The Twilight Saga

hey this is my first story ive written so dont be mad if its not any good


                                     chapter 1


  I remember the day my life turned from perfect to a living nightmare as if it was yesterday. My family and I was heading home from our vacation, my mom was sitting in the passenger seat reading with my dad in the drivers seat looking at the road and my little sister/best friend Lilly was singing awfully loud to the radio while I was looking out the window watching the trees pass by. Lilly was 9 years old and was the best annoying little sister ive ever had but she was the "only" sister ive ever had but i loved her with all my heart.My mom and dad was amazingly the best parents any kid could ever ask for they would get me and Lilly anything that we wanted so yes my life was perfect until all that dissapeard.My dad took his eyes off the road and smiled at me in the review mirrow for a second then i saw a huge  gray beast with red eyes and heard a loud crash before everything went black. 

When i woke up i felt a massive headache and realized my head was out the back window of the car with glass everywhere I looked over and wish i didnt because what i saw was Lilly with a peice of glass in her spine and my parents with their heads cracked. There was blood and glass everywhere but i didnt care as i screamed in pain wishing it was me and not them.I screamed forever until i couldnt no more and everything in me just shut down.I finally noticed i was in a hospital but didnt know how i got here and didnt care,doctors and nurses tried to make me talk but i couldnt i was so numb and hopeless to even try. Whats life if u cant live it with the people you love?  


*sorry its short but im tired and need to sleep so please comment and tell me what u think :)) if u like it then ill post more as soon as i can i promise


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Ok i will and sorry the chspters are so short i used to have another longer story just like this but it got deleted and i couldnt remeber all i wrote


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