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                                                    Whatcha say:By Izzy Ness Black 


I stood a few feet from him, his eyes were betrayed, where hurt, he didn't know what to say or what to do.Blood was smeered across my face, dripping from my mouth, on my pink jacket and on my hands.There was no denying what i am or what i had done. That's when he went off yelling at me.

"How could you do that, Its monstrous, revolting, Horrible" He just kept yelling. I felt my stomach fall even harder as I watched the fury roll off his body.

"I can't help what I am" I said............................ 


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Chapter One : Different Jacob's P.O.V

Where are they? I looked around the hall , Quil and Seth were no where to be seen. I had gotten kicked out of la push school for fighting , and my friends also got kicked out for helping the fight.

“Hey man” Embry said as he walked into the hall way from Math

“there you are,your late”

“Sorry had to help the teacher”

We went in the cafeteria to find Seth and Quil already sitting at the table with the gang.

“Hey Paul” He stiffened and then smiled.

“Hey” He said looking different.

“Did you get taller” Embry asked

“yeah, I'm not really feeling to well” He said to us.

“why don't you go home”

“Cause I have to show this new girl around the school” I sighed, Everyone would be talking about the knew girl and her family for the next couple of days. This is what you get for living in a small town tho.

“I will show her around if you want” Seth offered.

“Sure man thanks” Paul said biting into a sandwich. I started to eat my food slowly. Then I felt the breeze of the Cafe door open. I looked over and people were stopping to stare at the new kids. The first two came in, One tall male with brown hair, and pale as ice skin,The second Blond with the same Pale as Ice skin, both of their eyes were Gold. I stared.

“Who are they” I asked

“The Cullen's and the Hale's and the Mason's” Embry said

“That is Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale” Seth said telling me what I was more interested in.

“And that is Edward Cullen and Bella Mason,with Bella's Sister Renesmee Mason” Seth added as the next set came in the room.

“Oh I had that Edward guy in my class” Embry said. I watched the renesmee girl she was cute, Edward Cullen looked over at me as if he could tell what I was thinking.

“That is Jasper Hale , He is Rosalie's Twin and Jade Mason” As he said this ,they all walked to the back table.

“they seem, Nice” I said noticing the resemblance to all of them.

“Yeah, there all adopted” Embry said , as if there was something wrong with being adopted.

“You know you were adopted too” Embry frowned

“How do you know”

“your mom told me” I said simply.

“what no way” Embry said totally angry now.

“Just kidding dude chill” He looked taller as well.

“Are you feeling well Embry” He looked over at Paul then back at me.

“yeah kind of weird but I'm alright” He said I Shrugged it off. Then Suddenly The Door opened again, and a girl with shoulder length hair and brownish green eyes walked over to the Cullen's table.

“Who's that” I asked one last time

“Alice hale” Paul stated firmly.

“Is that the girl you have to show around” I asked

“No that would be Renesmee ,Alice was in my first period class, all the guys were drooling on her, but she wouldn't speak not to a single one” I looked over at Renesmee and the girl Named Alice staring. When suddenly Edward said something and renesmee turned around. I was starting to think that he had super powers or just impeccable timing. She stared for a minute then smiled. I smiled back and then hid my face in the hood of my jacket.


Alice's P.O.V


“What was he thinking about daddy” Renesmee asked Edward.

“He was thinking about how beautiful Alice and you looked” She smiled and looked over at the boy who was staring at our table. I didn't bother looking. Life was starting to get boring. Alice Hale Half human half vampire girl , No partner and no life. My parents are Jasper and Jade Cullen or known her Jasper Hale and Jade Mason. I sighed and laid my head down on the table.

“What was that” Edward asked me.

“what was what”

“That in your vision”

“Stop reading my mind”

“Sorry can't help it, plus its hard not to think about you when the boy is staring at you and thinking about your every movement” I turned

“Stop it Edward” Bella said to him.

“I cant see him” I said to my self

“what” they all said at the same time.

“I..I … cant see his future” I was shocked , he was the first human in my life that I hadn't been able to see.

“Glad I'm not the only one broken” Bella said picking up a piece of pizza and pretended to take a bite as a girl was analyzing her every move as well as the other students. There's something about him I thought to my self.

“See you later” I said to them, as all the kids were getting ready for the next class. I got up and headed out of the room. I slowly walked into my next class. Shy as more people started to stare at me. Vampire beauty was one of the many things I wasn't excited about because people looked at you all the time. I stepped through the door and twenty eyes looked over at me.

“Miss Hale” the teacher said I smiled , and the lecture I was about to get for being late was gone and passed.

“Please take a seat next to Mr. Black” I took my seat at the only empty chair in the room.

“Alright class, today we are going to be working with partners, so the person next to you will be your partner and you will have to complete a worksheet” He said in a nasally voice.

“Does he always sound so boring” I mumbled to my self not really to anyone in particular.

“Yes, I usually sleep” I turned to see my partner was the boy from the cafeteria.

“Hi, I'm Jacob” he said when I froze

“I'm Alice nice to meet you” I shook his hand and he smiled, I felt a spark go through my hand. Suddenly I froze and the scene that played before me was shocking. I came back to reality when it started.

The teacher slammed his hand down on the table for a second, we all looked over to see him, struggle for a moment. Then he collapsed on the floor. I jumped over and ran over to check the teachers pulse. I took my phone out and called 911.

“Carlisle, my teacher dropped , I think he is having a heart attack”

“I will be right there Alice”

“SOMEONE RUN TO THE OFFICE AND TELL THEM WHATS GOING ON” I yelled not seeing who ran to the office, I started preparing him to go the hospital. I have done this many many times in the past 200 years. I sighed and kept him elevated.

“ALICE” Carlisle said from the door way.

“Carlisle, I kept him elevated his heart rate is through the roof.”

“Alright we will take it from here” The EMT said. The room buzzed with teens talking. The EMT's left , Carlisle turned around kissed the top of my head and then left as well. I sighed and walked back to my desk.

“That was amazing” one of the girls squealed to me.

“Yeah I guess” I sat down, I noticed Jacob wasn’t in the class anymore. Great my freakish knowledge about heart attacks scared him off. The bell rang and I headed out the class room and went to our car. When I got there Emmett was smiling up as storm.

“What” I asked, cause he was staring at me with that smile.

“Nothing” I rolled my eyes and turned around to see Edwards smiling too.

“WHAT” I asked irritated.

“Emmett just happened to hear some guys talking about you that’s all” I growled.

“Tell me Emmett or I’m going to expose us all and kick your butt again” He frowned

“I had dirt in my eye that time” He said furious.

“Not here you too” Edwards said , Renesmee took my hand and we went to her car. I climbed in the front seat.

“He heard some guys talking about how hot you are that’s all” She said telling me what it was they weren't telling me.


“So does he like me” Renesmee asked


“that boy from the lunch room” She asked hopefully

“How am I suppose to know”

“I saw you guys talking”

“Oh, we were just saying hello, His name is Jacob” I smiled thinking about his perfect smile. She looked over at me and smiled


“You like him don't you”

“No, I don't even know him,plus aren't you and Nahuel dating .”

“Okay, and Off and On” She said continuing to drive. When we reached the house , I went straight to my room ignoring the stares I got on my way up there. I knew renesmee and I would go shopping later. I loved shopping. Me and renesmee where the tightest out of the bunch, being half human and half vampire in all. I heard a knock at my door.

“Alice” Bella said

“Come in Bella” I smiled, I loved Bella, I couldn't believe everything we went through just to get her for Edward.

“Just wanted to see how your first day went was all”

“Great” I smiled

“That's good, and the future?”

“Blurry” I murmured looking up at the ceiling.

“Oh okay well good night Alice”

“Night Bella” As she closed the door I soon fell asleep.















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Aw, Alice!!!

It was great! Update again soon! I'm glad you're back, updating :)

oh jeez!! they need to talk about this!!! post more soon!!!
What in the world! Meh!
Why did Jacob just assume?! And why didn't Alice explain?!
Gah! You HAVE got to fix this!

I Feel so bad for Alice she was just trying to help and he just assumes the worst 

Awesome story! Keep me updated and post soon! XD




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