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The vampire disease. Its when a HUMAN needs blood to survive. Bellas diet consist of 2 cups of blood for every 1/2 cup of other liquid or solid food. She had this disease when she was little but got the treatment. Now with all the stress, it comes back in full force that not even the doctors can save her. She is allowed to buy blood even though shes not a doctor. The stuff with Jacob never happened and she also kept a secret from the...Cullens. She's filthy rich and has a mansion in the forest with tons of cars and dirt bikes. Oh did I forget to tell you she doesn't have balence problems that was her acting and Charlie was in a carcrash and died. Alice and the Cullens move back because they want to comfort her and Edward couldn't stay away.

Should I write it?

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Alice and Rose were standing in the door way. Rose shocked me by smiling. Alice bounced to me and rapped her hard arms around me.
"Hey Bella. Mind if we join you?" Alice was hesitent. Thats different.
" Of course. Come in. Do you have bathing suits?" Thay looked at eachother worriedly.
"Actually Bella... we were coming to ask if you wanted to go shopping but we heard you in the hot tub and-" I cut Rose off.
"It's okay. I have some that I never used. They would look good on you. Come on." I dragged them to my closet. Bad idea. Pixie squeeled at all the clothes. She was a little dissapointed about all the black though.
I left to get the bathing suits.


"Wow. Thank you Bella. These are nice. Why don't you wear them?" Rose...why is she being nice to me?
"I prefer black to red...Rose, why are you being nice to me?" I had to ask or it was going to drive me crazy.
"Bella, I really like you. Honestly I do. I just didn't like you because I was in vain. I thought that since Edward didn't like my beauty, he would like no one. But he proved me wrong and he fell inlove. To you. A human. No offence but you see? I hated you because your beauty touched Edward in ways mine could not. I wa jelouse of that. But when we left, everyone wa depressed. Emmett didn't crack jokes, Carlisle and Esme didn't smile. Alice always worried about what this was doing to you and she was fighting tha urge to run and get you. Jasper, I thing Jasper had it second worst. He felt guilty about hi lapse in control. AND with Jaspers ability, he always felt everyoned misery. I finally found out why Edward loved you. You made everyone happy. Whenever you came to our house, everything seemed in place.calm peaceful. The way it should be. And I was in dumb enough to miss it entirely. So you see, you are the happyness in this family. You bring us joy that our mates and siblings can't. You complete us. Most of all Edward." I stared at her. Was she serious. I decided to ignore the parts about Edward but I couldn't get her sincerity out of my head as she said those words.
After that talk Alice came out and I led the way to the hot tub. We spent the rest of the hours talking. Alice was having a vision on our way to the sauna.
"NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY! " Alice was screaming for joy. But before I could ask, she lifted me up and ran out the door with Rose on her trail. I looked at Rose but she just shook her head. As my eyes adjusted I found out where we were going. The Cullen house. We didn't stop running until we got inside to house. Everyones eyes were on us. Shocked.
"NI...CE...CLOT...HES!" Emmet was shaking in hes laughter. Thats wher I remembered what we were wearing. I turned pink, then red, oh my god my face must be cherry red. I looked at Alice and she was glaring at everyone. I felt someones eyes on me. Thank god I look good. I looked up to see Edwards mouth hanging open and his eyes were like saucers.
"Alice can you take me back home. So I can get some clothes on?" Please take me home.
"You know I have clothes right?" Oh should I tell her. After all she would have to take me home.
"Okay." I followed her up the stairs.
"Umm... Alice I'm in a club. The black white and red club." Her eyes poped out.
"HOW. I...I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET INTO THAT CLUB FOR YEARS. hOW DID YOU GET IN." By now everyone was looking at us.
I swallowed hard. Again I went pink. "Alice, I didn't even try. When I went to Italy, one of the BWR club members asked me to join the club. She was nice and they added me as a member." She looked so sad. I wonder how many times she tryed to get into the BWR club.
"What is a Black hite and Red club?" Edward asked confused.
"It's a club where its members make the clothing items and put them on the runway." I explained to him in a calm uninterested voice.
But what has that got to do with you changing?" Emmett asked this one.
"Emmett it has strict rules about what you wear. You have to where your own clothes at all times. It's to advertise your style. People see it on a perfect figure and others will want to buy it. If you don't have anything left, you use someone elses clothes in the BRW club. Also the only colors you can wear are Red White and Black. Hints the name." Alice said this in an irritated tone.
"So are you going to take me home." Please take me home.Please. Please.
"No Bella. Arn't you staying for dinner?" Oh god. I need to get home. I'm going to need to drink my blood in about 30 min.
"Um acrually I really do have to go to my house.
this is so cool! plz keep me updated ! ill add u!
please write more soon
love it
Cant wait for more
omg this is good. please wrie more. and tell me
This will end badly if I don't get my blood. Oh god.
"Bella dinner's ready." Esme wrapped her hands on my shoulders and led me to the table. I won't be able to eat ithout my blood to ash it down.
"I'm sorry Esme on a special diet. Very strict." I felt guilty. Maybe a bite.
"Bella it's no big deal. Esme can make something else." Jasper's reassuring voice relaxed me. But...
"Yes dear, what diet are you on? Vegan? Vegitarian? Low- calorie?" Esme's guessing voice carried on naming different diets.
Please, can someone just take me home? My food is over there. I have to get it in about 15 minutes or the whole diet will be ruined." Why isn't Alice doing anything? I looked at Carlisle. His face as calm but his eyes were calculating and strained. Edward's eyes never left my body. I guess he likes my swimsuit. Or he's looking at my vampire necklace.
"What's so important at your house? We have food here." Edward's eyes were peircing, looking at every inch of my face.
"None of your bees wax. But out! Why am I even here?" This is making me angry. I looked at my watch. 7 MINUTES. Oh my god! Where's Carlisle he just left.
"Well I came to dress you up so we could go to a party but no your in the BWR club so you can't wear any of my clothes." Alice started pouting.
"Please! where is Carlisle?" Where is he!
"Why?" Rose looked suspicious. Looking me up and down.
"I need to go home!" My alarm clock on my watch started ringing.
"NO! Take me-" My piercing scream made everyone dorp to the floor.
"Bella! Whats wrong? Tell me!" His voice was at my ear. His breath cooling me.
I just curled into a ball. Writhing in agony. I need blood. My time is up. My body is already dieing. My back arched. My hands were shaking. My head was on fire. My core was collapsing.
"Blood...need" I whispered. GOD THIS HURT!
Next thing I know, I'm on a hospital bed in Carlisle's office. I could still hear Jaspers yelling. The pain. He can feel it.
"Open your mouth and sallow." Carlisle's voice was strained.
I did as he said and drank...BLOOD! HE KNEW! The blood was dripping down me chin. My shaking and pain ended. THANK GOD! I looked up to see each member except for Carlisle with their mouths wide open.
"What the h-" Emmett's voice was cut off by Edward.
"Why...Why are you drinking blood?" He was fliping out.

this is so good i don't even know how to describe it!!!!!! there better be more bu tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! I always trust people, but if they lie i can get very angry!
wright more soon it just getting really good
"It's a medical codition" Carlisle was calmly explaining the details to them. " It's known as the vampire disease because the body needs blood every 2 hours. But unlike us, becoming weak isn't on her list. Her body goes through a cycle of pain. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. Also her teeth - even though she's human- get sharper and stronger after her dose of blood. Drinking blood, it's how she survives." This is so embarrasing. Please get me away from everyone!
"But she didn't-" I cut Rose off. My irritation was getting the best of me.
"I had it when I was little. I got a treatment. It worked for a few years at least. The doctors told me that I had so much stress that I 'broke' the medication that filled my body. They couldn't help me because the treatment was banned so they sold me blood. Even though I'm not a doctor. So now I'm a 'vampire' too." I smirked and laughed at Edwards face.
"...Blood blood gallons of the stuff give them all that they can drink and It ill never be enough so give them blood blood bloooood. I'm the kind of human wreakage that you love..." I started to softly sing Blood by MCR.
"So when you..."
"Yes Jasper. That was my body dying. Sorry you had to go through that." I felt so bad. "I told you to take me home." I walked down the stairs. No one followed me so I started mumbling. "No one listens to me...I give people advise. The don't take it and something bad happends. Like how I told Emmett not to break Roses mirror. But noooo he had to break it and he got punished. UGGGGHH. Why doesn't any one listen?" I kept walking and made my way up the driveway. I started to go to my house when a cold arm wrapped around my waist and a ...jacket enclosed me. Edward picked me up and ran to my house. He set me on the porch. Seeming reluctant to do so. Why?
"Thanks. Would you like to come inside?" He nodded and I opened to door and took off the jacket. I gave him a tour around my house but the only thing he looked at was me. I ...liked it. The only floors I didn't show him were the Red White And Black room and my bedroom.


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