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Someone suggested the idea of Bella being adopted and then Charlie and Renee getting a divorce. And then Bella runs into an old friend from the orphanage and Bella hasn't aged a bit in ten years. So here is my story with the idea. Hope you like it.


Chapter One
The Orphanage

It was a cold and dreary day. The kind of day that I hated. The wind whistled through the trees. Which swayed back and forth continually brushing past my window.

"Bella?" asked Lacey. "Are you afraid that you'll never get adopted? After all, we are sixteen and no one wants older kids. They want younger kids that they can train anyway they want. Or something like that.
"Of course Lacey. I mean, I've been here since my parents died in that car crash when I was seven. That's nine years in this orphanage. But there has to be some families out there that want older kids. We just have to remain hopeful," I replied.
I am sixteen years old. My skin is nearly translucent, my eyes and waist length hair are brown. I am 5'4" and very clumsy. Lacey, my best friend is exactly the opposite of me. Her red hair is chin length, and her eyes are dark blue. Her skin is olive toned. The top of her head just barely reaches my shoulder. She was loud and bouncy, where I was quiet and reserved. She's also as graceful and feminine as her name.

I looked around at the gray walls, gray floors, and two rows of five gray beds. Gray everything is so gray. When I get out of this orphanage I am never wearing gray again. Although the weather, walls, and floors matched my mood perfectly. We older girls had chores to do to help around the orphanage. Lacey's was cleaning out the bathrooms. Mine was helping the cook cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of us orphans were lucky. We were able to go to school. Teachers for every age group we have would come and teach us. Many of them lived here with us. Those that did were like counselors and people we could talk to. I was glad to help with the cooking, I love cooking. I love taking care of people. I do wish that I had someone to help take care of me. I mean I do, but like a parent, not someone who's paid to take care of orphans.

"Bella, Lacey, the mistress wants to see you in her office," said Miss Barrie, the co-head of the orphanage. The mistress and head, was Miss Quick.

We glanced at each other, neither seeming to know why we were being called to the office. Lacey's shocked eyes mirrored mine. We followed Miss Barrie's brisk walk. Our footsteps echoed along the long gray hallway. I rarely went to Miss Quick's office. But Lacey often grace it's dreariness with her presence. Lacey had a fondness for pranks and surprises. A lot of which had her in hot water often. It got to the point that whenever anything went wrong, Lacey was first suspect. On the walls were pictures of the founder and all headmistress of this orphanage since its start in the 1900's. As we went down the hall, their eyes seemed to follow us. We could hear laughter and conversation floating on the air. Once we heard someone crying. The sound nearly broke my heart. But this was one of those days when you just wanted to cry and cry.

Miss Barrie opened the door to the office and stepped aside to allow us room to enter. We walked past her and she closed the door behind us. With a sense of foreboding we stood there with our hands behind our backs waiting for her to look up from her papers. Miss Quick is long and thin. Everything about her is long and thin, her hair, nose, mouth, legs, and arms. Her hair is brown and graying in places, she wore it in bun on the top of her head.

"I know that both of you are wondering why you are here. But don't worry, you're not in trouble. I just have some good news for you. There are two couples who have contacted me about adopting. They both want an older child. The first couple are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dwyer, and the second, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Swan. They should be here soon. The Dwyer's will be here first. I want them to meet the both of you. A couple of minutes later Miss Barrie opened the door again. She stepped aside and we saw a tall man that had black hair. He was wearing a business suit and carried a suitcase. He smiled kindly at both of us. He looked nice enough. The woman was also tall and blond, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She seemed to be a little nervous. Her hands were shaking, she looked as if she thought we were going to bite her. Her pantsuit was dark blue and looked like it cost a lot of money.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dwyer, here are two of our best sixteen year olds, Lacey Montgomery and Isabella Day. I wanted you to see them both. Lacey has red hair and Bella brown. They are both very kind and you would have many problems with either of them," Miss Quick said.

"I'm sorry Miss Quick, but we are only looking to adopt one not two," the man said looking at us apologetically.

That's quite all right. You see, there's another couple coming in who are looking to adopt. I just wanted you to see both of them. Their both lovely girls. Lacey has been here since she was twelve years old. Bella has been here since she was seven. Bella's parents died in a car crash and Lacey's parents were in an airplane crash," Miss Quick informed them.

"Could we please speak to just Lacey, please," asked the woman smiling.

"Of course. Bella could you please wait out in the hallway for a minute," Miss Quick asked.

In answer, I went out and closed the door behind me. I had only stood out there for fifteen minutes when the door opened again and the Dwyer's walked out with Lacey, who was glowing. In that instant I knew that they had adopted her. I was so happy for her. She turned to the Dwyer's and asked if she could say good-bye to me before they left. They complied and I offered to go help Lacey pack the little she had.

"Bella, you have always been a sister to me! I love you and I am going to miss you so much! The Dwyer's are so nice, I just know I am going to love living with them. And Lacey Dwyer, that sounds just perfect together. I just know that the Swans are going to love you. Just think, we'll both get adopted," she said quickly, her words almost flowing together.

"Hey, Lacey, take a deep breath. I am so glad that you are happy but we don't even know if the Swans will want to adopt me. But I am glad that you are so optimistic. And I love you too. I am going to miss you so much. You will always be my sister Lace. Even if we never see each other again. I'll never forget you," I said giving her a hug. Both of our eyes were teary. She picked up her suitcase and I followed her out. The Dwyer's were waiting outside the door. They came and claimed Lacey. As they were walking away, Lacey turned to wave at me one last time.

I headed back to the office. Once there, I noticed a couple standing right outside the door. They man was tall. had brown hair with a receding hair line. The woman was about the same size as me, her wide eyes had a childlike look to them. The man looked more serious than she.

"Hello, our names are Charlie and Renee Swan. Are you the kid we were going to see today?" asked the man.

"Yes, my name is Bella. Well, actually it's Isabella but I prefer to be called Bella," I told them.

The door opened then and Miss Quick came out and asked to come into the office. She told them about me what she had told the Dwyers. Mrs. Swan's eyes teared up at the mention of the car crash.

"We would like to adopt her," Mr. Swan said.

"Don't you want to know more about Bella?" Miss Quick asked.

"Yes, but we can get to know each other later. I just know she is the one. She's absolutely perfect!" Mrs. Swan said.

"All right. Bella do you want to..." she didn't even finish her sentence. She looked over at me, and I guess the look on my face was answer enough. " I just need you to sign a few papers and I have her birth certificate here. Bella why don't you go and pack up your stuff?" She asked me.

I nodded happily and went to go pack and tripped over the door jamb. Mr. Swan was there and had caught me by the elbow.
"You okay," he asked as he steadied me.

"Yeah, I'm just a little clumsy," I said blushing bright red.

"Oh," he let go of my arm and headed back to the desk.

After I was packed I swept the room with one last glance. I would miss this place because it had been my home for the past nine years. I felt tears flood my eyes, but they were also happy tears. I was being adopted!! I would have parents and a new home.

I met the Swans outside of where I had slept. They led me outside and I got into their car. They told me that they lived in Forks, Washington, and it was the rainiest place in the whole continental U.S. I was told that Charlie was chief of police and Renee was a kindergarten teacher. We traded information back and forth the whole car trip to the airport and the whole airplane ride. We all had seats by each other. We landed in Port Angeles, and stopped at a restaurant, The Bella Italia. After lunch, we had a two hour car drive to Forks. And when we got to their house it was raining.

They showed me to the room they had prepared for me without knowing me. I loved it. It was small, but it was better than sharing a room with ten other people. I like my privacy. They told me to call them mom and dad once I was comfortable to. I started right away. I even called them mom and dad in my head. My dad left shortly after they showed me my room. I was glad to see that he didn't hover. My mom was another story. She helped me unpack and sat on my bed and talked to me the entire time. I was already in love with my parents and my room. Things to call my own. Renee reached over and hugged me. I was so happy that I let her. I'm not very good at expressing my feelings like that. But I liked her hugging me. My dad came in and told us that he had to back out to work. My mom told him to come over and give me hug. He did so, looking just a bit embarrassed. He then left and my mom asked me if I knew how to drive. I told her that I had taken lessons at the orphanage.
A/N: Please tell me what you think. If enough people like it, I will continue it.

Chapter Two

Today was my first day in a new school. I was very nervous. All the kids here knew each other and I knew no one. My parents ( I thrill every time I say or think those words) had enrolled in Forks High School. The sky was gray and cloudy, yeah more gray. Oh, well, I was already told Forks was the rainiest place in the whole continental U.S. I was just glad to have a family. That morning I put on a black t-shirt and dark blue denim jeans. I had a yellow rain coat. I really hoped that other people had yellow rain coats. I hate to stand out. My mom dropped me off at school on her way to work. She was a kindergarten teacher at Forks Elementary.

"Have a good day Bella, your dad will be here to pick you up after school. Then when I get home we'll go and look for a car for you," my mom gave me a kiss and a hug. I opened the car door, she had a used green Sentra. I got out and went to the building that had very few cars parked outside of it.
"There's was a woman with red hair inside sitting behind a desk. She looked up, "Are you lost dear?" she asked me.

"No, I am new here. My name is Bella Day. I am Police Chief Swan and his wife, Renee's adopted daughter," I told her with pride at the sound of my parent's names.

"Of, course, my dear. I have your schedule right here and I hope that you will like living with the Swans. They are lovely people," she said.

I thanked her and took my leave. I looked at the schedule and maps in my hands. My first class was Trig, in building five. The teacher was Mr. Varner.
"Hey, my name's Mike Newton. Did you need some help finding your class? You must be new here, I've never seen you before," the blond boy said.

"Yeah, some help would be nice. And by the way, my name is Bella Day. Police Chief Swan and his wife adopted me," I told him.

"Oh, I heard about that. You'll learn that in a town this small, everyone almost always knows when something new happens here," he informed me.
"Thanks." I followed him in silence. When we got to building five he held the door open for me.

I entered the classroom. It looked lot a like the rooms used for our school in the orphanage. The teacher asked me to come to the front of the room.

"Class," said the balding gray haired man wearing glasses that was Mr. Varner, he looked like a mouse. "We have a new student, her name is Isabella Day." He motioned towards me and I of course, blushed a brilliant bright red. He finally told me to go to a desk at the back of room.

I made it through the day with minimum damage. I did blush whenever I was asked to stand at the front of the room. I finally made it to lunch, Jessica, in my trig, history, and Spanish lessons, walked with me to lunch. Everyone was really friendly towards me. I didn't have to eat lunch by myself, because Jessica and Mike invited me to sit with them at lunch. Their table was filled with people.

After lunch, I had gym. The most dreaded class of all. I never could do very well in gym. My balance problems were completely awful. It's very hard for me to walk across a flat surface without tripping/and or falling.

"Today, class, we are continuing with volleyball. We have a new student, Isabella Day. Miss Cullen, could you please help her get a uniform," he said, motioning towards a small, black haired, pixie-like girl. Her skin was white as snow, her eyes were black, and her hair was cropped short and stuck out every which way. She danced over to me, moving with grace that a would break any dancers heart.

"Hi, Isabella, I'm Alice Cullen. Come with me and I'll get you a uniform," she said to me.

I followed her to the coach's office.

She got me a uniform, but kept her distance from me.

"So," she asked. " When did you move here?"

"About a week ago. The Swans adopted me. I haven't changed my last name yet, because the legal stuff takes a while. So I'm stuck being Bella Day until then." I told her.

After I changed out, we headed back to everyone else. They were dividing up into teams. Coach Clapp ambled over and said, "Alice, you, Edward, Mike, Jessica, and Isabella, are on a team," he ordered.

Alice was right in front of the net, next to her was Mike, on the corner serving was Jessica. Next to her was Edward and I was next to Edward. The heaters were blowing towards me and away from him. Jessica served the ball right over the net. Lauren spiked it back. I moved forward to hit it back over the night and I ran right into Edward Cullen!! It was like running full force into a stone wall. My face was bright red and his arms wrapped around my waist. If he hadn't done that I would have fallen in a heap on the floor. I started to try to loosen his arms from around my waist. His arms were like steel bands around my waist. Not only that, they were ice cold but where his skin touched mine I felt electricity zinging on my skin and a warmth blossoming. Shocked and red-faced, I looked up at his pale white face. And I became almost immediately mesmerized by his black eyes. My mind told me to be very afraid, but my heart told my mind to shut up, that it had no idea what it was talking about.
His head lowered then all of a sudden I was falling and Alice caught me just before I hit the ground.
A/N: I stopped there for a reason. Please, give me feedback. I want you to vote for Bella's mortality or immortality. Do you want Edward to change her this day or not?

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This is very good!
Are the Cullen going to be vampires???
And just a commett when you write try to make sure you don't list things.
Try to make it flow smoothly like a river.
Thanks I will make things flow more smoothly. I was just in a hurry to get that written down. I will take my time next time. And the Cullens will be vampires. Bella will just meet them a little earlier. I won't go through the whole, books, but skip large parts.
really good keep writing
this good keep writing
This is really good. You definately picked an interesting topic. I think you may run into a little trouble later on in the story though, with Bella meeting the Cullens and all. You'll have to be careful not to make it like Stephanie M's. You did a good job please keep writing. I look forward to observing how you'll incorporate twists, and how you'll make it original :)
i love it please write more!!!
keep up with it!
Good Job! I like you didn't stick with the original story. I really curious to seeing how the volleyball game turns out and what happens next! Keep writing and again good job!
WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS TOTALY AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU DON'T WAN'T TO KNOW WHAT 'OR ELSE' IS - TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you skipped biology :( no classes with edward? but she'll meet him somehow im''ve got a plan. i look forward to reading more! this is good. you should definitely continue :)


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