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What if Bella was scared to belive in love? (YOU WILL LOVE THIS)

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What if Bella was scared to believe in love?
By: Rose
All of the characters belong to SM.
It all started the first day of a school.
My new life begin.
I was Bella Goldfire.
And this is my story of love, hate, chose, and believing in yourself.

“Bella get up, NOW!” I heard my Aunt yell.
“Ugh, 10 more minutes.” I yelled back.
“No no more 10 more minutes. Now!” she yelled.
“Ugh, Fine,” I yelled down stairs.
I put my feet on to the cold floor.
My eyes were still sleepy but I could see the digital clock.
It was a bright blue color.
5:14 a.m.
God why?
Oh course I get no answer to my question.
My mother use to say that the reason we do not get an answer is because we have to find out for ourselves.
I missed my mother.
She died when I was young only 12.
It was a long story.
My whole family died except for my aunt who was on her way out, and my little sister who was going to outlive me.
When this happened I was a mess.
I was a mess.
I cared about them too much and when the where gone it nearly killed me.
After that day I vowed to take care of my little sister and Aunt.
Those would be the only two people I would care about.
As I remembered about this I got my answer to my question.
I had to get up to get my Aunt and Sister ready for the day.
I got up and took a shower.
It was the first day of school for me and my little sister.
We where homed schooled by my Aunt for a fue years, but now I wanted my sister to be with other kids.
And she would not go to public school unless I went to.
She wanted me to be with other people too.
I love her for that but she did not understand why I did not want to be with other people.
I was scared to find someone who I would care about because I knew that they would leave me once they saw that I was a nothing.
I blamed most of my family’s deaths on myself.
I got out of the shower and got dressed in a blue blouse and jeans.
I looked in the mirror and saw a pretty girl.
But my mind changed once I knew what this girl did.
Killed her own family.
I was a monster.
I grabbed my book bag and hoped to god that we would not get much homework this school years.
I had to work 7 days a week.
2-6 p.m. on week days and 11:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekends.
I was the only one who worked in the house and the rest of the money came from the retirement money my Aunt gets every month.
My Aunt is in a wheel chair because of a car accident that me, my sister and she got in last year.
I still have a huge cut where the window glass cut me on my neck, arm and chest by my voice box.
I got these by trying to cover up my sister from the flying glass.
Thank the lord that she did not have and scares to remind her of that day.
I hid mine very well with long sleeve shirts and shirts that don’t show any cleavlege.
And my long hair covered my scare on my neck.
I walked slowly to my sister’s bed room door.
On the door was written the name ROSEMARY on the door.
It was in pretty pink paint.
It was in script.
I did that.
I was really a great drawer.
I did her whole room.
It had princes and princesses in love.
By her book shelf was sayings for the bible.
My favorite was ‘But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.’ Genesis 2:17.
I don’t know why I love it so much but I do.
I opened the door to see my little angel Sister Rosemary.
She was so beautiful.
She slept so peaceful.
Unlike me I had nightmares every night.
I walked over to her closet.
Over the top of the of the closet it said ‘Believe in Love.’
I remember she wanted me to write that there for some reason she never told me.
I would never ask her to tell me anything she did not want to tell me.
She is so special.
She has feelings of how to set things right.
She could make people happy by fixing their lives.
I said once to me “I can’t wait until I can make you happy again.”
This confused me because she said that she cannot do it yet.
I asked her why once and she said, “I don’t have the people I need.”
After that she told me to write this for her.
I shook my head to myself.
I was mad if I thought I would ever be happy or anything close to it.
I grabbed a cute pink shirt and a cute light pink skirt.
Pink looked great on her with her short blond hair.
I put this out and went to wake her up.
I turned to look at her and she was sitting up on her bed smiling at me.
God she always says that she knows where I am.
“Good morning Bells,” she said.
“Hay Rosie, let me guess. You sensed me n your room.” I said.
Her smile got bigger.
“Yep,” she said.
She jumped out of bed and ran into my arms.
I picked her up and held her to my side close.
“Are you ready for your first day of school?” I asked.
”Yep, Are you?” she asked.
I laughed at her.
“This is just another day for me.” I told her.
I put her down and she ran to get her clothes.
“It is not just another, it is the day that I can start to help you.” She said.
With a smile she ran out the room.

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All right I know some of you may not like it but plz comment!
More will be up it I get comments!
Thanks! I will write more!
this is great Rose i HOPE yu write more but if you don't I could make you *evil smile
No don't worry about it I will!
Dose anyone like the banner?
i love it!
and i <3 the banner
can u read my story "Is It Better Or Worse?" ?
Ya thanks it is really supportive.
love it!!!!!!!
please write soon!!!
sound different i like it!!!
great story
write more soon
I will thanks!


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