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The vampire disease. Its when a HUMAN needs blood to survive. Bellas diet consist of 2 cups of blood for every 1/2 cup of other liquid or solid food. She had this disease when she was little but got the treatment. Now with all the stress, it comes back in full force that not even the doctors can save her. She is allowed to buy blood even though shes not a doctor. The stuff with Jacob never happened and she also kept a secret from the...Cullens. She's filthy rich and has a mansion in the forest with tons of cars and dirt bikes. Oh did I forget to tell you she doesn't have balence problems that was her acting and Charlie was in a carcrash and died. Alice and the Cullens move back because they want to comfort her and Edward couldn't stay away.

Should I write it?

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yaa!!!! awesome idea:)
Ish atleast.
Send me a message when you do?
Writ it NOW
OMG YES!!! This sounds like it will be really good so please tell me when you post!

Hey guys! So I have decided to be like Wendy and leave long long long.......... What was I saying? O yeah, long comments!

Earl is dancing to "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse and will be until Marcus finds Didyme in Volturi Destruction!
I have a Quil and Claire fanfic, please read and comment!!

and also read my one shot, Perfect!
Ok...Just so you know, This is my first I said FIRST fan fiction. Don't judge too harshly. I made this up during my math class. And also, Bella has to drink blood about every 2 hours or else her body will start to die. This brings her pure agony.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I turned it off and went to get ready for school. I looked at my new wardrobe. Black. Depressing. That's how you would describe my wardrobe. After my soulmate,lover,whatever you want to call it left me, my life was drained. The only reason I acted normal was for Char...Charlie. My dad. He died in a car crash not even a month after he left. I remembered my big house that I bought when I was 15 and decided to live there.

That was 7 months ago. Now I'm a writer. I write little mantras, poems, or questioning stories. I have ablot 50 cars in my garage, 3 motercycles and 2 dirtbikes. My mansion has 8 floors. The first one is the living room, kitchen, and family room. The second floor has a play area- video games, pool table, foosball stuff like that. The third floor has 7 guest rooms and 5 bathrooms. The fourth floor is my closet/make-up room. The fifth floor is the relaxing room. It has a sauna, mud bath, hot tub you name it. My sixth floor is my Red Black and White rom. No one can go into it wearing any other color. If you had blond hair, You died it black to get in. I even got contacts. Bloody red and a black pair. The seventh floor is my room. Or as you call it...floor. And finaly my eighth floor in the music room. It has a piano, CDs, A loud steroe that can play any where in the house. This is where I go to spill my guts.

Time for another day. I got ready in a black dress. It hugged my curves perfectly and the black made me look like I was faintly glowing. I looked into the mirror and applyed my eyeliner and masscara. I looked at my lips. Blood red. I got this lip dyer. I loved it. Whenever my lips were wet, they looked like they wee bleeding. I put on my high heels and went off to school in my black Camaro with its tinted windows. I walked gracefully to my class with a light sway to my hips. I got to class just in time. Crap. Oh my god! I saw someone I thought left me forever.

SORRY ITS SLOW. To tell you the truth, I didn't write this part when I was in class so I just made it up. It'll get better. I swear. Give me advice, or ideas.

-Soulless girl
Awosme start! Continue ASAP! Plz keep me updated!
let me guess...its alice!!
sounds really good pls keep me update
continue ASAP!!
plz write more now!
I think this is great! plz post more soon
awsome tell me when you add moress!!!!!


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