The Twilight Saga

preface: the setting is before twilight. the cullen family is in their house in forks and carlisle is in his office thinking about his vampire brother carlton.

Chapter 1

(carlisle's POV)

i havent seen my brother in a little over 9 months i hope everthing is ok. maybe i should ask aliice to look for his future. no, no what good would that do. should i call him? no, no he'll never answer the phone. calm down carlisle calm down. everthing is ok he's always fine. im worring for nothing. i still should go ask alice to see what he may be doing. i get up from my dest and walk into the living room with alice.

"alice may i ask you something?"

"yes carlisle you can ask me to look for your brothers future"

she smiled up at me and then she had a bland look on her face. i knew she was looking for his future and i was so jumppy.all i want is for my little brother to be ok. then alice smiled up at me.

"is he ok?"

"he's fine but i should warn you he's on his way here with a baby."

"thank you alice"

i went back up to my office happy and confused.i am so happy he's ok but why would he have a baby with him. then i herd the door bell. i looked at the clock to see that 3 hours had gone by. i ran down stair and embraced my brother in a hug. that when i saw the most beautiful baby.

"this is my little girl" said carlton

i had many thoughts going through my head, and when rose herd baby she was at the door next to me.

"carlisle i need you to keep her, i cant raise a baby. her mother died and i cant have a reminder of her, please carlisle take her."

he held out the baby for me to take. rose took her  and begane to tell carlton how the rest of the family was huntin and how i'd have to ask them. rose begged me to let her stay and reminded me about how esme wants a baby to. i said yes and as soon as i did carlton was out of the door. i took the baby from rose and asked what we should name her.

(3 hours later)

the rest of my family walked thru the door and alice rose and i met them there. we walked in to the living room and thats when esme saw the baby she was sleepin and she looked so beautiful. esme smiled and said who is this? i picked up the baby and begane to speak.

"this is the newest memember of the family Bella"


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plz post more
oh please please update !

(Edward POV)

  it's been 9 months since rose found out about bella. when we first got bella rose was so happy now she has only been around bella if she had to. bella was such a happy baby. she was always smiling and she has started walking. carlisle was so surprised, but i wasn't. bella had told me that was trying put couldnt. she asked me for mi help but i told her that she could do it with out the help from me. when she did everyone was so happy, but not rose. i had not idea what was goin on with her. bella was still a cute baby, and if she kept up what she was doin she would never be apart of bella's life.then i herd bella mentally calle me

"yes bella" i said out loud. she put her arms out and i picked her up. i herd her thoughts so i took her upstairs. while we were walkin alice walked by and tried to take bella out of mi that moment i realized i could kill alice. when alice walked away i put bella down and the hate i just had for mi faviorte sister went away. when i looked up bella was in rose's room.i followed her in then picked her up to take her to mi room but she begain to cry. i put her back down and she walked over to rose. rose had i horrible look on he rface and then rose started smiling. she picked up bella and kissed her. rose asked me to leave and i walked out of the room, i would still be listening i told bella. she smiled and looked at rose

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edward (pov)

bella and rose have been really close latly. i dont know wat came over rose or what even came over bella. bella knows how rose can be when it comes to werewolfs. i really just dont wat rose to get mad and try yo hurt bella, because from the powers i know bella has so strong powers that could really hurt rose.

bella (pov)
i knew what was going on with rose i couldnt tell edward or any of the family. im almost 1. rose has missed most of this first year with me and now she wants to be apart of my life. she was planning to get me out of their family. she was doin very well because alice couldnt see it, but because my power is more advanced than alice's i can see what she is planning. she dosn't no i no and right before she can do anything im going to get her before she gets me

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I love it! Please keep going. Please update soon!!!



<3 Alice Cullen <3


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