The Twilight Saga

The story is set about six years after the events of Breaking Dawn. Renesmee has grown up quite a bit and her feelings for Jacob have changed. She understand the situation well but is not too sure how to express them. But a little vacation will change that...

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Chapter 1: Vacation

I looked down at my pray. The baby elk stood no chance against my speed and strength.
I leaned in and began extracting the blood. Ugh, elk blood wasn’t nearly as good as mountain loin. I wondered if mom or dad had caught any. Or if Uncle Emmet had caught a good grizzly.

When almost all the blood had been drained from the animal, I felt something warm brush against my leg. I caught the familiar, woodsy scent and smiled.

I spun around to find myself face to face (or rather nose to nose) with my russet brown wolf. My werewolf. My Jacob.

“Hey Jake,” I laughed, patting his head.

To return the greeting, Jacob licked the side of my face.

“Ewww, Jake. Gross!” I complained, wiping the side of my face with my sleeve, “I’ve told how many times not to do that.”

He just yelped with laughter, ducking his head to dodge my incoming nudge.

“Not funny,” I said, attempting to suppress a giggle.

I stuck my tongue out at Jake and ran off in the opposite direction. I knew he’d follow me, he always does.

Thanks to my supernatural speed, I was halfway across the forest in a few seconds. Green greeted me from every side as the trees passed me at lightning speed. Birds circled above me, creating a bright rainbow. I caught scent of more elk, but I was satisfied enough not to turn in that direction.

I came to a halt and looked around.
Jake was nowhere to be seen. Strange…
Turning in a 360 degree angle, my eyes searched every acre for sign of my werewolf.

Then I caught the smell of Jake’s woodsy scent, but just a tad bit too late. He sprung out from behind a tree and launched himself onto me, causing us to roll around on top of each other. Our favourite game ever since things had gotten back to normal and I was allowed out again. Mum and Dad had been pretty protective over me after the fiasco with the Volturi so I couldn’t be seen in public for a while. They didn’t want another misunderstanding…

But that was almost six years ago. Now I had the body of a sixteen year old, but the mind of a nineteen year old and this was due to my accelerated growth (which was due to the fact that I am a half-human and half-vampire). I had to be home schooled by Carlisle in order not to make anything look suspicious about me. Although a couple of month’s time I’d be going to school, to high school.

I was both excited and scared. Excited because I’d never been to school before and I’ve always wanted that experience. Not just the learning part, but also to be around people. This was probably going to be the most I’d been in the “public eye”.

But I was also very scared. I suppose this was because of all the books I’d been reading and movies I’d been watching of teenager’s first days at high school. They always seemed to be picked on; the one no-one wants to sit next to. Of course, what with dad reading my thoughts and Uncle Jazz sensing my emotions whenever the talk of my future came about, my family (including Jake) had tried to calm me down, telling me that I was worried for nothing.

I suppose attending school on reservation was going to make this all easier. There was talk of sending me to Forks High School, but we had decided against it for several reasons. It had only been six years since most of my family had been there and it would seem rather strange to have me (Bella and Edward’s daughter) start there. They could say I was a family member, but then I wouldn’t have anyone who’d be able to go with me. By attending school on reservation, I’d be able to be with Jake, Quil, Embry and the rest of the pack. Of course it was Jake’s idea – he hated being too far away from me. Like now.

When we were all rolled out, Jake and I lay on our backs, laughing ourselves breathless.

“We should be getting back home,” I murmured softly, rubbing Jake behind his ears. He moved his head up and down as if to nod and then got into his take off position. I knew that position too well – he wanted to race me. I chuckled and took my place beside him.

“And as usual, I’m going to beat you,” I said. Jake rolled his eyes. “One, two, three. GO!”

Of course I reached the edge of the forest a few seconds before Jake did, but that was he let me win. He went back into the forest to shift back into his human form.

It took him a while, but at last he came back. Jacob Black, my Jacob, walked out from behind the trees. As he came towards me, wearing just his cut jeans and that grin of his that made my own lips curve upwards, I took in everything about him. His deep set skin tone, his dark eyes, his hair – which was cropped the way I liked it. My eyes traveled down his neck, across his shoulders to his arms which supported biceps. Traveling south, my eyes noted his abdominal muscles – ooh, the ripple mounds of goodness. My Hands so desperately wanted to reach out, to touch, to feel, to…

“Ness?” Jake said, sounding unsure. Crap, he must have noticed my ogling. He looked down at himself self consciously, “is there something on me?”

“No – I mean yes. I meant I thought I saw something… Never mind,” I flustered, trying to cover up. Jake grinned again and pulled me into one of his bear hugs. “I hear your mom and dad calling us. We should go.”

Dad! Urgh, I’d forgotten about him. I hope he wasn’t close enough to hear my thoughts about Jake earlier. I dread to think his reaction…

Jake led me up to my grandparents’ house. Inside Uncle Emmet had his arms around Aunt Rose as they sat on the couch, watching T.V. Aunt Alice was crouched on the floor, her head between her hands, as though concentrating. She was probably “looking” for something in the future. Uncle Jazz was rubbing her back, as though soothing her. Was something wrong?

“No, honey, nothings wrong,” answered my dad’s voice. He and mum stepped out of the kitchen, smiling. “On the contrary, things are about to get more exciting.

“Oh great, it’s all gone!” complained Alice. She pointed at Jake. “Oh right, that’s why. Mr. Wolf is coming along.” She smiled at me, “I should have seen that coming.”

“You wouldn’t have been able to anyway,” Jake teased, kissing my forehead. A shiver of pleasure ran down my body.

“Well, the two of you better get packing,” said Dad. Then looked at Alice, “Oh right. You’ve already picked out their clothes for each day and packed them.”

Alice smirked.

“Dad, what’s going on?” I asked.

“We’re going on… ‘vacation’, Renesmee,” answered Mum.

“Really? Where too?” Weird, we’ve never done something like this before.

“To Africa,” answered Carlisle, my granddad. He and Grandma Esme were coming down the staircase. “We’re going to book the tickets now. I assume you will be joining us, Jacob?”

“Yes, doc,” answered Jake, as he squeezed my hand, “I’d never leave my Nessie.”

I felt the heat rush up to my cheeks, causing me to blush ferociously. His Nessie. I liked the way he said that.

Dad cleared his throat and gave me a stern look, though it seemed as though he was suppressing a smile.

“So, is everyone going?” I asked in attempt to change my thoughts.

“Of course, shorty,” grinned Emmet, “You didn’t think we were going to let you guys enjoy all the cheetahs and leopards.”

I frowned, “Cheetahs? Leopards? I’m guessing we’re not going to Egypt to visit the vampire clan there?”

“No, honey. Carlisle wanted to pay South Africa a little visit. He has some medical business he wanted to sort out,” answered Esme. “We thought we’d make a bit of a vacation out of it. At least then you and Jake will have something to tell your new friends at school.”

School… Right. I gulped as the fear caused a horrible feeling in my stomach.

“Ness, you’re going to be fine,” said Dad soothingly, “your friends are going to love you.”

“Of course they will. Otherwise they’ll have to answer to me,” said Jake, rubbing my back. He glanced at the clock on the wall. “Well I need to go and finalize things with the pack. How long do you think we’ll be gone for?”

“About a month at the most,” answered Mum, “Don’t worry, we’ll be back before September.”

“Alright. I’ll be back in ten minute. Don’t miss me too much,” teased Jake, pressing his cheek on my head.

A bear hug later, I stood and waved by the doorway as I watched him run out the house towards the forest, towards La Push. I hated moments like this.

“So, where about in South Africa are we going?” I asked as I turned around to face my family.

“Well, we’ll be residing on the Easy Coast,” answered Carlisle, “but for hunting we’ll go up further north.”

“Yeah, that’s where all the good stuff is,” said Emmet menacingly.

“But we’ll have to be careful,” warned Jazz, “Most of their wildlife is protected. We’ll have to find a less conspicuous spot.”

“And Jake can’t be in his wolf form for most of the time,” said Mum, “South Africans aren’t accustomed to seeing wolves among their wildlife.”

My knowledge on South Africa was minimal, so this was all news to me.

“Right, the tickets have been booked,” announced Esme, as she turned to face us, “We’ll be leaving in an hour.”

“Come on Ness,” Alice came over to me. “I can’t let you go like that to the airport in that.”

I looked down at my clothes. Right, going to the airport with blood stained clothes wasn’t exactly normal for a human – then again I wasn’t exactly a normal human either.

I let Alice drag me up the staircase, towards my slow torture…

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A/N: here it is (finally!)
Chapter 8: An old Friend

Jake’s arm lay lazily around my shoulders as we left the cinema, much to my father’s disapproval. But my mum nudged him and whispered, “It was bound to happen sometime.” She smiled at us and I felt a familiar warmth in my cheeks. Of course, Uncle Emmet wasn’t shy about hiding his reaction.

“So, how was the movie?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“T’waz good,” replied Jake. Then he added teasingly, “Though I think Nessie got a bit scared. Nightmares for weeks, I’d say, the way she screamed.”

“Aww,” cooed Emmet, “Well, at least you had Jake to protect you… I suspect a lot of…ahem… cuddling.”

As my blush grew more ferocious at his words, Jake’s face also started burning. But he covered up his embarrassment with a chuckle.

“So, where are we going?” I asked, wanting to change the subject.

“We’re waiting for Alice, Rose and Esme,” answered Jasper, “And knowing Alice, they’ve probably emptied half the stores by now.”

We stood outside the cinemas, waiting for them to come back – but after a while I couldn’t handle the staring of the humans. It made me feel so self-conscious, as if I had something on my face. Even though Dad kept reminding me that they were staring at my so called “beauty”, I didn’t feel any better. I had to get away, I had to. I looked around at the shops, trying to see which one would serve as the perfect sanctuary.

Among the coffee shops and clothing boutiques, I found a shop called “Exclusive Books”. A Bookshop! Perfect. I won’t get bored and people won’t trouble me.

I was about to take off at full speed when Dad caught my arm.

“Walk normally,” he whispered low enough for just me to hear. “Remember, humans aren’t used to seeing people running at supernatural speeds.”

“Where are you going?” asked Jake who couldn’t read my mind. ‘Want me to come with?”

“Nah, it’s cool,” I replied. “You can go with Emmet to that Video Game store.” I noticed the two of them eyeing that shop with interest. “I’m going to that bookshop; you’ll get bored out of your mind.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Positive,” I smiled.

Emmet, Jasper and Jake walked off eagerly towards the video game store as I, showing the same enthusiasm, stalked off towards the bookstore. I hoped Mum and Dad would be okay on their own…

As I predicted, everyone in the store were too busy reading to actually notice me. The smell of new books tickled my senses. I loved that smell – black ink and crisp paper. I wished they’d just keep the smell after a few years.

I glanced at the new books on the tables, but because they were crowded, I moved on to the aisles. Though I really loved to read them, at the moment I wasn’t in the mood for non-fiction books, so I skimmed those aisles. I wanted to get lost in a fantasy world, where things are different and not as they seem – something I could easily relate to. Human dramas to me seemed foreign and strange – I never really understood how petty things could be so important to humans and how some could cheat on their girlfriend or boyfriend and not feel anything about it. Humans like that almost seemed …heartless. Of course Dad always contradicts that thought of mine. He says if Mum was like that, then I wouldn’t be here. Okay, I suppose you do get exceptions.

I found a comfortable chair in the corner of the shop for myself and got stuck into a fantasy world, loosing myself among the pages.

“Hey beautiful,” interrupted a voice. I looked up and groaned inwardly. One of the human boys who had been ogling at my mum and I had just come up to me. He had brown hair and blue eyes complimented with a dimpled smile. Behind one of the aisles, I could hear his friends whispering and trying to see if I responded to him.

“Hello,” I replied as expressionlessly as I could. I didn’t mean to be rude and as interesting as I found humans, I couldn’t stand their ogling; and this boy’s eyes were practically popping out of his head.

“So, what’s a beautiful American lady like you doing in this dump?” he asked after he ‘recovered’. “You are American, right?”

“That’s right and I’m reading,” I answered both his questioned dryly, “What does it look like to you?”

“Oh, I don’t know, just trying to kill some time, perhaps?” he replied, “Waiting for your boyfriend? The big Indian who ran off to the video shop with your brothers.”

Wow, humans were more observant than what I gave them credit for. He must have seen Jake, Emmet and Jasper. I thought carefully before I answered.

“Yes, I am. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish at the store,” I replied, loving the ‘boyfriend’ in reference to Jake sounded.

‘So I guess that means that there’s no chance in me getting your number?”

I raised an eyebrow. Did he honestly think I was interested? “I –”

“I’m sorry, but is this man bothering you?”

I spun around; the voice sounded vaguely familiar. Another young man, his skin rich in colour, black hair braided and dangerous teak-coloured eyes, stood next to us; his eyes moving swiftly between the boy and me. An early memory of my “childhood” reminded me who this was; Nahuel.

“No Nahuel,” I replied, “In fact, he was just saying goodbye, weren’t you?”

I flashed the boy a fake smile but my eyes flashed dangerously in his direction, showing my true feeling. He must’ve got the message because his eyes widened in shock and he back away, not bothering to say goodbye. I turned back to Nahuel who was surprised I recognized him.

“I didn’t realize you’d recognize me after these past few years,” he said quietly, “How have you been?”

“Good, I guess,” I replied, “and you?”

“No complaints,” he said, his tensed composure relaxing a bit.

“Nessie, there you are.”

Mum, Dad and Jacob walked around the aisle. Dad and Mum recognized Nahuel and smiled, but Jacob’s eyes narrowed and (perhaps I imagined this) his body quivered for just a second. He was getting a tad bit angry.

I couldn’t understand why though, I mean I was just reading till that boy came and disturbed me. If it hadn’t been for Nahuel, then he probably would have still been pestering me…

Ah, Nahuel. That was the reason.

“Nahuel, it has been a while,” Dad greeted.

“It has indeed,” he replied, “If I may ask, what are you doing here in South Africa?”

Mum chuckled, “We’re here on vacation, seeing that Nessie and Jake have a month left before school starts. And you?”

“I was invited by an old friend to come and visit. I haven’t seen him in a while.”

“Are you here with Huilen?” inquired Dad.

“No, she is back home,” Nahuel replied.

A few more quivers shook Jake, something which I shouldn’t allow to happen. I shifted towards him and put my palm to his face, sending him an image of Nahuel not harming me. I put my arm around him and leaned my head against his shoulder. Hesitantly, he put his arm around my shoulder, kissing my forehead.

“The others are waiting outside the store for us,” he murmured.

“Yes, and I think Carlisle would be very happy to see you, Nahuel,” said Dad, “Do you mind stepping out with us for a minute?”

“Not at all,” he replied, following Dad and Mum, who were heading towards the exit. I took a step towards them, but Jake kept his feet planted to the ground. He turned and faced me, his eyes burning with concern.

“You sure you’re okay?” he asked. “What about that other boy who came earlier?”

“Hey, how do you – ”

“Your dad told me,” he interrupted.

“Right,” I groaned. He couldn’t let me keep one secret, now could he?


“It was some human who wanted my number, but I practically ignored him. You’re not jealous, are you?” I teased, hoping to ease the tension. I must’ve worked, because his shoulders relaxed a bit and the corners of his mouth twitched into what looked like a hidden smile.

“Me, Jacob Black, jealous?” he smirked, “I don’t think so.” He pulled me into a brief bear hug and led me towards the exit.

When we left the shop, I saw the rest of the family sitting on some benches. Carlisle was in a deep conversation with Esme, Dad and Nahuel; Alice was showing Mum, Emmet and Jasper all the clothes that she’d bought; there were two trolleys full. Emmet had his arms around Rosalie, whispering something in her ear. She chuckled, slapping him playfully on his arm.

“Nessie!” exclaimed Aunt Alice when she saw me, “You won’t believe all the clothes I got you!”
I groaned, causing everyone to laugh. Knowing Aunt Alice, she’d probably make me model all my clothes this evening.

“So what would you two like for supper?” asked Esme, “or should I say three. Nahuel will be joining us; anything you want in particular?”

Jake’s relaxed frame tensed again for a brief second, but relaxed almost immediately.

“Surprise us, Esme,” he smiled. I suspected Jasper having something to do with Jake’s sudden mood change.

“I’m not fussy,” added Nahuel, “What time shall I come over?”

“Round about seven pm?”

“Sure,” he replied, “I’ll see you all later. Bye Nessie.” He smiled at me briefly before disappearing through the crowd.

“Can we leave now, please?” I pleaded. “These humans are starting to freak me out.” Just as I had anticipated, the ogling continued as Jake and I left the bookstore. Talk about stalking…
very GOOD!
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Chapter 9: Disagreements

“I think this outfit is great.”

“No, wait. This one is good, but this other one would be even better,” Aunt Alice said whilst rummaging through a huge bag which read “Mr. Price”. We were in my room in the shalet trying on some outfits for this evening’s supper; don’t ask me why she wanted me to dress up for it.

She tossed me something blue. I open it out and leaned it against me. It was a strapless dress which came up to above my knee. I would have had the same opinion about it as Aunt Alice, if it weren’t for the huge slit half way up the side. I looked uncertainly at Aunt Alice.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” she beamed at me, “Try it on!”

Sighing, I changed for the tenth time just to make her happy. I slipped the blue dress on and observed myself in the mirror. Yup I was right; too much flesh-flash. I turned around to face Aunt Alice again.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I snorted, “This outfit? Right where is the next dress you wanted to show me?”

“No, this is perfect!” she exclaimed, “Shows off your figure quite nicely. I’d say Jake wouldn’t know what hit him if he saw you in that.”

That brought me to a stop. Would Jake really like this dress? I looked at myself again in the mirror, trying to view it with a different mindset.

There was a knock on the door,

“May I come in?” asked Jacob’s voice.

“Now we’ll test me theory,” Alice whispered to me. “Sure Jake, you can come in.”

Jacob opened the door and walked in casually, bare-chested as usual. He had his usual smile plastered to his face, but when he saw me… well, let’s just say it wiped the smile off his face. He just stared, not in a gross, perverted way, but in a way that made me feel pretty and shy that I blushed. His body trembled slightly, but he glowed, like the time when he’d imprinted on me. He bit his bottom lip, trying to hold back the tremors.

“You’re not wearing that this evening, are you?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“But of course,” answered Alice, a grin plastered to her face in victory, “Don’t you think she looks pretty?”
“I… I…” he stammered, his eyes still glued to me, “I don’t think you should wear this. I don’t want you to wear it.”

Two feelings aroused. First I felt relief that he had the same opinion about the dress, I didn’t want to wear it either. But the way in which he said it… did he have perhaps the opposite reaction of what Aunt Alice hoped for? What if I didn’t look pretty?

“What are you talking about?” argued Aunt Alice, “This is perfect for this evening. Don’t you agree, Nessie?”

I was unsure as to how to answer, but Jake cut me off before I could even try.

“I highly doubt Edward or Bella would agree to this outfit.”

A growl from outside the door came in agreement to Jacob’s words. Dad must’ve seen it through Jake’s thoughts.

“Alice, my daughter will not exit the room in that piece of cloth you call a dress,” said Dad clearly, trying to conceal any anger.

Alice pouted and studied me again. She then walked over to another packet and pulled out a pair of dark jeans. She leaned it against me.

“What if I teamed it up with a pair of jeans?” she asked, “Like this?”

She probably tried to show it to him through her thoughts. Jake looked at the jeans, at Alice and then back at me, his eyes blazing.

“The jeans are an improvement,” he said and turned to leave the room. What was that for? Dad and Mum walked in, giving Alice a look and observed me.

“I think with the jeans its fine,” answered Mum, breaking the tension in the room. Gosh, tension over a dress?

“Alice, in future when you’re dressing my daughter, I’d like to see what you bought first. Alright?” asked Dad.

“Yeah, sure sure,” she answered, packing everything back in their packets. She was smiling, seeing that she did eventually get her own way in wanting me to wear the dress. She always gets her way; Mum warned me about this a long time ago.

I wondered what Jacob’s issue was; I mean it was just an outfit. He didn’t have to get so worked up about it… and besides, I thought he actually liked it. Men… ah well. I pulled on the pair of jeans that Alice tossed to me, thankful there wouldn’t be much flesh-flash to worry about.

“Mmm, that smells good,” I commented as I walked into the kitchen, “What’s for dinner?”

“Calalonie,” replied Esme, “Thought I’d try something different this evening.”

“Calalonie? What exactly is that?” asked Mum, joining us in the kitchen. Dad, Emmet, Jasper, Carlisle and Jacob were watching sports on TV.

“Its sort of like Lasagna, just prepared differently,” answered Esme. “I hope Nahuel won’t mind.”

“I’m sure he won’t” I smiled, “Who would ever mind your cooking?”

Esme smiled at the compliment. I decided to hang around in the kitchen as I really didn’t want to face Jacob. His behaviour began to irritate me. Why get worked up over clothes?

I sat down at the table, mindlessly toying with a knife in my hand. Trying to forget about the incident earlier, I wondered what would happen if I cut myself with it or at least tried to. I did have blood running through my veins after all, would I bleed? Or was my skin strong enough to withstand a cut? I ran the sharp side of the blade against my palm softly. Nothing, not even a scratch. I ran it down again with slightly more force –

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen, what on earth do you think you’re doing?” yelled my mother. I spun around in shock, the impact of it causing me to use more force than I’d intended.

“Ouch!” I yelped, surprised by the slight sting. I looked back to my hands to find a bit of blood dribbling down my palm. What was strange though was that there was no trace of the cut anywhere. Maybe I was like Jake…

“Yes, seeing that you have the same chromosome pairs,” said Dad who had come into the room with Jake, “And can you please explain why you’re cutting yourself?”

“Oh, um, that…” I looked at my parents sheepishly.


“It’s probably Nahuel,” I said, trying to change the subject. “I’ll go get it.”

“No, you stay here, I’ll get it,” replied Dad, pulling Mum with him.

He was already out the doorway before I could argue. Jacob pulled the chair next to me and sat down. As much as I tried to look away, his gaze forced me to look at him. His warm hands found mine, his thumb tracing the path of where the cut was, wiping away the blood.

“And what was that for?” he asked in a low voice.

“Nothing,” I replied, “why are you concerned?” I added stupidly. I couldn’t help it, I was still a bit annoyed from earlier.

“Because that’s what best friends do,” he replied softly, “Why are you upset with me?”

I sighed, “You know earlier in the room, when I was changing and you came in?”

“Yes… what about it?” he was trying very hard to keep a straight face.

“Well, I want to know why… why you were so repulsed by me in the dress. Do I look that ugly in something skin revealing? Is it my skin?”

My cheeks burned ferociously and I looked away. I could hear voices in the lounge and could pick out Nahuel’s. Jake gaze caught mine once again, holding it in one place again. Then the blaze in his eyes softened.

“Listen,” he whispered, “We don’t have time right now. Can we talk about this after supper? I’ll take you out for a walk on the beach.”

“Alright,” I said.

“Good, now please smile,” he said, “Frowns don’t suit your pretty face.”

I raised an eyebrow giving him a cynical look, but couldn’t hide the smile caused by the comment. I linked my fingers through his –

“And what do we have here?” interrupted Emmet, smirking as he stood in the doorway with Rose, Alice and Jasper behind him. Emmet in his “fatherly” voice was probably the funniest thing ever. His brow would wrinkle a bit as he tried to strict but the amusement in his eyes couldn’t be missed. “Is there something you two would like to tell us?”

“Ugh Emmet, what a way to spoil the mood,” said Alice, “and stop block the way, we’d like to get through.”

She, Carlisle, Esme and Nahuel walked in past Emmet. I smiled warmly when I saw our guest.

Jake’s hand gripped mine tight, a slight tremor escaping his body. I acted instinctively and gripped his hand tighter, as though the action would stop the tremors from escaping.

It must have, because Jake’s narrowed eyes (which were glued to Nahuel) softened just a tad bit.

“After supper, can we go out for a walk?” Jake murmured.

“If it’s alright with Dad,” I replied as I got up to greet Nahuel, not wanting to be rude.

“Good evening Nahuel,” I greeted.

“Evening Renesmee,” he smiled, “Hello Jacob”.

“Hello,” replied Jake curtly, also standing up.

“Oh no, don’t get up,” said Esme, making her way to the oven. “Dinner is ready; why don’t you sit down, Nahuel?”

Nahuel said nothing and sat down by the third plate which had been set at the table. We all followed Nahuel’s lead and sat around the table.

“Alright Jacob,” said Dad suddenly.

All eyes locked on Dad and then on Jake. Nahuel, however, made as though no one had spoken.

“So Carlisle, what have you been doing here in South Africa?” he asked as Esme brought over the hot casserole dish, “I’m pretty sure you’ve been busy with the Health Department – I mean, the health is South Africa isn’t all that great.”

“As a matter or fact I am busy with something in terms of the medical situations here in South Africa,” replied Carlisle, “I’m sure you’re aware of the HI-Virus and how it has affected this country pretty badly.”

“Yes I have,” said Nahuel as he dished out some Calalonie onto his plate, “Well, what about it?”

“Research has had some doctors baffled. I was asked to come help out.”

“Oh I see,” replied Nahuel, “What exactly does this research entail?”

“Well, the HI-Virus and how it reacts to certain substances and why it does so,” said Carlisle, frowning slightly, “But enough about me and my research, what about you; what are you doing in South Africa? You said that you have a friend here.”

“Yes I do. I’ve known him for quite some time.”

“Quite some time?” repeated Jasper, “Is he one of us?”

“Well, one of you, yes.”

“I didn’t know there were vampires here in South Africa,” said Emmet, “What with apartheid about a decade ago, I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t have been safe for vampires to be here. After all, our skin would’ve caused problems and the Volturi would have stepped in.”

I was stunned. Something that informative and deep sounded strange coming from Uncle Emmet’s mouth.

“Yes, your uncle can be quite surprising sometimes,” smiled Dad.

“Hey, what’s my niece thinking about me?” asked Emmet, one eyebrow raised skeptically.

“Who said it was about you?” I shot back teasingly, “You’re not that important, you know?”

Mock hurt showed on his face as he sighed dramatically.

“The food is delicious Esme,” Nahuel complimented quietly, “Don’t be surprised if I come and pay you a surprise visit in America.”

Everyone except Jacob laughed. His anxiety about Nahuel was apparent as he stared at the half-human, half-vampire between mouthfuls of Calalonie. At least there wasn’t any shuddering…

The rest of supper carried on relatively alright as we talked about trivial things, like the weather. By the time we’d finished our food (I ended up having two helpings!), Jacob was getting restless.

“I’m sorry, but please could Nessie and I excuse ourselves from the table,” he requested, providing no explanation as to why.

“Yes, of course,” said Dad, a bit of uncertainty caught in his voice.

“Your curfew is at 9pm, Renesmee Cullen,” Uncle Emmet got into his fatherly imitation again.

I looked at the time. “You’re giving me fifteen minutes?” I asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Yes, and no exceptions young lady,” he continued, “and if you’re late, you will be grounded.”

“Don’t worry sir,” Jake saluted, “She’ll be back by 10pm at the latest.”

That was meant for Mum and Dad, I could tell, as Jake’s eyes met theirs as he got up and gave a slight nod. He stretched his hand out and grabbed mine, pulling me up effortlessly and led me out the room.

“Bye, see you all later,” I said, “It was good to see you again Nahuel.”

“As it was to see you, Renesmee,” he replied.

‘Where are we going?” I asked Jake, as we walked out the front door of our chalet.

“Just down to be the beach,” he replied, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not.” Anywhere was fine as long as I was with Jake.

We went down to the bottom floor in the elevator and out through the front doors of the hotel. The cold wind slapped us in the face as we waked outside, but I didn’t feel cold. Thank goodness for 24 chromosome pairs…

We walked across the road, hands linked, past the restaurants and past the place separating the beach sand and the paving. The wind was stronger than this morning and not many humans were about. When we got to the sand, we took off our shoes, letting the dry sea sand squirm between our toes.

Neither of us said anything as we walked towards the sea, but just before we reached the water, at the point between the dry and wet sand, Jacob stopped and turned to look at me.

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen,” he said, “I know I have been your best friend for a long time now, and I’ve never regretted any moment of it. I want you to know that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me – hey, what’s so funny?”

I couldn’t help it, when he said that line I burst into hysterics. Jacob was never one for fluff.

“Talk about fluffy,” I laughed.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he chuckled. “I suck at this sort of thing, don’t I? Okay let’s start again. But just so you know, I meant every word I said.”

The seriousness evident in his eyes stopped my laughter at once as he held my gaze. His hands found mine, thumbs drawing circles in the sensitive points in my wrists.

“Nessie, I –”

Jake was cut off by a muffled cry and a strange scent…


And a human.

Beyond human eyesight, Jake and I could see and smell a vampire dragging a young human girl out to sea. The girl was struggling against the vampire with whatever strength she had, but the rich-skinned vampire pulled her effortlessly towards the shoreline. There were no other humans around to notice what was happening.

“Call your parents,” Jake whispered, kicking off his shoes and, with a tremor, transformed into a wolf, taking off at full speed down the shoreline.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Dad’s number.

“Dad, all of you need to get down here now!” I said, “Oh, and bring some pants with you. Jake’s gonna need it.”


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