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                                                    Whatcha say:By Izzy Ness Black 


I stood a few feet from him, his eyes were betrayed, where hurt, he didn't know what to say or what to do.Blood was smeered across my face, dripping from my mouth, on my pink jacket and on my hands.There was no denying what i am or what i had done. That's when he went off yelling at me.

"How could you do that, Its monstrous, revolting, Horrible" He just kept yelling. I felt my stomach fall even harder as I watched the fury roll off his body.

"I can't help what I am" I said............................ 


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Chapter One : Different Jacob's P.O.V

Where are they? I looked around the hall , Quil and Seth were no where to be seen. I had gotten kicked out of la push school for fighting , and my friends also got kicked out for helping the fight.

“Hey man” Embry said as he walked into the hall way from Math

“there you are,your late”

“Sorry had to help the teacher”

We went in the cafeteria to find Seth and Quil already sitting at the table with the gang.

“Hey Paul” He stiffened and then smiled.

“Hey” He said looking different.

“Did you get taller” Embry asked

“yeah, I'm not really feeling to well” He said to us.

“why don't you go home”

“Cause I have to show this new girl around the school” I sighed, Everyone would be talking about the knew girl and her family for the next couple of days. This is what you get for living in a small town tho.

“I will show her around if you want” Seth offered.

“Sure man thanks” Paul said biting into a sandwich. I started to eat my food slowly. Then I felt the breeze of the Cafe door open. I looked over and people were stopping to stare at the new kids. The first two came in, One tall male with brown hair, and pale as ice skin,The second Blond with the same Pale as Ice skin, both of their eyes were Gold. I stared.

“Who are they” I asked

“The Cullen's and the Hale's and the Mason's” Embry said

“That is Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale” Seth said telling me what I was more interested in.

“And that is Edward Cullen and Bella Mason,with Bella's Sister Renesmee Mason” Seth added as the next set came in the room.

“Oh I had that Edward guy in my class” Embry said. I watched the renesmee girl she was cute, Edward Cullen looked over at me as if he could tell what I was thinking.

“That is Jasper Hale , He is Rosalie's Twin and Jade Mason” As he said this ,they all walked to the back table.

“they seem, Nice” I said noticing the resemblance to all of them.

“Yeah, there all adopted” Embry said , as if there was something wrong with being adopted.

“You know you were adopted too” Embry frowned

“How do you know”

“your mom told me” I said simply.

“what no way” Embry said totally angry now.

“Just kidding dude chill” He looked taller as well.

“Are you feeling well Embry” He looked over at Paul then back at me.

“yeah kind of weird but I'm alright” He said I Shrugged it off. Then Suddenly The Door opened again, and a girl with shoulder length hair and brownish green eyes walked over to the Cullen's table.

“Who's that” I asked one last time

“Alice hale” Paul stated firmly.

“Is that the girl you have to show around” I asked

“No that would be Renesmee ,Alice was in my first period class, all the guys were drooling on her, but she wouldn't speak not to a single one” I looked over at Renesmee and the girl Named Alice staring. When suddenly Edward said something and renesmee turned around. I was starting to think that he had super powers or just impeccable timing. She stared for a minute then smiled. I smiled back and then hid my face in the hood of my jacket.


Alice's P.O.V


“What was he thinking about daddy” Renesmee asked Edward.

“He was thinking about how beautiful Alice and you looked” She smiled and looked over at the boy who was staring at our table. I didn't bother looking. Life was starting to get boring. Alice Hale Half human half vampire girl , No partner and no life. My parents are Jasper and Jade Cullen or known her Jasper Hale and Jade Mason. I sighed and laid my head down on the table.

“What was that” Edward asked me.

“what was what”

“That in your vision”

“Stop reading my mind”

“Sorry can't help it, plus its hard not to think about you when the boy is staring at you and thinking about your every movement” I turned

“Stop it Edward” Bella said to him.

“I cant see him” I said to my self

“what” they all said at the same time.

“I..I … cant see his future” I was shocked , he was the first human in my life that I hadn't been able to see.

“Glad I'm not the only one broken” Bella said picking up a piece of pizza and pretended to take a bite as a girl was analyzing her every move as well as the other students. There's something about him I thought to my self.

“See you later” I said to them, as all the kids were getting ready for the next class. I got up and headed out of the room. I slowly walked into my next class. Shy as more people started to stare at me. Vampire beauty was one of the many things I wasn't excited about because people looked at you all the time. I stepped through the door and twenty eyes looked over at me.

“Miss Hale” the teacher said I smiled , and the lecture I was about to get for being late was gone and passed.

“Please take a seat next to Mr. Black” I took my seat at the only empty chair in the room.

“Alright class, today we are going to be working with partners, so the person next to you will be your partner and you will have to complete a worksheet” He said in a nasally voice.

“Does he always sound so boring” I mumbled to my self not really to anyone in particular.

“Yes, I usually sleep” I turned to see my partner was the boy from the cafeteria.

“Hi, I'm Jacob” he said when I froze

“I'm Alice nice to meet you” I shook his hand and he smiled, I felt a spark go through my hand. Suddenly I froze and the scene that played before me was shocking. I came back to reality when it started.

The teacher slammed his hand down on the table for a second, we all looked over to see him, struggle for a moment. Then he collapsed on the floor. I jumped over and ran over to check the teachers pulse. I took my phone out and called 911.

“Carlisle, my teacher dropped , I think he is having a heart attack”

“I will be right there Alice”

“SOMEONE RUN TO THE OFFICE AND TELL THEM WHATS GOING ON” I yelled not seeing who ran to the office, I started preparing him to go the hospital. I have done this many many times in the past 200 years. I sighed and kept him elevated.

“ALICE” Carlisle said from the door way.

“Carlisle, I kept him elevated his heart rate is through the roof.”

“Alright we will take it from here” The EMT said. The room buzzed with teens talking. The EMT's left , Carlisle turned around kissed the top of my head and then left as well. I sighed and walked back to my desk.

“That was amazing” one of the girls squealed to me.

“Yeah I guess” I sat down, I noticed Jacob wasn’t in the class anymore. Great my freakish knowledge about heart attacks scared him off. The bell rang and I headed out the class room and went to our car. When I got there Emmett was smiling up as storm.

“What” I asked, cause he was staring at me with that smile.

“Nothing” I rolled my eyes and turned around to see Edwards smiling too.

“WHAT” I asked irritated.

“Emmett just happened to hear some guys talking about you that’s all” I growled.

“Tell me Emmett or I’m going to expose us all and kick your butt again” He frowned

“I had dirt in my eye that time” He said furious.

“Not here you too” Edwards said , Renesmee took my hand and we went to her car. I climbed in the front seat.

“He heard some guys talking about how hot you are that’s all” She said telling me what it was they weren't telling me.


“So does he like me” Renesmee asked


“that boy from the lunch room” She asked hopefully

“How am I suppose to know”

“I saw you guys talking”

“Oh, we were just saying hello, His name is Jacob” I smiled thinking about his perfect smile. She looked over at me and smiled


“You like him don't you”

“No, I don't even know him,plus aren't you and Nahuel dating .”

“Okay, and Off and On” She said continuing to drive. When we reached the house , I went straight to my room ignoring the stares I got on my way up there. I knew renesmee and I would go shopping later. I loved shopping. Me and renesmee where the tightest out of the bunch, being half human and half vampire in all. I heard a knock at my door.

“Alice” Bella said

“Come in Bella” I smiled, I loved Bella, I couldn't believe everything we went through just to get her for Edward.

“Just wanted to see how your first day went was all”

“Great” I smiled

“That's good, and the future?”

“Blurry” I murmured looking up at the ceiling.

“Oh okay well good night Alice”

“Night Bella” As she closed the door I soon fell asleep.















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love it! good job 


Chapter Four Jacob's P.O.V
The Dance

I raced across the field running from the dark killer. Suddenly I reached a wall of rock. It reached high and wide. I looked around there was no escape, my heart was racing. The dark hunter was in front of me as I pressed my body against the wall of rock.
Jacob” I heard a voice. I looked around , suddenly Alice came out from the bushes.
Alice you have to get out of here” I yelled to her, Suddenly the hunter lunged for her.

End of Dream.

I shot up in bed. My face covered in sweat. I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen.
You alright Jacob” my dad asked.
Yeah just bad dream” He nodded. I walked into the bathroom. I noticed I had to lean more towards the sink then normal, I looked in the mirror. I looked like I had grown another foot or two. I shook my head and washed my face off. Tomorrow was the dance and I wanted everything to be perfect. I got dressed for school and then jumped in my car and headed to school.
When I reached the school everyone was hitting other students with snow balls. I laughed,and parked farthest away from the school. I searched Immediately for her. My eyes locked on her slender body that was leaning against the Cullen Jeep. She looked bored and unamused. I walked in her general direction. She looked beautiful. I couldn't believe I was taking her to the dance.
Hey man” Seth said stepping into my view. I looked around him and she was gone. Damn. I thought to my self.
hey Seth, whats up” I asked
Nothing have you seen Quil?” He asked I frowned, seemed like everyone was ditching here lately, Paul,Embry and Quil. I pondered that for a moment.
no man I haven't”
Weird” he said
You look taller” Seth said to me in surprise.
I feel taller” I admitted.

The bell rang and Seth and I rushed to class. I slid into home room and the teacher looked at me strange.
take a seat Mr. Black” I took my usual seat in the back of the class. I sat there as the teacher started back into his Lecture.
Alice's P.O.V

Jacob and I had been talking on the phone some, I even spoke to his dad for a moment when I called to see if Jacob was home.

School went by boring like usual, Same stuff,different day. I was relived when school let out, I wanted to see Jacob again. When I stepped out in the parking lot,A vision happened, A large Snow ball smashing to my face. I ducked down as the Snow ball hit the school wall cracking the brick a little. Soon, Uncle Emmett ,my dad and uncle Edward were throwing Snow balls at me. I ducted behind a car so they wouldn't see me.

“Over here” Jacob said as he watched me trying to retreat. I got in his car and coward down in his car seats. He chuckled.
You know you look ridiculous right?” he chuckled again and started his car. I stuck my tongue at him. As soon as I felt him pull off onto the high way , I sat up in my seat and pulled my seat belt on. I laughed at my self internally because it wouldn’t matter if we were in a crash or not.
How was your day” he asked me
It was fine until my brothers try to hit me with snow balls. How about you?”
It was...” He cut off and frowned.
What?” I asked
weird” He finished. He focused on the road then,
Are you ready for the dance” He asked suddenly.
Yes” He took my hand in his, My heart raced frantically. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds for a moment, my skin made a glimmer, not noticeable to human eyes like Jacobs but noticeable to me. My parents on the other hand would have been noticeable. He squeezed my hand. I smiled. We pulled up to a small park.
want to go for a walk with me”
Sure,sure” I said using his usual response. He hoped out of the car and opened the door for me.
Thank you” I said. We started to walk through the park.
So what do you want to do when your out of high school” I asked him curious to what his interests could be.
Not sure maybe open my own mechanic shop or Go to college” He said seriously
What about you” he asked me.
College” I stated matter of fact, it was part of our facade.

“what do you want to study?” He asked me, and grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. As we walked through the park, It felt nice to have his warm hand on mine. I smiled.

“I'm thinking something in graphics design or maybe fashion design.”

“wow that sounds great”


we walked over to the swings and I sat down he sat next to me. I was curious if he had talked to Embry but I didn't want to bring anything up if it was going to upset him like last time.

“I better get home so I can get ready for the dance” I said after talking for another 10 minutes.

“yeah I have to help my dad before I come get you” he smiled. We walked back to his car and started towards my house. When we showed up at my house, I could hear my family talking inside. Jacob opened the door and walked me up to the front step. My dad was suddenly out side of the door.

“Hello Jasper” Jacob said, if only he knew that it was my father and not my brother.

“Hello Jacob”

“Alice, Our Mother would like to speak with you” my dad said with a laugh in his voice. Jacob frowned as if he was missing a joke.

“I will be in ,in a second.”

“Quickly” he added as he walked back inside.

“I guess I’ll see you tonight” he said and let go of my hand. My hand instantly started to get colder.

“bye” I whispered, to low for him to hear. I walked inside and uncle Emmett was laughing.

“Shut up” I mumbled.

“I don't want you dating him” my father said , I frowned.

“You can't stop me from dating him” I said, I had foreseen this being a problem.

“It's dangerous” he said I frowned

“You dated mom and she was a human, and so did uncle Edward.”

“It's not the same”


“You'll understand soon enough” I frowned again

“what ever ,I'm going to date him weather you like it or not”

I walked up stairs and started to get ready. I got dressed in a black dress with Silver detailing, I wore a cross around my neck , silver bangles,Waterfall earrings and black stilettos.

I stepped out of my room and walked down the stairs.

“Oh honey you look gorgeous”my mom said.

“thank you mom” I said , my dad didn't look to thrilled but pulled me into a hug. The door bell rung then, and Renesmee was the first to open it. Seth then stepped through the door. Renesmee hugged him. Jacob entered the house then, I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face.

The school was lite up from the out side in. I smiled

“Looks beautiful isn't it” Jacob asked me

“yes” Lights stringed the out side of the school. Our dance theme was moon light sonata. We entered the school and Jacob took my hand and twirled me around, on the dance floor. I laughed as we danced.

“want to go somewhere more private” He asked in my ear as the song finished.

“yeah” We walked out to a Gazebo, that was twisted up with lights and Ivy. It was Beautiful.

We were dancing under the lights out side. I laid my head on Jacobs chest it was so easy to be around Jacob. His warm arms around me. He shuddered

“Are you okay” I asked him after dancing in silence for a bit.

“yeah just not feeling right” he said slowly. He backed away from me. I frowned.

“I have to..” he trailed off looking at the distance.

“I have to go” then he ran,taking off, I just stood there looking off where he ran.

That outfit is cute!!

And this is so good!! I'm craving more already!

Oh poor poor Alice left there on the dance floor by herself.

I can't wait till she finds out what he is. I'm surprised she hasn't worked it out yet.

It's a great story.

Don't worry yall im working on the next chapter now, and working on Tangled lies, Im on a roll today

oh poor Jake! hopefully he tells get soon!
I loove it!!

                                        Chapter 5

                                     Missing Friend

                                         Alice's P.O.V

I sat in the White chair that faced our window wall. I watched as the Lights dimmed as the sun went down. Lights go out and the forest comes out to play, as my mother says. The doe and bucks in the forest danced around as they walked towards the meadow. I curled my legs up with me. I searched for a future for him and yet still nothing. It was frustrating, I understand how Uncle Edward feels when he can't read Aunt Bella's mind. No one dared bother me, Not even after I hadn't eaten or hunted. I sighed, Its been two weeks since Jacob took off.

-Flash Back- Two days after

“Alice we are leaving,you sure you don't want to come with us” my mom asked

“No, I just want to be left alone” She nodded. They all took one last look at me and left the house , on to their Hunting trip,even Renesmee Joined them. It was really Irritating to have there pity stares. As if to say oh poor little future seeing girl. I crunched my first into a ball.

As soon as I could “see” them hunting. I picked up the phone.

“Hello” A voice said

“Jacob?” I asked

“Yeah its me” He said voice strained

“Oh Jacob you sound horrible”

“I feel Horrible” he whispered

“I'm so sorry we went to the dance,other wise you wouldn't be sick”

“No,I'm glad we went”

“I'm sorry, Do you want me to bring you something” It took me a second to realize I wouldn't be able to cross the line.

“No,No, you Can't come down” He put an Infuses on the word you.

“But Jacob-” I started to say

“I gotta go” Abruptly the phone line was dead.

“Bye” I whispered to no one.

-End of Flashback-

The phone call kept replying over and over in my head. That's when it hit me. YOU not as in me, but as in a Vampire can't come down there, He was part of the werewolf's now. I replayed What Paul,Embry and Sam said to me about my family not allowed on their land. This new revelation soon to over my brain, he wasn't running away from me, He was changing into a werewolf. Oh poor Jacob! I thought to myself.

“Honey you need to feed, or eat something around the house, your father and I are really worried.”

“Alright I'll see if Renesmee or Uncle Edward want to go Hunting or something.”

“Thank you” she said with relief in her voice. I froze as a vision occurred, the room around went blank as I saw another image. A knock on the door and Grandpa opening it. Tanya,Kate,Garrett,Carmen and Eleazar were standing there. Then the Vision vanished.

“what is it? “ my mom asked

“Tanya and her family are coming to visit” I said happily. I haven't seen them in such a long time.

“How how wonderful, I'll go tell Carlisle”

“Can I take the Motorcycle after I hunt” I asked my dad as he entered the room.

“I-” My mom started to say

“No,You know your mother doesn't like you on that thing”

“But its not like I will get hurt if I crash, plus I love to feel the open air”

“No” my mom said a final time.

“Fine” I got up and took off up stairs.

I Stepped around the corner and saw Seth and Renesmee sitting on the bed talking. I decided not to bother her, not to mention it would give up our secret mentioning hunting in front of a human. The thought of Seth brought up my earlier anxiousness of Jacob. I walked to the back of the house and Uncle Edward and Aunt Bella were having one of there moment, where see lets him inside of here mind.

-Its nothing I'll give you privacy- I thought in my head. I went in my room and changed into a pair of Blue jeans ,A white shirt with Pink strips, and a black Jacket,pink heels. I grabbed my car keys and started down the narrow roads of Forks and headed to Portland.

                                              Jacob's P.O.V

                          ONE WEEK & FIVE DAYS EARLIER

Her phone Call was the most heart wrenching experience I could have had. I wasn't allowed to see her, I wasn't allowed to see anyone anymore. I was a monster. According to the pact so was her family. Vampires, the reasoning of our existence. They were all worried about her ,there apparently is never a Half Human ,Half Vampire before and this makes the tribe members concerned. They say her family isn't dangerous tho, they eat animals. I don't understand, How can a world like this be full of Legends and myths. I was hurting the one girl that I ever seriously liked.

My body was still in pain as I recalled the night I left her. When I reached home my father looked at me weird and said that I looked strange. I slammed my hand down on the counter and yelled.

“How am I suppose to look” I've never yelled at my father before. Suddenly my body began to shake and my muscles began to make a ripping sound.

“Get out side Jacob NOW” my father yelled I ran out side, Suddenly landing on all fours, Fur sprouting out of every part of my body, It hurt. I screamed out in pain, My mind was filled with talking all of a sudden, Many things filling my mind, Alice talking to me while we fixed her car, Embry yelling for me to calm down. Sam saying its time. Everything was not right,Then I blacked out.

My dreams that night filled with our Ancestors Legends. A vampire with Golden blond hair ripped through the house, Searching for what she wanted. When She found him, She picked up the man and Bit into his neck. The screams shrieked. I jumped up shaking and sweating out of a dead cold sleep. Rain was pounding on the roof. I sat up and leaned against my wall. My room wasn't very large, but homey. I closed my eyes as I thought about her face. Her amazing eyes and soft lips. Then sleep soon took over again.

                         ONE WEEK & FIVE DAYS EARLIER

“Jake want to go out tonight” Embry asked, I ran my hand through my now short hair. I grew 6 inches.

“Sure” I said ,letting my hand fall when it didn't reach any long hair. I sighed.

“I know its tough Jake but it gets easier”

“Sure Sure”: I said waving my hand dismissively. I walked into the house and got dressed. In a pair of Jeans and Black t-shirt and my leather Jacket.

“Ready” I said as I came out into the living room, Paul was sitting on the couch with Quil and Embry.

“Ready” they all said , we headed to the bar in Portland to play some pool. When we arrived there were tons of People out tonight. We entered the bar and paid for the pool table.

“Dude did you hear that Sam and Emily are getting married.”

“Yeah,when is the wedding”

“Not sure”

I shot the ball straight in to the pocket. I looked over to see a table of girls giggling and laughing and smiling as they looked over at us.

“Hey Paul,I think that girl is checking you out” Quil said with a laugh

“Eh, not my type”

“Y'all hungry, I'm gonna grab some food”

“hamburger for me – fries for me- hamburger for me as well” they all said

“Alright” I walked over to the counter and ordered and waited at the counter. Alice came into my thoughts again, I began to shake a little at the anger that came through me. As I waited the door near the front of the bar opened. Suddenly my shaking jerked to a stop; heat flooded through me, stronger than before, but it was a new kind of heat-not a burning.

It was a glowing.

Everything inside me came undone as I stared at her; the half vampire half human girl. All the lines that held me to my life were sliced apart in swift cuts. Like clipping strings to a bunch of balloons. Everything that made me who I was- my love for my father-my love for my friends-my loyalty to my pack,my hatred for my enemies,my home ,my name,myself all disconnected from me in that second-snip,snip,snip-and floated up into space.

I was not left drifting. A new string held me where I was now.

Not one string but a million. Not strings, but steel cables. A million steel cables. A million steel cables tying me to one thing-to the very center of the universe.

I could see that now- how the universe swirled around this one point.

It was no longer gravity that held me here it was her the half human,half vampire girl.


                                     Alice's P.O.V

I walked into the bar in Portland. I always came her with Renesmee when things got tough, but I guess my tough days are worst now. I looked over at the bar and saw him. I frowned, I didn't want to cause him anymore pain. So just as quickly as I came I left. I jump in my car at inhuman speed and drove.

I parked the car in an abandon lot, and got out and ran into the woods that were on the outskirts of town. I needed to feed, I found the first deer that crossed my path and sank my teeth into its neck, letting the warmth of the blood fill me to the core.

Suddenly as I let the body fall to the ground, A vision accrued. A Female about the age of 20, was running down the street trying to get way from her attacker. She was close to the bar that I was just at, I could see the attacker, Male-vampire-,then the vision was hazy fuzzy like. I growled at the fact that I had to save her from this vampire.

I ran off to the bar it was quicker than the car. When I got there she had just turned behind the bar. I stayed out of sight until the male-vampire made him self known. Then he struck, pinned her against the wall, inches from her neck. I jumped down from the building top and took him down. We were probably to fast in our fighting for her human eyes to keep track.

He kicked me against the wall and ran off. I turned to see the human girl laying on the ground,passed out from hitting her head to hard. I leaned down to help her when I heard the back door of the bar open-Jacob, Jared, Paul,Quil, stood there staring.

I was a few feet from him, his eyes were betrayed, where hurt, he didn't know what to say or what to do. Blood was smeared across my face, dripping from my mouth from the deer, on my black jacket and on my hands. There was no denying what i am. That’s when he went off yelling at me.

"How could you do that, Its monstrous, revolting, Horrible" He just kept yelling. I felt my stomach fall even harder as I watched the fury roll off his body.

"I can't help what I am” Then with out another word I picked up the unconscious girl and ran to my car with inhuman speed. When I got to my car I drove as fast as I could to my house. When I arrived home I kept my thoughts distracted with things like clothes as I carried her inside.

                    “GRANDPA I NEED YOUR HELP” I yelled.


love it keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the twist, the fact that Jacob has got it so wrong, it made a great trailer, I thought the same as Jacob until I read this chapter.

I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Poor Alice, she must be so hurt.

Such a great chapter!!! Wondering when your gonna update your other story???

Soon i promise, I was trying to catch up this story a little before putting the other one up. 


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