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Heyyy Guyss! Ok so I have come up with another fanfic- they are so addicting to write AND read!!


It'sa human Bella and Edward- the title is inspired by The band A Fine Frenzy and their song What I Wouldn't Do- check it out on youtube, it's awesome ♥


So yeah uhm I will tell you the jist then I want comments to tell me wheather i should write it!

Im not expecting much because there are sooo many Bella and Edward human ff's, tbh mines no different but i want to know your verdict!


So Bella and Edward have been friends since freashman year. Bella lives with her dad Charlie. Edward lives with Alice and Emmett. Jasper and Rosalie live together- although Rosalie is Jasper's cousin that had to come live with him- won't go into detail about that, you dont really need to know! Uhh Bell has been left heartbroken by Jacob Black as he went off and imprinted (there are werewolves in this story and vamps but we neevr hear about them really) Edward has to pick up the piece's. Will something happen along the way?




He left me.
Left me on the reservation.
Said he found someone else.

Edward, I need you.





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love it .............
more please............
omg there perfect aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
awww thats cute! i loved it :)
that was toooo cute just loved it.
Thanks for the lovely comments! <3
i love it soo much!!this is really sweet...write more!!!!!
Aw. That was just so cute!!!
awwww they are so cute together!!! a perfect match!!!
that's so ROMANTIC!!!! what's next?
please please please... post more... update me... thanks!!!
Love yah ABBY!!! you write the best stories!!!
This chapter is superb Abby. It was so romantic. I really enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed writing it. That was marvelous. Love it. Hope you'll post more soon :)
awww it was amazing.........
kay bye :)
Alice the Pixie
Heyy! Here it is :) ENJOY <33

Chapter 9

She came to my window! She protested her love for me- this is all very Romeo and Juliet. Now I lay here, in her bed with her body so close to mine. I sighed happily as her rhythmic breathing indicated she was still asleep. The clock read 8am. Hmm- I shifted my weight slightly trying my hardest not to wake Bella- it didn’t work, she was such a light sleeper- if a leaf would drop onto her she would wake up.
“Morning babe.” I said. I loved how that rolled of my tongue with ease. She looked up at me and closed her eyes with a smile on her face.
“Hmm, I love how that sounds.” I pulled her into my arms and kissed the top of her head. Suddenly footsteps across the hall made us both jump.
“Oh cr*p! Charlie! QUICK! HIDE!” she whispered fiercely. I looked frantically around the room and then went to hide in her closet. Seconds later Charlie entered the room.
“Morning Bells.” He said in his gruff, sturdy voice.
“Morning dad.” Bella said sounding dazed.
“I’m heading off to work then Harry invited me over for dinner with Sue and Billy. So I won’t be back until very late.” I couldn’t see what was going on so I depended on hearing his footsteps leave the room. I waited a further few seconds before coming out.
“It’s safe.” Bella said quietly. I walked out and couldn’t help but stifle a giggle. She joined in and got out of bed yawning widely.
“I feel so naughty!” I said walking towards her slowly. She winked at me and gripped me securely. She got on her tiptoes and touched her lips softly against mine- making me want more- the best part was, I can have more. She was mine.
“Ok I’m going to go and take a shower.” She got up and walked to the bathroom-leaving me in her room. I walked around and looked at all the things that completed her room, making it significant. There were pictures of her and her friends- a funny one of us in freshman year and a nice one of Bell, Alice and Angela Weber from school. There was also one of her and her mom. I looked at her CD collection- we have been friends for three years and I never noticed that we had the same taste in music! Then I looked at her book shelf- I knew she loved to read- she never left for anywhere without a book in her hand- it was usually her favourite, worn copy of Romeo and Juliet- it was my favourite as well- as I found out how true it is. Bella was my Juliet- she was my one and only and I know no-one can fill her spot- I just hope that I am her Romeo.

Footsteps snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned to see Bella in a towel. Wow. I think she noticed my expression because she blushed a deep shade of scarlet.
“Keep those thoughts clean Mr Cullen.” She said in a seductive voice. I closed my gaping mouth and nodded dryly, trying to think of something else.
“I also found out that we are musically compatible.” She looked at me confused and I pointed to the stack of CD’s.
“That’s cool.” She said with a smile on her face- that perfect smile of hers always sent my heart fluttering off. She twiddled her finger, no doubt telling me to turn around. I did as I was told and thought of something.
“Do you want to go out on a first date tonight?” I asked her nervously- why am I nervous? We are way past dates but it is important.
“Uh, yeah sure.” She replied just as nervous. I smiled at the thought then her phone buzzed.
“Hello? Hey Ali! Naw can’t tonight- going on a date with Edward- ah man! Of all people I tell you! No. No! Please don’t do the voice. Alice Cullen! FINE! You can play Bella Barbie. Ok see you in ten. Yeah I spose I love you too pixie.” She hung up, defeated and came up behind me.
“It was you that told her- not me.” I said whilst laughing and hugging her. We heard the front door shut and the sound of Charlie’s cruiser pull away.
“What do you want to do for 10 minutes before I go to my death?” she asked in a dramatic voice. I laughed and picked her up balancing her on my hip.
“I dunno.” I said winking. She leant down and kissed me, teasing me slightly- I loved her kisses. She started to tangle her hands in my hair and pull me closer to her- I knew it was wrong to want more- we have only started dating! But when she did this it made me want her even more- I craved her.
“Hello?!” a high pitched voice sounded from downstairs, followed by a flurry of footsteps up the stairs. I finished the kiss and set her on her feet- I was grateful for Alice interrupting but also a bit bummed. I kissed Bella on her cheek.
“Good luck babe, see you tonight, I will pick you up at 6:00pm.” She returned it with a dazzling smile just as Alice walked in. I ruffled Alice’s spiky hair and walked downstairs in a happy mood.

The Alice fashion monster went all out on me as soon as she walked into my room.
“Ok! Whilst I do your hair you have to tell me everything! When I walked into Edwards bedroom to see you guys kissing I wasn’t surprised but it did kinda take me off guard!” she rambled on for a while about how she was right before I could get a word in edgewise.

Alice fiffed and faffed about with my hair curling parts, spraying parts and straightening parts whilst I told her about how I bravely went to Edwards window and protested my love. She aahed and squealed at times- always reminding me that she was the one that brought us together- she never let me forget that part. After a few hours I started to get peckish so Alice released me to go downstairs and get some lunch. We ate some sandwiches- still talking about my recent love then she went back to work. I didn’t know she could drag a few hours work into a whole day- it seemed a waste of a day if I’m honest.
“You could have gone to a movie with Jazz.” I whined to her. She tutted whilst painting my nails.
“Naw Barbie Bella is always funner!” she giggled to herself and I huffed. When my nails were a neutral pink she started on my face. I asked her to make me as natural as possible- which she was ok with, after a little persuading. I looked at my phone, surprised by how late it was- 4pm! I couldn’t understand it.
“Ok so I bought 3 outfits with me. Now I need to weigh the pros and cons. Go downstairs for a while- watch TV read a book, I don’t care but leave me to think.” I nodded and took the opportunity to make Charlie his dinner for him to heat up when he was home. I made him something simple that he could just zap in the microwave. I prepared a small lasagne then put foil over it. That took an hour and it was getting late- Alice was still not done!
“Alice! I have an hour to get dressed and make sure that I won’t throw up!” I called up the stairs to her. She came to the top of the stairs and smiled with glee.
“I am a genius.” She clapped her hands as I headed upstairs.
“Throw up?” she said questioningly.
“Nerves.” She nodded and shooed me to the bathroom. I put on the dress and walked out. Alice really did have amazing taste. When I walked in she gasped and towed me towards the mirror. Alice was a miracle worker- I almost didn’t recognise the brunette beauty staring back at me in the mirror.
“Alice- wow.” (
“I know.” We walked downstairs and waited for Edward to come to the door.

A soft knock turned my stomach as I walked to the door to be greeted by a god. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets- which pleased me, deeply. I waved at Alice as she danced past us to her ostentatious yellow porche.
“Ready beautiful?” he asked in a velvet voice. I nodded enthusiastically as he walked me gentlemanly to the silver Volvo parked a few feet away.

I had to hand it to Alice- Bella looked like beyond words explanation! Beautiful didn’t suffice at the exquisiteness that stood before me. The date was perfect. We talked about everything- I’m surprised we didn’t run out of things to talk about, we knew almost everything about each other. I took her to La Bella- simply because of the name of the restaurant- and they had Bella’s favourite meal, mushroom ravioli. I walked her to the door and kissed her hand.
“Tonight was perfect.” I whispered in her ear. She giggled like a lovesick puppy.
“It was indeed Mr Cullen. Thank you for a wonderful evening.” I leaned in and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss with ease, closing the gap between our bodies. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she lifted her own to wrap around my neck. We become breathless and broke apart.
“See you tomorrow babe.” I said to her walking away- stumbling slightly.

When I got in I was surprised to see the family in the dining room. We only ever used the dining room to eat and have family meetings. I floated over to the table still on cloud nine.
“Ok now that you are all here- your mother and I have some great news.” Emmett, Alice and I exchanged glances and shrugged.
“Ok well I got offered another job, the pay is incredible.” Carlisle started.
“That’s fantastic dad!” Alice chimed in.
“Yeah that’s great.” Emmett said. I was only half listening. Esme bit on her lip and looked at Carlisle.
“It’s in England. We are moving to England.”

OME I’m so sorry for that ending! D: What do you think? Please comment! :O ahaha I really hope you liked it! Reallllllly! <33


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