The Twilight Saga

what if bella first went to fork not because of her mom but tried to get away of the responsiblity of being one? when Edward leaves she is reunited with her son and her father... 

Bella pov.

      I feel so lucky! Becoming a mother to this little bundle of joy can't help me feel anything but happiness.I never knew anyone could feel this great but of course was proven wrong.I remember when  first telling Jeremy that i was pregnet and thought that he would just leave me automatically..


      "Jeremy i need to talk to you.." gosh why does this have to be so hard..


     "What is it Bella? What's wrong? You haven't been yourself lately."We were at my house.Luckly when I told my mom she didn't be as disappointed as i thought she would be. She even left the house to do a few "errand" when she wanted me to tell him.


     "Honey i want you to know that no matter what I still love you,and that even though you might hate me after i tell you this that i will always love you.....Jeremy i-i'm preg-pregnat" I couldn't help but to start to cry.Thanks tear you really helped me be strong right now.I was waiting for him to yell at me or leave.Although all he would do is stare at me in shock.I wish he would just tell me already what he was feeling.i could take it anymore so i started to walk out the door till he grabbed me and started to kiss me.

     "What was that for?"


     "For making me the most happiest man alive."

                                                        *END FLASHBACK*

     That was when I figured that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.I couldn't help it whenever I had the time to think about it.Our little house with our three children running towards there father when he got home from work.When he first told me he loved me was right when i knew that he was special in this world ,and that i wouldn't want to be loved by anyone else.Speakng of Jeremy where is he?it's midnight and he still isn't here.maybe i should try his cell again.Some how he finally answered after the 12th time calling.


     "Hello" i could barely hear him threw all the loud music.


     "Babe where are you i need your help with Sam.he has been crying and i could really use the help."


     "Bella I need to live my life and all I hear from you now is 'baby this-baby that' what about me i need you also!" He slurred.I could feel my hand tighten around the phone.I can't believe he would ever say that to me!


     "Babe are you drunk?"


     "Of course I am! how do think i put up with you! Why a I even with a dumb girl like you i will never know-" he was cut of by someone taking the phone


     "Jeremy doesn't need you any more you freak.He is with me so why don't you just leave him alone already!"I noticed that was my best frined Susan on the phone. Before i could even say anything the phone hung up


     I had to be imagining this.My angel would have never done this to me.He told me he loved me.This has to be a sick joke or something.I wanted to curl in a ball and never come out,but it seems my muscles didn't want to agree with me.So I still was trying to put Sam to sleep.This got that out of my head for a while.When Sam finally went to sleep I walked into my room and sobbed myself to sleep


     The next morning I'm woken by a loud bang on my front door.I should have expected that it would be him but i still couldn't help but cry when i shut the door on his face.He wasn't going to leave when he kept knocking on the door so i finally let him in when i stopped crying.I said nothing to him.I just sat on the couch when i first told him when i was pregnant.


    "Bella i'm so-"


    "Did you mean it?" That was all i was able to chock out before i would start to cry again. He didn't answer me for the longest time so i knew he was just making another lie right to my face.


     " To be honest Bella yes I did.I didn't mind at first but now thats all you will ever talk about.Just need some time with you is all i need.The you who isn't always trying to take care of our baby and will at least notice I'm here."


     I was debating on whether I should actually try and give him a second chance but then remembered what that Susan said to make me think of how many times he really cheated on me."Jeremy how long have you cheated on me with Susan?"Now even with all the strength I had I could help but cry. i counted to 100 till i finally saw his face. it showed regret and sadness..So that just gave me my answer.


     "Leave now!" I was barely even able to whisper.


      " Bella please don't do this i can change! just give me some time!"


     "to what cheat on me more with my best friend! i don't think so! GET OUT!!" I shoved him out as much as i could out the door.He finally left until he was at the door and said" i understand why your made but i promise to get you back." When he finally left is when i just fell to the floor and cried. My mom must have heard me because the next second I was crying on her shoulder.she was always there for me. I mean I took care of her but when something went wrong I knew she was the first person I could talk to.

     " You heard everything right? Because i don't feel like repeating anything."

     " I did... Bells i really think you should leave."

      " I mean live with Charlie.. you seems to be in a tough stop and definitely don't need to be here. You should spend a few months there then try and fix things with Jeremy."Shock was probably an understatemnt to what i was feeling..

      "I can't mom,and how am i gonna take care of Max by myself?" i sobbed

     " Well I was thinking giving him to Jeremy.give him a lesson on to why you are so caring for him.Because he won't know unless if u give him the chance to."My mom was right even though i knew this would be the hardest thing for me to do i was gonna leave my baby and figure what i need in my life.

     " K I will go. but mom can I just be here for a month to spend some time with him.God only knows how much i will miss him."

     "Alright. that should give me some time on to getting everything ready for you to go to Forks." This was gonna be one of the hardest things to do in my life.Although it was the most necessary...

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