The Twilight Saga

bella is a talented vampire that knows how to sing, dance and have fun. she is known as the popular perfect rich girl in a little town called forks. she is accompanied by her family called the stewarts. one day during her dance recitals, the cullens moved to forks. will she found love other than her passion? is her love strong enough to conquer her it?

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Chapter 1 Dance recital

“Hurry drew!! I’m going to be late!!” I ran in human speed across the lawn towards the gym. Ugh! I hate running so slow. It makes me even more nervous. Today is my dance recital. Well this isn’t actually my first but every time I have a dance recital, I always get so nervous. I breathe in and out. I reminded myself. It’s not like I needed air, but it’s the only method I know that calm me.
“Relax Bella. Don’t worry everybody will love you.” drew said this as he me pulled to the backstage.

Drew is my brother. He have average built, pale just like every vamp I know. And he has a blonde shaggy hair. Drew is not my brother by blood but I treat him like one. “Hey drew, what time mom and the others are coming?” I asked nervously.

“Um... I don’t know maybe, before the show starts. Duh?!!” humph! He said as he raises one of his eyebrows. I just rolled my eyes at him. He is sometimes annoying.

After I got ready, the emcee started to introduce us. If I my heart is still beating, I swear it’s going to burst right out of my chest. After fidgeting for 20 minutes, my name was called. I went into the stage and started my ballet/hip hop dance. Drew was the one who thought of that idea.

The music was able to relax my body. I really love this song, Single Ladies by Beyonce’. Drew put a touch of his orchestra skills on the music by remixing my cd with some of his compositions. The crowd applauded when I was over. I’m kinda used to it though, the standing ovations, bouquets flying everywhere. I just want to have fun.

I saw my family sitting at the back row. Zon waved at me while the others just smile. I smile at them in return. I went directly to my dressing room to change. My teachers congratulated me, unexpectedly, Gail, my other brother came in with a bouquet of red roses.

“Congratulations lil sis. Your dance was awesome!! The people watched you with their mouths open. It was so hilarious.” His booming laugh surrounded my room.
I smack him in his head. “Stop it!” Gail is an annoying yet funny type of brother. He’s always there to make fun of me. Well every brother is. There was a silent knock.
“Oh mom!!”I run towards zon to catch her adoring hug.

Zon is the leader of our coven. We kinda treat her as our mom. She’s always there whenever you needed support and advice. She was the one who created us. She works as a doctor. I really admired her because of her self control and her passion to help others that needed her. “Bella you were great!!” she hugged me even tighter.
“Congrats Bella!!” Gleb and Quinn both came in.
“Well thanks guys. Where’s drew??” everyone looked at zon. “Guys?”
Zon was first to speak “there are other vampires that watched your show so drew was the one who entertained them.” she looked at me assuringly.
“Well then come on let’s meet them.” They all nodded.
Zon was explaining about the vampires on the way home.

“I don’t know anything about them yet, but drew was the one who meet up with them. They will be visiting us, so guys please behave, okay?” Gail, gleb and I just laugh at her.
Zon and Quinn looked at the three of us murderously.
“Don’t worry zon, I will make sure that there will be nothing to worry about.” Quinn reassured zon.

Gail snorted. “Yah like that’s gonna happen.”

“I mean it.” Zon said in her motherly tone.

“Yes, mom.” We all said.
When we came to house we saw a Volvo parked in front.
We went out all at the same time, all have wondering faces.

I heard drew’s voice “there home. Just wait till you see Bella.” I was surprised. I didn’t know that I will be a topic. I looked at zon curiously.

“They really wanted to meet you because they were amazed by your dance.” She smiled at me.
All I can say was “oh okay”
Drew opened the door for us.

Chapter 2 a new dimension

“Hey” drew greeted me.
I hugged him. “So how was the recital?”
I looked at him confused. “Didn’t you watch the show?”
He looked at me apologetically. “Sorry I didn’t, I have things to do.” He motioned his head towards our guest. “I see.”

There are five vampires sitting in the couch. They smiled at me, I just smiled back.
“Well hello, welcome to forks.” Zon said.
“Thank you.” The bronzed haired guy said.
“May I introduce you to my family, I am marizon by the way, but you can call me zon. This is Quinn, Gleb, Gail, and Bella.” Pointing at each one of us. “And I think you’ve all met drew.” They all nodded.
We all said hi to them. The bronze haired guy spoke again.
“It’s nice to meet you all. I am Edward. This is my sister Alice” pointing to a pixie like girl with deep black, cropped short hair pointing in all directions.
“Hi” Alice said. Then she hugged me, I hugged her back. “We are going to be great friends.” she said. I just smiled at her. She went back beside Edward.

“This is Rosalie, Emmett, and jasper” Edward continued.

Rosalie has golden blonde hair. She looked like a goddess, with her beautiful figure and a very confident face. She smiled at me. Emmett was big muscled guy with brown hair. He looked like Gail, just bigger. Jasper has honey blonde hair, tall and slender but till muscular.
“Hey Bella congrats by the way, I love your dance! Can you please teach me how to do it?!!”Alice said.
“Yeah sure” as Alice and me make our own conversation, the others did too. Emmett, jasper, drew, and Gail talked about sports and other guy stuff while Rosalie, Quinn and gleb went to hunt. And Edward and zon talked about the other two members of their coven that will visit us. Sometimes I caught Edward glancing at me.

I just smiled at him, don’t want to embarrass our guests. Well actually I want to. He’s expression was the funniest thing I’ve seen. I hope he doesn’t have someone else yet. Holy crap! What am I thinking? I just met the guy. I can’t just walk up to him, and tell him I love him. Oh wait. Did I say I love him? No way! Erase, erase, erase!

I shook my head. Alice keeps on babbling about shopping trips and some family facts about them.

What I learned so far, they are also vegetarians. They also have unique powers like us. Edward is a mind reader; Alice can see the future and jasper can control the emotions.

Suddenly Alice asks me a question. “Bella I was wondering, how come Edward couldn’t hear your family’s thoughts when we went to your recital?”

“Actually, that’s because of my power. I am a shield.” I told her glumly.

“Are you the only one who has a power in your family?” curiosity burning in her eyes.

“Actually Zon can heal any sick people while Quinn makes the time stop and Gail controls the weather.” She looked amazed.
“Really? She can heal people?? She should meet Carlisle, but he’s working at the hospital right now.”


“Yeah he is our father and the leader of our coven. Oh and esme, she is Carlisle’s wife. She stays home while the five of us goes to school.”

Wow. Big family.

“Well that’s good, because zon is also a doctor. And since Quinn and gleb have work,
you and your siblings can...” Alice cut me off.
“Hangout together!” how did she?...oh yeah psychic

She’s very happy about the idea of us girls shopping together in Port Angeles. I really hate shopping, Quinn always drag me to different stores and always dress me up like a freaking Barbie doll. Ugh! So much for being a vampire, when you can’t have freedom. I’m really frustrated from all the nerve wrecking events this day.

When Carlisle and esme came to visit, we introduced ourselves again. As they make their way up to whole new conversations, I excused myself to the dance room to have a little relaxation. When I dance, it relaxes my mind. It’s very peaceful. Just me and the dance floor. When the song changed to my immortal by evanescence, there was a silent knock.

It was Edward.

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. What does he want?


I couldn’t say anything so I just nodded. He smiled at me. I crooked smile that took my breath away, if that was possible.

“Don’t worry I’m just going to watch. Your dancing amazes me.”

What? Is that for real? I amazed him. “Thanks”

I continued my dancing. Twisting and twirling around. The soul of music and the message of the song took me to another dimension. I went back to reality when someone clapped their hands. I was surprised Edward was still here. Usually when I danced like that, my family went out of this room. Maybe because they knew that I’m not with them at the moment. He walks across the room in human pace towards me. I just stood there confused at the same time shocked.

“That was the loveliest dance I have ever seen in my existence.”

What??!! I don’t know what to say. No one has ever said those things to me. I just stood there, still shocked with my mouth open.

He chuckled, and then put his hand under my chin to slowly close my mouth. I must look like an idiot! I can’t believe it. I lower my head to hide the embarrassment. I didn’t realize that his hand is still holding my chin. I took a glance at him. I was locked in his gaze. His beautiful golden eyes are dazzling. Its like filled with thousand diamonds and stars.
He smiled at me thoughtfully.
“When you were dancing, it’s like you’re in another dimension. And I didn’t know how but I think I was sucked in the black hole you were creating. Like a force, that wants me to be with you.” Those words that he let out, makes me want to hug him and kiss his mesmerizing lips.

I was happy.

Suddenly his smile turned into a frown. Maybe because of my face, I checked my mouth if it was still open. Whew! It’s a good thing it’s not; I would really look like a total idiot if I did. I rearrange my features. Then said

“Thank you, I don’t know what to say actually. No one has ever said that to me in my existence.” I smiled at him brightly.

His face lit up, and then became irritated. I suddenly heard voices.

“Nice one Bella!! Way the go to ruin the moment by looking like an idiot!” drew exclaimed.
Gleb and Gail started to whistle while jasper and Emmett was rolling on the floor laughing. What’s so funny?

That made me furious. I controlled my anger as much as possible. I didn’t want to make a scene. Edward frowned beside me.

Then gleb shouted “hey Bella! Look what I got!”

Gleb was waving a picture of me in a shocked expression with my mouth hanging open.

That’s it!!! I launched at them.


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yeah, i was actually imagining carlisle being drunk but vampires can't be drunk so it's impossible...
When are you gonna post more? We have no school today, holiday, and I guess you don't have shcool today too-I only hope so you can write more soon...
yup! your actually right. i'm posting either today or tomorrow.
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haha..s laguna poh aq., don't worry i think i'll be able to post tonight. i'm splitting the next chapter into two, it's too long for my own good. hehe.. don't worry i'll post any minute now.
enjoy. enjoy, enjoy!!!!

Chapter 25 Forkwarts?

“I can’t believe I miss this god forsaken place.” I groaned as Edward and I drove to the long driveway towards my house.

He came to a stop in front of my house and we both quickly got out and went straight to my car’s compartment to get our luggage. Since Edward is always at my house, we decided that he should at least leave some of his clothes, you know, in case he wanted to stay, because he always does. I smiled at the thought of Edward and me spending another night together.

I grabbed our house key and quickly opened the door.

“You know, I never really get why you guys need to lock the house. It was really un-” Edward stopped mid sentence and froze in place looking straight at our living room.

He looked terrified for some reason which made him drop our bags, which is wrong. Vampires can’t drop anything, ever. I crouched defensively and listened for any attacks but all I heard was giggling.

My eyes searched the room and settled on a white figure, having its back at us. I noticed it was shaking, with laughter??

Then the childish giggle became familiar. I smiled at my visitor.

“I didn’t know today is the day you’ll come.” I said as I walked around the couch and hugged my giggling friend. She giggled at me then looked at Edward, who was now open mouthed staring widely at us.

“Honey, close your mouth. You wouldn’t want to catch any flies now, would you?” I lovingly look at him as the childish laughter became louder, breaking Edward from his thoughts.

“What…how….you…huh?” was all Edward could get out.

“Hi Edward!” lyka sang, her childish voice surrounding the room. Edward shivered and his eyes got wider.

Lyka leaned her head to me then whispered “do you think I’m being hard on him?” I shook my head, smiling.

“You!” Edward pointed at me. I smirked at his disbelieving face.

“You’re the one who??”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I waved my hand at him lazily as I flopped down the sofa and started talking to my giggling friend. “So, how’s the trip?” I asked teasingly.

“Fine. Popping here and there. Scaring the crap out of people. Which reminds me, do you know someone who lives here by the name of Jessica?” as she mentioned the name I rolled my eyes.

“What about her?” lyka giggled as if she remembered a good memory with her.

“Well, when Liz and I popped here, well not actually here but somewhere inside forks. We scared the crap out of her! But actually she’s the one that scared us first.” My head shot up to her direction in total attention. She smirked at me then continued her story.

“When lizette and I popped somewhere in forks, we landed somewhere with a lot of bushes.” I looked at her questioningly. “Bushes?”

“My fault. I haven’t been concentrating lately and lizette’s been complaining ‘bout it. I’ll tell you later.” I nodded in approval.

“anyway, when we appeared out of the bushes, we heard something dripping near the bushes we are in. and you know lizette, so she went there and we both saw that Jessica girl, peeing with her butt faced on us!” my mouth hanged open and I heard Edward laughed above us.

“Oh my god!!!” I clamped my mouth and started to join the laughter with her.

“Really? I mean, Stanley? Peeing her ass off in some bushes?” I asked myself aloud.

When I said that, my families choose the moment to bust in our living room. “Who peed her butt of??” was Gail’s first words as he plopped down on my side.

I looked at him excitedly. “Jessica!” I shouted.

Everyone froze then broke down and laughed except for zon who only smiled and shook her head as she went to the kitchen.

As the laughter died down, Quinn made her way towards lyka and hugged her. “I missed you so much!” they both squealed and bounced on the sofa.

“Who’s she?” Gleb asked. Oh yeah, forgot ‘bout that.

“Everybody, this is lyka Collins. She’s a special friend of mine together with her best friend,” I looked around trying to find my other crazy friend. “Lyks (A/N: not a typo. My friends call me that.), where’s lizette?” I asked her. “She’s somewhere here, maybe in the play room that you two always talked about. I think she found her sacred place.” Was her reply.

“Oh, okay. Lizette and lyka will be staying here for the whole month of my birthday.” I announced. Zon gasped and quickly grabbed her luggage and went straight upstairs saying she need to redecorate the guest rooms.

Lyka looked at me questioningly. “That’s Zon.” She nodded then starred at my siblings. “This is Gleb,” I pointed to my brother who was nibbling Quinn’s ear. “Gross! Stop that.” I said, annoyed at them.

Lyka giggled at them. “This is-” Gail reached out his arm and stretched it towards lyka. “Gail. Nice meeting you beautiful.” Gail beamed at her as lyka smiled shyly.

“Hi” was her response.

“And this is drew, my loving and adorable brother. He’s very sweet too.” I nodded eagerly at her.

“Hi! So nice to meet you.” lyka beamed at him as drew continued to stare at her. I nudged him light on the side.

“Oh, yeah. Hi.” I rolled my eyes as I leave the two love birds be. I made my way towards my room where I hear Edward was playing the song he wrote for me. As I made my way, someone pulled towards the music room.

“You are so evil!” Gail hissed at me. I stared at his frustrated expression. I smirked at him.

“I see you’ve met lizette.” His face softened at the mention of her name. “Somebody’s in love. Too bad he can’t talk to her.” I sang while dancing around him.

He was fuming and I thought there was smoke coming out of his ears. “Are you going to back out?” I whispered near his ear. I saw him clenching and unclenching his hands.

“no.” good. I smiled mischievously.

“Good luck” I think this bet is so in favor with me.

He grunted then walked out of the room. I shook my head and headed towards Edward.


Few days had past, Gail was ignoring lizette painfully. I know I’m harsh giving him that bet but I know it will be good for him. He needs to know that an in love person do some things insane and crazy just to please the other half.

Lizette tried to approach him several times and he reluctantly gets out off the room and he is always with either Gleb or helping zon. I feel sorry for him but I know someday it’s for his own good. Right now, I feel like I’m the big sister caring for her little brother. After all, I’m older than him.

It’s only a day before my birthday and everybody is keeping me busy. Today, I’m planning on going with Edward to go watch a movie. We never had a normal couple date so I’m planning this would be a good time for it.

“Good morning, love” my handsome boyfriend greeted me. I smiled at him genuinely. He clasped our hands together then leans down to peck my lips.

“I want to go to the movies.” I looked at him pleadingly and pouted my lips. He laughed at me then caressed my lower lip.

“You know you don’t have to that Bella. I’ll always give you whatever you want.” I smiled at him sweetly.

“Yeah, I know you will but today, let it be me who will give you whatever you want. Except for the movies part.” I grinned at him as he shook his head and wrapped his arms around me.

“I have all I want, right here.” he kissed my head and sighed in contentment. We stood there for a minute, not even bothered that we’re standing in front of his house. About a few minutes had past I lifted my head to look at his features. He looked down to me and smiled.

“You still want to go.” He stated. I cocked my head to the side with my brows furrowed. “I thought you can’t read my thoughts?”

“No, I can’t read your mind but I can read your eyes. It’s like the addictive vampire book lyka and lizette always talk about.” I chuckled at his comparisons.


The movie Edward picked was great. We laughed and commented about every little thing the humans could not notice about the movie. After the movie, we made our way to our meadow and spent more time making out, talking and making out.

At exactly six in the afternoon, Edward and I got to their house and as soon as we walked inside, Alice snatched me away from Edward. She dragged me to her room and I sat on her vanity chair.

“Okay, let’s do this!” she shouted enthusiastically. “Alice, what exactly a-” she cut me off by putting on earphones on me as she started to work on my hair, then Rosalie came in and put make up on me. I was confused on what was all the fuss about but I shrugged it off. As long as Alice is involved, I know she’ll do something crazy.

About an hour of make over, I was now staring in front of a full body length mirror who’s staring back at me. I’m wearing a red dress with and gold shoes and a black and red velvet robe.

“The final touches!” Alice squealed and grabbed a necktie with maroon and gold stripes and a black witch hat. Why would I need a witch hat? She then handed me a golden wand with several buttons on the handle. There was a blue, red, green and gold buttons. I cocked my head to the side. A hat? A wand? A robe? And there’s something familiar about the necktie that Alice put on me, I just couldn’t put a finger on it.

There was knock on the door and jasper came in, he smiled at me sweetly. “You ready?” he asked. I looked around but rose and Alice was no where. I shrugged.

“yeah.” Jasper drove me to my house with Edward’s Volvo. I tried asking him what’s going on but all he said was “Bella, if I tell you, seven dangerous women will kill me. really.” I laughed at him then nodded.

When we arrived at the house, I didn’t recognize it, at all. It looked like an old ancient castle and there’s a familiar background music playing. I heard the soft purr of the Volvo fade as it exits our driveway, so I slowly made my way to the entrance that says ‘THE GREAT HALL’. I was confused at first but soon, my mouthed hanged open and realization hit me.

“Oh my gosh. They can’t.” I whispered to myself. I pushed the door open and gasped at the sight before me.

The whole living room has been transformed into a mini Hogwarts school. There are candles hanged on a thin transparent string that makes it look like floating in mid air for human’s eye. There’s also lights flashed towards the ceiling which looks like clouds and Christmas lights hanged so it would look like stars. There are also some ghosts floating and there’s one that looked like Nearly Headless Nick. There’s also some paintings moving and talking to each other. I was totally beaming by the time my eyes traveled down the long wooden table at the center of the room. It was filled with presents and a huge cake that was shaped as the Hogwarts castle. I know, we vampires don’t need a cake but a birthday isn’t complete with cake for us.

I gasped as one by one, my family including lizette and lyka emerged from different sides of the room. First was zon, wearing a silver fit dress and a black robe, velvet black pointed hat and wand in hand. She looked liked professor McGonagall but a lot sexier and beautiful.

“Welcome, my dear, to Forks home of vampires and stupidity!” she announced just like McGonagall. I laughed at her then shifted my gaze to Gail, who is dressed up as big ‘ole Hagrid.

“Evenin’ mate!” Gail greeted me with a thick Hagrid accent. I nodded in acknowledgement.

Then there was quinn, wearing a grey strapless dress with a thigh length hooded black robe, silver ankle boots, silver ankle boots, Slytherin tie, feather beaded hat, leather gloves with of course her wand.

“Happy birthday!” my sister shouted. I beamed at her then mouthed ‘thank you’. I moved my gaze to Gleb who looked like professor Snape. His jet black greasy hair and all black attire was all it get for me to raise my eyebrow. Gleb grinned at me while I shook my head and grinned back.

Then came my two loving crazy friends, standing together hand in hand. Lyka’s hair was curled like Hermione while lizette was dyed red and straightened like Ginny Weasley. Lyks was wearing a purple tube dress with black ankle boots, purple and black velvet robe, a witch hat with her own wand.

Lizette on the other hand, wore a gold strapless dress, a Hufflepuff robe and tie, a black witch hat and gold pumps and of course her wand.

They both beamed and waved at me. I giggled at them and looked around for the last member of my family. I found him standing on top of the stairs wearing a long blue robe, blue pointed hat, crescent eyeglasses and a long white beard attached to his chin. He slowly walked down while massaging his beard with his hand and the other clutching his wand.

“Tonight, is the night we all gathered here for a very special gathering, our dear Isabella Swan, the girl-who-lived and defeated She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It is her 290th birthday as a great vampire. Please welcome this wonderful girl.” Drew announced, just like the way Dumbledore will say.

Everyone clapped their hands and wolf whistled. I smiled at all of them as one by one, I was hugged by my family. “Every year, you guys surprise me.” I said as they all chuckled.

“Yeah, this is the best birthday party, ever.” Lyka said as Lizette nodded in agreement. “Yeah, all those great effects you guys could do, it’s pretty amazing!” she said while looking around. Her gazed landed on Gail who is ignoring her.

“Presents!” Quinn announced. She dragged me to the long table as everybody gathered around me. She handed me a flat present. I swiftly opened it and saw a pink journal.

“It’s from zon.” Quinn answered my unasked question. I looked at my loving mother questioningly.

“You’ll write there the journeys you’ll be taking as you go through college. I never gave you a journal when you’re about to go to college at the past because I know it’s not the time. When I see you with Edward, my heart overwhelms with happiness. Seeing my first daughter being in love is the very best gift god has given to me. You’ll write there you’re achievements and the greatest moments of your life when you go to explore college not because you need to but because you want to.” I was sobbing tearlessly and hugged my mother tightly, repeatedly whispering thank you to her ear.

“Okay, lizette’s gift.” Quinn announced. “no. I want mine first!” Drew interjected.

“Ladies first, idiot!” lizette said, crossing her arms against her chest.

“Yeah but I have a lot of gifts for her.” drew whined. I chuckled at the stomping Dumbledore. It’s really funny, seeing an old bearded man whining and stomping his foot like a child complaining I should open his gift first.

“Mine first, Dumbledore!”

“No, mine!”


“Okay, stop. I’ll open, this.” I grabbed the package Quinn was holding and opened it. it was a it was a clutch that’s shaped and looked like an owl.

“So cute!” I squealed and examined it. “I knew you’d like It.” lizette beamed. “It’s from London; I bought that before we came here.”

“Thank you, I love it!” I said as I set it aside with my journal. Next, I opened Drew’s present and it was five colorful headphones. Then I grabbed Gleb’s gift and stared at it in wonder.

“Gleb, this is so beautiful! I love it!” I said as I stared at the painting my loving brother gave me. “It’s one of my masterpieces. And I know someday, you’ll be. So, you deserved to be given such one.” I kissed him on his cheek and hugged him tightly. Gleb and I sometimes have a different language. She sometimes speaks so deeply that only I could understand and relate. And sometimes, he’s the only one that could understand the lyrics and the songs that I wrote.

Then Gail’s present, which is a helmet.

“Why helmet?” I asked him.

“Because Quinn said I should to match the blue ducati ST4 outside.” I said in-a-matter of fact. My eyes widened.

“Shut up!” I said and quickly ran outside and found a midnight blue ducati. I squealed and ran to its side, observing every gear visible.

“Thanks. So much!” I hugged my teddy brother. He’s really great even though he’s suffering because of me. He hugged me back then whispered in my ear; I need to tall you something. I nodded and patted his back.

“My turn!!!” Quinn squealed and unwrapped her gift herself. “Like it?” she asked enthusiastically as she tossed a black leather biking boots unto my hands. “it’s going to look great with the helmet and the bike.” She beamed at me and grabbed another gift.

“The last one.” She said. I cocked my head to the side; the last gift was tall and shaped like a trophy. In one swift movement, the gift wrapper was gone and now, I held the Triwizard Cup.

“SHUT UP!” I said in complete astonishment. “I’ve been searching for this in years! How’d you find it?” I turned around to meet lyka’s twinkling eyes.

“It’s hard actually but a bit of phone calls and a lot of threatening, I found it.” she smiled at me.

“This is a new addition to my collection. A big addition.” I said to myself.

“Yeah heard about you’re collection and I noticed you haven’t got that so I thought it’s a perfect gift for you. I’m fan of Harry potter myself.” she explained.

I set the trophy aside and hugged her thankfully. “Hey, it’s no big deal.” She said while patting my back.

I noticed our wands hovering near the cake and grabbed mine. “What does this button do?” I asked aloud then pressed the blue button.

A blue light appeared at the tip of my wand; I confusedly looked at it for a half of a second then gasped. “Lumos!”

I looked at the rest of the buttons and understood what t it is. I pressed the green button and pointed it at Drew. “Die, Dumbledore, die!” I said in a thick English accent. “Avada kedavra!”

Drew quickly avoided the green laser coming out of my wand then shouted “stufefy!” A red light burst out of his wand then met my green light.

“Oh! That looks so fun!” lyka and lizette squealed and joined us. The whole room was full ‘wingardium Leviosa’ ‘lumos’ ‘avada kedavra’ and stufefy’. We were all laughing when the clock stroked twelve. Everybody gathered around me in a circle and held each other’s hand and sang ‘happy birthday’. I smiled appreciately at my growing family.
okay, before any of you react, i'm telling you this, I DID NOT STEAL any of the ideas i put in this chapter. i have actually finished reading the last book of harry potter when a hogwarts theme birthday party popped into my head. so please, i'm telling you this now, i would not give crap to any readers who will say that i stole an idea or i got the idea from any ffs. and guys, please comment me on what you guys thought of this chapter. and if you're asking,'where the heck are the cullen at the party??? well, you'll find out on the next chapter. comment me!!! oh and special tnx to monroe for the banner!!


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