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I just made this up a few hours ago no kidding. This story about Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper are all really famous celebrities but no one knows each other, yet. They are all human.
Jasper: Baseball player
Alice: Fashion designer
Rosalie: Supermodel
Emmett: Football player
Edward: Basketball player
Bella: Actor
Chapter 1: Prepare
“Miss. Bella you must be getting up now.” Lucy, the house keeping, kept telling me. She opened all the curtains. The light stung my eyes so I hid my face in my pillows.
“Noooooooooooooooo.” I grumbled.
I heard the French doors of my room open.
“WHAT!” I yelled back at my best friend Biffany. But everyone called her Biff.
“Tisk, Tisk. I guess the magazine is right. You do need a man.” Biff. said while she sat at the edge of my bed.
“Wait. What?” I asked her as I sat up.
“Hot is using you in their front cover.” She told me, showing me the magazine.


"Yeah I know, I went to the photoshoot Thursday. What's wrong?” I questioned the expression on her face.

“Read page 5.”
“Ok.” I flipped to page 5 and began reading it out loud.
“Love can happen to many young people but it doesn’t seem to be happening for 17 year old actress Bella Swan. Many who have met the actress say she is stubborn and rude. It seems to us that actress Bella Swan plans to die alone with cats surrounding her grave. Unless she wants that to happen I suggest that she get her act together. So, stop her every night partying and drinking and get her life together. Sources say she never has any contact with her parents anymore…..” I stopped reading it was making me angry. I stood up from my bed and rolled the magazine up.
“WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Ugh! How dare them!” I threw the stupid magazine across the room.
“It’s okay Bell. It’s just a stupid magazine. It means nothing. Plus, everything they said in there was a big lie.” Biff tried to calm me.
“Yeah, your right. Nothing to get mad about it just got to me. So where’s Tina (Bella’s manager)?”
“You better hurry up and get ready if you don’t want Tina mad too. She’s downstairs waiting to take you to your fitting with Alice Brandon. I think we have enough anger with just you.”
Biff left then and I hurried and got ready. It took me a few minutes to pick an outfit though.

Biff couldn’t go to the fitting with us like always her mother needed her. So it was just Tina and I in the limo. I wasn’t in the mood for conversation so I turned my head and looked out the window. Alice Brandon was supposed to be a really amazing designer so she was designing my dress for my upcoming premiere of my new movie called Infectious . I knew I shouldn’t but I thought about what the magazine had said. I couldn’t believe they called me rude I wasn’t rude, stubborn maybe but rude, no never. Plus it wasn’t my fault I hadn’t found the right guy yet. I have met a lot of charming guys but never the right one.
“Bella were here.” Tina kept saying repeatedly.
“Oh, sorry Tina,” I apologized. The driver opened my door for me and I stepped out as soon as I did I was crowded with paparazzi.
“Bella over here!”
“No over here!”
“Bella! Bella!”
“Is what Hot said true?”
I groaned but I was soon inside. Tina and I went up to the front desk. The lady there was petite, around her 40’s, brown hair that barley went past her ears, green/blue eyes, and light colored skin.
“Hi. We’re here for our 5:00 appointment.”Tina told her.
“Oh, Yes. Come with me. Can I get you two anything?” She offered kindly.
“No, I’m fine.” Tina told her.
“What about you dear?”She asked me.
“Coffee, please.”
“Right away, dear.”She laid us down a beautiful hall. The walls were made of this light brown marble and the floor was a little darker color tile then the walls. She took us to the last door at the end of the hall. She let us in and left. The room was a bit small .The walls were dark blue and the wood floor a very dark mahogany. There was a secretary there too. She was younger than the other one. She had blond, curly hair that just went past her shoulders, brown eyes, tall, and light colored skin too. The other secretary came in and handed me my coffee with her came in the most beautiful girl I had ever seen including myself. She had a beautiful figure, her hair was golden, gently waving to the middle of her back, her skin was pale white, her features were perfect, and her eyes were sky blue. She looked familiar. She paid no attention to us and went right up to the secretary.
“Hello. I’m Rosalie Hale and I’m here for my 5:00 appointment with Alice.” The name rang a bell. I had seen her on a magazine she was a supermodel.
“Excuse me what did you say?”Tina asked.
“Tina!” I complained.
Rosalie turned to us unwillingly.
“I said I have a 5:00 appointment with Alice.” Rosalie sneered.
“That can’t be possible we have a 5:00 appointment with Alice. Oh, and don’t be giving me attitude young lady.” Tina responded.
I looked at Tina with wide eyes, she just smiled at me.
“Who do you think you’re talking to like that grandma?” Rosalie practically yelled.
“Excuse me-“Tina started to say.
“Oh you’re excused and take drunks a lot there with you,” I stared at Rosalie in shock. That’s went Tina's anger burst. She started yelling at Rosalie and Rosalie was yelling right back. I looked back at the secretary’s desk and she was gone. Well if she wasn’t going to stop this I had to. I got in the middle of them and put my free hand on Tina and the one that had the coffee on Rosalie trying to push them away from each other.
“What’s going on here?”someone yelled. I turned to see Alice and her secretary coming out of the other door. That’s when Rosalie let out a piercing scream.



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loved d story......................
please keep me updated..................
i olmost cried @ d grave EDWARD'S still alive..........
plz keep me updated............

Dedicate this chapter to Lillian Mackenzie for being so amazing!=)
Chapter 19: Destiny Calls in Fate
I watched the other planes take off, my jet wasn’t ready yet so I had to wait in a special room with a great view since if I waited in the lobby I’d be attacked by fans and paparazzi. I frowned and stared at my phone aimlessly waiting for something to happen at least for it to ring. But it didn’t it kept silent with the 10 missed calls from Alice and 15 from Tina. I jumped as the door opened interrupting the utter silence that had developed in the room. It was a flight attendant, she came in with a smile, I stared at her hopelessly. She was so beautiful.... Why on Earth, would she ever work as a flight attendant, when she had the face of a perfect angel!? Her skin was a creamy white, her eyes looked as if they had been made from an emerald itself, lips perfectly full and shaped, and her long flowing black hair went down to the middle of her back. She laughed a bell like laugh. I shook my head to get back to reality.
“Ms. Swan, your normal flight attendant Macy, is at home ill so I’m taking her place with Brian and not to worry Ms. Swan, I’m very professional and will be there at a moments notice whenever you call.” She said finishing with a confident smile.
“Oh.. I’m sure you will, you can call me Bella. Everyone around here address me by Ms., it makes me feel so old.” I laughed.
“Of course Bella.” She just smiled back in return taking my bags, leading me out the door to the jet.
She lead me out to the lot where all the planes were parked, there out of the way was my jet with the crew waiting to get going. They greeted me and seated me. I was soon buckled up and my jet took off. I looked outside the window watching as we passed the clouds. I had told the captain to take me to the Bahamas or Caribbean, anywhere but here. I breathed deeply, shutting my eyes and dreamed of my Utopia. I dreamed of Edward and I again, being together in a world that was our own just our own. We were at a beach the sun was setting. I smiled at my Edward as I lay on his chest and in his arms. He kissed the top of my head gently, we lay in the sand of the beach not caring if we were covered in sand and wet from playing in the water it made us feel even more at peace.
“Bella.” I heard him call to me softly. I looked up.
“Yes Edward.” I answered quietly.
“Bella.” He called again a bit louder.
“Bella!” He almost yelled.
“Yes!?” I yelled annoyed now that he just kept calling as if he couldn’t hear me.
“Bella!?” He yelled and than I was suddenly flying. My eyes flashed open as I hit the wall of the jet knocking onto the floor. I looked around astounded, what the hell!? The plane, the plane it was straight, the tail of the plane wasn’t pointing to the side it was pointing towards the ground. I screamed in fear, what was going on!? I looked up or down, there she was my new flight attendant, standing on the airplane floor when she should be falling to the back of the plane and breaking something since the airplane was upside down!? She wasn’t looking towards me though. I screamed even more, tears coming out. She finally looked towards me and rolled her eyes, creasing her forehead.
“She’s awake and scared.” She called to someone. “You should turn the plane the right way and stop messing around, you might be the living dead but remember she isn’t.” She told the unknown person to me at least like a mother correcting a child. She turned back to me than.
“Hold on.” She commanded. I feared this woman to death but I listened to her, not wanting to upset this inhuman being. I held on tightly to the counter that was beside the wall I was on and shut my eyes.
“Go ahead!” She commanded again to the mysterious other being. I screamed louder than the other times as the jet turned back over to the right side, my grip hadn’t been strong enough. I fell back hitting one of the seats against my back and than knocking to the ground ground. Before I knew it was dark.
“She’s fine now, she’s hearing everything I’m saying.” I heard someone sigh with relief.
“You can talk to her, she’ll wake up quicker. Your voice soothes her. Oh right-. Well I can do it don’t worry, I’ve been around..... a while.” She seemed to leave the room, with a bell like laugh. I felt someone’s cold touch on my cheek, impossibly cold touch. Had they had them in a freeze all day? I flinched away, opening my eyes in the same movement. I grasped the seat next to me unable to take in who I saw. His fierce red eyes looked at me with gentleness and sympathy. I shook my head.
It couldn’t be.. No.. It CAN’T... His skin was pale, pale as the girl I had seen before. He was even more beautiful than her, his bronze hair shiner, standing out more since the change of skin color. I started to shake uncontrollably, this wasn’t happening.. I was dreaming, yes of course just dreaming.. Tears ran down my cheeks, he watched me, not making a move or word.
I pulled one of my shaking hands towards his face, I had to touch him to prove to myself that what I was seeing was a lie a dream. People didn’t just come the dead, death was inevitable, no man could come back from death!? Could they? Was reincarnation real? He stared at my hand patiently as if he hand planned this or knew this would happen. I slowly placed my hand on his cheek and snatched it away quickly back. He was real? My Edward. He looked at me with pure sadness on the mask of an angel. I did something I didn’t even expect, I would do. I jumped into my Edward’s sweet, sweet arms he was as surprised as I was. He wrapped his arms slowly around me, confused this was something he hadn’t expected. Not in the least.
Either way I sobbed uncontrollably into my vampire’s cold chest.
Emmett’s POV
I heard my doorbell ring. I put the popcorn on the table with the 2 sodas and ran to get the door for Penelope. I opened the door to her perky smiling face.
“Ready?” She taunted, raising her eyebrows.
I squinted my eyes as if examining my opponent.
“Always.” She laughed and ran inside hitting the couch, popping open a soda.
“Your going down Dodger’s fan.”She smirked.
“Please banana-lope Angel’s fan, your going down!” I razzled back. Her head shook slightly with laughter. By the end of the game, the popcorn was all over in our clothes, hair, even shoes probably. Turns out the Angels won. I frowned as she teased and taunted me with her I win dance, laughing the whole time. I finally decided it was payback time. I looked at her deviously, laughing evilly inside. I grabbed her waist and in one quick movement, pinned her to the couch. She gasped.
“Your evil!” She stuck out her tongue. I laughed as she struggled to get out of my hands. She gave up at one point knowing it was useless.
“You know I’m a football player right?”
“Oh shut up.” She pouted. The mood of playfulness left than and something else took over. Some weird emotional feeling. I stared at her deep blue light eyes, suddenly wanting to kiss her. I leaned in, going for it, sure she wouldn’t reject me. Our lips were just centimeters apart when she spoke breaking the moment.
“You know you owe me something for winning.” She turned her head, trying to get loose again this time I let her.
“Umm, what?” I got off her and sat on the couch. She smiled her perky cute smile.
“You owe me a game of laser tag.” I got back into the playful mood immediately.
“Well this time, you are going to lose, cause it so happens I’m a pro at laser tag.” I taunted.
She laughed. “Well I am too. But we’re playing this one for wins.” I stared at her confused.
“What would you win if I lose?” She blushed a light pink.
“Front row seats to your next big game.” I laughed, of course.
“But what would I win, if I won?” She didn’t seem to have an answer for that.
“Well, what do you want?”
“If I win -smirks- I get a kiss from you.” She bit her lip but got her game face in seconds.
“Your on!” I wouldn’t let her go winning this time.

Hey Twilighters!=) Sorry about the long wait, been so busy with Pre- AP classes and all. Well I wanted to mention about the last sentence so no one gets the wrong idea, Bella does not know Edward’s a vampire, she will soon but not yet. She said the last sentence in her mind unconsciously, so she doesn’t know he’s a vamp!=P He, he. Oh yeah if please tell me if you didn’t understand how the plane flipped. Cause I wasn’t sure if it was confusing or not.:( Well guys I hope ya’ll like the chapter and I will update when I can. Also, I love hearing your opinion guys, so tell me what point of views you guys would like to see in the next chapter. I have been thinking about doing Alice’s too, so tell me who’s POV do u want to hear!=]
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