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When The Sun Broke Through The Clouds - Jacob's POV [A Jacob and Bella Story] (Alternate New Moon) PG13

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As I watched Bella and Alice speed away in Carlisle’s car I couldn’t handle anymore, I’d tried to talk sense into her but do you think she’d listen? No! Silly, unselfish Bella - I ran into the forest, my body already trembling and phased. What the hell is she thinking?? Seriously? Who cared if that bloodsucker was going to get himself killed… he was the one that left her here, shattered and heartbroken. Why did she have to go running to him as soon as he got himself into trouble?

Jake, we are so sorry I heard Sam think in my head. The pack had already seen what had happened in my mind and were already up to speed with the whole situation. I was running flat out back to La Push, my mind was too overloaded with thoughts about my feelings for Bella and the pain - oh how it hurt so bad. I thought Bella and I were getting somewhere… if only Alice hadn’t seen Bella jump off that goddamn cliff and think she committed suicide. If only the blonde bimbo had kept her big mouth shut and not rang Edward to tell him that Bella was dead. So many ‘if only’s’.

Just before I was at the reservation I phased back into my human form. I practised making my face emotionless and tried not to think about Bella, although I knew that was going to be unsuccessful. Charlie is going to be shattered; Bella really can pick the days to take off chasing her bloodsucker to Italy. I mean had she completely lost her freaking mind? It was Harry’s funeral today - Charlie needed her.

As I walked up to the church the whole pack was there, come to think of it everyone who lived in the reservation was here including Charlie. The funeral was a quick but nonetheless extremely sad service. Charlie was the last to do his eulogy; and it was to say the least heart wrenching, everyone had tears in their eyes by the end. I looked over at little Seth and his older sister Leah - I felt so sorry for them, I knew how it felt to lose a parent: I still missed my mum everyday; although my memories of her were fading fast as I was only young when she had she car accident. Leah caught my eye but quickly turned away. I went up to where the Clearwater’s and Charlie were standing and gave them my condolences, Sam came with me and I could tell that he was feeling so dejected, after all he couldn’t comfort Leah but I knew that he felt rotten about what had happened between them even though it was out of his control.

As soon as I could I went home, staying in my human form because I had too much to think about and I didn’t want to share my thoughts with the pack. I felt like there was no hope anymore, I was depressed beyond belief. I knew if Bella and Alice were in time to save that leech then I would lose my Bella. My heart tore into tiny sheds inside of my chest, this ache was unbearable. It felt like I had been ran over by a semi-trailer and smashed into the asphalt. Ha, I wish I had. If Bella was going to choose anyone I knew that she would choose that parasite - the only thing I could do was hope and fight, oh how I would fight for Bella… if that bloodsucker came back then I would kill him myself - there was no doubt in my mind about that, definitely not after what he’s put Bella through.


I must of fallen asleep because I was awoken by the phone ringing constantly, Billy mustn’t be back yet or he would of answered the phone by now. I jumped out of bed and raced to the phone. ‘Hello?’ my voice was thick with sleep and I cleared my throat. ‘JACOB!’ Oh no, it was Charlie and boy did he sound annoyed. ‘Where the hell did Bella take off to?!?’ He roared into the phone. ‘Hi Charlie…’ I stammered. ‘Look she didn’t tell me anything, all I know is that the bl-,.. er Edward is in trouble and Bella had to go help.’ ‘Fine… look I know it’s not your fault Jacob, I’m just outraged that she took off like this… surely his family would be able to help him - what’s it got to do with Bella anyway? Well, she’s gunna be in BIG trouble when she gets home!’ He continued. Yeah, that’s if she makes it home I thought. ‘Yeah, sorry I couldn’t be much more help Charlie… I did try to stop her though.’ I replied. We then said goodbye and hung up. I sure wouldn’t want to be Bella when she got back. Charlie was gunna cut sick… ha, at least when she got grounded she wouldn’t be able to spend time with that bloodsucker.

I went into the kitchen and raided the fridge, I was starving.. I tried to remember the last time I ate but I couldn’t recall it. I grabbed out some left over spaghetti bolognese and reheated it. As I watched it go around in the microwave I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself. What was I going to do if Bella came home and that parasite was with her? Surely she wouldn’t take him back so willingly, after all I could see some improvement in her within the last few weeks. She was finally starting to look less like a zombie and more like a human. She was slowly getting her spirits up again and I was making her happy. The microwave beeped at me and I forced the door open, nearly breaking it in my miserable state.

I rammed the food down my throat in a hurry to get out of the house - being alone was starting to get me more and more rundown. After I quickly washed and dried my dishes, I stomped out of the house and run into the forest. I phased quickly and noticing the other minds in my head I concentrated on my surroundings and the thump of my massive paws hitting the forest floor. I tried to block the other wolves thoughts out of my head but without success. We can always go and rip the bloodsuckers to shreds I heard Quil think with quite a lot of enthusiasm. I might just take you up on that offer bro I laughed. I continued through the lush green forest not taking much notice to where I was heading. Suddenly I came across I scent. I stopped dead in my tracks. It was a vampire, but it wasn’t that red head - it was a scent I hadn’t smelt before. On our way Quil said and I could hear in the distance, Quil, Paul and Embry running to meet me. Within a minute all three wolves joined me. What do you suppose this means? Do you think this ones after Bella too? Quil wanted to know. I don’t know I was worried now though. We followed the scent, this new vampire seemed very erratic the trail was going all over the place. Eventually it ended outside of Bella’s house. Well at least that answered our questions this new leech was after Bella. Boy, that girl has so much bad luck. Hopefully we will be able to kill this monster before Bella comes home.


Bella came home three days after she took off. I was glad that she didn’t get killed but I wasn’t so psyched about the rumour of the bloodsuckers being back in town. We hadn’t been able to catch that unknown vampire, not due to lack of trying - we had been running patrols 24/7, the leech just never returned. I phoned Bella on the day she got back but Charlie said she was asleep so I was waiting for her to call back.

I still hadn’t heard from her the following day so I decided to pay her a visit. It was around midnight when I finally finished my patrol, so I made my way to her house. Well the rumour was true about the Cullen’s being back in town, Bella’s house reeked of vampire. I could hear Charlie snoring loudly, so not to disturb him I climbed the tree outside Bella’s window. I heard a hiss from within Bella’s room and sure enough that bloodsucker was at the window What the hell is he doing here. ‘I am here because Bella wanted me here, Jacob. What do you want?’ ‘I need to talk to Bella’ I whispered. Looks like Bella has already made her choice I thought sourly. ‘Firstly Jacob, Bella has not decided if she wants to take me back and secondly, you’ll have to come back later because Bella is asleep.’ Bella started to stir then and Edward glared at me. ‘Edward?’ I heard her whisper ‘I’m right here Bella’ he replied as he quickly made his way to her side. ‘What were you doing at the window?’ ‘I was talking to Jacob’ ‘Jake’s here??’ She seemed pleased by that. See bloodsucker, she wants to see me. Edward just sighed and turned back to Bella. ‘Yes, he wants to talk to you. I need to go check in with my family so I’ll leave you two to it. Would you like me to come back Bella?’ I wondered why he was asking her that, wasn’t it obvious that she would? But Bella surprised me. ‘No Edward, I’ll be fine… thank you for staying with me, I’ll call you when I want to see you again.’ My mouth fell open, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Maybe I do have a chance, ha! Edward let out a low growl that Bella couldn’t hear and started across the room to the window where I was still standing. ‘Outta my way, mongrel.’ he spat at me but turned to Bella and attempted a smile ‘Bella… Don’t be upset with telling me how you feel… I understand, I was expecting this… just contact me when you are ready to talk OK?’ and with that he leapt out of the window and disappeared. ‘Bye Edward’ Bella called softly.

She motioned me to come into her room, and I climbed through the window. She smiled at me but the smile did not reach her beautiful eyes. I crossed the room within three strides and scooped her up in my arms. ‘Don’t be sad Bells, everything will work out.’ I then leant down and kissed her lightly on her cheek. She exhaled slowly and this time gave me the smile I wanted to see. I placed her back on her bed and sat on the side. ‘I’m glad you came to see me Jake’ she cooed. How does she do that? How does she make me feel like I am the most important person in the world, oh how I loved her. I grinned down at her. ‘You spoke with Charlie yet?’ Bella shook her head ‘Not yet, but I know I’m gunna be in a lot of trouble.’ She sighed. ‘So anything happen while I was away? Did you find Victoria?’ She asked. ‘No… but here’s the thing Bells, we came across a new scent - not sure who this new vampire is but their trail lead here…’ I trailed off eyeing Bella. She just looked up at me and smiled weakly. ‘She’s going to catch up with me sooner or later - I wonder who this new vampire is though and why they came here… do you think they are with Victoria?’ She asked. I didn’t know what to tell her, well obviously I didn’t know what they wanted, but it wasn’t good that was evident. I just looked at her ‘I don’t know Bella, but nothing is going to happen to you. I’ll always be here protecting you and I’d do anything in my power to keep you safe.’ ‘I know you would Jake, but it’s not necessary… I got myself into this mess, I should get myself out of it. I just have to work out how.’ I looked at her in awe. Why did she have to be so willing to get killed? She was so stubborn, I didn’t even bother arguing with her about it because I knew it would be worthless and she was beginning to look tired again.

I got up from her bed and stroked her cheek. ‘I’ll let you go back to sleep now Bells.’ ‘Awww… don’t go Jake, please? I’m really not that tired.’ She fought back a yawn. I chuckled under my breath Bella was so bad at lying, I don’t even know why she bothers. ‘You are tired hon’ I stated as I walked back across her room towards the window. She started pouting but then grinned cheekily and stuck out her tongue at me. ‘You’ll come see me again won’t you?’ she whispered while her eyes started drooping. ‘Of course, Bells’ I replied. I just had to know one thing, so I quickly asked her before she became unconscious ‘What is happening with you and the leech?’ A frown came across her face. ‘I don’t know Jake… I’m kinda confused with my feelings at the moment. I mean when Edward left me I started falling for someone else. But I’ll let you know what happens - I promise.’ ‘Wow…’ I gushed before I could restrain myself ‘Um… OK Bells, good night, sweet dreams.’ And with that I climbed out of her window. ‘Night Jake… miss you already’ she whispered.


I practically skipped all the way home, staying in human form. I was ecstatic. I hoped this meant that I might be lucky to have a chance with Bella. She obviously meant me when she said that she had started falling for someone else. Well halleluiah! There must be a God. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was too keyed up. I almost ran back to Bella just so I could be around her and watch her sleep, but I stopped myself just in time - I didn’t want to seem too eager or fixated.

Instead of laying in my bed wide awake I decided to go down to the beach. I laid down on the sand, putting my hands behind my head and stared up at the night sky, uncommon for Washington there was not a cloud in the atmosphere and I could see all the stars and the full moon shining bright. The water rippled as a slight breeze blew across the sea, it was so peaceful here and the serenity was needed. All my thoughts were consumed with Bella. How I wanted to hold her in my arms forever and never let her go. Just as I was daydreaming about making love to beautiful Bella I heard a wolf howl - it was Sam. I stood up in one movement and sprinted into the forest. He was calling a meeting, it was urgent. I noted that the sun was rising over the horizon… ha, I am going to be so tired later. When I was far enough in the forest I took off my old faded jeans and phased.

Once in wolf form, my head was confused with so many thoughts at one time. I tried to concentrate on the one mind, the alpha. That unknown bloodsucker is back - she just crossed the treaty line into Forks. What the hell are we doing nothing for then? We have to protect Bella! I screamed. I couldn’t understand why the hell Sam was calling a meeting and not being proactive about this. Who cared about the treaty, I sure didn’t. I would do anything to protect Bella and if that meant killing some of the Cullen’s in the process I say bring it on! I would thoroughly enjoy causing pain to Edward especially. I smiled at that idea. Jacob! Are you listening? Sam growled. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts and tried to pay attention to Sam. All we can do right now is spread out across the treaty line and hope she comes back, we tried to attack her before but she was too quick and kept changing directions. What the hell? Sam must be losing his mind… we can’t just stand here and do nothing. We have to at least warn the Cullen’s. I whined. And explain how we are going to do that? Sam continued. Our job is to protect humans, had Sam forgotten that? No Jacob, I have not! I know that that is our purpose. But there is really nothing we can do. Like hell there is.

I started running as fast as I could in the direction of Forks. This bloodsucker shouldn’t be too far in front of us, if I could get there just to surprise her. Bella might be OK. I pushed my paws into the ground harder and pumped my legs as fast as they could go. Jacob! Get back here right now! Sam snapped in his Alpha voice. I stumbled as I heard the authority within his words. But that wasn’t going to stop me now. Not with Bella in trouble, not when I had promised to keep her safe. After the initial shock of me taking off I heard the pack chasing me. I pushed harder, I had never seemed to make myself run this fast. I think it must have been fear for Bella’s safety. I got to Bella’s house within 10 minutes. I could smell that bloodsucker. I let out a warning howl, hoping Bella would hear and praying that Charlie was at work already and wouldn’t come and shoot the wolf outside of his house.

‘Get away from me!’ I heard Bella scream. ‘I don’t know what he saw in you’ the leech hissed. ‘Sara, please calm down. There is no need for this.’ Edward said persuasively. Edward? What was that parasite doing here? Well at least Bella was safe for now. The rest of the pack were pulling back now and staying within the trees. I ran straight up to her front door and was nearly knocked down as the door flew open, hitting me in the process and Bella rushed out the door. ‘Oh Jake!’ She threw herself at me. I stepped around her so she was behind me and leant back on my hind legs, ready to pounce. Bella looked petrified and tears were welling up in her eyes. ‘Jacob, relax. Everything is fine.’ Edward said as he struggled to restrain the bloodsucker which he had in a restrictive hold. Whatever, Leech I spat. A deep growl ripped through my throat as Edward and the vampire made their way out of Bella’s house. ‘Edward take her away! She has no right to verbally abuse me in my own home! I have done nothing wrong!’ Bella cried as she stared wide eyed at the female. How dare she abuse Bella in any shape or form! I lunged forward snapping at the female but I didn’t connect because Edward jumped backwards as soon as he saw what I was doing. Jacob! You will not fight them! Sam ordered. I wasn’t paying attention. I started circling them as Bella walked backwards into the forest towards the pack. ’Jacob. Stop. Now!’ Edward shouted sternly at me. ’We are leaving.’ He looked at Bella sadly, pleading with his eyes. ’I am so sorry Bella. Please forgive me.’ The female was struggling to get out of his hold. ’Sara!’ He growled. ’Compose yourself!’ He looked at me one more time then back to Bella. ’We’ll talk about this later.’ He whispered to Bella then turned around dragging the female away.


I could hear Bella sobbing. I ran into the forest to phase. ‘No Jacob! Please don’t leave!’ Bella cried harder. I put on my jeans and walked back out from behind the trees. I didn’t care what Sam was thinking and what the repercussions were for my behaviour, I’d deal with it later. Right now my main priority was Bella. ‘Jacob!!’ Bella ran to reach me, nearly tripping over a log in the process. ‘Easy Bells’ She flung herself at me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I breathed in her scent as I kissed her hair. ‘Thank you Jake… thank you so much.’ She sighed whilst slightly pulling herself away from me so she was able to look up into my eyes. ‘What was that about Bells? Who was the psycho leech?’ I wiped away the last remaining tears. ‘Her name is Sara… apparently she knows Edward. She just stormed in the house and started yelling at me about how I don’t deserve Edward and how badly I hurt him… and…’ She started to break down again ‘It was horrible Jake, I thought she was going to kill me.’ She whimpered and buried her face in my chest. ‘Hey… shh… it’s alright hon, I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’m sorry I asked, we don’t have to talk about it.’ I soothed her. Sam came up to me and nudged me with this nose. I turned around to him ‘Deal with me later Sam… I am going to be spending time with Bella today.’ He gave me a harsh look, nodded his head and went back into the forest. ‘Jacob you’re gunna be in so much trouble with Sam now. I’m sorry.’ ‘Bella, I am seriously not upset in the slightest about that. I am concerned about you. You’re my number one worry at the moment. So let’s relax and try make you forget all about that bloodsucker.’

I asked Bella what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to go to La Push and hang out at the beach. We got in her truck, and as I was backing out of the drive way Bella let out a squeal. I whipped around to face her to see what was wrong. And there stood Edward. What the hell? He was getting on my nerves. I should just kick his ass right now. I jumped out of the truck and stomped around to the passenger side door where Edward was standing. I was trembling. I was so angry, couldn’t he just leave Bella alone for one minute? He’s caused her enough torment for one day. ‘What do you want?’ I snapped at him. ‘I want to talk to Bella.’ ‘I don’t want to hear it Edward.’ Bella stated. ‘Please… let me explain.’ He pleaded. ‘She said she doesn’t want to talk to you, you parasite.’ I took a step closer to him. ‘Jacob, stay out of this. It has nothing to do with you.’ Whatever. If it affects Bella it has everything to do with me. ‘Bella please, it will take 5 minutes to explain.’ ‘No. I don’t want to talk about it now… maybe some other time.’ And with that she turned away from him. Edward started to open Bella’s door then. I grabbed his arm to stop him. She said no, now GET LOST! Edward faced me and flung me across the drive way and I smashed into a tree. I felt a sharp pain and there was a loud cracking sound at the same time. Damn, that was my rip. ‘Jacob! Oh my god!’ Bella cried as she jumped out of the car, pushing pass Edward and raced toward me.

‘Edward! How could you! I can’t believe you are being so irrational - what the hell has gotten into you?’ She was staring at Edward so annoyed. He looked emotionless, dead. Like he had lost the will to live. His eyes flickered and I saw a look of despair. ‘I do apologise Jacob… Bella I am just so upset, I didn’t realise I had so much force behind me when I tried to shake Jacob’s hand off my arm.’ Things weren’t looking so good for Edward. ‘Won’t you come back home so Carlisle can take a look at you?’ ‘HA! You’ve got to be kidding me!’ I snorted. I was already healing, it was already beginning to become a dull ache. ‘Jake, are you sure?’ Bella whispered. I nodded. ‘Edward, you should go. We will talk later.’ She continued not even looking at him. His face fell for a split second then he reconstructed his features and simply slumped away.


I had been sitting in my room, drowning in self sorrow when all of a sudden Alice came barging through the door. ‘Edward!’ She gasped ‘It’s Bella’ She didn’t bother saying anymore, I read her thoughts. She had had a vision of an unknown vampire breaking into Bella’s house and killing her. Little did she know that I knew this vampire - it was Sara. Sara with her perfect features. She had shoulder length curly blonde hair, topaz eyes and cheek bones that stood out profoundly on her flawless face. I had met her whilst I was on my journey of trying to stay away from Bella, I had spent over a month with her and we had remained in contact once I continued to travel. We had quickly became well acquainted and I soon considered her as a close friend. Sara, however did have overwhelming feelings for me which I could not return. It was a shame that I was madly in love with Bella because we got on so well. Sara was a ‘vegetarian’, she was intelligent and musical and fun to be around. She was also rather overprotective of the people she cared about, which was probably why she was here.

‘Alice I’ll take care of this. Tell Emmett and Jasper to stay here - this isn’t to do with Victoria… I know this girl.’ With that I leapt off my lounge and out the window. I ran as fast as I could to Bella’s house. I could hear Sara as I got closer ‘You don’t know what you’ve done to him, you selfish little human’ she hissed. ‘I don’t know what you are talking about’ Bella choked. ‘You made him fall in love with you, with your pathetic little facades of continually getting yourself into danger and nearly getting killed. You make him feel needed, he has some strange desire to protect you. He doesn’t need the torment of being around you, every touch, every kiss causes him pain. You do not belong in our world!’ she bellowed. ’SARA! STOP THIS INSTANT!’ I shouted as I flew into Bella’s house at inhuman speed. We heard a wolf howl then. Jacob. He came to protect Bella, I had everything under control though, he didn’t need to be here. He had broken the treaty but I had already decided to let it slide as I knew he only had Bella’s best interests at heart. ’Get away from me!’ Bella screamed, Sara had got right into Bella’s face and was snarling continuously. I jumped in front of Sara and glared at her. She needs to be taught a lesson Edward she smirked, her eyes were as black as the ace of spades - she obviously hadn’t hunted in a while. As soon as Sara thought about making a grab at Bella I wrapped my arms around her and twisted her arms so they were behind her back. ‘I don’t know what he saw in you’ Sara started again. ‘Sara please calm down. There is no need for this.’ I tried again persuasively.

All of a sudden Bella side stepped us and ran out the door. ‘Oh Jake!’ She cried as the door hit Jacob. I got a little satisfaction over that, I hope it caused the dog a little discomfort although I knew it probably hadn’t hurt him in slightest. Jacob stepped around Bella so she was behind him and he leant back on his hind legs, ready to pounce. ‘Jacob, relax. Everything is fine.’ I said as Sara struggled to get out of my restrictive hold. Whatever, Leech Jacob spat. A deep growl ripped through his throat as Sara and I made our way out of Bella’s house. ‘Edward take her away! She has no right to verbally abuse me in my own home! I have done nothing wrong!’ Bella cried as she stared wide eyed at Sara. Jacob saw red he lunged forward snapping at Sara but it didn’t connect because I had jumped backwards as soon as I saw what Jacob was doing. Jacob! You will not fight them! I heard Sam order. Jacob wasn’t paying attention. He started circling us as Bella walked backwards into the forest towards the pack. ’Jacob. Stop. Now!’ I shouted sternly at him. ’We are leaving.’ I looked at Bella sadly, pleading with my eyes. ’I am so sorry Bella. Please forgive me.’ Sara was struggling again to get out of my hold. ’Sara!’ I growled. ’Compose yourself!’ I looked at Jacob one more time then back to Bella. She looked miserable. ’We’ll talk about this later.’ I whispered to Bella then turned around dragging Sara away.

I didn’t let go of her the whole way back to our house. She had made everything a whole lot worse for me. I know she didn’t realise but this wasn’t going to help me win back Bella’s trust. It in fact deflated it ten fold. ‘What did you think you were doing Sara?’ I scolded her ‘I had to tell her Edward, it infuriated me so much when I found out you went to the Volturi and asked to be killed because of her’ she spat bitterly ‘she doesn’t deserve you anyway. You need someone of your own kind.’ She continued. ‘I don’t want anyone else Sara’ I replied ‘but I am positive you just destroyed my second chance with Bella, considering it wasn’t looking too crash hot before you came along. I don’t think there is much else I can do.’ ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ She demanded. ‘Never mind, Sara.’ I said as I held the door to our house open for her.

As we walked in a calmness washed over us. I locked eyes with Jasper and silently thanked him. My family were all standing around the entrance way. Is Bella OK? everyone except Emmett and Rosalie asked. Emmett was too busy thinking about how hot Sara was and Rosalie was envying how beautiful and perfect Sara was. How they were just so right for each other - self-absorbed individuals. I sighed and answered my other family members ‘Bella is fine, Jacob is with her.’ I continued on with introductions and once we had decided that Jasper and Emmett were going to take Sara hunting I quickly made my way back to Bella’s house. I had to explain or at least try to.

I got to Bella’s just as her and Jacob were backing out of the drive way, walked up to the passenger side door where Bella was, I must of scared her because she let out a squeal. Surely I didn’t terrify her that much did I? Jacob was not happy, he jumped out of the truck and stomped around to the passenger side door where I was standing. ‘What do you want?’ He snapped at me. ‘I want to talk to Bella.’ I said simply. ‘I don’t want to hear it Edward.’ Bella stated. ‘Please… let me explain.’ I pleaded. How could I explain to her if she wasn’t even going to give me the chance? ‘She said she doesn’t want to talk to you, you parasite.’ Jacob took a step closer to me, he better watch himself, silly young werewolf. ‘Jacob, stay out of this. It has nothing to do with you.’ I glared at him. Whatever. If it affects Bella it has everything to do with me. He thought ‘Bella please, it will take 5 minutes to explain.’ I said as I turned back to her, trying to use the full force of my eyes that made her head spin. ‘No. I don’t want to talk about it now… maybe some other time.’ She said and with that she turned away from me. At that stage I was thinking I had to at least try and make her listen so I started to open Bella’s door. Jacob grabbed my arm to stop me. She said no, now GET LOST! I turned to face him and meant to just shake his hand off but I was too distressed and I flung him across the drive way and he smashed into a tree. I heard a loud cracking sound, great now I just hurt the wolf. ‘Jacob! Oh my god!’ Bella cried as she jumped out of the car, pushing pass me and raced toward Jacob‘s side.

‘Edward! How could you! I can’t believe you are being so irrational - what the hell has gotten into you?’ She was staring at me so annoyed, and was that also I look of hatred I saw in her eyes? God, I didn’t want Bella to hate me, even if she didn’t want me, I couldn’t have her despising me. ‘I do apologise Jacob… Bella I am just so upset, I didn’t realise I had so much force behind me when I tried to shake Jacob’s hand off my arm.’ I tried to explain ‘Won’t you come back home so Carlisle can take a look at you?’ ‘HA! You’ve got to be kidding me!’ Jacob snorted. Bella looked at him worryingly ‘Jake, are you sure?’ She whispered. Jacob nodded. ‘Edward, you should go. We will talk later.’ She continued not even looking at me. I felt my face fall for a split second before I reconstructed my features and simply slumped away. I had to try and find a way to plan my next ‘attack’ Jacob Black was not going to take my Bella.

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I made you a banner. I hope you like it. Big fan of your stories.


Sarra the banner doesn't appear on my screen :( thank u so much for taking the time to do me one though :) xxx
Hey everyone...

I know it's been an extremely long time with my writing.... big changes in my life... I left my husband and I'm expecting my second baby in Feb... so hopefully you'll understand why I haven't written in forever. I am going to try and write as soon as I can =] New Moon has made me fall back in love with our beautiful Jacob so fingers crossed I'll write quickly and post within the next few weeks.

Thanks all for reading....

Take care

xxxxxx ~ Mel :)
i cant wait to read more.Please hurry and write the rest.


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