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When Imprint's Happen

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Xandra Marie Clearwater



I was so nervouse about going to pre-school. I didn't want to go. What if the other kids didn't like me? What if they were mean to me? I didn't want to go at all.

"Come on Lizzii. It wont be bad, You'll make friends." That was mommy. Her and daddy were dropping me off before they took logan to kindergarden. He is 5.

I dont look like Logan at all. He looks like mommy. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He said he has lots of friends. He is tall and very brave, I mean he can go to sleep without a night-light. But that is Logan, he is always super brave.

Then there's Lola. She's in grade 1. She's not in the car because she can take the bus this year. She looks like mommy to. Blonde hair and blue eyes. She is really pretty. She will sometimes bring her friends home, they are pretty to.

Then there is me. The 3 year old afraid to even go to pre-school. I am short for my age. I don't look like mommy, I look like daddy. I have red hair with soft curls and jewel green eyes. Daddy said that the third generation gets red hair and I have no idea what that means.

"Come on Lizzii, pre-school's easy. All you do is play and have nap's. Trust me." Logan said. He knew what he was talking about. He went to pre-school two years ago. He looked like he was sure of himself. I was still scared but I let mommy bring me in now.

We got to the building and walked in. Mommy walked with me to the teacher. Mommy started talking to the teacher and it took a really, really long time. When she was done she said bye to me and walked out the door, leaving me here alone.

I looked around and went to go sit in the corner. I have always been shy, and I am really shy right now. I kept looking around when I saw a boy walking over to me.

When the boy got here he smiled shyley. "Hello, I am Seth. You look like you could use a friend right now" He said. He looked shy. He was a bit taller then me. He had tan coloured skin with dark brown eyes and hair.

I looked up at him, a little shy. "I'm Lizzii, and yea. I feel a little lonely right now." I said. Seth sat down beside me. We were quiet for what seemed like 1000 minutes.

"Hey Lizzii, wanna go play?" Seth asked looking over at me. He looked shy again, but also hopeful. I can see that one day Seth and I will be great friends one day. Mabey we will be good friends today. I smiled at the thought.

I nodded. "Okay. That sounds like fun." I said standing up. Seth stood up and we walked over to the toy bucket across the room. Seth seemed shy and I was to. But it's ok. Who isn't?

It was a good start to my first day of pre-school.

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So far so good. You should keep going. Wow I'm your first comment on this story. I love imprint stories, I don't care who in the pack it is. I can't wait to read more.
first comment yea I love it your an awesome writter write more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks. I love it.
Wow, good start! Please keep me updated!!
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awww so cute(: Keep going!

Yes, No?

Thanks for letting me make you a banner :) i was waiting for some one to request one XD

Thanks. I love it. It's awsome.
thanks :)

Chapter 1 *** 12 YEARS LATER ***

"Lizzii wake up!" I sighed and rolld over in my bed as Logan called through my door. I groaned in responce. "Wake up now o Lola wont give you a ride to school!" He called again. I sat up quickly. They wouldn't make me go with mom alone. They wouldn't. I stood up and got dressed. "Lizzii!" Logan called. How can I be related to someone so very annoying? I mean seriously. He even bugs me about not even having a boyfiend. Who does that you ask? Well Logan does. He is a goth now. He died his hair black and everything.

I went to the washroom to get washed up. Lola, She thinks the world revolves around her. She is the captian of the cheerleaders. She thinks she is all that, but really, she's not. She died her hair black with a single red steak in the front they summer before her fresh-man year. It's not blonde anymore, she didn't like the blonde jokes. But she has blonde moments. She is also a barbie so she should have stayed blonde.

I still have my red hair. It's a little bit longer now. It sits down to my waist. I didn't put it up today. I liked it better down. I had bangs that came just below my eyebrows. Mom kept them like that. I finished up and went down to the kitchen for breakfast. At mom's house we eat together for every meal. Including Breakfast.

I sat down and Lola was in her normal girly outfit while Logan was in all black, with one of those spikey collars on. "Morning Shorty." Logan greeted as I sat down. I'm short. I like being short but when people mention it I feel short and it bother's me. Confusing, I know. But I am only 4'9. I smiled at Logan. He may be goth but he is litterarly the happiest goth you will ever meet.

"You're wearing that? On your first day of High school?" Lola accused more then asked me. She can also be annoying. I was glaring at her with her returning it. Must she think the world revolves around her? Again I wonder how I could be related with someone so obnoxtious?

"Good morning mom." Logan saved Lola and I from what would have happened later. We both stopped glaring at once. We both said our mornings. Logan was not as gothy and Lola was not as girly as normal. Only because we were at mom's house.

My parents devorsed half way through my grade 7 year. Seth was there for the pain, he was there to help me through the whole way. There is something I have never even told Seth. Only my mom, dad sister and brother know. It's not a good thing. Anyways, I love Seth. He helps me through everything.

"This morning we will have Breakfast Salad." Mom said in her fake voice. I mentally sighed. Lola rolled her closed eyes and Logan muttered something under his breath. Saled is the least of our worries at mom's house.

* * *

"Have a good first day of school kids." Mom said in her fake voice again. We know whats comming tonight. I pushed my hair behind my ear feeling the deep scar. I sighed remembering the day. But I kept the flashback away. I didn't want to re-live it again.

We all insisted that Lola drive us early so we can stop by dad's house. But mom didn't know that we were going to dad's. That wouldn't turn out goor for us later. We just left the driveway and started on our way.

"We're still going to go see dad, right Lola?" I asked, and Logan looked over at Lola. He was also in the middle of makeing himself look more goth like. It's nicer to see him when he is full goth, like at dad's. Not that nice when he's half goth at mom's. If you havn't clued in, my sister and brother AND I don't like mom.

"Duh. I am NOT going a week with out my cell phone. Plus dad wanted us to come. He know's about it." Lola replied. "He alway's see's us on our first day of school anyway."

We sat in silence until we got to dad's. When we finally did get there we met dad and his new wife Abby outside. I was the last out of the car. "Hey guys. Summer's done, school here." Dad said.

When I got up to him he gave me a hug. "Hey kiddo, See Seth yet?" He asked me after he hugged me. I simply shook my head. Not yet. Hadn't all week. Cause of mom. She really is annoying.

"Dad, mom dosn't let any of our friends come over unles its a school project." Lola explained as she rolled her eyes. I mentally sighed and Logan muttered something under his breath again, something about likeing dad better. I agree with him at that

* * *

"Bye. love you dad." We all said, not knowing this would be the last time we would see him. We waved as we left the driveway. My dad was the best dad in the world.

I was silent, until Logan started telling me how to get by in high school -like make more friends- and what the teachers are like. I just nodded letting him know I was listning.

Thats when Lola said something that could be the most un-supportive thing to say. "If you're going to dress like that through out high school then pretend you dont know me." She said with a glare my way through the rear view mirror. I rolled my eyes.

Logan turned around and told me something I knew was true. "She told me the same thing. I lived my whole grade 9 year with people not knowing Lola's my sister. But they found out half way through grade 10. Trust me, it's a whole lot easier when people didn't know." I can trust Logan.

* * *
When we got there Lola dropped me off as close as she could. Logan wished me good luck and Lola glared. "Remember. You dont know me." She said and drove off. I rolled my eyes. Thats when Seth came up. "Hey Lizzard." I smiled at the use of my nick name. "Whats up? I havn't seen you much this week." He asked giving me a hug. He got tall. But other then his hight he looked pretty much the same from when we first met. He had tan skin with dark brown eyes and hair. Of course he looked more mature. But he is so tall. Also when he hugged me, he was burning. Like he had a temperature. But oh well. If it were seriouse he wouldn't be at school right. "You havn't seen me at all this week. Where were you?" I asked, worry tinting my voice. I hoped he was ok. I dont know what would happen if he got hurt. I really dont. I looked up at him.
"It's nothing. I'll tell you later." Seth told me. I looked up at him, disbelieving. I was about to say something before Seth spoke. "Can you bilieve it's been 12 year's today that we met? It's been so long. Your a really great friend." Seth said and hugged me again.

I smiled and hugged him back. "Yes 12 years of being best friends. 12 years of depending on each other." I said. I loved Seth. He was my best friend. For 12 years today. Who dosn't love their best friend?

That is when the bell rang and Seth and I looked at each other and smiled. We headed to the front door to the school on out first day of high school.


Hope you liked it.
awww! so cute(: ahhaha cant wait for more! keep me updated?


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