do anything I didn't want to do. He just went with whatever I wanted in life which was getting away from this kingdom and being with him forever maybe get married and have a few kids.

He looked at me smiling "What are you thinking about my love?" he said stroking my cheek

I smiled and giggled slightly looking up at him "I am just thinking about when will we leave here and just have that dream we have always wanted Dominic, we have did everything our families wanted but yet they don't know about our love" I said

"They will" he replied and lay down properly

I sighed turning my head away as what hurt the most was that it seemed to me that he was losing interest in our future our lives. I didn't understand anymore why did I have to be the one to suffer? I looked down as he looked back at me once again he turned my face toward his and kissed me softly on the lips I bit my lip after we kissed then looked deep into his eyes. I wasn't sure if he was only doing this because he didn't want me to worry but it was a little too late for that anymore now.

He stroked my cheek then smiled happily "hey I am done with our families trying to make us be something we don't want to be for the last three weeks I've been planning on us leaving how about we just go right now or tonight" he said

"What are you serious?" I looked at him then smiled and hugged him tightly "okay let's do this" I nodded

We both told each other we loved one another then had to part ways our parents didn't really approve of a Princess dating a normal guy but hey we loved each other very much. I tucked my long hair behind my ear as I walked back to the castle I spent the rest of the day trying to work out what I should take with me. It was going to be a new hard life but it was well worth it just for Dominic. My parents called me and I joined in with the fancy lunch and then the outing in which my family seemed to enjoy a little too much. I sighed crossing my arms as I wasn't enjoying it one bit all I wanted was to be with the guy I loved and I knew tonight was going to be that. I went back to my room after getting back from the stressful outing and changed my dress and packed some things quickly. I looked over my shoulder as my brother walked in wondering what I was doing but I just said I was going to take the clothes to get some new things did to them so I had a new style which he fell for quiet easily. I shook my head as he left my room I then quickly went and hid my bag then walked down the hall into my little baby brother and sisters room. I looked at how cute they were and I walked over to them kneeling down once I got to them and hugged them close to me I knew I was going to miss them so much but I knew this was the right thing to do. I told them how much I loved them then got up and walked out quickly going back to my room and locked my bedroom door as I began to cry.

"This is going to be so hard" I whispered

I slid down my bedroom door and cried holding my head in my hands the it was dinner time now and I was still upset I quickly cleaned myself up and made my way down to the dinning room. I sat down and had my final meal with my family after the meal was over I quickly ran up the stairs then grabbed my bag I climbed out the window and ran. I waited on Dominic in the meadow like we had said but he never showed up. I walked over to his house and seen the door open I walked inside and seen blood everywhere I gasped and when I found his family laying lifeless on the floor my heart broke I ran to Dominic's room and found him holding my picture in his hand I walked over to him as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Dominic?" I said kneeling down and cried "no please no" I shook him "Dom please WAKE UP" I cried

I placed his head on my lap stroking his hair softly as I cried softly I knew there was nothing I could do since his whole body was cold and I knew it was just too late. I kissed his lips softly as I put him in his bed tucking him in I knew this was going to be goodbye forever. I touched his hair and cried I took a breath sighing I could remember the day we met and yet I wasn't even here on his last day with me or his last breath.

"Oh Dominic I am so sorry. I wish I was here with you on your death bed baby I am.....I wish I could have saved you so you didn't have to leave me like this baby" I cried then kissed his hair softly "Goodbye my love I love you forever" I said

I walked out of his house my clothes covered in his blood I quickly changed and burned the blood covered clothes I cried all the way home and climbed back into my room. I crawled into my bed after kicking off my shoes and I just lay there crying I felt nothing else but hurt and emptiness from the loss of the man I love. I never thought that life could be this hard especially knowing that I would never see him again. I turned over so I was looking out my window I then heard my parents and quickly got changed into my nightwear and clothed my eyes pretending I was sleeping. I didn't wish for them to know that I sneaked away to run off with Dominic since well if I told them he was dead they would blame me. I knew I didn't do nothing but I just felt so guilty right now. I lay there in bed staring out the window hoping that maybe he would climb through the window but I knew that was never going to happen. I soon fell asleep from crying so much it hurt knowing that all my dreams and plans for the future with Dominic were now never going to happen and I couldn't even say goodbye properly to him before he died.

Chapter Two - Suffering

I woke up in the morning still feeling upset I knew I would have to come clean to my family because if I turned off my humanity it would only lead them to find out the hard way which was something I didn't want. I looked down dragging myself out of bed and looked at myself I went and got a shower then brushed my teeth. I walked over to my closet and picked out some fresh clothes I put them on as my bedroom door was getting banged extremely loud I walked over sighing and opened it. My parents were standing there looking at me they looked surprised to see I was there they both grabbed me hugging me tightly and I just busted into tears. I couldn't hold my feelings back my boyfriend was murdered and I couldn't do anything to bring him back I could never be able to see him again. My mother looked at my tucking my hair behind my ear it seemed they both knew about them murder because they looked as if they were crying as well. My brother stood at his bedroom door because having two parents bug you knowing you just want to be left alone is enough drama for now.

"Oh sweetie why didn't you just tell us that you and Dominic were a couple" my mother said

I looked at her "I didn't tell you both because you and dad wanted me to marry someone I would never love" I looked at them in tears "Now I will never be able to marry him because of this" I said

"Sweetheart we seen how happy you and Dominic were together and it made us realize that happiness is what you need in this life not controlling parents" my dad replied

"What? So you and mom were letting us be together?" I asked

"Yes" they both said

I busted into more tears knowing that now "JUST GO AWAY" I said slamming the door in their faces

All this time Dominic and I could have been happy together for many years and I was only finding out that they were happy to see me happy. When it was away to brother walked into my room pulling me closer to him and hugging me close he knew about Mason and I. He had known since he used to help me sneak out when I was younger and help Dominic in when I fell sick. I sighed as I clung on to my brother crying he held me close to him and rubbed my back he knew the pain I was in which only made him worry more. He knew that if it got any worse he would have to make me turn everything off just so I could manage to get through everything. Although he also knew that once I had to turn on my humanity again I would just feel the pain all over again.

"Sis you need to let it go he is in a better place now" he told me

"He was meant to be with me next to me every day until the end of our lives" I told him

He sighed "how about we go and bury them all the whole family" he frowned "then he will be at rest and he will finally be able to watch you all over again" he told me

"Does that actually work?" I asked

"Yeah" he replied

I nodded getting up going back into my closet changing into something black and went with my brother to Dominic's house were people were laying flowers some people came over to me hugging me. They knew I was with him for many years yet my parents only agreed to this now after he was dead. I sighed as I lay roses down for the family then my brother and I moved their bodies when everyone left we buried them on a private piece of land which I had bought especially for them I sighed as I kissed Dominic's coffin and said my final goodbyes to him and his family. They were finally laid to rest and yet I still felt so empty and like I just couldn't go on anymore without him. My brother took me home and while they all ate I remained without food I didn't feel like eating or even having a life I locked myself in my room for months the pain was horrific. I couldn't bring myself to let go I looked at the pictures I had of us all every second of the day near enough the suffering was endless I knew that one day I would get over it but not right now. I lay back in bed and sighed my bedroom door knocked and I just ignored was nothing important in my eyes nothing was important anymore.

My brother began to bang my door over and over again calling my name and shouting I sat up then sighed walking over to my door and opened it I looked at him with hateful hurt eyes. I didn't see what could be so important he had to make me move from my guilt bed.

"What?" I asked

"Someone took Dominic's body" he said

"WHAT?" I shouted running out of the house

I ran to the burial ground and noticed only Dominic's grave was dug up how was this even possible? He wasn't even a vampire so how the heck could he just get up and walk off? I looked at my brother then turned as someone stood in front of me I moved back confused.

"Who are you?" I asked

"I am here to warn you" the person said

"What are you talking about" I glared at them

"You're life is in great danger Dominic and his brother have plotted a plan to kill you" the person replied

"What why would he want to kill me I am his girlfriend" I asked

"Sis just lets go" my brother said

"He was turned by one of the dark ones you must leave before he kills you and your family" this person said then disappeared

My brother pulled me all the way home not giving me a moment to take a break my parents were packing up and holding the children close to them. I wondered for a moment then realized the dark ones were those who had murdered my grandparents 200 years ago. I shook my head then looked at my brother

"you must pack then go brother I am going to leave as well" I said

"Where are we all going?" he asked

"Well Chloe has to leave without us because they are after her" mother said

"I am already gone" I hugged my family then ran out quickly

I didn't even look back due to the fact I didn't want anyone knowing were I was going nor did I want another painful goodbye. I sighed when I stopped a few miles away from a little country town which looked extremely quiet so I got something to eat and drink there knowing now I was going to be in danger just made me turn off every feeling I once had for Dominic knowing he and his brother were out to kill me.

Wow! I already love this story. I can not believe that already poor Chloe has to deal with this stuff keep me updated.


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