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This is a story that I think about, what if Renne knew Bella had a daughter? What would she say? **Disclamer**These characters are from Stephenie Meyer's saga: Tilight Saga**
This is my first fan-fic, there are probally spelling errors and grammar errors, please disregard. And please comment.:) Thanks Jennifer W-B
So here it is the first part of chapter one:

What if Renee knew about Nessie?
I have always wondered what Renee would say if she knew she had a granddaughter. I still couldn’t believe that Reneeseme was 6 years old and looked around 18. It doesn’t seem like Edward and I have been married for six wonderful, love filled, fast moving years. I wonder how he felt.
That’s when my thoughts of Renee and her longing for grandchildren got interrupted. Edward came in the room. Even after knowing him and being with him for eight years, six of them as a vampire, he still had the power to take my breath away, that’s if I had any to take away.
“Good morning, my Love, Bella. How are you today?”
“I’m perfect, with you here, Edward.”
“That’s great, thirsty, would you like to hunting for a little bit, before Charlie comes over for his weekly visit?”
“That sounds perfect. I bet I’ll get a…”
“Bella you’re going to catch an elk.” Alice interrupted.
“I’m going to have an elk. What are you going to have?”
“I will have, Alice a little help please.” Without so much as a pause, “I will have a bear.” I knew Alice had ‘thought’ to Edward what he was going to have.
“On your marks, get set, GO!” Emmett yelled from the living room. We were on our way. We loved having a game of it. And Emmett being the person, or vampire, he is likes to push us to the starting line. With in 30 seconds we were at the forest starting to hunt. And I saw Edward, ahead of me, with a bear. That’s when I saw my elk, go to it sunk my teeth into him and had him for lunch.
Edward came back to me and asked, “How was your lunch?”
We made our way back to the house so Alice could drag us off to the cottage where our new wardrobe would be waiting for us. Every week she would buy new clothes for the family, everyone, including Jacob, because he was living with us now, in the cottage we had built him a separate room that was with in hearing distance and smelling distance, which could have been far away, especially for parents who didn’t sleep, had excellent hearing and sight. So his room was to the west of the cottage and Nessie’s was to the east of the cottage.
“Your late, Charlie will be here in 3 hours and I have to get you guys ready? Goodness what will it take, for you guys to hunting earlier then at 2 in the afternoon? Lets go!” Alice said as she was herding us toward our cottage.
“Alice, don’t worry we have enough time, Bella and I will share a shower and we will meet you in half an hour back here so go back to the house and get everyone else ready, then meet us back here.” Edward said as he kissed my hand, that he was holding.
“Okay, half an hour, not 31 minutes, you’ll bet that I will be here in half an hour.”
“Okay, see you soon.” Edward and I said together.
We got into the shower and washed. Then as anyone could have guessed within half an hour she was back here and waiting for us. We were in our white bath robes that Edward so kindly bought, when he and I realized that we had a personal shopper and stylist in the house, so it was easy to wait for her to do her job as we both covered.
“Here Bella, this dress is for you. And Edward, this suit is yours.” Mine was a beautiful blue and white eye-lit pattern dress, with spaghetti straps, the hem just stopped short of my knees. My shoes were comfortable white ballet flats, which I had no problem with because God knows I hated high heels. Everything Alice picked out for me had Edward’s favorite colour on me, blue. The one thing she let me keep, well unhidden from her, was the blue blouse I wore on our ‘first’ date when Edward saved me from the crazy frat boys in Port Angles, so many years ago. Edward’s, suit was casual, a tan t-shirt, probably made of some weird material that I never heard of, or a label that you needed a PhD in fashion to understand. His pants were a dark jean, which I loved on him. He got a James Dean kind of way about him. He of course got to wear his own shoes, black Converse.
I opened my shield so Edward could hear my thoughts ‘You look so handsome.’
“Well you look beautiful, tonight my Love.”

Knowing Alice, she was already at Charlie’s getting him ready for dinner. He was no longer in hiding from the fashion police he was out in the open and not even getting noticed because of Alice’s help.

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