The Twilight Saga

I finally open my eyes. I don't know what happen but all I know s my throat hurt with thirst. I think of water but I am disgusted by the thought of it. What do I want? I stand up but too quickly. I look around and see no one. Where am I? I thought to myself.
I look around and everything looks sharp. Like someone flip a switch to HD. I see a building. Well actually the side of two building. I'm in an alley. Its one of those scary alley where the killer takes the helpless girl in. I guess I'm that girl?
I walk to street and see lights of stored everywhere. It was nighttime already. It was also summer so every college kid is out and about but for some reason nobody is on this street. Except for one guy. He has blonde color hair with the cutest eyes I have ever seen. He also had glasses. I run right to him. A bit to fast but I push the thought away.
"Help me I need!!" I scream to him. (With a voice I never knew I had)
"What? What's wr-" he stops mind sentence and just stares at me.
" HELLO!!! I need you to call the cops!" That's when it hits me. A scent that smells so delicious. It didn't smell like anything I smelled before. It smelled sweet but also sour a bit. I bet it tastes like that too. I try to see what it was. I look around him but stop at his throat. I can hear his blood flowing throw his vein. I start to lean into him.
"Your eyes..." he whispers to me in my ear.
I think of what he said but my mouth was already on his neck and I bite him. It was amazing. Like not anything I ever taste before. I wanted more and more so I suck more and more. I heard him scream but only for a second. His body went still and cold. I suck the last of his blood. I knew then he was dead.
What did I do? I ran as fast as could which seems to be really really fast. I need help. I just killed someone. But his blood tasted like heaven. I didn't know where I was going. Home? But where is home? Where am I? I look to the street sign and my apartment is two blocks away. So I'll run but then what? I don't know I'll leave that when I get home.
I walk up to my building and up my steps to my apartment but the door was open. Who is in there? I walk in.
"Well hello there."

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