The Twilight Saga

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Summary; What happens when things take a different turn? What would happen if Bella didn't move to Forks that day? Would paths still cross? What if Bella and Edward didn't meet at all?
What would happen?

This is a repost of my story, and once again I would like you to think about one thing: My mother language isn't English so I'm sure I've got a bunch of errors. I've put chapter comments from readers here and they're from an old discussion, just so you know and not get confused by it. Please, I hope you still read my story and like it!


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Aww, thank you so much Whiteout :D! I promise to post more as soon as possible and I'm so glad you love it! Don't cry! I really hope I got the emotions right! I really hope you will like the next chapters!

luved it..
plz update soon..
Thank you SeXiiChOlaCuLLeN, I will update as soon as possible!

Chapter 32 – Old Times

Previously: “So the rumors are true. You've created a new bloodsucker. You know that it's against the treaty. You've broken it”, said an unfamiliar voice.

I turned around shocked, because now I could feel that sweet, sweet smell. It was even stronger now and I couldn't help to wrinkle my nose in disgust. There, a few feet away from me was something I didn't believe was supposed to exist. But once again, I did exist, right? It was wolves. No it was... werewolves! They were too big to be wolves so it was the only solution my mind could come up with as I tried to take it all in. They were six werewolves and one... man? He was the one who had spoken before and I slowly turned to look at him. As I did so I could hear myself gasp in shock. A dim memory tried to re-surface.

I knew him from somewhere... then it hit me, it was the night before me and Laura was going to Italy. I remember entering my room after I took a shower while Laura was sitting at the computer, looking at something while smiling... yes I think she smiled. I of course had wondered what she was looking at and as she said it was nothing, I immediately got curious trying to press her for more information. She had finally given up – still smiling – and had told me about a friend she met down in La Push while she and her mom was there, her mom doing some errand. They had immediately connected and had stayed tuned with emails to each other. He had told her that he knew me from when I was little when Laura mentioned that I was her best friend. He also told her that we hadn't been in touch ever since I stopped visiting Charlie on the summers. Then of course, she showed me what I needed. She showed me a picture of Jacob Black, my old childhood friend. As I looked at him now, I really was taken aback. On the photo he had been much less muscular and he had been having long hair, put in a ponytail. Otherwise he looked just the same, only now it seemed like he was ready to kill. But what was he doing with werewolves for crying out loud?!

“Jake?” I asked stunned. My mind couldn't really accept that he was here, why he was glaring, why the wolves stood in a protective circle around him.

“What? Who are you?” Said my once best friend. His voice was filled with hate making me shiver slightly.

“Don't you recognize me?” I said hurt. I wanted him to recognize me, I needed it more than anything. He was someone that had been in my past before I got changed and now, here he was, standing right in front of me.

“You know a werewolf?!” Both Alice and Edward hissed. I glanced back quickly and confirmed that neither one of my family members had nothing but fear and shock in their eyes.

“W-What... you are... you are...?!” I couldn't help but to look at him with doubt in my eyes. Sure, he was surrounded by some kind of... wolves and Alice just confirmed that it was werewolves to me. But Jacob? Could he really be? I would of known when we were little, right?

“Well they're our enemy!” Alice shouted.

“But Jake can't be my enemy!” I cried in disbelief. My little piece of hope... gone. Why was he my enemy? Was it the rules of vampires and werewolves? Of course I had read books about werewolves too but as well as with the vampire genre, you never knew what was true or false. It had already been proved.

“Stop it!” Jacob shouted while his whole body shook. When no one said anything he seemed to relax.

“Now tell me. Who the hell are you?! I don't know bloodsuckers”, Jacob spat.

“B-bbut Jake...It's me. Bella.” I heard myself stutter.

“I don't know what you're talking about!” He hissed at me and everything he said seemed to hurt.

“Bella! Bella Swan.” Was the only thing I said before giving up. He didn't know me! He didn't know what I even looked like! I was sure then that he had forgotten me, had forgotten our time together when we were little.

“No! You can't be Bella! She disappeared!” So he did remember me? Of course, maybe it was just because Charlie and Billy knew each other and he had to listen to their conversations sometimes...

“Yes! Yes I am!” I cried in response. He had to believe me, he just had to.

“Prove it!”
What was I supposed to do?! Think Bella, think! But it wasn't that easy. I had forgotten so much of my human memory that I couldn't remember.
But memories so dim I couldn't believe it filled my head.

“We used to make mud pies when we were little”, I said as low as a whisper.

“You can't trick me into that! You're a vampire and every kid in the world, vampire or not, have made mud pies when they were little!”
What now?! And then it hit me. The hope once again lit, but I knew that this was my only chance, my only ace in the sleeve.

“Laura”, I said even lower this time.

“What?!” Jacob growled.

“Laura”, I said a little bit louder and he seemed to hear.

“DO NOT TOUCH HER!” He shouted and his whole body shook as never before.
One big, black wolf beside him nudged him in the side, seemed to feel all his emotions and it also seemed as though Jacob tried to calm down, even though it seemed like he had a hard time. What had I done?

“What?!” I said panicked and then a calm wave hit me and it seemed to hit everyone else. Jasper was leaned against a tree and he seemed to feel bad. It must be all these emotions. When I looked back at Jacob he just looked at me with hate in his eyes.

“Who ever you are: Do not touch her!”

“But Jake you don't und-”

“Yes I do so don't you dare tell me the opposite!” He shouted.

“Let her explain!” Edward shouted back.
I looked at him for nearly the first time since...that happened... his eyes – almost black – glared at Jacob almost as he tried to debate whether or not to kill him. I felt that I owed him for saying that but I just couldn't. I looked away, my heart aching like never before. Because now, he was talking about me. In a way, anyway and that was the first thing that proved he knew I was still there since... well, since Tanya came around.
Jacob seemed to debate with himself.

“I'll give you one minute. Bloodsucker”, He finally said while looking me straight in the eyes.

“I'm Bella and you know it Jake. Laura was my best friend. We had our group of friends back in Phoenix but I was too shy. Like I've always been,” when I said the last part it looked like he had some kind of understanding in his eyes. But it quickly disappeared.”to be so close to them as I was with Laura. So not long time ago she asked me to go on a vacation with her. I told her yes because I've never been traveling. Well not that far away, anyway. I took goodbye of my mother Renée and her new husband Phil. Charlie must of mentioned them huh?” I asked but he didn't reply. He only looked at me with an expressionless face.
I knew my time was short so I continued.

“The night before we would leave she told me about you.” I pointed at him. “She told me about the trip to Forks. How she met you on First Beach and how you two came along really good.” This hurt to tell. It reminded me of Edward and me. Before Tanya.

“She said that you two still e-mailed each other and that you two got pictures too, so I asked her to show me. And she did. That's why I recognize you now and that's why you have to believe me. Because it really is me, whether you like it or not. I just need you to believe that it's me, I need you to believe in me.” His face was torn, he seemed to believe a part of what I said but he didn't want to listen with that ear. The black wolf suddenly ran into the woods and seconds later, a man in only shorts came back running. His face was expressionless as if keeping his emotions into check. He told us to wait and then he dragged Jacob with him in the woods once again. The other werewolves was staring at us and I could set everything I had on that they were glaring with as much hate as Jacob had before. What had he meant that the Cullens had broken the treaty? What treaty did he mean? I didn't dare ask Carlisle anything about it and the others all kept quiet. After another minute with everyone tense, both Jacob and the man returned. The man looked a bit pleased, but Jacob seemed to not like this at all. The man stepped forward, speaking instead of Jacob.

“Very well. We've come to a decision. If you are the Bella Swan, daughter to Charlie Swan, you have to prove it”, he said, his voice almost demanding.

“How can I? I will try everything, I just want to prove who I am and to have you trust me”, I whispered, knowing that it would be a hard thing proving that.

“As I said, we've come to a decision. You're going to do this 'test'. If you don't make it... it'll end badly for both you and all the other Cullens.”

“And if I make it?”

“Then... we don't know. We need to think more about that later... if you can handle the test.”

“So, what's the test then?” I asked nervously.

“You'll have to meet Laura.” Wait, what?! Was Laura here? Here in Forks? Why? My min was spinning, was I finally going to meet her again? But I couldn't could I? I was different now, different from the way I used to be. I wasn't Bella with brown eyes, wasn't the one who lost my balance while walking on a flat surface anymore. In fact, I hadn't even tripped once in my entire vampire life... she was sure to notice. After all, we had been friends since kindergarten.

“Won't she know... I'm different?”

“She will, but it won't be a problem. Trust me”, the man said once again and I could see something in his eyes. Something I didn't know about Laura had happened. Something that maybe wasn't supposed to have happened or that it just was something that wasn't normal. I sighed, if what they said was true, I so badly wanted to see Laura. I just couldn't risk my family's safety to something I wanted. I couldn't do anything but nod.

“You're going down to the reservation together with Jake here. She's there.”

“But she can't go down there, it's against the treaty. What are you going to do?” Emmett needed to ask suddenly. I turned around surprised by his voice and could see that he was in as much shock as everyone else, only he wanted to know everything when he didn't understand.

“There is no treaty anymore. You've broken it, remember? But don't you dare come on our land or we'll rip you into pieces”, Jacob growled.

“But what about Bella? How is she supposed to make the test then?” Carlisle had collected himself and looked at both Jacob and the man with eyes that tried to hide every emotion he felt. He had gone into Dr. Carlisle Cullen and tried to act like a doctor in front of a unknown patient that may or may not had gotten good results on the tests that had been made.

“She's coming with us. Alone. No one is allowed to follow nor make her company.” I could hear several intakes of breath at the same time and plenty of gasps. Surprisingly I was calm. I knew Laura, she would recognize me. What worried me was my family's safety. They could be in trouble because of my only existence and that was just something that I couldn't allow to happen to them. I was supposed to leave anyway, I told myself. It still hurt though, it still hurt to be separated from my now family and I couldn't help but to be overwhelmed by sadness.

“You can't do that! Y-You.... what if she gets hurt?” This time it was Esme and I couldn't help but to try to send a silent thank you to her. I knew what she was saying was helpless against them but that showed that she cared. That she still cared about me even though this was all my fault.

“She won't. If she makes it but we can't promise anything else. After all, you've broken promises and that big ones,” the man said and then he motioned for me to follow him. I did as I was told, not feeling my legs move, not feeling anything. I glanced back one last time and then we were surrounded by the threes. The wolves all followed me with their eyes and I couldn't help but to feel a little bit uncomfortable.

“By the way, I am Sam. Sam Ulley”, the man that was named Sam said to me and gave me a quick glance before looking in front of him again. It was only he and Jacob who didn't stare at me, instead they ignored me as best as they could.

“Ooh, hi Sam”, I couldn't help but to greet him even though I felt like an complete idiot. Suddenly, we were out of the woods and were standing in a rather big clearing with cars parked within a few feet.

“In the Rabit”, Jacob said, still not looking at me while heading for one of the many cars. I couldn't do anything but to follow and we were soon on our way out to his house. I couldn't see the other cars after us so I guessed they had gone another direction or something. The silence in the car felt... almost creepy. I couldn't help but try to break it.

“Jacob I-” I didn't get any further as Jacob put up his hand.

“Please, I don't want to have a conversation with a bloodsucker that may or may not be my absolute best childhood friend. If you don't keep quiet, I'm going to do something I can come to regret later.” The car fell silent then and I couldn't help but to feel hurt. He didn't want to talk to me. In a way, I did actually understand him but another part of me wanted to beg him to even say something, just a word to me.

As he parked the car in front of a red house, I couldn't help but to smile and wrinkle my nose at the same time. The house was lovely, something simple and really sweet and I felt like... like I knew this place from a distant time. And of course I did, I just couldn't remember it. I wrinkled my nose because the smell was even more stronger here. I couldn't help to try to hold my breath as much as possible. It smelt... dog. Jacob walked ahead of me, ignoring me and opened the door. The house wasn't quiet, I could feel another person's presence and I could also hear moving. Though most if it all, I could smell it. I could smell the rich smell of human blood. I knew I was able to control myself and that felt good. I didn't know if I had said yes to this if I wasn't sure I could.

“Jake is that you?” I could hear her! I could actually hear her! The voice I had missed so much, she was here, calling Jacob's name. My heart said run, my brain said stop. I was standing on the porch now, the light from the lamp lighting up my face. I could see her now, she was holding a bowl of some kind... a happy smile forming on her lips.

“I-” And then she took me in. I could hear the bowl shattering into pieces on the floor next to her but I wasn't moving. This was the moment I had dreaded and longed for. Would she understand? Would she accept me? Was she going to be happy about seeing me? Would she figure out I was a vampire?

“B-Bella”`Her voice stuttering while her voice held shock and I could see her eyes tearing up.

“Laura”, I whispered back, not trusting my voice.

“Bella, is that really you?” at this, I couldn't help a laugh escape from my lips. It was almost not audible but Jacob heard me and shot me a look filled with hate.

“Yes Laura, it really is me.” I couldn't help my smile this time and I felt myself grinning from ear to ear stupidly. Because my heart wasn't aching as much as it did before, I knew she had filled some of the holes in it and I knew that she had helped me on the way of not being a total zombie for ever. Because I had her here, right in front of me.

“Bella!” She shouted and she ran straight for me. I couldn't help but run to her too, past a surprised Jacob and into her arms.

“Laura, I've missed you so much!” I whispered as I felt myself shake of my own sobs.

“I've missed you too, you can't believe how worried I was! I- autch Bella, that hurts!” I could feel my panic rising as soon as she said those last words. Before I even had time to react, to say that I was sorry, Jacob had thrown me away and when I looked up again, he was standing in a protective position between Laura and me.

“What have you done to her?” He growled to me.

“Jacob, she did nothing!” Laura tried to sooth him by putting a hand on his arm but he shrugged it off. I didn't say anything, only watched. If I said anything, I could say the wrong thing and maybe he would forbid Laura to see me.

“I said, what did you do to her?” Still I held quiet. I wasn't risking this and not in front of a werewolf.

“Answer me, or I'll do something to you worse than anything you've ever experienced. I knew this was a bad thing, I shouldn't of agreed to this. This is all Sam's fault!” He growled once again, the last part only a whisper. I could see him shake now. His whole frame shook and I didn't know what that meant but I knew it meant no good, that I caught. Whenever Jacob seemed to be upset, he would do that until someone calmed him down. What would happen if someone didn't? I couldn't help asking myself.

“I did nothing wrong and you know it! And don't go all that 'or I'll do something to you worse than anything you've ever experienced' you don't scare me Jacob”, I couldn't help myself to say and as soon as it was out, I regretted it. He was shaking more than ever now and my instincts told me to run. Run and that fast. Suddenly Laura's voice was heard and she was speaking to me now.

“Bella, don't do anything to upset him! You don't know anything!” She cried, her voice full of panic. But I knew. Of course I knew only she didn't know. I knew Jacob was a werewolf but she didn't know I was a vampire. Did werewolves phase when they were upset? Seemed likely as I had never seen a person shake that violently as he did in that moment. I met his eyes and couldn't help but to grit my teeth at him. This was it, he was boiling over in anger. If I had hoped he would make himself known as a werewolf to Laura, I was wrong. I had thought he would change into what he really was in that instant. But he didn't. Instead I could see a fist coming right for my face and was so shocked by it that I just had enough time to take the hand who was coming from my face, in my hand and push it back. I'll admit it, he was very strong and it took all of my strength to push that hand that wanted to land on my face, away. I had never guessed werewolves were so strong, but I guess now I knew that they could defeat vampires. His punch seemed to be all the strength he had and if I hadn't been a newborn with my senses still more sensitive than an older vampire, I would have gotten that punch right in the face, I knew that for sure.

“Jacob, you know I am a newborn. I'm stronger than you'll ever be”, I whispered. I needed him to not try and hurt me again. I didn't want that, he had been my best friend and I didn't want to be his enemy, even though he seemed to want to be. With all his heart. His eyes looked expressionless as I saw how he went to stand next to Laura, still in that defensive position.

“H-How... Bella how could you?” Laura gasped as soon as her shock was over and she realized what had really happened. I didn't know what to say, she obviously knew about werewolves as she warned me about Jacob before he phased. But did she know about vampires? And if so, would she hate me? All werewolves seemed to and I didn't know if I could stand being hated of my best friend. It felt like my heart was really pounding and it took everything I had to not run for the door. I only stood there, looking at Laura with pleading eyes. Trying with only eye contact to make her understand. To make her understand what had actually really happened and that she would accept it. That she would accept me for who I was and who I had become since she last saw me. It felt strange to say it like that because in some kind of way, it felt like I had always been vampire and that I... actually was meant to be it too. Sometimes things was so much easier and other times it was so much harder. Laura still looked at me, expecting an answer. What was I supposed to say 'Ooh, hey Laura, forgot to tell you but I'm a vampire and a newborn vampire too so I'm much stronger... it was quite easy to take Jacob down.' Didn't think so. All three of us stood still, waiting for one another to speak or just make a move. I could feel both their heartbeats, both of them quicker than normal. Laura's out of fear I guessed.

“Where are the others, I thought they would watch every step I took?” I finally broke the silence as it began to be really awkward and tense.

“They trust you to not hurt or do anything to anyone here. We're meeting them when the time is to come”, Jacob said, his eyes expressionless. I wish Edward was here to tell me what he was thinking... no! I didn't wish Edward to be here, he just couldn't. That would hurt far too much and I knew that I would regret my decision to leave, even though he still was with Tanya.

“Bella couldn't nor wouldn't hurt anyone, right Bella?” Laura's voice broke the silence.

“Ooh, of course she could. Isn't that right Bella?” Jacob glared at me now and I knew that I wasn't supposed to lie now, how much I even wanted it. I didn't want Laura to know I was capable to kill.

“Yes, but I wouldn't. I would never do something like that!”

“And how do you know that? It would be so easy for you to slip. Just one tiny bit and someone could get hurt.” I knew that what Jacob was saying was the truth, but sometimes the truth hurt more than the lie and I knew for a fact that I could. I could slip, I could make the wrong move even though it felt like I was capable to keep my need for blood into check. What if I hurt someone? What if I hurt Laura? I couldn't live with myself if that happened, I knew that but I couldn't ignore her either, she was my best friend.

“What do you mean about that Jake? Bella would never hurt someone! Right? What you said was wrong, it doesn't mean anything!” Her voice two octaves higher than usual, Laura looked at me with pleading eyes. She wanted to wake up, to not be in this nightmare where her best friend could hurt or even kill.

“He's right Laura. As much as I don't want to, I can hurt someone. Someone I love”, my voice wasn't more than a whisper but I knew she could hear me. Perfectly clear.

“Who are you and where is the Bella I knew? Bella would never say something like this! You've changed, you don't look the same, your eyes has changed color, you speak more... in a different way, you don't exactly look the way you used to do. But I know it's you. But what has happened? I recognize you but in a way, you're a stranger to me too. Explain, please!” I knew she deserved to know, but I also knew that it could make our friendship shatter into pieces and she was the only one holding me here still. I could choose to walk away now, without another word and risk the Cullens being hurt. Or I could explain. I could explain what happened and beg her to understand. To try to make her understand and to forgive me. Forgive me for leaving her without telling anything and hope she wouldn't hate me.

“C'mon. Tell her what you are Bella.” Jacob's voice was... amused I could tell and I wanted nothing more than to make him shut up, but I knew it would upset the both of them and the other werewolves too.

“I-I I'm a-”

“Spit it out!”

“I'm a vampire”, I whispered at last looking out through the window in defeat. I could hear her gasp then and I prepared for the yelling, the time she would say that she hated me and never wanted to see me ever again.

“Y-You're a-a v-vampire?” she said, her voice trembling terribly and I dared to steal a quick glance at her. Her face was... unreadable and I found myself biting my bottom lip, preparing for the doom.


“But vampires... They're... They're... they're your worst enemy!” She turned to Jacob now, panic visible in both voice and face. I had a gut feeling that before I told her, she knew about vampires and that her liking of them wasn't too big. She would definitely hate me now. I couldn't help but to despise Jacob in that moment. Why was he supposed to be a wolf and have me as his sworn enemy? How did even wolves and vampires become enemies in the first place?

“I know”, Jacob growled quietly.

“You can't hurt her! What am I supposed to do?!” Her voice was still two octaves high and I suppressed the instinct of covering my ears with my hands. “I-I...” Then she turned to me.”And if you want me to believe you, do you care to explain to me how you became a v-vampire in the first place?” I looked her shocked, she wasn't in shock, she didn't truly hate me just yet and I got a chance to explain. If someone – especially my best friend – told me she was a vampire... wow I think I would laugh right in her face and say that I didn't believe her. Even though it seemed like Jacob had told her all about werewolves and vampires...

“Never mind me asking if you cared, you will explain! Take a seat!” Her voice demanding, she pointed to the couch in the TV room. I knew it was no idea to try to say anything against her and went to take a seat on the right end of the couch while the other two sat in front of me in two easy chairs. The silence that followed was something I would never forget. Laura only looked at me, taking me in I guessed and Jacob looked straight ahead, not wanting to meet anyone's eyes. This was it, it was now I was supposed to tell her but no words left my mouth as I opened it. I closed it and opened it again. Nothing. Just silence even though I tried my hardest to even say something, just a word or a sound. I could notice her starting to get impatient with me and she titled her head to the side, trying to not say something.

“I-I don't know what to say”, I managed finally, because for a fact, I didn't.

“Then tell me from the very beginning. What happened when we were in Volterra?” Her face was dead serious now and I felt myself gulp. Would I hurt the Cullens if I told her with Jacob here? I bet I would, but then, I had promised to tell them the truth and I couldn't lie to Laura, could I? No, I would tell her and I would be one hundred percent honest with her. She needed to know.

So I told her. Everything from when I walked home that day, finding how boring it was and taking the cab out of town for reading. At this I could almost see that she was about to do an eye roll but tried as hard as possible to not disturb me. I told her about walking into the woods, hearing something, panicking and then the sharp pain. I didn't get into detail because I didn't want her to know how much pain I had been in. I told her that I finally woke up to see the world in a different way, a way I had never seen the world before. I told her about how it was to meet the Cullens for the first time, how nice they were and protective of me. That I could feel a kind of bond with them. That they explained to me what I was and everything that needed to be explained for me. How I could live if I wanted to, living on the blood of animals or hunting humans. Told her that they offered me to stay with them and how grateful I was to them because I knew I couldn't go home how much I even wanted to. I explained how worried I had been for her but knowing I couldn't return and I told her about the Volturi. Another thing why I hadn't gone back inside to talk to her, to see her. I told her about arriving at the house, how I had become welcomed with such open arms full of love and the arrival of Edward. It hurt, it hurt so much but I told myself that it was for the best. That I had told Laura, Jacob and all the other wolves to tell them the truth.

I told them about finding my dad's old house, going to school again, everything. Except one. One thing I absolutely didn't tell them. My feelings for Edward. I could never confess for them that I loved him, it was something I couldn't handle without breaking into sobs and start rocking back and forth right there on the leather couch. When I was finally done, they looked at me as if I was going nuts or even worse. I couldn't actually blame them, everything that had happened to me... happened in so short amount of time and it sounded so bizarre to tell them about it. As if I was reading from a book and just looked through the summary. If it was so, what category would I put my life in? It felt strange, everything that had happened to me lately was... not possible, not no one believed was true. Fiction, fantasy, I don't know. The only thing I knew was that I never believed my life would turn out this way. I hadn't any future plans before, sure I loved to read and took the advanced program in Phoenix, but that didn't make me know what I would like to do in the future. While I remembered that, a thought came to mind too. What if I had stayed human? What would I have been then? What would I work with? Would I find true love? No, I wouldn't because my love belonged to Edward even though he didn't want it. Even though he had broken my heart, my love was still his and it would be. Forever.

“Wow, Bella, I don't know what to say”, Laura whispered. Then she seemed to remember something, making her think hard and making her frown.

“Which one's Edward? What does he look like?” Not a question I wanted to answer.

“He has bronze tousled hair, high cheekbones, quite muscular...” I trailed off, not wanting to continue because then I would add things as gorgeous, handsome, breathtaking, beautiful, Greek God-like, etc. My heart stung even now, only imagining his face in my head, remember how he looks, every thing about him that was sometimes written clearly in his face and most of all eyes.

“He was the one in Volterra”, I heard Laura whisper then. What? What was she talking about? Did she see him that day in the cab? That day when our eyes locket for the first time? I thought she didn't, she had been distracted by telling me there was someone interested in me, if I did remember it correctly...

“When you were... gone, he just showed up... as if he really knew you were gone”, Laura's voice wasn't a whisper anymore, it was thoughtful. But what she said made no sense. What did she mean? Had she met Edward?

“Laura, please explain.”

“When I was... looking for you, days after you disappeared, he... came”, she whispered and then took a log steady breath to calm herself. “He... asked for you and everything. Then he said 'I'm someone she doesn't know' or something like that. And then he walked away.” Had Edward searched for me? Had he gone, trying to find me? The thought of that made my heart swell even though I tried to tell it it was nothing. He probably only did it because he had seen me in Alice's vision or something. But I still couldn't stop thinking about it, what was wrong with me?! The room fell silent and I actually lost where I was for a while. All my thoughts swirled around all that had happened for the last hour or so and of course... Edward. I was back before neither Laura nor Jacob caught me with it but my mind had gone in an amazingly high speed I couldn't actually believe it myself. Images, memories, everything flashing before my mind in an instant.

“Laura tell me what happened. Please, I need to know”, I said, knowing that the truth wasn't sweet. Not at all. The things she would tell me was reality and I had to face it. Her face turned into a mask, trying to not show any emotions at all after I said that but it made me feel even worse. That bad?

“Bella, I don't know... maybe there isn't such a good time telling you.”

“Laura, I need to know”, I pleaded, trying to change her mind.

“After you disappeared... it was a though time. I tried to do everything to find you. I called the police in Volterra and they were out looking for you with tracking dogs. They found nothing. They also tried to track the taxi driver who drove you there but ended up with no luck there either. They really did everything they could. Meanwhile I stayed at the hotel, not in the greatest of shapes if you may say so, and I tried to go on. I tried not to think too much about you because something in the back of my head told me, you weren't coming back and you weren't to be find. But I could still hope and I really did that. I needed to call your parents, tell them what had happened and call mine and also tell them what happened. It was one of the worst nights of my life. I was talking on the phone for hours, not wanting to. I just wanted to sleep but I knew I couldn't. I talked to your parents, my parents, the police from Volterra and much more. Now the memory of that night is itched to my head... I was in Volterra for a couple of days more, the police wanted to ask questions etc. etc. When I finally got home, I couldn't bare look anyone in the eyes. It was my fault you were gone, I had let you go without me making sure you were okay.”

“Laura it wasn't you-”

“Please Bella, let me continue.” her voice broke twice and I could tell that she was about to cry. I couldn't do anything but keep quiet and Jacob put an arm around her to support her.“When I finally came home everyone were going crazy. My parents met me at the airport, questioning me the whole time back to the house where the police were waiting to question me again. They thought that maybe you had gone back to Phoenix but was hiding. They wanted to know possible places and why you may have left. I already knew you wouldn't do something like that so I tried to tell them, they didn't listen and I got mad. I was so tired of everything and I missed you so much. I locked myself in in my room, ignoring the calls and banging on my door. I knew it wasn't right, I just couldn't handle everything by then. It had gone to be too much. I couldn't face your parents either. Charlie came flying down and spent some time in one of the hotels, trying to help, trying to calm Renée down and trying to understand. They talked to me, telling me it wasn't my fault and that they too understood that you wasn't running away. Those weeks were the worst in my life and I just needed to get away from there. The police, all the questions, everyone at school, my parents and even yours. I couldn't look at them without knowing that you were missing and that it was on a trip with me you went missing. So I took an early weekend break and decided to call Jake. He said I was more than welcome and... well, now I'm here.” she finished while smiling at Jacob. I could almost tell they were together, I would have bet anything on it but it was one thing that bothered me, never leaving my mind and got me confused. It was... against everything I had learned the past weeks and it made no sense to me.

“How do you know?” the thing that bothered me the most. How did Laura know about werewolves and vampires? No human was supposed to know the existence of neither kind. Even though she and Jacob were together, didn't it still hold on to that? Or was it different if you were together? Could you tell the person then?

“Know what?” She asked confused.

“About... our kind and their kind. Because... humans isn't supposed to know... right?”

“Bella... I-” She cut herself off and looked desperately to Jacob to give her some help. What was going on? Was it something she wasn't supposed to tell me? I nearly got mad at Jacob. Did she need his permission to tell me something? She always trusted me and told me everything before. Who was he to tell her what she could and couldn't do?

“Laura”, he sighed deeply as if trying to debate with himself.

“Please, let me just tell her. I just... don't keep secrets from her. Or something like this.”

“Sam won't be happy you know that.” ooh, so now it was Sam who made her decisions? Ugh, I didn't get anything! But when I saw Jacob nod in approval, I drew a big intake of breath in relief. But what was to come next made me as clueless as I had ever been and made my thoughts swirl inside my head like crazy.

“He imprinted on me”, was the only thing she said and 'imprinted' was the word that made me so clueless, that made my thoughts to swirl. Because I didn't know what it meant, didn't know the meaning behind it.

“W-what? He did what?”

“He-” she started to say but got interrupted by Jacob.

“Laura, she doesn't know what it means”, he explained and then turned to me.”It's something... we do. We who have gone through the transformation.”


“No... not everyone.”

“Then what is imprinting?” I asked, starting to get impatient.

“It's... like falling in love but much more powerful. When you meet the one, it's not gravity holding you here anymore, it's her. You can put everything down for her, just to make her happy. Be everything. A brother, a best friend or a lover. You'll be what she needs and wants.” when he finished he took Laura's hand in his and smiled a smile full of love. I couldn't help but to flinch and at the same time I was stunned. Was it really something like that existing? To... just fall in love like that and do anything for her, anything she needed. It sounded like something that didn't exist. Something that wasn't possible, but the evidence was right before me. Jacob's eyes on Laura, as if he saw the sun for the first time and filled with love. Laura who looked back with the same emotions crystal clear in her eyes and a big smile on her lips. To hear that she had found happiness made me full of happiness for her. She was happy, Jacob was what she needed and he would always be there for her. Wasn't it that he said? He would be anything for her? Then I just presumed he would always be there, but it seemed most unlikely he would ever let her down. He was what she needed, I could see that now. But in the same time, it hurt more than ever. Because they had love and my heart was broken. Only by looking at them I could feel my chest hurt but at the same time I knew I wanted to see her happy, wanted to see her be loved. And at the same time I realized another thing. I wanted Edward to be happy. If he didn't love me, it was nothing I could do. The only thing I could do was to be there for him. Be there for him like the friend he deserved, even though I knew I could never get over my feelings for him. I also knew that from now on, I would make friends with Tanya, try to make things right. I knew that every second of it would hurt me, but I also knew it was the only thing I could do. I couldn't leave my family, it would hurt me too much now and now that I knew that Laura had the opportunity to be here too... and that I could meet her. Another thing making me stay and I knew that it was that who had changed my decision.

“So... how long are you staying?” I couldn't help but ask Laura, because what if she would go away and never return? What if I never got to see her again?

“I'll leave by Sunday, but I'm going to come her twice a month on the weekends. Then I think I'll be able to talk my parents into letting me spend Christmas here...” I couldn't help my wide smile now and I threw myself into her arms, just wanting to hug her, to really feel that she was real. That she was here with me, safe. She hugged me back tight and I knew that if I could cry, I would. The phone suddenly rang, making Jacob jump to his feet to answer it. Me and Laura only sat there, wrapped in our tight hug as if we were in our own happy bubble that no one could destroy. Or so I thought... When Jacob came back his face was impossible to read and I knew he hadn't good things with him.

“It's time. The whole pack are gathering for a council meeting to decide what happens now.”


Hey guys! Finally posting chapter 32, I really hope you liked it? It is the longest chapter so far I think. I know, I've said it before but it is actually! I'm so sorry it took me so long, but I had quiet a struggle with this chapter as I needed to rewrite a part of it. The things that turned up between Laura and Jake... I'm so sorry if you didn't like that but as this fan fiction does not follow the story line of the actual saga it can't be like that (as it is kinda of a rewrite, can you call it that?) and I'm sorry if you had a better solution. I thought this could be good, couldn't it? Please don't hate me!! Let me know what you think about the chapter by leaving your every thought and opinion?

i love it Linn! :))
Thank you Katherine J. (ilovemyths)! I'm so sorry for taking so long with another chapter but I'm writing it right now! Maybe you've read what happened and why it's been as it's been? Well, I'm so glad you love it, anyways!

I loved it!!!
I wonder what will happen at the council meeting...plz keep going!!!
Aww, thank you so much Bella Chanel Swan™! I'm so glad you loved it and I hope that you will love the next chapter too. Hm... Yes, what is going to happen at the council meeting?

i am happy for her that she found laura and talked to her!!
she deserves it <33
please that they are not going to kill her!!!
keep me updated and post soon!!
love shauny
Hey shauny!
Yes, me too! I'm so glad to bring Laura back to the story and to Bella too feel happiness!
I can't tell you what's going to happen at the council meeting, you'll just have to wait and see!
Of course I will keep you updated!

x x x
loved it!:) they better not hurt bella!
This is your story and you can to what ever you want with it, and if they don't like it, well they can get lost. For the rest of us that do enjoy I think I might speak for them that it was great.
I think that Jacob imprinting on Laura was a great decision, that way Bella could be close to her and Jacob will feel remorse and maybe stop himself of doing something that might hurt Laura in any level.
I'm just gald she isn't leaving and that there would be a chance for that bonehead Edward to speak up and tell her how he feels.
Can't wait for your next chapter and see what happens!!!!!!!


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