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Heyyy Guyss! Ok so I have come up with another fanfic- they are so addicting to write AND read!!


It'sa human Bella and Edward- the title is inspired by The band A Fine Frenzy and their song What I Wouldn't Do- check it out on youtube, it's awesome ♥


So yeah uhm I will tell you the jist then I want comments to tell me wheather i should write it!

Im not expecting much because there are sooo many Bella and Edward human ff's, tbh mines no different but i want to know your verdict!


So Bella and Edward have been friends since freashman year. Bella lives with her dad Charlie. Edward lives with Alice and Emmett. Jasper and Rosalie live together- although Rosalie is Jasper's cousin that had to come live with him- won't go into detail about that, you dont really need to know! Uhh Bell has been left heartbroken by Jacob Black as he went off and imprinted (there are werewolves in this story and vamps but we neevr hear about them really) Edward has to pick up the piece's. Will something happen along the way?




He left me.
Left me on the reservation.
Said he found someone else.

Edward, I need you.





Chapter 1- page 1
Chapter 2- page 3

Chapter 3- page 4
Chapter 4- page 7

Chapter 5- page 8
Chapter 6- page 10

Chapter 7- page 12

Chapter 8- page 13

Chapter 9- page 15

Chapter 10- page 16
Chapter 11- page 18

Chapter 12- page 19

Chapter 13- page 21
Chapter 14- page 23

Chapter 15- page 25
Chapter 16- page 27

Chapter 17- page 29

Chapter 18- page 30



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This chappy is as awesome as your whole story. I love it so much. I'm so happy Edward and Bella will finally meet.
aweeee im so happy hes back! :)
love it!!!!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! i LUV dis! ; )
I am so happy Edward came back but for how long?? Maybe his dream will come true...... I love it
wow, i love this!! :)
Wow! Thanks again for all the comments! :D
I'm so glad people enjoy my work (:

I know I always say it but you guys are awesomeeee :D <3
I freaking love you!
This chapter was awesome!!
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! Amazing, beautiful chapter!!
awwww what did you do... you ended it and until then we will wait for you next post..
this chap was awesome...i love it!!please write asap!!!!!!!!1
wow... this is an amazing story.... it made me cry when Edward left and so happy when he went back to her.... I can't wait for an update!!


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