The Twilight Saga

My heart pounded as I walked into the dark cold room. I held my head down and whimpered. "Please stop!" I begged every time a sharp pain would hit my face. My tears stained my face and I eventually went unconscious. I woke up to absolutely no light and a burning smell. I ran up the stairs that led back up to the house and I gasped as fire fighters were scoping out the house. "What happened?!" I yelled. They all jumped and looked at my bloody and bruised body. "Mrs. are you okay?" one of them asked taking a stepped towards me. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" I yelled even louder. The man took my hand and frowned. "Someone left a cigarette next to the gas stove which was still on and it caught ever thing on fire." I he patted my hand and escorted me out the door. "Where will I go? I have no home." I whimpered and sat on the hot cement. "Do you have any friends you can stay with?" I am home schooled and I don't have a job. So naturally I wasn't one to socialize. "No." I dug my face in my arms and clenched the locket my mother gave to me. My mother was also abused by my father. We never called authorities because he was already getting therapy. Evidently, that didn't help. So, we just tried to hide from him when he was drunk. "Any family members?" I shook my head and cried even harder. "Just leave me alone!" I ran fast and hard into the woods and didn't look back.

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wow, very suspense

Please keep me updated, I would like to see where this story goes :)

I will :) just add me on here and I will message you when I can.

i agree with jordan its very good please keep me updated !


love me guessin on whats goin to happen next
Oh thank you guys! I will : ) Sorry for the late responses xD it's a lil hard to keep up with school and such !


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