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This is a story about when bella was a baby and she got adopted by the cullens! This is like I Enjoy Edward Cullen**'s story. I would like to thank her for inspiring me! Please let me what you think!!! Please read I Enjoy Edward Cullen**'s Baby Girl Bella...Hale? IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! LIKE, A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN MINE! Even if you don't like it, i will keep writing with your advice! THIS IS COPY WRITED 2009 BY I_LOVE_JACOB_FREAKEN_BLACK!


Chapter 1- Found

Edwards point of view.

We were driving to Rushing falls. They have a bear problem there. We thought we would help out. I was going 180. All of a sudden, i heard a scared thought. It was a woman thinking " Please god, help my baby girl! Oh, please, please, please!" I turned the corner and there, in front of us, was one of the worst car crashes i've seen in decades. A cement truck ran into a little honda civic. It looked like only half of the car had been made. "We need to go look and see if they're okay." Carlisle said. I nodded and dialed 911. The ambulance arrived in 15 minutes, we weren't to far from the hospital. The mom had died in 10 minutes after the ambulance arrived and the father had died instantly when the cement truck hit them. There was a little girl in the back of the car, crying. She had a broken arm and a few cuts and scrapes. We asked what was going to happen to her. Child services said that there was no family to take care of her. Carlisle said we would take care of her until she was adopted. We found out that her name was bella.

Chapter 2- Keeping

It had been two months, and she was still not adopted yet. We had all grown attached to her, especially Rose. I've held her many times, and i fed her. She seemed to like me. Carlisle came in the room "No one is adopting her. We need to do something." He said. "I think we should keep her." he said. everyone one was happy, but also scared for her. They were worried about what would happen if she got cut, and someone was thirsty. "Obviously, we need to work through this, and find ways to handle our senses." he said.

Chapter 3- Home

Bella has been living with us for 5 months now. Everything has been going great. She's started to pick favorite's for sure. She's starting to lean away from Rose, who she had a big bond with 3 months ago, and more to me. She's started talking. It's cute because she can't pronounce all of our names. She calls Rosalie, Rose, Carlisle, Dad, Esme, Mom, Emmett, Emm, Jasper Jazz, Alice, Allys, and me, Edmard. She can't pronounce w's yet.

Chapter 4- Older
5 year later

It was near lunch now. "Edmard,mom, can i have lunch???" she asked. "Sure you can sweetheart!" answered esme. "What do you want???" i asked. "CEREAL!!!" she said. "But it's lunch time!" i said. "Okay then, HAM!!!" she said. "Okay, kiddo!" i said. I made her a ham and cheese sandwich, or, sandmich as she called it. "You make the BEST ham sandmiches edmard! She learned how to pronounce w's, but she still called me edmard. "Kay kiddo, eat fast, we have to drop you off for your first day at kindergarten!" alice said. "BUT I DON'T WANNA GO!!!" she yelled. " Come on, let's go." i said. "NO!!!" she yelled. "You have no choice!" i told her and picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. "Edmard! you silly willy!" she said.

When we arrived, she looked very worried. "Don't worry sweetie, it'll be fine!" i told her. "I know, i just hope i don't trip and fall!" she said. "I usualy do." she said. "It'll be fun!" i said. and picked her up and out of her car seat. "Let's go." i told her. I walked her in to the school, she still looked nervous.

Chapter 5- Kindergarten

We walked in and met the teacher. A very nice elderly woman(in her late 50's it appeared). Her name was Mrs. Hurst. "Hello there bella, it's very nice to meet you!" she told bella. I liked mrs. Hurst, because she wasn't hitting on me. Bella's pre-school teacher, who was in her late 20's early 30's, always hit on me. She was engaged to! She gave bella better marks because she wanted to go out with me, when i politely said no,then, after that, bella's marks seemed to be getting gradually lower and lower. "It's nice to meet you to Mrs. Hurst!" bella replied. "Let's go find your seat, shall we?" she asked. Bella and i walked to her seat, i put the back pack on the back of her chair. "I have to go now kiddo." i told bella. "Why?" she asked, i think her fears where coming back now. "Because i have to go shopping with your aunt alice!" i explained. "Okay... B-B-But do you PROMISE to be her at 3:15 to pick me up?" she asked. "I PROMISE" i said. "Bye sweetie" i said. "Bye edmard!" she said. As i walked away a boy sat down in his seat next to her. "Hi! My name is Bella Cullen!" she said. "Hi bella! My name is Jacob Black!" Great, she already made a new friend!

When i picked her up, I fastened her in her car seat and we drove away from the school. "How was it sweetie?" i asked her. "IT WAS REALLY REALLY FUN!!!" she said. "And guess what!?!" she said, getting really excited. "What?" i asked her. "I have two best friends now!!!" she said. "Really? What's their names?" i asked. "Well, the first ones name is Jacob, he lives on the reservation, i sit beside him in class! And the second one's name is Edward, but i call him edmard!" She said. "Really? Who is this edmard person?" i asked her, with faking not knowing it was me. "It's you, you silly goose!" she said. "Aww, thanks kiddo! Your my best friend to!" i told her.

Chapter 6- Halloween
Almost 2 months later

It was that time of year again. They end of october,a stupid event where they hand out awful tasting stuff. Yes, it was halloween. This year is going to be bella's first year going trick or treating. Alice dressed her up as the most obvious thing that kinda made me mad. Yes, that's right. Alice dressed Bella up as, what else? A Vampire. I have to admit, it was a cute costume. It was a red and black dress with little black shoes, and fake vampire teeth. Me and Alice took her out trick or treating. And she came home with one and a half pillow cases full of candy. When we got home, Bella said something that made every one a little sad. She said. "I love halloween." We asked her why. And she replied "Because i finally fit in with all of you guys!" she said. That made us a little sad, that she thought that she didn't fit in with her own family. "We all love you, no matter what you are bella." Esme said. "I know." she replied."I love you guys to!" she said. It was time for her to go to bed.

In the mornng, bella woke up and we made her breakfast, and we had to go to school. When we got home, bella was still at school. I had to go pick her up in 10 minutes. Something carlisle knew was making him laugh in his mind. "What's so funny Carlisle?" i asked. "Well, before i dropped off bella at school today, i talked to bella about what she said last night. She said. I love you guys to, especially edward." he told us. Everyone burst out laughing. I walked out of the house, and left to go pick bella up from school.

Chapter 7- Confessions
10 years and 2 months later

When I arrived at Bella's new school, her high school she said , "Why did alice have to put me in all of these designer clothes and make-up??? I mean, All the girls think i'm spoiled, so that automatically in their minds means that i'm a brat, and all the guys, except Jacob and Seth, Just want to date me!" she said. "I have only Jacob and Seth, those are my only friends right now!" she said. "Well another school goes here to, so i'm sure you'll make new friends." "I doubt it." she mumbled. If only i could read her thoughts. That would help so much! "Do you want me to walk you to your class room?" i asked. "No, i'm okay, i'm tired of the teachers ignoring me and only talking to you." she said slamming the door and shaking her head slightly. "Bye Bella. I'll pick you up at 3:15?" i asked. "No, jacob's giving me a ride home." she said. "Okay then bye." i said. "Bye." she said. walking to Jacob and Seth. Jacob was a nice boy, very considerate. But if only she knew his real thoughts. He was going to ask her to the spring dance.

Chapter 8- The Answer

When bella arrived home, she had a smile on her face. "What's up with you?" asked Emmett. "What? Oh, i'm going to the dance with jacob." she said. Jasper growled. "It's fine, we're just going as friends jaz." she said. "OH YAY!!! WE CAN GET YOUA DRESS AND EVERYTHING!!! THIS WILL BE SO MUCH FUN!!!" alice yelled from upstairs. She ran downstairs in a matter of 2.5 seconds. She already started playing with bella's hair. "When is it?" esme asked. "Who really cares? Honestly, i'm still prettier than her, even when alice spends HOURS on her! We all know that!" Rosalie thought. I gave her a smug look, and she just rolled her eyes.

Chapter 9- Beautiful
2 weeks later

Bella walked down the stairs, looking beautiful. She had a knee high dress on. It was a light pink and strapless. I never noticed before, how beautiful she was. " Oh, bella, you look gorgeous!" esme said. "Alice picked everything out. I think it's a little much for grade 10 prom." She said. "You look very beautiful." i said. She blushed. All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. Carlisle answered it as alice made sure there was nothing wrong with bella. Jacob walked in and said, "You look nice bells!" jacob said."Nice? That's it jacob???" alice asked. "Sorry alice, you look pretty bella." he said. Jacob had grown close to our family. "Thank you jacob, you look very handsome." she said. Bella thought they were just going as friends to the prom, jacob, well... he thought otherwise. Everyone said that she looked beautiful, took pictures, and then they left

Chapter 10- Surprise

The next day, bella kept telling us about how wonderful the prom was. "...I'm just so glad that jacob was there with me, so i could have an excuse to turn down the 30 guys who asked me to dance. Most of them had girlfriends who were in the bathroom to!" she said. It sounded like she had a wondeful time.

Jacob arrived to pick up bella at 8:15, his thoughts were bothering me. "I want to tell her so bad!" he said over and over in his head. I finally pulled him into the kitchen to talk about the news he wanted to tell bella. "What's the matter jacob? What is it you want to tell bella?" i asked. "I hate that you can read my mind!" he said. "Can i trust you? you have to promise not to tell anyone, and let bella know from me?" he asked. " Of course jacob, what is it?" "Well... i'm...s-sort of...a-a... w-we-werwolf." he said.

Chapter 11- Thinking (Jacob's point of view)

It has been exactly one week since i told edward of me being a werewolf, and getting kicked out of the house. He was really mad, and didn't tell bella why he was, he said it was for her safety, but he was also keeping his promise. I told bella two days after the truth of my weird growth spirts. She took it quite well, considering some other people's reactions. Edward has calmed down a little, but will not let bella come down here. It was kinda silly actually, he was afraid I'd phase in front of her and hurt her like Sam did to Emily. I still hung out with bella, but not without Edward's permission, or a cullen's supervision. The Cullen of Choice was Alice, she let us do pretty much whatever we wanted. It was so ridiculous. Bella was fine, I can control myself! Oh it mad me mad! It makes me so mad, that i'm shaking right now! Oh wait.. maybe he is right... never mind then.

Chapter 12- Love (Edward's point of view)

Me, emmett, and jasper were hanging out with bella, we were watching The Simpsons. Her head was lying on my chest. How i loved her, but i could never tell her. Her heart was bating, her blood calling my, taunting me, but i loved her to much to hurt her. She looked up at me and said, "What's the matter Edward???" She asked me. "Nothing Bella, nothing." I lied smoothly. When the show was over, Alice and i were talking, we were going to school again, we were starting the 11th grade with bella. She was talking about my back to school outfit, i wasn't really paying attention, and alice could tell. "Edward, are you listening?" she asked, "What?? Sorry Alice" i said. "Oh Edward, you need to tell her!" Alice said. "What are you talking about?" i asked her, using a poker face, i obviously knew what she was talking about. "Oh Edward, please, you love bella! Just tell her! Have you been blind lately? She loves you to! The way she looks at you, and the way she flirts with you, like laying on you chest while your watching tv?" she said, "She, she loves me?" i said. "YES!!! DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER! MR, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS, EDWARD CULLEN!" She was right, i needed to tell bella!

Chapter 13- Running (Bella's Point of View)

I was watching t.v. while waiting for Edward to come back down. I loved Edward so much, but I could never tell him that. He doesn't like me, it's quite obvious. I was watching "Days of our Lives" when Rosalie came up to me. "Hey Bella, can I talk to you alone, for a minute please?" "Sure thing Rose." Me and her walked to the river, "What's up?" I asked her. "Don't give me that Bella! You know what's happening, you and Edward being all over each other, you don't belong with each other Bella!!! YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!!!" "wh- what?" I was confused, I knew Rose didn't like me, but I never knew she would try to hurt me. "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BI**CH!!! YOU.DON'T.BELONG.HERE!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW??? CAN YOU GET IT THROUGH YOUR LITTLE HUMAN BRAIN!!! YOU AND EDWARD CAN NEVER EXISTS!!!" Ouch, Rose really didn't like me. "GET OUT OF HERE YOU BI**CH!!!" So, I followed her command, I ran as fast as I could, I didn't know where I was going, I only knew I was getting as far away as Rosalie as possible.

Chapter 14- Emotions (Edward Point of View)

I was so happy, no, happy doesn't explain what I was feeling right now. Many Emotions were running through right now, I was going to tell my Lovely Bella that I love her! I ran down the stairs in a matter of 1.7 seconds. "Hey, Emmett, where's Bella?" i asked him. "Last time I saw her, she was walking to the river with Rosalie." He answered. Hmm... maybe Rose was finally making up with Bella. If they were friends, that would make my life, sooo much easier. I walked to the river, and I saw Rosalie standing there, with a smile on her face. But wait... where's bella. Rose must of heard me walking up. "Hey Rose, where's Bella." she looked at me and wiped the smile off of her face. "Promise me you won't get mad?" she asked. I didn't know what was going on, her thoughts only said, "Oh god, he's going to kill me, but it's worth it." "What did you do Rosalie?" i asked, i was worried now. "Don't worry Edward, I mad our lives easier, less painful." What was she talking about. "What did you do Rose?!?!" I was yelling now. "Oh Edward, settle down, I didn't hurt her, well I didn't hurt her, physically." "WHAT DID YOU DO ROSALIE?!?!?! ANSWER ME!!!" I was mad now. "I sent her away." I didn't know what to do, there was, yet again, a flood of emotions. It was a different kind though. The flood was full of hate, being scared for my bella, and wanting to kill rosalie. So I took her, my own sister, by the neck, and smashed her down on the ground. The ground vibrated. Then everyone else cam as i was punching,kicking, and hurting rosalie. It took both Emmett and Jasper to get me off of her. I was trying to break free of their iron grasp, but it was no use. "Edward what happened?" Esme asked. "Ask her." was all I said. "Rosalie, what happened." Esme asked her. "I sent bella away, I made our lives easier, I made our lives less painful." Everyone just looked at her, and Jasper and Emmett let go of me, and I charged into the forest, looking for my Bella.

Chapter 15- Looking (Jacob's point of view)

I was lying in my bed, my feet were dangling off the end, trying too sleep when I got the phone call. It was 2 in the afternoon, I had just finished rounds and I was very tired. I was nearly asleep when I heard my phone playing Life is Beautiful by sixx a.m., I answered it, saying "What do you want leech, I'm trying too sleep." "It's Bella." Uh Oh, what happened. "What about Bella?" "She's missing." what happened. "Why is she missing?" "Rosalie upset her, told her she didn't belong." Stupid Blondie. "Do you know where she could've gone?" "No" now I really hated Blondie. "We have to find her." "No really Edward? That never came across your mind? I'll be over there in 5 minutes." I hung up and Got dressed. I ran as fast as I could, I ad to find Bella, I would go to the end of the universe looking for her!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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