The Twilight Saga

bella is a talented vampire that knows how to sing, dance and have fun. she is known as the popular perfect rich girl in a little town called forks. she is accompanied by her family called the stewarts. one day during her dance recitals, the cullens moved to forks. will she found love other than her passion? is her love strong enough to conquer her it?

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Chapter 1 Dance recital

“Hurry drew!! I’m going to be late!!” I ran in human speed across the lawn towards the gym. Ugh! I hate running so slow. It makes me even more nervous. Today is my dance recital. Well this isn’t actually my first but every time I have a dance recital, I always get so nervous. I breathe in and out. I reminded myself. It’s not like I needed air, but it’s the only method I know that calm me.
“Relax Bella. Don’t worry everybody will love you.” drew said this as he me pulled to the backstage.

Drew is my brother. He have average built, pale just like every vamp I know. And he has a blonde shaggy hair. Drew is not my brother by blood but I treat him like one. “Hey drew, what time mom and the others are coming?” I asked nervously.

“Um... I don’t know maybe, before the show starts. Duh?!!” humph! He said as he raises one of his eyebrows. I just rolled my eyes at him. He is sometimes annoying.

After I got ready, the emcee started to introduce us. If I my heart is still beating, I swear it’s going to burst right out of my chest. After fidgeting for 20 minutes, my name was called. I went into the stage and started my ballet/hip hop dance. Drew was the one who thought of that idea.

The music was able to relax my body. I really love this song, Single Ladies by Beyonce’. Drew put a touch of his orchestra skills on the music by remixing my cd with some of his compositions. The crowd applauded when I was over. I’m kinda used to it though, the standing ovations, bouquets flying everywhere. I just want to have fun.

I saw my family sitting at the back row. Zon waved at me while the others just smile. I smile at them in return. I went directly to my dressing room to change. My teachers congratulated me, unexpectedly, Gail, my other brother came in with a bouquet of red roses.

“Congratulations lil sis. Your dance was awesome!! The people watched you with their mouths open. It was so hilarious.” His booming laugh surrounded my room.
I smack him in his head. “Stop it!” Gail is an annoying yet funny type of brother. He’s always there to make fun of me. Well every brother is. There was a silent knock.
“Oh mom!!”I run towards zon to catch her adoring hug.

Zon is the leader of our coven. We kinda treat her as our mom. She’s always there whenever you needed support and advice. She was the one who created us. She works as a doctor. I really admired her because of her self control and her passion to help others that needed her. “Bella you were great!!” she hugged me even tighter.
“Congrats Bella!!” Gleb and Quinn both came in.
“Well thanks guys. Where’s drew??” everyone looked at zon. “Guys?”
Zon was first to speak “there are other vampires that watched your show so drew was the one who entertained them.” she looked at me assuringly.
“Well then come on let’s meet them.” They all nodded.
Zon was explaining about the vampires on the way home.

“I don’t know anything about them yet, but drew was the one who meet up with them. They will be visiting us, so guys please behave, okay?” Gail, gleb and I just laugh at her.
Zon and Quinn looked at the three of us murderously.
“Don’t worry zon, I will make sure that there will be nothing to worry about.” Quinn reassured zon.

Gail snorted. “Yah like that’s gonna happen.”

“I mean it.” Zon said in her motherly tone.

“Yes, mom.” We all said.
When we came to house we saw a Volvo parked in front.
We went out all at the same time, all have wondering faces.

I heard drew’s voice “there home. Just wait till you see Bella.” I was surprised. I didn’t know that I will be a topic. I looked at zon curiously.

“They really wanted to meet you because they were amazed by your dance.” She smiled at me.
All I can say was “oh okay”
Drew opened the door for us.

Chapter 2 a new dimension

“Hey” drew greeted me.
I hugged him. “So how was the recital?”
I looked at him confused. “Didn’t you watch the show?”
He looked at me apologetically. “Sorry I didn’t, I have things to do.” He motioned his head towards our guest. “I see.”

There are five vampires sitting in the couch. They smiled at me, I just smiled back.
“Well hello, welcome to forks.” Zon said.
“Thank you.” The bronzed haired guy said.
“May I introduce you to my family, I am marizon by the way, but you can call me zon. This is Quinn, Gleb, Gail, and Bella.” Pointing at each one of us. “And I think you’ve all met drew.” They all nodded.
We all said hi to them. The bronze haired guy spoke again.
“It’s nice to meet you all. I am Edward. This is my sister Alice” pointing to a pixie like girl with deep black, cropped short hair pointing in all directions.
“Hi” Alice said. Then she hugged me, I hugged her back. “We are going to be great friends.” she said. I just smiled at her. She went back beside Edward.

“This is Rosalie, Emmett, and jasper” Edward continued.

Rosalie has golden blonde hair. She looked like a goddess, with her beautiful figure and a very confident face. She smiled at me. Emmett was big muscled guy with brown hair. He looked like Gail, just bigger. Jasper has honey blonde hair, tall and slender but till muscular.
“Hey Bella congrats by the way, I love your dance! Can you please teach me how to do it?!!”Alice said.
“Yeah sure” as Alice and me make our own conversation, the others did too. Emmett, jasper, drew, and Gail talked about sports and other guy stuff while Rosalie, Quinn and gleb went to hunt. And Edward and zon talked about the other two members of their coven that will visit us. Sometimes I caught Edward glancing at me.

I just smiled at him, don’t want to embarrass our guests. Well actually I want to. He’s expression was the funniest thing I’ve seen. I hope he doesn’t have someone else yet. Holy crap! What am I thinking? I just met the guy. I can’t just walk up to him, and tell him I love him. Oh wait. Did I say I love him? No way! Erase, erase, erase!

I shook my head. Alice keeps on babbling about shopping trips and some family facts about them.

What I learned so far, they are also vegetarians. They also have unique powers like us. Edward is a mind reader; Alice can see the future and jasper can control the emotions.

Suddenly Alice asks me a question. “Bella I was wondering, how come Edward couldn’t hear your family’s thoughts when we went to your recital?”

“Actually, that’s because of my power. I am a shield.” I told her glumly.

“Are you the only one who has a power in your family?” curiosity burning in her eyes.

“Actually Zon can heal any sick people while Quinn makes the time stop and Gail controls the weather.” She looked amazed.
“Really? She can heal people?? She should meet Carlisle, but he’s working at the hospital right now.”


“Yeah he is our father and the leader of our coven. Oh and esme, she is Carlisle’s wife. She stays home while the five of us goes to school.”

Wow. Big family.

“Well that’s good, because zon is also a doctor. And since Quinn and gleb have work,
you and your siblings can...” Alice cut me off.
“Hangout together!” how did she?...oh yeah psychic

She’s very happy about the idea of us girls shopping together in Port Angeles. I really hate shopping, Quinn always drag me to different stores and always dress me up like a freaking Barbie doll. Ugh! So much for being a vampire, when you can’t have freedom. I’m really frustrated from all the nerve wrecking events this day.

When Carlisle and esme came to visit, we introduced ourselves again. As they make their way up to whole new conversations, I excused myself to the dance room to have a little relaxation. When I dance, it relaxes my mind. It’s very peaceful. Just me and the dance floor. When the song changed to my immortal by evanescence, there was a silent knock.

It was Edward.

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. What does he want?


I couldn’t say anything so I just nodded. He smiled at me. I crooked smile that took my breath away, if that was possible.

“Don’t worry I’m just going to watch. Your dancing amazes me.”

What? Is that for real? I amazed him. “Thanks”

I continued my dancing. Twisting and twirling around. The soul of music and the message of the song took me to another dimension. I went back to reality when someone clapped their hands. I was surprised Edward was still here. Usually when I danced like that, my family went out of this room. Maybe because they knew that I’m not with them at the moment. He walks across the room in human pace towards me. I just stood there confused at the same time shocked.

“That was the loveliest dance I have ever seen in my existence.”

What??!! I don’t know what to say. No one has ever said those things to me. I just stood there, still shocked with my mouth open.

He chuckled, and then put his hand under my chin to slowly close my mouth. I must look like an idiot! I can’t believe it. I lower my head to hide the embarrassment. I didn’t realize that his hand is still holding my chin. I took a glance at him. I was locked in his gaze. His beautiful golden eyes are dazzling. Its like filled with thousand diamonds and stars.
He smiled at me thoughtfully.
“When you were dancing, it’s like you’re in another dimension. And I didn’t know how but I think I was sucked in the black hole you were creating. Like a force, that wants me to be with you.” Those words that he let out, makes me want to hug him and kiss his mesmerizing lips.

I was happy.

Suddenly his smile turned into a frown. Maybe because of my face, I checked my mouth if it was still open. Whew! It’s a good thing it’s not; I would really look like a total idiot if I did. I rearrange my features. Then said

“Thank you, I don’t know what to say actually. No one has ever said that to me in my existence.” I smiled at him brightly.

His face lit up, and then became irritated. I suddenly heard voices.

“Nice one Bella!! Way the go to ruin the moment by looking like an idiot!” drew exclaimed.
Gleb and Gail started to whistle while jasper and Emmett was rolling on the floor laughing. What’s so funny?

That made me furious. I controlled my anger as much as possible. I didn’t want to make a scene. Edward frowned beside me.

Then gleb shouted “hey Bella! Look what I got!”

Gleb was waving a picture of me in a shocked expression with my mouth hanging open.

That’s it!!! I launched at them.


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whatdo you guys think of my book cover? staceycakes made it!!

Chapter 7 the race

“HEY! That’s not fair!!” drew said “Why do you always gets first? My car is better than yours.”

“Because I’m the eldest so shut up okay?!” Gail argued

Drew stick his tongue out like a kid then crossed his arms.

“Okay break it up guys!!” I scolded them. It’s really funny when you think of it. I’m scolding my big brothers to stop fighting on who-goes-first-in-showing-his-car crap... I chuckled at the thought.

I parked my car in front, so that later I don’t have to come around the house to get it for the race. It will be so awesome.

I went inside the house to tell Quinn about the event for the night. I can hear her and gleb’s voices in their room. Maybe later. I think they’re doing who-knows-what in their room. So I went to the kitchen to find zon leaning on the counter reading a large book.

She looked up at me “hey, how’s school?”

“School’s fine mom” I kissed her on the cheek.

“Hmm... since when did school seem to be fine?” she looked at me suspiciously.

I grinned at her. “Oh mom, I almost forgot. The Cullens are coming here to see our cars. They really seem into cars just like us.” I look at her angelically.

She smiled at me. “Of course, that would be great for you kids to hang out.”

I jumped up and down, feeling the excitement of the upcoming race. Someone cleared her throat. I turned to see who it was. Oh it’s Rosalie. I stood still while smoothing my hair. I cleared my throat.

“Hey Rosalie” I grinned at her sheepishly.

“Hey” she laughed at my expression.

“So, did you guys bring your cars?” I ask her changing the subject.

“Yeah, come on, let’s go!” she pulled me out of the house.

“Bye kids have fun!” called zon.

“Bye!” we both said at the same time.
“mine’s the convertible while Alice got the Porsche.” she said proudly.

“Nice” I told her.

Rosalie’s convertible is parked beside my car while there is a yellow Porsche parked on the other side of the convertible. Alice was singing along to the loud music coming from her car.

“Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face,”

“Hey Alice” she jumped off of her car, and then landed beside me.

“Hey Bella! Guess what? You’re going to win the race!!!” she said twirling around in circles.

“Wow! Thanks for the info. Come on lets go at the garage to see the other cars.” They both jumped in response.

I opened the garage door to find Gail and drew cleaning their cars. Drew owns a 2007 Giugiaro Ford Mustang Concept Car.

He loves his car so much that he doesn’t want any of us to go near it. He doesn’t even want a single fly to touch it, yeah I know obsessive right?
As for Gail, since he loves going camping and stuff, he bought a Toyota Tacoma.

He complains a lot about not having enough space for his things and other stuff he use to prank our asses till death.
“Wow that is so awesome!!” screamed Rosalie coming over beside drew. Alice didn’t seem fascinated in both cars, instead she went over to Quinn’s car. A 2007 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder.

She loves this car, especially when she shops. Alice was hovering over the car, when Quinn and gleb joined us.
“Hey Alice” Quinn said. I came over to gleb’s car, a black Lamborghini Gallardo.

Gleb came by my side. “Bella where are the other Cullens?” he asked.

Rosalie overheard his question then said “oh the boys had a little trouble on the way.” Glen and I both looked at each other, and then looked at her curiously.

“Oh, don’t worry about them. They’re just pissed because Alice and I beat them first here.” there was a loud honk outside, we all turned to look, it was Emmett riding in a large jeep.

He shouted “hey you guys!! Come on!! Let’s race!!!” the loud roars of the engine started. Drew and Gail started their cars. I started to run but Quinn stopped me.

“Bella no!! You will not leave this house unless you’re on a proper attire for the event!!” she shouted.

“What! There’s nothing wrong with my out fit!” I whined while dragging me in the house to her huge closet. I sighed heavily. She seemed to have noticed it.

“Relax Bella, your just going to change your clothes, you do know that you can’t wear a dress in a drag race right??” she said smiling. Oh thank god! I noticed she’s wearing a skirt. “How come you’re in a skirt?”
(bella's outfit
(quinn's outfit
“I’m the judge of this race, so might as well look hot right?”

I smiled back. “Okay where these” she snapped at me. I changed in 2 seconds then went to look at the mirror. Whoa.

“Wow. I look hot!” I said. I can’t believe it. I’m wearing sneakers but I look hot.

Quinn went to the garage to get her car while I headed to the front to meet up with the others. I noticed that Alice was very well camouflage with her car.(alice's oufit As well as Rosalie who looked like a model, who is staring at her self in the rear view mirrors of her car. (rosalie's outfit joined the group. I noticed that jasper is riding a silver ducati and Edward together with his Volvo. Edward’s eyes widened when he saw me. I just smiled at him.

I went over to my car. We started driving up to the mountains. It’s my favorite location for races like this. Gleb lead us to the top followed by my brothers, me, Quinn, and then the Cullens. Jasper wasn’t going to join, obviously. He prefers motorbikes than cars.

We were separated into two groups. I was with gleb, Alice, and Gail. The opposing group was Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, and drew. Quinn was the one who picked our partners. I was paired with Emmett. Alice and drew, Gail and Edward, and gleb and Rosalie. And who ever wins, will be the one who decide what place he or she wants to go.

The first pair was Alice and drew. The two engines roared to life. Quinn walked up between the two cars. Then yelled

“Ready,” she motioned her right hand to Alice.
“Set,” she did the same with drew

The two cars sped away. We can see them drifting from curve to curve of the mountain path. Even though drew was leading, Alice had the advantage since she can see the future. There was a tight curved ahead then all of a sudden Alice was in lead. We shouted and screamed their names. In less than five minutes, Alice came to the finish line first followed by drew.

“Way the go Alice!!” Rosalie and I both shouted.

The boys started teasing drew that he just lost from a girl in a race. We, girls just rolled our eyes at them. Stupid boys think they’re so supreme.

Rosalie and gleb was next. I’ll say from the start that rose do not have a chance against gleb. He is the best racer I have met in my life or existence.The engines roared. This time Alice came to the center.

“Ready,” she shouted while raising one hand in the air

“Set,” she raised her other hand

“Go!” then puts them both down too quick for human eyes.

The cars raced passed her. Then after five minutes, a black car emerged with a red convertible on its tail. Of course everyone in our family expects gleb to win. The Cullens all have surprised faces.

Then Quinn said “are you guys okay?”

Alice was the one who speak up “were just shocked. No one had ever won over Rosalie. She’s the best race car driver ever.”

“Well I guess that changes every thing” Gail said.

Rosalie came out of her car then went over to gleb.

Edward and Alice faces were unreadable, with their mouth open. Jasper and Emmett tried to stop Rosalie, but she dodged them both out of her way. At first her face looked pissed then she looked happy.

“Gleb, congrats. Maybe you could teach me how to do that trick you did a while ago.” She smiled at him politely.

Gleb nodded. “Of course I’d be happy to.”

Jasper and Emmett’s faces looked just like their brother and sister. Rose hugged gleb then went over to Emmett’s side.

Gail shouted “come on guys! It’s my turn. Ha!” Edward and Gail‘s eyes met then they both nodded.

I walked over between the roaring engines. I motioned my left hand to Alice.
“Ready,” she said like she’s a cheerleader.

Then pointed my right to Quinn

“Set,” she copied Alice’s tone.

I shouted “GO!” I watched both cars speed passed me. We all went to the railings to watch them. I saw Edward in the lead. Hmm I didn’t know he’s a good driver.

I cheered for Edward together with Alice. Gail didn’t have a chance to get pass Edward because he can read his mind. Edward is still on the lead. In less than 3 minutes, a silver Volvo came into view. We cheered when Edward won. Even drew came at Edwards side to congratulate him. Gail’s car came into view after 30 seconds. Wow! He looked pissed.

“Okay!! It’s my turn now!! You ready Emmett?” I said enthusiastically

“Hell yeah!!” he shouted.

He went into his big jeep while I went to my Infiniti. I turned on the radio, I slipped on shut up and drive by rihanna. They all cheered. Both of our engines roared like hell. Rosalie came up between us. She did what Quinn did then shouted “GO!”

Of course my car is faster than Emmett’s jeep. I was on the lead. I put my shield on so Emmett wouldn’t be able to get pass me. Well I know I’m cheating but it’s just a precaution. The tight curve came. I drifted smoothly while Emmett had a hard time to maneuver. I laughed loudly. I run 195 m/h. I was concentrated on the curve ahead when Emmett came pass me. What the??? How did he?? Oh never mind! He bumped my rear bumper. My car uncontrollably went into circles. I maneuvered so that I was facing backwards, I went pass Emmett, his mouth fell open. I laughed at his expression. I waved at him sweetly then threw a flying kiss at him. I drifted in a circle so I was facing the finish line. All of them looked surprised then jasper yelled, “hey Edward! Pay up!”

My eyes widened. I glared at Edward. I don’t know why I’m angry right now but I feel like I want to punch him for betting on me that I’m not gonna win. Jasper must have felt my mood. A wave of calm hit me. The others yelling and cheering that I won. Emmett came running out of his jeep then went over at my side. A big grin plastered on his face. I looked at him confused.

“Oh my god Bella! That was awesome!! Teach me that move pleeeeease.” He pouted his lower lip. I laughed at him.

“Sure Emmett”

“YES!!” he started jumping uncontrollably. Edward must have red his mind about the move I did. He looked down at his feet. Looking ashamed. I smirked at him. I walked pass him then flicked my long brown hair at him.

“Okay” said Quinn

“So far the winners are Alice, Bella, Edward and gleb. Alice and Bella will go first. The winner between the two of you” she looked at me and Alice “will race against the winner between the two of them” pointing at Edward and gleb. The four of us nodded in unison.

“Bella” Quinn called over to me.

“Yeah?” I said. She snapped her fingers then everyone including the trees stood still. Only me and Quinn are the ones moving. I looked at her confused.

“Put your shield on everyone else except the three of them” pointing at Alice, gleb and Edward.

I put every one else in a bubble like shield, I let the shield embrace their bodies. It’s easy for me to do it since I’ve mastered my talent for a very long time.

I nodded at her. She snapped her fingers again. Everything started to move. All of them looked confused because they think we didn’t talk. And the last thing that they must remember when Quinn snapped her fingers. We both chuckled lightly.

She snapped her fingers again then shouted “okay we put obstacles on the way, so you guys better be alert. Now let’s start this race!” we all shouted and cheered.

Alice and I made our positions then blasted off when we heard the go signal. It’s a bit difficult to drive fast because of rocks and tree branches on the way. It must be easy for Alice since she knew what was coming for her. She was on the lead. I tried very hard to keep up to her. Suddenly there was a loud screech of tires. I saw Alice was getting out of her Porsche looking at her tires. I went pass her then headed for the finish line. They all cheered. I went over to Quinn to help Alice changed her tires. She snapped her fingers then said to me “done”

Edward and gleb were next. I think gleb will win this. I was surprised that I was surprised that a Volvo came through first the finish line. Gleb was the fastest of us all he beat Rosalie the best racer of all the Cullens. Edward came out of the car pissed. Gleb copied him then went over to me. He whispered in my ears too low for anyone to hear. “It’s your job to race against him and win, not mine. So go kick his butt. I was angry at him for betting against you.” He winked at me. He must have noticed what happed a while ago.

“Thanks” I whispered back.

He patted my shoulder.

Quinn reminded us all that whoever the winner of the race will choose the destination for our get together weekend. I remembered Alice said that I’m going to win. I feel confident. I glanced at edward. He looked worried. Good, cause it’s pay back time.
I skipped happily towards my car. He did the same. Quinn shouted go. I sped passed him. I looked at my rear view mirror. He smiled confidently at me. If ever I can blush, I think would looked like a tomato. I avoided the obstacles much easier this time. All of a sudden, large chunks of rock came falling at the mountain tops. I put out my shield instantly to protect my car. The rocks bounce back headed for the Volvo behind me. I started to panic. I saw the car moving fast just to avoid the rocks. I was impressed for a second, I realized the finish line was only a mile from where I was driving. I stepped on the gas that shot my flying through the road. Edward started to catch up with me. I can see the finish line. We both passed the finish line at the same time. Everyone was shocked except for Quinn and Alice.

I went out of my car followed by Edward. Quinn and Alice both shouted “Bella wins!”

Everyone was confused. Rosalie asked “how come she wins when both of them passed the finish line at the same time.” We al looked at them questioningly. Edward nodded.

Quinn started to explain. “You guys think you saw them passed the line at the same time, but Bella passed the line a millisecond before Edward. How did I know this? Well duh? I can stop the clock ticking. I stopped the time at the exact moment they passed the line.”

My brothers flipped at the news that I won. Rosalie came over to me

“So Bella, where do want to go this weekend?” she asked excitedly.

I think about that for a moment. Then Alice whispered to herself “hmm... Odd. I think I need to go shopping for this trip.”

“Well?” rose asked impatiently. Then it hit me, I feel like there’s a light bulb on top of my head that lit up the idea.

I noticed all of them are waiting for my answer. I smiled at them.

“We’re going to Baltimore!” I said smiling grimly at them.
this is awesome i luv it
it reminds me of 'Tokyo Drift' lol
thanks for the comment. actually tokyo drift and fast and furious 4 are my inspirations in writing this chapter..
that was...


i love this it's so good!!

its amazing i cant wait!!
thanks i'm glad you love it...
OMGGGGG i live in b-more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Uhmmmmmmmm........... What's in Baltimore?

Great race!!!! Can't wait for more!

Soon Please????
don't worry i will to post the next chapter today. i'm still revising it. and bella will explain in chapter 9 why they will be going to baltimore.
lol!! payback!!!!!
lov it


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