The Twilight Saga

preface: the setting is before twilight. the cullen family is in their house in forks and carlisle is in his office thinking about his vampire brother carlton.

Chapter 1

(carlisle's POV)

i havent seen my brother in a little over 9 months i hope everthing is ok. maybe i should ask aliice to look for his future. no, no what good would that do. should i call him? no, no he'll never answer the phone. calm down carlisle calm down. everthing is ok he's always fine. im worring for nothing. i still should go ask alice to see what he may be doing. i get up from my dest and walk into the living room with alice.

"alice may i ask you something?"

"yes carlisle you can ask me to look for your brothers future"

she smiled up at me and then she had a bland look on her face. i knew she was looking for his future and i was so jumppy.all i want is for my little brother to be ok. then alice smiled up at me.

"is he ok?"

"he's fine but i should warn you he's on his way here with a baby."

"thank you alice"

i went back up to my office happy and confused.i am so happy he's ok but why would he have a baby with him. then i herd the door bell. i looked at the clock to see that 3 hours had gone by. i ran down stair and embraced my brother in a hug. that when i saw the most beautiful baby.

"this is my little girl" said carlton

i had many thoughts going through my head, and when rose herd baby she was at the door next to me.

"carlisle i need you to keep her, i cant raise a baby. her mother died and i cant have a reminder of her, please carlisle take her."

he held out the baby for me to take. rose took her  and begane to tell carlton how the rest of the family was huntin and how i'd have to ask them. rose begged me to let her stay and reminded me about how esme wants a baby to. i said yes and as soon as i did carlton was out of the door. i took the baby from rose and asked what we should name her.

(3 hours later)

the rest of my family walked thru the door and alice rose and i met them there. we walked in to the living room and thats when esme saw the baby she was sleepin and she looked so beautiful. esme smiled and said who is this? i picked up the baby and begane to speak.

"this is the newest memember of the family Bella"


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ohh interesting!! post more soon!!!

thx...i will


post more soon
Sounds really good post more soon please!
i love it... please keep going... i cant wait to see where this is going... please keep me updated and please updates soon!!
Love it!!!
i love it update me soon plz

(Rose's POV)

 bella is so cute im so glad i have a baby now. well she's not really for me but she's a great baby and she apart of our family so i guess she's mi baby.i was pulled out of my thoughts by crying.i walked into bells room and everyone was in the room checking on her but wasnt that weird, but the weird think was edward helped esme and alice put bella's room together. he said he new what she wanted. i walked over to her crib and picked her up. as soon as i did she stopped crying.she was sying i little so i asked her what she wanted. then she started to cry really hard. edward walked by the room and said the was hungry. i didnt no if he was rite so i went to make her a bottle. when i looked for her baby food it seemed like we were out so i told everyone i was going to get her more food. when i did alice ran down the stairs." give her to me i'll watch her while you gone. i could see everyone at the top of the steeps waiting to get her. the family tried not to show it but i knew they all loved her as much as i do. i told alice that i was goin to take bella to the store with me so they all backed down.

(1 hour later)

oh my god, oh my god. i have to get home. i will be at the house in 2 minutes 5.2 seconds. i counted the seconds. i looked in the back seat to see bella sleeping. she was happy now but i could no longer see her as the cute baby she was.when i pulled up at the house i called everyone and i told them to met me in the living room. i took bella out of the car trying not to hold her to close to my face, then i went into the house.

"rose what's going on" asked emmett

"hey give me the baby" i held bella out to alice "here take it away" alice looked at me weird and then she started to speek "why are you calling our sweet sister a it.?" i told everyone to sit and they did

"everyone about 30 mins ago bella turned into a wolf a the store. she reached for something and i said no. when i did she got really mad and started crying. then i got mad and started to scream at her thats when she turned into a wolf. no one saw but i think that you should now we have a wolf in the family." edward rolled his eyes at me and said no one ever listens to him.

"what r u talkin about edward"

"i told you i talk to bella, well not really talk. she can read minds and so can i so we mentally talk.she told me she was a wolf last night. well she's only half wolf. the other half in vampire. thats y she hasn't been eating lately she wants some blood."

when edward was done talking everyone looked at bella. i was the only one that looked at her differently. everyone else still thought she was cute, but i no she's a monster.

great update.  can't wait to read more.
lol rosalie.. get over it! post more soon!!

this sounds so good!

please continue on updating me 

thx everyone i'll keep u all updated im so glad u liked it


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