The Twilight Saga

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Summary; What happens when things take a different turn? What would happen if Bella didn't move to Forks that day? Would paths still cross? What if Bella and Edward didn't meet at all?
What would happen?

This is a repost of my story, and once again I would like you to think about one thing: My mother language isn't English so I'm sure I've got a bunch of errors. I've put chapter comments from readers here and they're from an old discussion, just so you know and not get confused by it. Please, I hope you still read my story and like it!


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Preface : I couldn't believe this was happening. Everything seemed to finally be okay. And now this. I could have said : Why me?
But then I look back at everything that's happened and I can't say what my emotions is.
Hurt, pain, happiness, joy. Nearly every emotion you could think of.
Neither can I say that I want to trade this with something because I don't.
But why? Why now, why ever?

Chapter 1 - Vision

This was one of the times I wished I could sleep. School.
It was time for my biology-lesson and we should identify some object glass with root shot then separate them into groups or something.
Meanwhile I thought...
What if I should ask Carlisle to go on a vacation all by my self? Maybe to Alaska and visit Tanya and her coven? It was a long time until next school break...
I would have to take a break from school. Not that I would fall behind or anything I thought dryly.
I was the one that got ready with the task first of course. Mr Banner already knew this of course. It's no idea to check Edwards answers. It's always perfect even in the little more harder tasks. He thought dryly. I smiled at that. I probably knew more than he did.

I walked through the hospital doors to Carlisle's office.


”Yes, Edward?” I wonder what he wants? He thought a little confused.

”I would prefer too going away for a little while.”

”Why? In the middle of the semester?” Now he really was confused.

”I need a little alone time. By myself.”

”Where are you planning on going?”

”I don't know. I guess I will check with Alice tonight.” I said with a chuckle.

”Alright, Edward. I have some work too do now. I see you at home.” I wonder what Alice will say about this. He thought a little sarcastic.

”See ya.”

When I drove the car to the garage I saw Alice on the porch. She was waiting for me.
Why do you have to leave?

”I want to. I need it.” I kept my answer simple.
Why? Can't you just stay here? We could go shopping together or something? You know how sad Esme will be if you leave!
She's going to be heartbroken! We all going to be!

”Ehm.. no thank you Alice and I know that they will be upset!” Then I added ”Any ideas where I might be going?” I tried to look into her head to see if she saw something but she kept on blocking me. Why?
Then she spoke;

”I don't really know. I thought it was obvious for you to go to Alaska but I don't see you going there. I'll have an answer until tonight, but wait a second. I have some blurred up pictures to show you.”
She showed me the pictures that she had seen but it was nothing special with them. Except for one. It was a girl with shoulder long brown hair, deep chocolate eyes, so deep that it almost felt as if I looked closely I could read her easily without hearing her thoughts. She had that eyes you could look into forever. She was pale. - Not vampire pale but natural pale. She smiled a sweet smile and then she blushed.
I couldn't take the image off of my head. Who was this girl? Why did Alice see her in her vision? A human that she never had met. Neither had the others or I.

”Who was that girl in your vision Alice?” I asked her confused.
I know that I'm not allowed to say something about your trip to anyone. That's all yours. But I have no idea about who that girl might be! I have already tried some possibilities but I don't know. You know that I must know the person a little before I could see his or hers future. So I have no idea! Because no one of us have never met her...Well, well you can go now. I'll have your answer until tonight. She said that last part with a sad smile on her lips. I just nodded my head in her direction and turned around and ran into the forest. I would have to hunt but the image of the girl was in my head all the time until I let my instincts take over.
Chapter 2 – The call

The sun shined. I sat on the porch up to the house and just enjoyed it. It was really hot here in Phoenix, Arizona and I enjoyed the sun completely.
But I wasn't tan. I was really pale and a klutz. I didn't do anything right on the gym and if I should be like the other girls I would have been very tan, care about my look, how I dressed or how many guys who was interested in me. But I wasn't any of that. I was just flat and boring.
I had just made my way home from school and was supposed to do my homework but I just wasn't able to do it. Not now anyways.

20 minutes later I decided that I have to go inside. My mother and Phil should be home in a while and it was my turn to cook. I loved to cook. I started with the homeworks ; trig, biology and the English homework. It wasn't that hard so I was done really fast. I decided that I would go and call Charlie.

“Hi dad”, I said when he picked up the phone on the third ring.

“Hi Bells!” He was always so happy when I called. I should do that more.

“How's it going dad?”

“Well, it's raining but otherwise it's really good up here.”

“Ugh, it's too bad that it's raining”, I said but it wasn't a surprise exactly, because it always did.

“Yeah. But how's school?”

“Yeah dad it's totally okay.” Me and Charlie always had a little problem to small talk but I liked to call him because he got
so happy when I did. And besides I liked to talk with him too.

“How's Forks then?” I asked.

“Well everything is fine here. Peaceful and nice. I came up with something a couple of days ago...Have you met the Cullen family sometime?”

“Who? No I haven't heard that last name ever before. Who are they? Did they just move to Forks or something?”

“No they moved here a couple of years ago. They lived in Alaska earlier. But anyways, they are really nice and they have five children. You know everyone is adopted and they are all in the same age! In your age,” He said that last bit with a matter of fact tone. “The parents are only 25-30 or something. When they first moved here I just thought that it would be a lots of trouble with that kids but no! They're not in any trouble at all. Never called them in or something like that. I think you really would like them if you met them someday.”
Wow that was like Charlie's longest speak I've ever heard. Why did he tell me this? He's probably trying to convince me to move to him instead of living with Phil and Renee. No kid is in trouble and I should probably be good friends with them.

“Wow...That's great dad. Strange that I haven't seen them”, I put in the end.

“Maybe Bells but you really should meet them!”

“Okay dad but I have to go. Mom and Phil will be home soon and it's my turn to cook.”

“Okay Bells take good care okay?”

“ too dad.”

While I was cooking I thought of the conversation with Charlie. I didn't know if I've ever heard about a family with five kids, everyone is adopted or something and the parents so young. How did they handle that? They must have a really big and large house. I wonder what they thought about Forks. I didn't want to live there...but maybe they liked it. What did I know?

“Hi honey”, My mom called when she walked inside the house.

“Hello mom and hi Phil”, I almost shouted.

“Hello, Bella”

“The dinner is done right away.” I put the pasta in the bowl.

“It's going to be pasta salad”, I said when Renee showed up in the kitchen.“I didn't have time to make anything else.”

“Ooh, but that's wonderful”, Phil said when he also showed up in the kitchen.

During the dinner we small talked a little bit and I asked Phil how it was with all his baseball stuff going on. He told me that it went pretty well and he hoped that his contract would be extended. I did know that his contract would be out in about a year.
My mom sat quietly with her food. That's really strange to be her.

“Mom, what's the problem?” I asked her a little concerned.

“Oh, it's nothing baby.”
I knew what she was thinking when she said that. She wanted to travel. Away from Phoenix with Phil. But who would stay with me then? It didn't work out but I knew that she wished so.
I tried to change the subject.

“I would like to try to have a job aside from school”, I said. A little proud of myself.

“What? Why?” They both where really confused.

“I want to buy my own car. I need the job so I can save money for that. Maybe not a new one but just something that works.”

“But honey we could pay a little of that too you know. You don't want to miss so much homework time”, She blurted out.

“But I really want to do this. And then if I do you two can have a little time when you don't have to drive me everywhere, and I could go wherever I want. Oh, and by the way you know that my grades are really good. Oh, I forgot gym but that you already know”, I chuckled at the end. Everybody did know that my lousiest subject was gym because I was such a klutz. Me and gym didn't fit together. So easy was that.

“Yes we know Bella but we feel that we need to be with you more and help you”, Phil said.

“Oh. But that's not a problem. You guys know that I like to be by myself too. And besides I think it's going to be easy to find a job. I mean Phoenix is so big so I hope that it is some store or something that needs my help.”

“Okay sweetie but when exactly are you going to look for this job? It's going to be like a half time job, right?” My mom sounded worried.

“Yeah, exactly. I'm going to look around a little after school tomorrow. ”

“Oh well but I think that you should sleep over this sweetie. Just so you know that this is the right thing to do.”

“Yeah don't worry mom I will. I think I'm going up to my room and just read or something.”
The truth was that I needed to think. On everything. But I would read too. Right now I read “Wuthering heights” for I didn't know how many times. I really loved that book.

I was laying on my bed and reading. I loved to read a good book.
But after like two hours I fell asleep. I was dreaming. About that family that Charlie told me about. The Cullen's or something....
OMG, there is a really weird coincidence. I had just looked at this and was going to look at other fanfictions and then it had this at the front and you commented like two seconds after I finished reading. Isn't that weird?

BTW, love the story!
i love more soon
Thank you so much Emmett<3zMe I will!
i loved that so much you go girl
Hahah, yeah but I'm reposting my story with all the chapters. Maybe that's why?
Thank you so much Julie!
Chapter 3 – The dream

In my dream I was walking in a green forest, I knew that I never had been here before and still I knew where to go. It was like my legs just kept going.
I walked further into the green forest and never tripped.
Wow that's a first one.

And then exactly when I was getting a little annoyed, I walked out into a sunny meadow. It was the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my entire life.
Until I saw a family there. Seven people. I changed my mind. They was the most beautiful I've ever seen.
They were standing in the middle of the meadow and I got a feeling that they couldn't see me.
There was a man and a woman who seemed a little bit older then the others. I guessed that they were the parents. Then there was a really big guy and a girl who seemed to be the most beautiful girl in the world. The big guy scared me a little but in some kind of way he seemed really nice and fun because he had a big grin placed on his face. I wondered what was so funny? Right next to them there was a girl who had short black hair and it stood everywhere. She looked a little pixie like, and a boy with blond hair who looked like he was in pain. He had his arms wrapped around her waist. And beside them was the most beautiful boy I've ever seen. He had bronze colored hair and a beautiful smile on his lips. He was the only one who was standing alone. Why? But that wasn't the most important thing. The thing were that they all sort of sparkled in the sun. How strange. Could people do that? It was like millions of diamonds was in their own skin or something... I could just focus on the bronze haired guy. He was so beautiful that it took my breath away.
And then I woke up.

When I woke up the first thing I saw in my mind was the bronze haired guy from the dream. But I couldn't have dreamed of the Cullen's right? I didn't know how they looked like and I had like the worlds strangest dream?
I couldn't get the image of him off of my head.
I got up and went to the bathroom.
After that I picked out my clothes. I just took one clean white t-shirt and black jeans.
When I was done I was heading down to make breakfast to me, mom and Phil.
They came down the stairs 5 minutes after I was done with my pancakes.
I heard a car pull up in front of the house.

“Bye Phil, bye mom!” I shouted before I ran out to the waiting car. There sitting in the car was my best friend Laura. We had known each other since kinder garden.
She always picked me up for school. Note: Another thing why I needed my own car.
I felt sorry for her that she was like forced to pick me up every day. But every time I said so she began to say that it wasn't a problem and I didn't have to worry. That I did it too much.
This day to school there was a change in Laura. And suddenly she asked

“Can't we go traveling together?” Wait! What did she say?

“What? You mean now?” Wow....I was surprised.

“Yeah I guess so. If you'd like? I mean we have known each other for so long time it would be great to do something together!” She smiled at me. Then she added

“I mean you have like perfect grades so it wouldn't be a problem for us to go now. My grades are totally okay and I don't think I can get them higher so that wouldn't be a problem either.”
Wow I was shocked. I had never done such a thing before...
I thought about it for a minute and Laura let me. She knew that I needed some time to think this threw.
Well... I hadn't been on a vacation since... I don't really know when.
And besides I had never got on a far vacation in my whole life. Especially not with a friend. And Laura was my best friend. This would be like my only chance.

“Wow I don't know if I can but I'd love to.”

“Wow that's so great to hear Bella!” She said happily to me. She shot me a big smile and then she turned her eyes back to the road.
When we arrived at school she looked at me and smiled.

“Well today's Monday so we only have the lunch and the afternoon classes together.”
She said with a little small smile.

“Yeah...Ooh and I have trig right now”, I said with a sigh.
She just smiled at me and walked to her first class.

My day went in a blur. I thought about how Renee would take it. Me going on a vacation alone with a friend. Would she let me go? Where should I get all the money for the trip in that case? I mean, Laura wanted to go really soon I think. I had a little saved to the car I had thought of to buy. Yeah... Bella wait with this conversation until you come home. I said to myself in a little nervous sigh.

When it was lunchtime I walked slowly to the crowded cafeteria. I wasn't so hungry so I just bought a sandwich and a bottle of water. I sat down with Laura beside me at our usual table with our other friends. There was Jessica, Daniel, Aaron and Sonya. As usual I wasn't saying that much. I mean, I do know the others it's just that I'm not the one who speaks that much. We all became friends in seventh grade. Laura invited them to our table. And now we hangs out together. Not nearly as much as me and Laura but still a couple of times. The funny thing is that everyone of them has a thing for each other. Jessica and Daniel, Sonya and Aaron. They just don't know if the other feels the same. But for me and Laura it's obvious. We are just waiting for one of them to take the first step.

“Bella, are you listening to me?” Laura giggled in my ear.

“Yeah, sorry?” I caught myself by daydreaming. Or... daydreaming about one special person.
The bronze haired guy in my dream.

“I asked if you wanted to come to my place tonight?” She said as quietly as she could so no one but me could hear and smiled.
I thought about it for a minute.
Then I remembered.

“Ooh sorry but I can't. I must find a job because I need money.” I shot her a meaning full glance.

“But, Bella can't you do it some other time?” She asked.
Laura looked at me meaningfully.

“Ooh... okay”, I said as quietly as her.
Then she spoke louder.

“Well, Bella it's time for Spanish”, She said. Everyone else had French so they stood up and went to their classes.
When we walked Laura asked me about the trip.

“You really wanna go?”

“Yeah of course Laura!” I said with a smile.

“Great! We're going to have so much fun!” She said happily.

“Where are we going?” I asked her. This was a thing I had been waiting for. I was hoping for something far away.

“I really don't know. I was thinking that we could look at it tonight?” Yes I could be with her and choose! No way that I was going to look for a job today! That could wait until tomorrow.
I haven't finished it yet, but it's very good so far. =)
Thank you so much jojobean ! :)
Chapter 4 – terrifying information?

When I was done hunting I ran to the house. The sun had started to set on the sky.
Esme was waiting for me sitting in the couch.

“How was your day?” She asked with a smile.

“As usual. You?” I went to the piano and ran my fingers through it.
It sounded good.

“I've just stayed here in the house and relaxed. Ooh please Edward play for me!”
I started to play her favorite song.
When I ended the song Esme looked like she was about to cry if she could. I knew that she loved to hear me play and I felt bad because I didn't do it so often anymore.
Right then Carlisle came home from work.

“Hello Edward.” He walked through the room until he reached Esme in the couch and bent down and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Hello to you too,” She said to him with a smile.

“How was your day?”

“Fine but I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”
They both smiled and gazed deep into each others eyes.
That was one of many things that was difficult about being in a house full of couples. Everybody had a soul mate and I hadn't. I knew that Tanya was interested in me. She had showed me that many years ago. But I didn't return that interest. But I didn't need it. I wish I had it but I'm fine just as I am.
I wondered where Rose and Emmett where. Right, now I remember. They went to Port Angeles right after school and they should be home by now.
Right then I heard a car pull in the driveway.

1 minute later Emmett came running into the house.
Rosalie just walked in with her shopping bags and up to their room. I bet Alice was a little pissed because she wasn't allowed to come with Rosalie on the shopping trip.

“Edward? Guess what?” Emmett said excited.

“What?” I asked him.

“When I was in Port Angeles I saw-”
And then I heard it.

“Edward?!” I ran up through the stairs and in to Alice and Jasper's room as fast as I could.
Alice was panicked when I stepped in their huge room.

“What's the matter Alice? Have someone stolen some of your credit cards again?” I said as a joke.
I remembered the last time that happened! Or should I say nearly happened?
Ooh that pixie! She would run through , like the whole town to find it and then it was Emmett who found it under the couch. That was the funniest thing ever!
But when I really saw her I stopped dead in the doorway. She was sitting on hers and Jasper's bed and looked like she was about to cry. I couldn't set together her thoughts. She just went through everything in her mind as fast as possible.

“Alice?! What happened?!!”
Unfortunately I couldn't tell Jasper to come up here and help me. The only one who could make her calm. He was out hunting by this time.
And then she fixed her thoughts and nearly screamed at me.

“Why do I see that you're going to the Volturi in Italy?!” About then, everyone except Jasper was in the doorway too. All staring at me and Alice with shock written in their faces.
WOW!!! I'm certainly going to keep reading. What happen!?? lol


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