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Heyyy Guyss! Ok so I have come up with another fanfic- they are so addicting to write AND read!!


It'sa human Bella and Edward- the title is inspired by The band A Fine Frenzy and their song What I Wouldn't Do- check it out on youtube, it's awesome ♥


So yeah uhm I will tell you the jist then I want comments to tell me wheather i should write it!

Im not expecting much because there are sooo many Bella and Edward human ff's, tbh mines no different but i want to know your verdict!


So Bella and Edward have been friends since freashman year. Bella lives with her dad Charlie. Edward lives with Alice and Emmett. Jasper and Rosalie live together- although Rosalie is Jasper's cousin that had to come live with him- won't go into detail about that, you dont really need to know! Uhh Bell has been left heartbroken by Jacob Black as he went off and imprinted (there are werewolves in this story and vamps but we neevr hear about them really) Edward has to pick up the piece's. Will something happen along the way?




He left me.
Left me on the reservation.
Said he found someone else.

Edward, I need you.





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this is awesome.

update me PLEASE!?


update soon please.

Please update this story. I read all of the chapters today, and I really want to know what happens next. Please update, and when you do send me a update! I love the story by the way! :)

Ok so its been a good like 2 years since I’ve properly been on this site. I got a notification saying someone had commented on this story and it propelled me to update it to the next chapter. Thank you to that person who reminded me of it; it was fun to re-write this chapter. All told I actually had written this chapter ages ago, I just never got round to posting it. So with 2 more years of experience I was able to make it a bit better! I really hope you like it; and I hope I haven’t lost my touch with this amazing couple. Enjoy and sorry for the couple years wait- I hope it was worth it!

Chapter 20

It was hectic. I couldn’t figure out what was going on- all I knew was that my hair was being pulled at and I hadn’t seen Edward in about three hours. Alice kicked him out saying he couldn’t see the bride before the wedding- which I think is cliché but according to Alice we are doing it the traditional way. Bump was kicking frantically at my stomach; I softly stroked my distended tummy and hummed as everyone else rushed around me. I was sure I should be rushing but being pregnant gave me that reason to sit down and be attended to.  I didn’t even know what my wedding dress was like, which I’m sure isn’t in the wedding spirit. Butterflies fluttered around in my stomach, making me feel nauseous- that could partially be the baby but I have pegged it mostly to me making a life time commitment at the age of eighteen. I got a few laughs out of the morning though- seeing Rosalie with a towel wrapped around her head whilst she painted my fingers and toes, and Alice doing the freshly painted toes walk; that was pretty funny to watch. It was fun to watch Alice repeatedly slapping Emmet over the head for not buying a blue bow tie or something. With cucumbers over my eyes I dozed off.

“Bella! Wake up!” I jumped at the voice and pulled the cucumbers off.
“You need to get your dress on dear.” Esme’s soft voice sounded. I nodded sleepily and stood up ready to have the dress pulled over my head. Alice and Rosalie- my bridesmaid and maid of honour- were dressed and ready now, they looked beautiful. Then it occurred to me, they were ready.
“What time is it?” I asked suddenly panicked.
“Four. Why?” Esme replied. I stopped them from bringing the dress over and ran to the bathroom. I heaved over the toilet, feeling drained out afterwards.
“Make sure her hair and makeup haven’t messed up!” Alice called. Esme was behind me rubbing soothing circles into my back.
“You nervous?” I nodded and sighed.
“That and the baby.” Esme smiled in understanding and helped me up. I swilled my mouth out with mouthwash and brushed my teeth once more.
“Let’s try this again.” Rose said whilst chuckling. I stifled a giggle as they brought the dress over my head and lowered it down.
“So the last thing I knew it was eleven am. Where did the time go?”
“Bella you fell asleep, you seemed tired so we left you to sleep until it was urgent that you needed to be changed.” I bit on my lip and smiled at them-it was a kind gesture.
“Now for the reveal.” Alice said happily. She walked me to the bathroom and there stood a beautiful girl with the most gorgeous old fashioned dress. I wore a beige lace corset with lots of detail and different patterns. My skirt flowed gently down and the train dragged behind me. My make-up was subtle yet divine, I looked exactly how I wanted to.
“Thank you…so much.” I said with tears peppering my eyes.
“AH! No crying now! You will ruin your make-up and ours.” Rosalie said whilst laughing. I breathed deeply and waited for the time to come.  Carlisle burst through the door smiling.
“It’s time.” A breath escaped my lips as I walked to the door. Charlie was stood outside the door with his arm out ready.
“You look handsome dad.”
“You look beautiful Bells. Your mother would be blubbering like a baby if she was here.” He said sighing. I laughed and clung to his arm. Esme and Carlisle walked downstairs in front of us followed by Rosalie. Alice quickly kissed my cheek as the wedding march started to play. I got to the top of the stairs and braced myself.

The music started to flow and I exhaled the breath that was caught in my throat. Carlisle took his place next to Esme in the seating area. The seats were filled with people we know, the house decorated elegantly thanks to Alice. Rosalie was next down the stairs smiling widely at me. Alice walked down gracefully blowing a kiss to Jasper in the audience. Emmett stood beside me and leaned his head closer.
“Congrats dude.” He whispered. I nodded his way as the person I most wanted to see graced the room with her presence. She looked breathtaking. Words failed me; her rosy cheeks, her red lips in a puckered smile as her eyes locked with mine. At that moment we were the only two people in the room. She walked down the aisle towards me biting on her lip. Charlie kissed her cheek and placed her hand in mine. Today was the greatest day of my life. With her warm brown eyes she looked up at me through her thick lashes and mouthed I love you.

“You may kiss the bride.” I didn’t hesitate to bring her lips to mine in a passionate embrace. As our lips touched the eighteen year old adolescent boy pining for his best friend left. I pulled her body close to mine and smiled against them.
“Mrs Cullen.” I whispered as we walked back down the aisle to the garden where the reception will be. She was positively glowing. As we walked out I placed my hand on the small bump that fit the dress perfectly.
“Miracle.” I whispered.
“I love you.” She whispered seductively to me. The music played softly as we swayed as one across the gazebo, our foreheads touching as I looked into her eyes. The very thought of her being mine was just elating. With a child on the way it painted the perfect picture for me, something that I had always wanted deep down.
“May I cut in?” asked a deep voice. I turned to see Emmett stood there with his giant hands out. Handing Bella’s delicate hand I chuckled at the size and found Rosalie behind me. Rosalie and I danced for a while laughing and such until the song was over and Emmett presented me once more with my love. It was as if the gods were smiling down at me, I couldn’t have a better life than I do right now.

When the cutting of the cake came we held the knife for the cameras as they snapped every few seconds. Bella usually hated having her picture taken; and yet she stood there, a permanent smile on her face looking radiant. She daintily held a piece of cake up to my lips, before smashing it all over my face. Everyone broke out into hysterics, especially Emmett who found it hilarious. She bit on her lip bringing my face down to hers, licking off the bits of cake. I could just about see the blush on her face, yet she carried on, encouraging wolf whistles throughout the crowd. The next embarrassing but sexy act was taking off the garter. I slipped up her skirt and pulled it down with my teeth as Emmett whistled louder than ever. I took it out my mouth and flicked it towards Emmett, landing directly on top of his head. This wedding couldn’t have gone better.

I don’t know why I was so hesitant to get married. The wedding was a complete success and everything I could have hoped for. Obviously there were the embarrassing aspects but nothing could ruin the day for me. It came to the time we were off on our honeymoon. Everyone waved us off at the door, Carlisle handing us a paper of instructions. Edward and I had no clue where we were going. We got in the Volvo and waved at everyone as we sped down the driveway.
“Ok first instruction is go to the airport. That seems simple enough.” Edward chuckled. His arm reached out and led over my shoulders as I snuggled into him, excited to be somewhere alone with my new husband.

“Bella we are here.” I stretched out of my sleeping position and looked at the airport. We wandered through until we got to the gate that we were told to go to on the instructions.
“Rio?! That’s amazing!” I squealed.
“Nope…says here don’t get excited, it’s just a stop along the way.” Darn. The suspension was killing me!
“Damn! What are they trying to do to us?” Edward chuckled as we boarded the plane. Obviously Carlisle and Esme splashed out and got us first class tickets. We sat in the plush seats and waited for the plane to become air borne.

“So…I know it’s early…but what to name the baby huh?” Edward said after the meal was served to us.
“Hmm…well how about we go halves? I name the girl you name the boy. We can veto obviously.” I said. He held out his hand and I took it shaking. Suddenly he pulled my arm which lurched my body; our lips touching gently.
“Deal.” He whispered. I all but melted in my seat.
“Well…I was messing around with some alternatives like Sophia and Mia.” He nodded.
“I like them…they sound unique.”
“Oh and I also played around with Rene and Esme and came up with Renesme. It’s a bit more unique than you would expect I know.” Edwards eyes lit up.
“That’s the one. It’s perfect; for a girl anyway.” I giggled.
“Well…I was thinking Percy or Lawrence. I know they are old fashioned but Lawrence was the name of my grandfather.”
“No…I like them.” I smiled. Lawrence sounded very noble. Edward looked at me and put a strand of hair behind my ear.
“My Bella, you are positively glowing.” I blushed deeply and pressed my hand to his cheek.
“Thank you. I feel very ambivalent right now.” I chuckled.
“Well just everything at the moment…with my hormones I’m feeling every emotion possible. But do you know what else I’m feeling?” He shook his head, smiling.
“I’m feeling like I need a fat slice of chocolate cake.” Edward strained to keep his laughter back; sleeping people around wouldn’t appreciate the noise.  

Once we had landed I couldn’t contain myself.
“Ok now it says to meet someone and they will take us to the docks.” We walked out of baggage and there was a man stood there with a sign saying Mr and Mrs Cullen. I blushed and walked up to him. He led us out to a car as we sped off towards the smell of the sea.

Thank you for updating me! I'm so glad you updated! And this chapter was amazayn! I loved it! Post more soon please! :)

oohhh gosh Abby! I miss you so much! :) I hope you still remember me! :) 
I'm one of your biggest fans and i truly do love all of your stories. it's been ages since you last updated. I've been looking (looking isn't the right word.) SEARCHING your name in my inbox to see if you've updated the story. and finally! The time has come and i saw your name on my inbox! :D :D :D I'm so happy right now that i get to read your story again! :) Please please update as soon as you can! :) 

This is totally worth the very long wait. :) Trust me... it is. :) 
Love Love Love it! :)) 
Keepsafe Abby! Take Care! :D 

Love lots, 
-Ella Cullen :*** 

Of course I remember you!! :D

Hahaaa thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :) I am so so sorry for the long wait, but I have been uber busy- poor excuse but it's true! But thank you for checking up on the story and I'm glad that you are still interested in it! Thank so much! AH! :)


You too darl! :

i hope you update soon! :))) 
and s'okay if you're busy. we all understand! :))) 
so no worries! :) 
good thing you remember me! :) i remember that you used my name in this story in one chapter. :) It meant the world to me to have my name there. so yeah! :) I've miss you! :) 

take care! :)

-Ella Cullen <3

Love it!!!!!!! Even though it was a long wait, it was worth it!!!!! Wonderful chapter!!!! I can't wait for more!!!!!! Please write soon!!!!!!! :)

that's a great story!

it's a good thing you updated it!

this is great, i just read the whole thing and i loved it. Look forward to more :)

This is too great <3


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