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This is a story that I think about, what if Renne knew Bella had a daughter? What would she say? **Disclamer**These characters are from Stephenie Meyer's saga: Tilight Saga**
This is my first fan-fic, there are probally spelling errors and grammar errors, please disregard. And please comment.:) Thanks Jennifer W-B
So here it is the first part of chapter one:

What if Renee knew about Nessie?
I have always wondered what Renee would say if she knew she had a granddaughter. I still couldn’t believe that Reneeseme was 6 years old and looked around 18. It doesn’t seem like Edward and I have been married for six wonderful, love filled, fast moving years. I wonder how he felt.
That’s when my thoughts of Renee and her longing for grandchildren got interrupted. Edward came in the room. Even after knowing him and being with him for eight years, six of them as a vampire, he still had the power to take my breath away, that’s if I had any to take away.
“Good morning, my Love, Bella. How are you today?”
“I’m perfect, with you here, Edward.”
“That’s great, thirsty, would you like to hunting for a little bit, before Charlie comes over for his weekly visit?”
“That sounds perfect. I bet I’ll get a…”
“Bella you’re going to catch an elk.” Alice interrupted.
“I’m going to have an elk. What are you going to have?”
“I will have, Alice a little help please.” Without so much as a pause, “I will have a bear.” I knew Alice had ‘thought’ to Edward what he was going to have.
“On your marks, get set, GO!” Emmett yelled from the living room. We were on our way. We loved having a game of it. And Emmett being the person, or vampire, he is likes to push us to the starting line. With in 30 seconds we were at the forest starting to hunt. And I saw Edward, ahead of me, with a bear. That’s when I saw my elk, go to it sunk my teeth into him and had him for lunch.
Edward came back to me and asked, “How was your lunch?”
We made our way back to the house so Alice could drag us off to the cottage where our new wardrobe would be waiting for us. Every week she would buy new clothes for the family, everyone, including Jacob, because he was living with us now, in the cottage we had built him a separate room that was with in hearing distance and smelling distance, which could have been far away, especially for parents who didn’t sleep, had excellent hearing and sight. So his room was to the west of the cottage and Nessie’s was to the east of the cottage.
“Your late, Charlie will be here in 3 hours and I have to get you guys ready? Goodness what will it take, for you guys to hunting earlier then at 2 in the afternoon? Lets go!” Alice said as she was herding us toward our cottage.
“Alice, don’t worry we have enough time, Bella and I will share a shower and we will meet you in half an hour back here so go back to the house and get everyone else ready, then meet us back here.” Edward said as he kissed my hand, that he was holding.
“Okay, half an hour, not 31 minutes, you’ll bet that I will be here in half an hour.”
“Okay, see you soon.” Edward and I said together.
We got into the shower and washed. Then as anyone could have guessed within half an hour she was back here and waiting for us. We were in our white bath robes that Edward so kindly bought, when he and I realized that we had a personal shopper and stylist in the house, so it was easy to wait for her to do her job as we both covered.
“Here Bella, this dress is for you. And Edward, this suit is yours.” Mine was a beautiful blue and white eye-lit pattern dress, with spaghetti straps, the hem just stopped short of my knees. My shoes were comfortable white ballet flats, which I had no problem with because God knows I hated high heels. Everything Alice picked out for me had Edward’s favorite colour on me, blue. The one thing she let me keep, well unhidden from her, was the blue blouse I wore on our ‘first’ date when Edward saved me from the crazy frat boys in Port Angles, so many years ago. Edward’s, suit was casual, a tan t-shirt, probably made of some weird material that I never heard of, or a label that you needed a PhD in fashion to understand. His pants were a dark jean, which I loved on him. He got a James Dean kind of way about him. He of course got to wear his own shoes, black Converse.
I opened my shield so Edward could hear my thoughts ‘You look so handsome.’
“Well you look beautiful, tonight my Love.”

Knowing Alice, she was already at Charlie’s getting him ready for dinner. He was no longer in hiding from the fashion police he was out in the open and not even getting noticed because of Alice’s help.

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this is good keep writing
thanks:) I will have more probally on wendsday, i am not home tommrow:)
i like the idea e-mail me when the next chapter is up!!! please!!!!
Good, good, good. I can't wait 'til Wednesday.
please more!!
The dinner:
At 5 pm we heard the cruiser come up the path way. I was ready at the door when Charlie would come in and have “dinner” with us. This was a weekly occurrence now. And it has been for the last 6 years. Charlie did not want us moving away from Forks until he got used to the fact that his granddaughter was, well in his mind odd, because she looked 18. So we promised him that for 8 years we will stay here in Forks and we will have weekly visits. That just happened to be on Sunday’s I have no idea how that came about but I was sure that Charlie didn’t want to miss out on his weekends of fishing. And I guess that this was his religion, fishing and dinner at The Cullen’s.
Sundleny I looked over at my family and saw Alice staring off into space and I asked her, “Alice what’s wrong? What are you seeing?”
“Charlie has something he wants to tell us, what I don’t know, but he hasn’t made up his mind yet. It keeps on switching back and forth.” We all looked around at each other and wondering what was happening when we heard, knock, knock, knock. We looked up and I glided to the door.
“Hi, dad. How are you, catch any fish?”
“Great Bells. Not really, my mind was preoccupied this weekend.”
“Really, what about?” I opened my shield to Edward and asked “what is he thinking?” Edward shook his head and told me that there was nothing but should I or shouldn’t I.
“Esme it smells great what are we having?”
“I made lasagne and there is tons of leftovers , I made extra for you to take home.”
“Thank you Esme. I don’t know why people always compiln about their family-in-laws. Cause mine is great. By the way where is my granddaughter?”
Just then we all looked up at the stairs and there hand-in-hand was Jacob and my daughter Reneesme.
“Grandpa Charlie!” she ran down the stairs, both Edward and I gave her the look ‘not in front of the human.’
“How are you doing kiddo? See your still hanging out with Jake, eh?”
“Yes I am, Grandpa Charlie. And don’t worry he treats me like a princess.” Charlie was still on the need-to-know basis, so he didn’t even want to know what was going on between the two of them nad for that fact neither was I all I wanted to know was that the two of them were kept a safe distance from each other.
“Now that everyone is here why don’t we sit down at the table?”
“Sounds great, or should I say smells great Esme?”
“How’s work dad, busy?”
“Not too bad Bells. I still make a living off the no crime here in Forks. Knock on wood.”
“That’s good, any thing else new?”
“Well now that you mentioned it, your mom called me and asked me a few things.”
I glanced over at Edward who looked at me then our daughter then back over to Charlie.
“Like what Ch—dad?”
“Can you pass me the cheese please?” Jake asked, my guess is because he felt the tension, he was starting to shake.
“Sure buddy.” Emmett chuckled and through the cheese in Jacob’s direction.
“Um, you see she is pretty upset that I see you every weekend and she gets a phone call from you once a week. And Bella, is there a reason why you have not told your own mother that you have a daughter? I can’t keep this a secret for much longer.”
“Well Charlie,” Edward answered. “We don’t know how Renee will take it. I mean she didn’t outright HATE the idea of Bella and I getting married so young but what would she say that we have a six year old daughter that looks her mom’s age?”
“Well I haven’t thought of that. But that being said I think that you should go down to Florida with Nessie or have Renee come up here. Your choice but if you don’t tell her soon, I will personally drive down to Renee’s house and tell her that she is a grandmother and that Phil is a step-grandfather. That feels good to get off my chest. Jasper can you pass me the lasagne please? Thanks.”
I was so dumbfounded after Charlie’s little speech that I had no idea what I was going to do all I felt and heard was a hiss coming out of my mouth, Edward knew that was coming as I had my shield down the whole time. He tapped me on the leg to sooth me but that didn’t help, I had no idea what to think.
By the time dinner and our little spat was finished it was 9 pm and Charlie had to get home, Edward, Reneesme, and myself walked him to the door. He gave both Reneesme and me a hug and a kiss and Edward a ‘man-shake-hug’ thing.
“Bye dad see you next week.”
“Bye Bells, Nessie and Edward.”
“Bye Charlie. You want to heat up the lasagne in the oven and not the microwave for 20 minutes from frozen at 350⁰F and you’ll be good to go.” Esme said.
“Thanks again. It was great.”
After what seemed like an eternity of thank you’s, good byes and hugs he finally left for us to deal with the present situation.
“Edward, what are we going to do? How will she take it?”
“We’ll find that out in time, why don’t we bring Nessie over to the cottage and then we can take a walk up to our medow?”
“Sounds great. Nessie, were leaving come on now lets go home.” I refused to use Reneesme’s nic-name in public because I didn’t want it sticking but it was stuck and there’s nothing I could do about it.
here's the next chapter, I hope to have some more on Friday (crossing my fingers) hope u like it TTYL
OMG!!!! Its really good! wrie more soon!!!!!
Amazing Jennifer W-B Come On!!!
The Meadow: Chapter 3:
It was an amazing clear night in Forks, perfect for star gazing. So after we put Nessie to bed Edward and I grabbed a blanket and started to walk, human speed, to our meadow. I still remember it like it was yesterday when Edward showed me his beautiful diamond skin all those years ago. He looks so much more handsome now that I’m a vampire because my sight is so heightened. He still has the ability to take my breath away, especially in the moon light. It was a full moon and it was so clear that the light reflected off of us and making us into each other’s personal jewels. I couldn’t restrain myself I opened my shield and said “I am going to kiss you.”
“Oh, love you did not have to let me read your mind for me to know that because I was going to kiss you.”
“Then where are you li-“ Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. “-ps”
“Right where they should be. On yours.”
“Edward, Im worried. How will Renee will take the news. She knows more things than Charlie. Im surprised she hasn’t come up here to see us yet it has been six years. What will she say when she notices that none of us age at all. Not even Nessie, well now anyways.”
“Bella, love of my life the reason for my exsitance, don’t worry I think we have time before Charlie comes through with his threat, even if he goes through with it. Right now all I want to do is stare at you for the whole night.”
He kissed me again and then the next thing I knew we were on the blanket making love.
“Edward we have to go home it’s time to wake up Nessie for school today. We’ve been out here all night. But it was a great night.”
“Yes it was.”
“So, what are we going to do about your mother, Bella?” Emmett asked.
“To be honest I don’t have a clue. That’s why we are having a family meeting while Nessie is at school so we don’t have a hope of her hearing or waking up.”
“Alice do you see anything?” Edward asked.
“Nothing yet, I have to wait until one of us makes a decision, but until then we could go shopping Bella, if we might be going to Florida we need something to wear that is light enough but will cover all over.”
I just rolled my eyes only Alice would think of shopping at a time like this.
“I think she’s right Bella, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some new hot weather, long sleeved clothes. I think I’m due myself.” Rosalie interrupted.
“Fine we will go shopping, Edward would you li-“
“No. Boys. Allowed!” Alice yelled. “This should be just us girls and they can go do something they enjoy whatever that is. Oh and by the way its going to be perfect baseball weather tonight who’s in?”
“Me.” I answered.
“I am” Edward answered
“Sure” Esme answered
“I’ll beat everyone to a pulp.” Emmett answered
“If he’s in I’m in.” Rosalie answered point to her husband.
“I’ll try and make it I have a late shift at the hospital.” Carlisle answered.

I know its short but thats okay I should have more tommrow, my ideas are flying fast but I just have to find time to type it....thanks for the comments it makes my day when i have had a hard day with my class:) hope u like it and please comment:)
Wow really good chapter! but take your time don't rush i can wait
really really really good!!!!! WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a little diffrent as its not in Bellas POV and in Nessie's but I felt it improtant that you here what she is thinking hope you like it ans as always commet please:) There is a little but of French in here but the English translation is in brakets I hope it correct I have not been in frnch class for 5 years so ya. and the french teacher's name is Billingham (one of my last names) not Birmingham the person who played Billy in the have a great Easter weekend,
Ahhh! I hate my life: Chapter 4
Nessie POV
I love my family. But sometimes I feel that I am a burden to them. My mom has not been able to see her mom for six years because of me. I feel so bad. I’m glad that Uncle Jasper isn’t here or else he would let my dad know how I’m feeling and I don’t want them knowing how I am doing.
I couldn’t believe what Grandpa Charlie had told my mom. I was totally dumbfounded. I was glad that My Jake was sitting next to me he put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer when my dad looked at me.
I walked out of my room knowing that my parents went out to their meadow to think. I sat down in the small living room on one of the antique looking sofas, when I heard Jake come in.
“Jake, what can I do? I feel so bad this is all my fault.” I started to cry.
“Reneesme,” He never used my full name unless it was something I was meant to really listen to. “It’s not your fault, Bella knew what she was doing, before, and she had you. Don’t EVER say that you a are at fault and I know you, you are just like Bella, you are not a burden to anyone especially me.” Then he kissed me on my forehead.
I knew that I was his imprint, but I am six years old, but look 18 so we kept our relationship on best friend terms for now, my parents had us sleeping at different wings of the cottage, but my dad knew that we would not do anything until I was older, like get married and have kids.
“Jake, how can you be so sure that the rest of my family doesn’t see me as a burden. Like I just popped into their life without so much as a warning and now my own mother can’t talk to her mother. It feels like I’m missing part of my family.”
“Nessie, I understand how you are feeling. But I don’t want you doing anything stupid. You need to understand that this is your mother’s problem and not yours.”
“But Jake I’m part of the’s my fault that this is happening.”
“Nessie, what did I just finish telling you? This is not your problem and it’s not your fault. Let’s go to bed, I’ll walk you to your room.”
“Fine. But I-“
“STOP, beating yourself up. Get some sleep, remember that I love you.”
“I love you to Jacob.”
I crawled in to bed, still crying. I was a little calmer now that Jake and I talked but I was still upset over this. I had to find a way to fix this so my mother could have a mother and not just Grandma Esme. The next thing I knew was my mother was over me. “Nessie, sweetheart time to get up for school.”
“Ugh, I don’t want to I’m not feeling very well.”
“What’s wrong let me go get Carlisle.”
“Never mind I just don’t want to go to school. But I will go. I’ll see you later.”
I got dressed and headed out the door and headed to Jakes car, a Mazda RX-8 (
When we got to Forks High School, Jake and I went our separate ways I went to French, and Jake went to math.
“Bonjour, Mme. Ça va ?” I asked my teacher, Mme. Billingham (Hi, Mrs. How are you)
“Bein, merci. Et tu? (Good, thanks and you)
“Comme se comme sa.” (Alright)
“pouequoi?” (Why)
“J'ai beaucoup sur mon esprit.” (I have a lot on my mind)
All we did was verbs, I really hated this, all of us knew what it was. I couldn’t wait for the class to be over, this was the only class Jake and I didn’t have. I took math in the summer so I didn’t have to take it now and Jake already had his foreign language so he didn’t have to take it.
When I left the class Jake was standing there waiting for me we went to: English, lunch, History then the last class of the day was gym.
Once the day was over my mother, my grandmother and my aunts weren’t home.
“Hello, anyone here?”
“Yes Nessie were here.” My dad answered.
“Where are mom, Aunt Alice, Aunt Rosalie and Grandma Esme?”
“They went out shopping for a few hours in Seattle. They said they needed some new things, and they will bring you something back.”
“I have a lot of home work, tonight so Im going over to the cottage to do it. Bye everyone.” When I was leaving Uncle Jasper told me to calm down and this problem will get solved and to stop worrying. Ya right this wont get better unless I fix it. So I went home turned up my music and sat and thought about what I should do now, in truth I had no homework, I already fished it all but I wanted some alone time to think and this is the best way when your dad can read your mind, I blast my music and think of 100 things at once.


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