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What if Bella knew Alice's story. Will alice find closure? Please read.

Chapter 1

My name is Bella Swan. I am a vampire. I have been a vampire since January 28, 1783. That was the day of my seventeenth birthday. I never knew my creator. All I remember from that day was the pain and the person who had found me. A doctor by the named Perry. I only knew the last name if him. He was also a vampire. He was a doctor at the insane asylum in Forks, Washington. By the time I had my doctoral I was working with Dr. Perry. In 1918 we had gone back to Forks. We were working one day we a girl was brought in to the asylum. She said she had visions. She was considered crazy. I had felt sorry for here because she was different then the other people. I knew how out of place she felt since I was immortal.

Weeks later........

Alice has been in the asylum for a few weeks now. I am distracted because I know there is a vampire around the hospital. I have no choice now but to change her. Dr. Perry and I both agreed that he would distract the nomad while I would change Alice. The day came that I changed her. It would take three days to complete the conversion. I knew I had to stay with her duringg it but I was unable to because the nomad James had killed Dr. Perry. I knew he would be coming after me next. I was on the run. I was able to keep up with my vegetarian diet surprisingly. I drink only animal blood. I had no mate and no coven I had no clue how I were to go through life on the run.


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Love the idea! Plz post more and plz keep me updated!!
Sounds really cool..please write more!
it sounds good
Chapter 2

21st century today

I have come back to Forks. I have no idea why I had decided to come back. I felt like maybe something important is going to happen. I had also de ided to also go to high echo since I came back. Ever since I had changed Alice I have quit being a doctor and then became a student in high school. When I got to Forks I had bought a private house. I really needed privacy when it is sunny out since I shine like a diamond in the sun. I also enrolled in Forks High. I was on the school grounds when I smelled other vampires. I looked around and saw the ogre vampires. There was five of them and I knew one of them it was Alice. I guess she finally got into a coven. I was happy about that. She looked digg at me and icould tell the she recognized who I was but was unable to know where she knows me. I didn't know how to react. I just left the parking lot and went home and got ready to the next day the first day of school for me. I also went hunting. I wanted to prepare for to smells I would smell tomorrow.l got home and I had three hours to waste before I had to go to school. I had no clue what I was going to do l. I went to my room and pick out an outfit for school and laid it on my bed. I went to my desk and graded Alice's medical file and looked over. I have done this a millions of time over the years. After I was finished I looked at my clock and saw I had an hour and a half before I had to leave for school. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. After I was done I hour and hour before I had to leave so I got dressed and did my make up and then dried my hair. I saw I had five minutes before I had to leave sink went ahead and left that way I can have my schedule and wait for Alice's coven together. When they got here they all just looked at me since I was new to school and I was also a vampire. I went to my first hour class ani had that with Emmett a memeber with Alice. I found out they are the Cullens. They were all surprised that I was a vampire. Emmett wanted to know if I wanted to sit with him and his "family" at lunch. I said I would sit with them at lunch. My second hour I had with Rosalie Cullen. I really liked her. She was like my new best friend. My third hour I had with Jasper Alice's mate and Alice was also in that class. I told her that I would like to talk to her later. Fourth hour was lunch and fifth hour I had Edward in that class. I could not keep my eyes off of him. It was really hard for me to keep focus on my work. I met up with the Cullen's after schooland they asked if I wanted to come over to their house after school. I said I would.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update more plzz! It was amazing cant wait for more!!

omg! i love it!  write more!
i liv tis ... good story line :) pls update me :)
Chapter 3

I followed the Cullens to their house. I was amazed at the privacy they had. The house in the middle of the woods. I followed them in and I saw Carlisle. The last time I saw him he was all by himself
It was shortly after I seas turned. He remembered me. He welcomed me to their home and asked how I was doing. Everyone looked at him. They were all confused even the mind reading Edward. I loomed at Edward and asked him why he didn't see me in Carlisle's past from any of his thoughts. Edward was in shock. I had to tell everyone I had the ability to tell what powers people have. I can also tap into others powers. I can read minds and I am also a shells both mentally and physically. They were all amassed by how many abilities I had. They all wanted to know my story. The only one who knew some of my story was of course Carlisle but they all took a sit somewhere in the living room. Once evryone was comfortable I took s seat and then told them my story. I was born on January 28, 1783. And then turned on my seventeenth birthday. They asked me if I knew knew who changed me and I told them I didn't know. I was on my own every since I was turned. I told them I had come back in 1918. I was a doctor at the time and was working in an asylum. I was workinin the hospital when Alice had come in and was admitted. I told Alice if she wanted to know the whole story I would tell her later. I mentioned that a nomad named James had been wanting to kill me since I had turned Alice. I them that he might show up at show time. I told them that he has a mate named Victoria and there was anoher male vampire named Laurent. The only question on all the minds was if I wanted to move in. They think it would be easier for protection of everyone. I agreed. I left and went to my house to pack up my things. When I got home I went to my room packed evrything I needed. I laid an outfit out and then got changed for a shower. I took a shower than got dressed. I took all my thing to my car and put them in my car. I drove to the Cullens house. I went with all my stuff and Edward showed me where my room was. I put my stuff down. I had not noticed that Edward had stayed inthe room and was sitting on my bed. He looked a little districted. I asked him what was wrong. He told me that he wanted to tell me something but did not know how to say it. I told him that I wanted to show him something I jumped out the window and he followed me. I ran to a meadow. He was a little shock by the beauty if it.
i luv it ... Nice :)
love it!! update soon!!
Chapter 4

I went to the middle of the meadow and sat down. I waited for Edward to get over the shock. Once he looked at me I patted the grass next to me. He came over and sat down. We were staring at eachother for what seemed like hours. The only thing that distracted me was that Alice had called me on my cell phone. I answered my phone. Alice wanted to know if Edward and I could come home. I told her we were on our way home. Edward and I thought we would walk back to the house. We thought we could talk as we walked.I knew he loved me and I love him. He told me that he had feelings for me and I told him I knew he did and that I had feelings for him aswell. That was when he asked me out on a date. I agreed to go out with him. After that we ran home. As soon as we got home we were congratulated by everyone. I knew Alice had seen us become an item. I was not surprised by that at all. Alice had pulled me into a hug she whispered into my ear that all my stuff from my room into Edward's room. I was kind if happy that she had done that. I had thanked her. I wanted to talk to Edward in private. He followed me into our room that was the first time I saw a bed in the room. I went and sat on the bed. He asked me if was ok. I said I was fine. I told him for the time that I met him I could feel there was something special between us. I told him that we might be soul mates. He told me that he thought the same thing. He surprised my by kissing me. He started to pull away but I did not let him. One thing led to another and we were in the room the rest of the night. We had gotten up and got a shower. We go back to our room to find that our clothing had been laid out. I knew Alice had done that. The outfits kind of matched. I knew she had done that for a reason. It was time for us to get to school. When we got to school I went to my first hour class with Emmett. He was picking on me the whole way to class. He was getting really annoying. By the time fourth and fifth hour came around I had a long day. I could not wait to go home. I really wanted to spend some alone time with Edward. I was trying to think of a future with Edward. I could see myself marrying him. When Edward and I got to our room he was her quite compared to normal. He wanted to ask me something but he really never did say the question in his head so I did not know what he wanted to ask.


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