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Okay everyone I need peoples opinion on a story idea so everyone tell me your opinions. I can handle it. I already have my tissues with me. :) Things you should know
*All the twilight characters are human
*Edward will not always be with Bella
*All the characters belong to SM except for maybe a couple that I add to the story
*Emmett and Alice are Bella's siblings
*Jacob is in this story who is Emmett's best friends who likes Bella
*This takes place in Forks

Tell me what you think. I can't really write so please tell me your opinion. I can take it.
Thank you to everyone who made me a banner.

Chapter 1
Bella POV

I was pretty sure I was dreaming for two reasons. Reason number one I looked younger and two it didn't look like I was in Forks anymore.

I was walking to my mom. I missed my mom. I haven't seen her in years. “Bella" my mother said.
All of a sudden I woke up to the sound of a bull horn.

“Wacky Wacky Bella," my idiot brother Emmett said.

I was so surprised I fell right on the floor head first.

"Emmett, I'm going to get you for this" I said.

Emmett ran out of my room as fast he could with me right behind him. He ran straight to Alice's room. I could of gotten him but being i tripped over my feet. Luckily Emmett caught me and dragged me to the bathroom where Alice was waiting for me.

"Hello Bella, I know you told me you don't want me to get you dressed but I saw the clothes that you laid out and I had to take immediate action so I got Emmett here to help," Alice said.

I wasn't surprised by this news at all but I will be in near danger of blushing on what Alice is going to have me wear.

"Now Emmett take her to the closet please," Alice said.

I hated my sister and brother very dearly. Don't get me wrong I love them but when it comes to Alice and clothes she can be . . . well lets put it this way crazy isn't really the word it's more like psycho, but she means well. My brother on the other hand is the strongest most embarrassing person you will know.

"Okay lets get started if we are going to get you ready for you asking out Edward Cullen," she said.

Ahh Edward Cullen. I had this huge crush on him since Kindergarten. I couldn't find my crayons anywhere and Edward shared his crayons with me. He was such a gentlemen.

"Now lets do this, Alice said while putting on her fashion face while putting on the song poker face by Lady GaGa.

I have lived in this beautiful town for a lot of years ever since I was born. My mother had died for a tragic car accident when I was 10..
Since my dad is a very good doctor we happen to be rich. But I don't really make the most of it like my brother and sister do.

Alice finally comes out of her closet with a white tank top with a blue vest with a leather mini skirt with 5 inch stilettos.

“Are you kidding me, these shoes are like death traps," I said. "

Come on you look great you can't just not wear the shoes, and if you do fall Alex, Angela, Miranda, and me and maybe Jessica will be there to catch you," she said.

I knew Alice was telling the truth so I started to cave.

"Fine I will were the shoes but not because I want to only for you,” I said. "

"YAY!" Alice said while jumping up and down.

"Come on girls lets get going," Emmett screamed.

I quickly went to my room careful not to trip. I had to get several things first my phone, my bag and then my keys. It's my day to drive my car. My beautiful black, Ferrari.

I go to the garage to see Emmett and Alice waiting for me. We get in the car to get to school. Once I park we get out. Emmett runs to buddies from the football team who are is buff as he is. Then we see Angela, Alex, and Miranda.

They ran to me and Alice and started giving us big hugs.

"Wow Bella you look great." Alex said.

Alex was dressed in a pink tank top with a black jacket and black skirt with pink leggings and and black ballet flats which made her look smaller than everyone else but still looked cute.

"Thanks," Alice said giving a little bow.

Miranda started laughing. Miranda is the tallest of all of our friends. She is always simple and wears the coolest shirts that are always in black.

"So how are you guys? Angela asks. "Fine," we all said at the same time.

It made us start laughing.

Alice and Alex stopped laughing and their faces turned into shock. We all stopped laughing and tried to see what Alice and Alex. We saw Edward kissing someone. But who? I was heartbroken it felt like someone took a knife and stabbed me.

Seeing the sight of Edward kissing someone else was horrible but he wasn't mine so I can't really be upset but I was. When Edward and the mystery girl stopped kissing I could finally see her face and to my surprise it was Jessica Stanley.



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MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U HAV 2 WRITE MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I TOTALLY LOVE UR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WRITE MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OR ELSE.....................................
please mama may i have some more?
you can't stop there, keep going. Okay take your time, but plz dont make us wait as long as last time.
Hey Guys,

I need help. I'm not sure whose pov i should put chapter 4 in. Oh and what should Alice and Alex do to Jessica? I need help. The sooner I get your suggestions the faster i can right chapter 4. Thank you!

♥ Sidney ♥
yeah i love your story and i think they should hurt jessica somehow that would be very funny!
Okay. I'm finally writing because you guys are giving really good threats that I'm getting REALLY scared. LOL Well heres chapter 4. In edward pov. Also i might write chapter 5 tonight or tomorrow. Thanks.

Chapter 5
Edward POV

"C'mon Edward lets go tell my friends that we are dating," Jessica said. "Okay," I said. She took my hand and dragged me to where Bella, Angela, Miranda, Alex, and Alice were.

"Hey guys whats up," Jessica said. "Hey," Alice and Alex said in a irrated tone. "Hi," Bella said in a upset way. "Hi Bella," I said while giving her a crooked smile. Bella gave me a nod and that was it. I was burning with curiosity.

"Well we better get to class," Miranda said. Then they all left. "Well that was weird," said Jessica. "Yea it was, is it me or did Bella seem upset?" I said. " I don't know and I don't care," Jessica said.

The bell rings. "Well I better go bye babe," Jessica said. She tried to give me a kiss on the lips but i turned my head and she got my cheek instead. "Bye," I said. I started thinking about Bella. I was mostly wondering why Bella was upset. But then I asked myself "Why do i care."

Yea Bella is pretty and has eyes that remind me of chocolate, but do I even like her? As I was walking by the football team one of them say "Dude did you see Bella Swan today?" "I know she looks hot today," another football player said. "Guys stop talking about my sister," Emmett said. "We can't help it if she's hot," Jacob said.

When those football players were talking about Bella I wanted to hit them. She's more than just hot she's gorgeous. Wait!!! Did i just think that Bella is more than hot. Maybe I do have feelings for her.
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was great!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh my god!! i loved it. keep writing
love it
when i said here is chapter 4 it is chapter 5 and i might chapter 6 tonight or tomorrow
as long as you post soon this story is great!
keep writing


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