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Heyyy Guyss! Ok so I have come up with another fanfic- they are so addicting to write AND read!!


It'sa human Bella and Edward- the title is inspired by The band A Fine Frenzy and their song What I Wouldn't Do- check it out on youtube, it's awesome ♥


So yeah uhm I will tell you the jist then I want comments to tell me wheather i should write it!

Im not expecting much because there are sooo many Bella and Edward human ff's, tbh mines no different but i want to know your verdict!


So Bella and Edward have been friends since freashman year. Bella lives with her dad Charlie. Edward lives with Alice and Emmett. Jasper and Rosalie live together- although Rosalie is Jasper's cousin that had to come live with him- won't go into detail about that, you dont really need to know! Uhh Bell has been left heartbroken by Jacob Black as he went off and imprinted (there are werewolves in this story and vamps but we neevr hear about them really) Edward has to pick up the piece's. Will something happen along the way?




He left me.
Left me on the reservation.
Said he found someone else.

Edward, I need you.





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I think you should :) If it inspires you to write, so be it; write it. Good luck... :)
Will do :)
Add me as a friend :D
Tarr very much (:
I think you should also.
Enjoy :) senior school year but atm everything is during summer. I’m not gunna name the chapters either! Umm So here is the first chapter! Keep commenting and add me as a friend if you want updating :)

Chapter 1.

“I love you Jacob Black.” I smiled up at him. His bronze body hugged me close. I listened to his breathing- I have always felt safe hearing his breathing- well him and my best friend Edward’s. Between them they protect me. He pulled away and there was a pained look on his face. His breathing became almost ragged- something wasn’t right.
“Bella- I can’t see you anymore.” He said bluntly. I frowned and looked up at him.
“Is this a joke? You’re joking right- you can’t do this to me Jake.” My voice became a whisper as a hole started to form in my chest, my knees buckled beneath me.
“I’ve met someone else. I love her Bella- she is my other half. I- I don’t love you.” Tears filled his eyes.
“No you don’t- your lying Jake I know when you lie you raise your eyebrows and your eyes start to water you can’t leave me Jake I need you! You do love me! What’s this all about?!” I cried into my hands. He knelt beside me and stroked my back.
“Don’t touch me!”
“I’m s-s-sorry Bells. I’m not good for you- I need to go.” And he was gone. I cried and cried. He’s left me. He just left me here. I rooted around my pockets whilst the tears kept on falling. I found my phone and called for help.
”Hello? Bella?”
“E-Edward he’s gone. H-h-he left me here.” I sobbed probably not making any sense.
”Bells it’s ok where are you?”
“I-i-i-don’t know. Somewhere by the reservation.”
I’ll be right there” he hung up. I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my knees, pulling them up to my chest. I cried until I swear my eye ducts gave in. My head hurt, I was cold and my chest hurt. I heard a car pull up and someone’s arms wrapped around me. I snuggled into his neck.
“Oh Bella, your shaking.” He said quietly into my ear. He put me in the front seat and wrapped a blanket around me.
“What happened?” Edward asked me whilst he sped across the motorway.
“He broke up with me. Said he found someone else. He said he didn’t love me.” I stared blankly outside the window. Nothing mattered anymore. Edward grabbed my hand and rubbed it.
“You’re staying over my house tonight.” I nodded.
“What about Charlie?” I asked Edward.
“I asked Alice before I left to ring him and say that you and her are having a sleepover.”
“I love you Edward.” He looked at me with his emerald green eyes and smiled crookedly.
“It’s what best friends are for.” And he really was the best friend. He took care of me for everything- he has helped me through tough times like this, and when my mum-Renee- died in a car accident. He stayed with me day and night, and I have been selfish and given nothing in return.
“Edward- I’m so sorry.” I started to cry once more.
“For what?” He asked in a soothing voice.
“You are always helping me- getting me out of trouble, taking care of me- and I do nothing in return- I am such a bad friend.” I put the palms of my hands over my eyes.
“I know that if anything did happen to me- you would be there for me. I don’t want anything in return.” He got out the car and carried me into the house. I didn’t even realise that we were at his house. Alice came to my side and kissed my cheek.
“Do you want me to kick his hiney?” I laughed weakly and shook my head.
“He isn’t worth it.” She nodded and walked over to the couch. Edward carried me straight upstairs and beckoned Alice to come with. He led me on hi bed and Alice came in with a lot of clothes. I dressed in a few jumpers and snuggled under Edward’s covers. He led by me, kicked off his shoes and embraced me tightly, then started to hum a lullaby. I cried softly into his shoulder as he rubbed my arm.

“Morning sleepyhead.” I turned over and saw Edward looking at me with reassuring eyes.
“Hey.” I croaked. He embraced me tightly and kissed the top of my head.
“How are you this morning?” I shrugged.
“Better- I suppose. Thank you Edward. For everything- for letting me stay with you and for hugging me tightly- I must have been tossing and turning last night.” He shrugged and smiled at me.
“I don’t mind- anything for my best friend.” My heart was still broken, the beats had no meaning to them, but Edward- he made me feel better just by his presence. He helped me fill the hole that-he left. God knows I didn’t want to cry again, I closed my eyes tightly fighting them off, I didn’t want to bring him down with me- down the black hole in which I was falling mindlessly into. Just then his phone buzzed and he groaned.
“Ok- that groan- it’s Jessica.” He looked at it and nodded, then he swung his arms over his face.
“Answer it- or shall I”
“Meh” he held his breath and answered it.
“Hello? Yeah I’m aware we have a date tonight- yes I know what time to pick you up. No, no! Ok fine. Yeah love you too.” He hung up the phone and turned to face me. He pouted and scrunched his face.
“So you really love her then?” I asked whilst giggling.
“No. I really don’t. I’m breaking up with her tonight.” That took me off guard.
“Really?! That’s great!...For you anyway.” He shrugged and tickled me. Emmett walked in and shielded his eyes.
“Guys come on!” we laughed and got up. Emmett came over and squeezed me in a bear hug.
“I heard- I’m so sorry Bells- do you want me to kick his butt?” I laughed into his chest and shook my head, sucking in the pain.
“I said that to Alice yesterday- he isn’t worth it.” He let go and patted my back.
“Well you have Eddy, Alice and me behind you.” That was sweet- it was weird to have Emmett say sweet things.
“Thanks Em.” I smiled at him. He strode out the room and I turned to Edward. He was staring at me- I blushed.
“Watcha looking at?” I asked him. He blushed slightly and shrugged.
“Nothing.” I chuckled and walked to Alice’s room. She was there ready to pounce.
“Ok here- wear this!” she handed me a chequered blue top and some jeans.

I walked downstairs to get some breakfast- I think I am way to comfortable in their house.
“You know I’ve always loved the colour blue on you!” Edward mused whilst shovelling cereal into his mouth. I laughed and put a pop tart in the toaster.
“Ok. Today is get over Jacob day-“ I winced at the hole in my chest as it took ym breath away a little bit. I breathed heavily- I didn’t want to bring down everyone with me, just by saying his name it caused me pain. I carried on with what I was saying, pushing past the blow to the chest. “What do you guys wanna do today?” Edward and Alice shrugged. But Alice bit on her lip.
“I actually have a date later… I’m sorry Bells.”
“Yeah I’m breaking up with Jess tonight- if you want I could put it off and stay with you?” He looked hopeful but I shook my head.
“No no, its fine- I should go home anyway- Charlie might be worried.”
“Stay here until we have to go?” Edward used his puppy dog eyes and trembled his lip.
“Ugh- fine! But Edward- you can’t look too handsome, otherwise that will just make her feel bad. And don’t dazzle her- she will have a hard time getting over you.” Edward raised an eyebrow.
“You think I’m handsome?” he asked in a playful tone. I blushed but composed myself quickly.
“You know you are Edward.” He laughed and stretched.
“I’m gunna go get dressed.” With that he sped upstairs. Alice took my hand upstairs and closed her door.
“Help me. I have no idea what to wear. Bella I am freaking out! This is my first date!” She pulled at her pixie hair and creased her face.
“No wait this is all wrong. Alice- THE fashion guru not knowing what to wear?” I laughed as she stared daggers at me.
“Help.Me.” she said in an evil tone. Alice maybe small but she was feisty. I nodded and she ran into her closet.
Ah thankyou!! :D
Will do (:
sooo good!!! post more!! asap!!please!
u r wonderful abby...
:O Thankss! :D :D
kwl! love it
love it cant wait for more.....


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