The Twilight Saga

Everyone in this story is human.
Jasper 16 and Rosalie 17 are the hales
Alice 16 and Edward 16 (twins) are the Cullen’s
Emmett 17 and Bella 16 are the swans

Chapter 1 BPOV

Hi my name is Bella Swan I’m 16 years old and I live in Forks Washington. I have lived her my whole life and I am currently attending forks high and I am in 10th grade. I have one brother his name is Emmett he is 17 and is in 11th grade. We live with our dad Charlie in a huge house; our mom died when I was 12 and ever since Charlie is barely home he works at the police station in Seattle so he usually just stays there in a hotel. Tonight was one of those nights and we were having our best friends Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, and Edward for a sleep over. Jasper and Alice are together and so are Emmett and Rosalie. Edward and me are the singles in our group but we don’t really care. We also have two other friends who couldn’t make it tonight, Sarah and Nolan. They are together too and they both play baseball and our high school. Everyone has been best friends since 4th grade. Since me and Edward are the singles we like to have some fun sometimes and flirt with each other or like when couples are with couples we will always be together. I think Edward is cute especially his eyes melt but nothing will ever happen so I don’t really care that much anymore. I get asked out a lot but no ones ever right for me so I usually turn them down; Edwards the same way he goes on some dates but not a lot cause he says even though he can get anyone he wants no one seems right so we just stick together as best friends. Then I hurried a knock on the door must be the guys.

“Hey guys come in,” I said opening the door

“Where’s Em?” Jasper asked

“Upstairs in his room why don’t you go get him and tell him everyone’s here while us girls go get our pajamas and tell him the pizza should be here soon,” I said then Alice squealed.

“Yay I got you the cutest Bella and you too rose,” Alice said grabbing our hands and leading us upstairs.

*Should I keep going or should I stop there please comment and tell me your answer.

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Chapter 3

Me and Bella spent the rest of the day at the mall having me try to make her into a new girl and I think I did a pretty good job I got her a whole new wardrobe and went and had her hair down I got her hair cut three inches shorter so its still long just not to her waist. And had then put highlights in. after we were done I took her back to her house and thank god rose and Sarah still had all the guys at Sarah’s house I told them what I was doing and told them to keep the guys busy cause we are having a sleepover again tonight and Sarah’s house and I have to make Bella ready for that.

SPOV (Sarah)

Me and Rose have had the guys at my house all day playing video games no one except us and Nolan no why Bella and Alice aren’t really here everyone else thinks they wanted to just hang out just the two of them cause there BFF’s. I cant wait tell we get to see the new Bella.

“Rose I can’t wait tell they finally get here I want to see how she looks,” I said to her while we were on the couch watching the guys playing rock band.

“Me wither they should be here soon they have been gone for six hours,”

“Yeah your right,” just then my phone went off. I picked it up and saw it was Alice. “Yeah Alice what’s up,”

“What Alice ask her when she will be back I miss her,” jasper said

“Alice jasper said-,” I said but she cut me off

“I heard him tell him I miss him too and I will be there in ten,”

“Jazz she said she misses u too and she will be here in ten,” I said “all right Alice what did u need before jasper interrupted me,” I said glaring at jasper.

“Just was going to tell you that she looks great and I taught her how to act like she is confident in her self and other you and rose will be so impressed well I got to go see u in ten love ya bye and tell everyone I love them too,” she said

“Love u too Alice bye,” with that I hung up “hey Alice said to tell u she loves u guys,” I said.

“What did she say bout u know,” rose said cause the guys stop playing and she doesn’t what them to know what we are talking about.

“That she is ready,” I said

“Whose ready,” Emmett said

“That they are ready to come home now and stop easdropping u moron,” I said to Emmett.

“Shut up Sarah,” he said while picking up a pillow and throwing a pillow at me I caught it and threw it back and we all just started to throw pillows tell we heard the door open. We got up and went downstairs.

“Hey Alice,” jasper said walking up and kissing her.

“Hey jazzy,” she said

“Where’s Bella,” Emmett asked.

“Right her,” she said and Bella walked in she looked great.

EPOV (Edward)

Wow Bella looked hot.

“Bella what happened you turned hot,” Emmett said Rosalie just smacked him on the back oh the head.

“Thanks em I guess that’s what I brother says to his sister.” Bella said. God she was gorgeous she is just wow her hair her outfit and she is wearing make-up. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

Heres Bella:
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