The Twilight Saga

So This story kinda begins differently, Bella has stayed in Arizona all throughout High School. So she decides to go to College in Forks. To stay in touch with Charlie. And here is a twist. Charlie and Renee Adopted her. Esme is her Biological Mother. And Bella is half-vampire Renee and Charlie know, But have kept it a secret for Bella's sake. So what will happen when she returns to the Rainy town of Forks, and encounters Esme? Will she know who she is? And I bet your wondering were Edward fits in this Story? Well you will have to read to figure out! I don't give away a lot. I just make you wonder.



                        WHEN WE MEET AGAIN 
                                                     Chapter I
                                                 Back to Forks!

             "Do you have everything... Bella?", I snapped out of my thoughts. And finally realized. I'm Going to college!,"Yes Mom?",I said. " You have Everything right?" she completed. Renee, was my mother. Even though I grew faster than others she was there for me. I would miss her, and her new husband. Phil, he treated me normally. As if I was no different than any other kid. I smiled,'The Plane To Seattle Is now Boarding' The intercom announced. I looked at my Mom once more. She smiled, " Have fun Bella. I will miss you. I love you." She said. I hugged her once more, Grabbed my luggage and left toward the plane. " I love you too" I said. I went through the tunnel and boarded the plane. In a few hours, I would be in Seattle. I sighed. I closed my eyes. and let the rest come in. And I thought how it would have changed since the last time I've been there as I slowly drifted into my sleep. 

I woke up when the plane was already landing. I felt the plane tumble in it's safe return to earth, and the ground. I was in Seattle. I boarded off the plane. And prepared to check out.

I waited in the seat outside the airport. Waiting in arrival of my father. Charlie, He was like Phil, in a way. But the good thing was, he never hovered. I waited patiently, though I was thinking of bad things that could happen. I could get kidnapped, I prepared my pepper spray. I could get.... yeah, I'm bad at thinking about stuff like that. I looked up at the now, gray sky. I sighed. I already missed the sunny days, The heat waves, and the days in the desert. I sighed again. I heard foot-steps getting louder and louder. Walking towards me. I put a finger on my pepper spray ready to do it to the person. Instead of the evil person I predicted I opened my eyes to see my father. He hadn't changed much. I got up and hugged him awkwardly. " Hello bells" he said. " Hey Dad!" I said.Trying to be as cheerful as possible in the short times we'd see each other. I hadn't realized we were walking toward his car.
When we finally got there, to my surprise. He was still chief police. He still had the cruiser.He put the luggage away in the back as I got in the passengers seat.
Charlie barely asked me questions on the way to the quiet town of Forks. Only ' How's your mother?'
'Do you miss Arizona already?' Yes. And others. When we arrived in the familiar old house. Memories came back. I used to come her 2 weeks every summer. But it's been years. Tomorrow I would have to leave this house for college. I walked in the house. Nothing had changed. Everything was too familiar. I went upstairs to my room. And like the scene's I had just saw. It was just the same. The purple mattress the bulletin board. Everything. But there was a new computer and a phone. I set my luggage down. Charlie said he was going to a friends house, he asked me to join. And me, I wanted to spend as much as time as possible with him before I had to go. I asked who they were. He said I knew them. So I didn't fret. I got changed at waited.         

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