The Twilight Saga

The story is set about six years after the events of Breaking Dawn. Renesmee has grown up quite a bit and her feelings for Jacob have changed. She understand the situation well but is not too sure how to express them. But a little vacation will change that...

Okay, this my first piece of fanfiction ever. I'd appreciate it if you could read and review. Thanks =)

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Chapter 1: Vacation

I looked down at my pray. The baby elk stood no chance against my speed and strength.
I leaned in and began extracting the blood. Ugh, elk blood wasn’t nearly as good as mountain loin. I wondered if mom or dad had caught any. Or if Uncle Emmet had caught a good grizzly.

When almost all the blood had been drained from the animal, I felt something warm brush against my leg. I caught the familiar, woodsy scent and smiled.

I spun around to find myself face to face (or rather nose to nose) with my russet brown wolf. My werewolf. My Jacob.

“Hey Jake,” I laughed, patting his head.

To return the greeting, Jacob licked the side of my face.

“Ewww, Jake. Gross!” I complained, wiping the side of my face with my sleeve, “I’ve told how many times not to do that.”

He just yelped with laughter, ducking his head to dodge my incoming nudge.

“Not funny,” I said, attempting to suppress a giggle.

I stuck my tongue out at Jake and ran off in the opposite direction. I knew he’d follow me, he always does.

Thanks to my supernatural speed, I was halfway across the forest in a few seconds. Green greeted me from every side as the trees passed me at lightning speed. Birds circled above me, creating a bright rainbow. I caught scent of more elk, but I was satisfied enough not to turn in that direction.

I came to a halt and looked around.
Jake was nowhere to be seen. Strange…
Turning in a 360 degree angle, my eyes searched every acre for sign of my werewolf.

Then I caught the smell of Jake’s woodsy scent, but just a tad bit too late. He sprung out from behind a tree and launched himself onto me, causing us to roll around on top of each other. Our favourite game ever since things had gotten back to normal and I was allowed out again. Mum and Dad had been pretty protective over me after the fiasco with the Volturi so I couldn’t be seen in public for a while. They didn’t want another misunderstanding…

But that was almost six years ago. Now I had the body of a sixteen year old, but the mind of a nineteen year old and this was due to my accelerated growth (which was due to the fact that I am a half-human and half-vampire). I had to be home schooled by Carlisle in order not to make anything look suspicious about me. Although a couple of month’s time I’d be going to school, to high school.

I was both excited and scared. Excited because I’d never been to school before and I’ve always wanted that experience. Not just the learning part, but also to be around people. This was probably going to be the most I’d been in the “public eye”.

But I was also very scared. I suppose this was because of all the books I’d been reading and movies I’d been watching of teenager’s first days at high school. They always seemed to be picked on; the one no-one wants to sit next to. Of course, what with dad reading my thoughts and Uncle Jazz sensing my emotions whenever the talk of my future came about, my family (including Jake) had tried to calm me down, telling me that I was worried for nothing.

I suppose attending school on reservation was going to make this all easier. There was talk of sending me to Forks High School, but we had decided against it for several reasons. It had only been six years since most of my family had been there and it would seem rather strange to have me (Bella and Edward’s daughter) start there. They could say I was a family member, but then I wouldn’t have anyone who’d be able to go with me. By attending school on reservation, I’d be able to be with Jake, Quil, Embry and the rest of the pack. Of course it was Jake’s idea – he hated being too far away from me. Like now.

When we were all rolled out, Jake and I lay on our backs, laughing ourselves breathless.

“We should be getting back home,” I murmured softly, rubbing Jake behind his ears. He moved his head up and down as if to nod and then got into his take off position. I knew that position too well – he wanted to race me. I chuckled and took my place beside him.

“And as usual, I’m going to beat you,” I said. Jake rolled his eyes. “One, two, three. GO!”

Of course I reached the edge of the forest a few seconds before Jake did, but that was he let me win. He went back into the forest to shift back into his human form.

It took him a while, but at last he came back. Jacob Black, my Jacob, walked out from behind the trees. As he came towards me, wearing just his cut jeans and that grin of his that made my own lips curve upwards, I took in everything about him. His deep set skin tone, his dark eyes, his hair – which was cropped the way I liked it. My eyes traveled down his neck, across his shoulders to his arms which supported biceps. Traveling south, my eyes noted his abdominal muscles – ooh, the ripple mounds of goodness. My Hands so desperately wanted to reach out, to touch, to feel, to…

“Ness?” Jake said, sounding unsure. Crap, he must have noticed my ogling. He looked down at himself self consciously, “is there something on me?”

“No – I mean yes. I meant I thought I saw something… Never mind,” I flustered, trying to cover up. Jake grinned again and pulled me into one of his bear hugs. “I hear your mom and dad calling us. We should go.”

Dad! Urgh, I’d forgotten about him. I hope he wasn’t close enough to hear my thoughts about Jake earlier. I dread to think his reaction…

Jake led me up to my grandparents’ house. Inside Uncle Emmet had his arms around Aunt Rose as they sat on the couch, watching T.V. Aunt Alice was crouched on the floor, her head between her hands, as though concentrating. She was probably “looking” for something in the future. Uncle Jazz was rubbing her back, as though soothing her. Was something wrong?

“No, honey, nothings wrong,” answered my dad’s voice. He and mum stepped out of the kitchen, smiling. “On the contrary, things are about to get more exciting.

“Oh great, it’s all gone!” complained Alice. She pointed at Jake. “Oh right, that’s why. Mr. Wolf is coming along.” She smiled at me, “I should have seen that coming.”

“You wouldn’t have been able to anyway,” Jake teased, kissing my forehead. A shiver of pleasure ran down my body.

“Well, the two of you better get packing,” said Dad. Then looked at Alice, “Oh right. You’ve already picked out their clothes for each day and packed them.”

Alice smirked.

“Dad, what’s going on?” I asked.

“We’re going on… ‘vacation’, Renesmee,” answered Mum.

“Really? Where too?” Weird, we’ve never done something like this before.

“To Africa,” answered Carlisle, my granddad. He and Grandma Esme were coming down the staircase. “We’re going to book the tickets now. I assume you will be joining us, Jacob?”

“Yes, doc,” answered Jake, as he squeezed my hand, “I’d never leave my Nessie.”

I felt the heat rush up to my cheeks, causing me to blush ferociously. His Nessie. I liked the way he said that.

Dad cleared his throat and gave me a stern look, though it seemed as though he was suppressing a smile.

“So, is everyone going?” I asked in attempt to change my thoughts.

“Of course, shorty,” grinned Emmet, “You didn’t think we were going to let you guys enjoy all the cheetahs and leopards.”

I frowned, “Cheetahs? Leopards? I’m guessing we’re not going to Egypt to visit the vampire clan there?”

“No, honey. Carlisle wanted to pay South Africa a little visit. He has some medical business he wanted to sort out,” answered Esme. “We thought we’d make a bit of a vacation out of it. At least then you and Jake will have something to tell your new friends at school.”

School… Right. I gulped as the fear caused a horrible feeling in my stomach.

“Ness, you’re going to be fine,” said Dad soothingly, “your friends are going to love you.”

“Of course they will. Otherwise they’ll have to answer to me,” said Jake, rubbing my back. He glanced at the clock on the wall. “Well I need to go and finalize things with the pack. How long do you think we’ll be gone for?”

“About a month at the most,” answered Mum, “Don’t worry, we’ll be back before September.”

“Alright. I’ll be back in ten minute. Don’t miss me too much,” teased Jake, pressing his cheek on my head.

A bear hug later, I stood and waved by the doorway as I watched him run out the house towards the forest, towards La Push. I hated moments like this.

“So, where about in South Africa are we going?” I asked as I turned around to face my family.

“Well, we’ll be residing on the Easy Coast,” answered Carlisle, “but for hunting we’ll go up further north.”

“Yeah, that’s where all the good stuff is,” said Emmet menacingly.

“But we’ll have to be careful,” warned Jazz, “Most of their wildlife is protected. We’ll have to find a less conspicuous spot.”

“And Jake can’t be in his wolf form for most of the time,” said Mum, “South Africans aren’t accustomed to seeing wolves among their wildlife.”

My knowledge on South Africa was minimal, so this was all news to me.

“Right, the tickets have been booked,” announced Esme, as she turned to face us, “We’ll be leaving in an hour.”

“Come on Ness,” Alice came over to me. “I can’t let you go like that to the airport in that.”

I looked down at my clothes. Right, going to the airport with blood stained clothes wasn’t exactly normal for a human – then again I wasn’t exactly a normal human either.

I let Alice drag me up the staircase, towards my slow torture…

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This is very good!
You need to contunie!
But why is Nessie calling Bella mum?
Thanks :-)

Well, Bella is Nessie's mother. And seeing that this is the first chapter, this is like an "introduction" to all the characters. In the next few chapters, I'll use "Bella" instead of "Mum".
Mishka . . . The story is VERY GOOD!! Please keep it up!!

The issue (IMO) is that since you're from another country, you SAY things different . . . IMO, Nessie should be calling Bella "MOM" (with an "o") . . . not "Mum". When you first wrote that, I had to see WHERE you were from . . . then I understood!
that was really funny!!! but i odt understand...Jake adn Nessie are together or not?
please let me know when you post the next one :D
This is great:) Please write more! And if you can send me a message when you post a new chapter!
Love your ff* :D
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Please keep it as MUM because all the other stories have MOM and im from scotland so its nice to hear MUM for a change!!

pleases write more!
Thanks for the comments guys =)

The next chapter will probably be up at the end of the week though - school has been restricting my computer time!

Thanks for the explaining Connie :)
'Mum' will stay=)
this is really good
can't wait to see how their trip to africa goes
This is very good! You should continue!!
This is a good story so far! It is very nicely written and hope to read more!
A/N: Sorry, this is a very Short chapter, I know. But all my schoolwork has kept me busy!

Chapter 2: Goodbye

I examined myself in the full length mirror. Okay, this wasn’t too bad. Alice had dressed me up in a pair of Guess jeans and a black halter neck designer top. The jeans were fine – straight cut and sat on my hips. But I wasn’t too sure about the top. It was really pretty with all the sequenced patterns and the cut was great. But I felt it was a bit too revealing, especially of the back and arms.

I rushed to my closet and pulled out a black jacket which I thought would match. Yanking off the label, I threw it on me, checking the result. Much better.

I went back to my bed to put the rest of the clothes in my closet. Alice never let any of us wear the same clothes twice and had thrown a fit when she saw some of my favourite pieces I’d managed to salvage from her last raid. I laughed at the memory as I left the room with my three bags – yes, three. Alice needed three for all the clothes she’d packed for me. Before I headed down the stairs, I caught site of myself in the passage mirror. I wandered… would Jake perhaps notice me if I were to reveal more flesh? I started to remove my jacket when dad’s voice said sharply, “Ness, you look fine.”

Ugh. He’d seen my outfit through my thoughts, and worse still my reason was to impress Jake. That’s what happens when your dad is a mind reader. A very over protective mind reader.

“Protective for a good reason, honey,” dad replied to my thoughts. I could hear the smile in his voice. “Come down, we’ll be leaving soon.”

With one last look in the mirror, I rolled my bags down the staircase. Jake said he’d be about ten minutes with the pack. I wandered if he was back.

“No, he isn’t,” said dad.

Argh, I hated these kinds of conversations! I couldn’t keep anything private. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I gave my dad the most annoyed, teenage look I could come up with. The others laughed at my expression, though I could tell they had no idea what we were talking about or why I looked at dad this way.

“I’m just trying to be a good dad,” he smiled. “You know I only – hey. What the… oh, Bella.” He sighed.

Mum winked at me, “Well Edward, you’ve got to give a teenage girl some privacy.” She had blocked my thoughts. “You remember about seven years back…”

“Like it was yesterday,” dad whispered as he wrapped his arms around Mum. The way I wished Jacob would hold me, more than just my best friend. I blushed at the thought.

“So when IS Jake getting back?” I asked.

“Well our future vanishes approximately on and a half minutes,” answered Alice, “so it’ll be soon.”

And sure enough a while later I caught scent of Jake’s woodsy smell. And just to spite my dad, I ran out the door to meet Jake. Hah, take that over protective dad!

Not one, but two werewolves came into sight. My russet-brown wolf and a sandy brown one, Seth.

They yelped in greeting when they saw me and turned back to the trees to phase.

“Jake,” I smiled, walking over to greet him.

“Hey Ness,” he replied with a bear hug. I inhaled my favourite woodsy scent deeply.

“Hey Seth. I haven’t seen you in a while,” I said as I turned to hug him.

“Yeah, you haven’t been down to La Push lately,” he grinned, “and what with me running patrols while Jake slacks off, there’s no time to come here – hey, just kidding!”

Seth dodged one of Jake’s thwacks.

“Have I been you away from your patrols, Jake?” I asked worried, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to –”

“No you haven’t,” replied Jake, trying to smoothen the worried creases on my forehead with his hand. Little flames licked my skin, the shivers of pleasure came back. “My patrols are fine.”

“Yeah, I was just kidding Ness,” soothed Seth. “So you ready for school?”

“Uh… um… no. Not really. I’m actually a tad bit… worried.”

“About what? I hope it’s not about the homework, Ness, because with your brains, you’ll be top of the class by the first term.”

I blushed at his compliment, the way everyone says my mother once did as a human.

“Seth,” greeted dad, joining us outside, “Good to see you.”

“Yes, it has been a while, Hasn’t it?

“Indeed,” replied mum, walking out the door.

Dad got along so well with Seth – sometimes even better than he did with Jake. It often made me feel that he would want me to end up with Seth instead of Jake. Something we all knew wasn’t a possibility.

Dad gave me a look. “Argh, teenagers need privacy, remember?” I screamed in my head.

“Mum, a little assistance, please?”

“Edward,” she sighed.

“Uh, what am I missing?” Jake asked.

Using my gift, I sent him and Seth images of what happened earlier, though I carefully left out the parts about wanting Jake to notice me. I wouldn’t want to see his reaction then.

They both laughed. Of course dad couldn’t comment what with me being “mentally mute” as he once put it.

“Come on people,” Alice barged out the door, followed by Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet, who all had bags. My grandparents were the last to leave. “We don’t want to be late.”

“Just came over to say goodbye,” said Seth, “hope you have a safe trip.”

“Thank you Seth,” replied Carlisle smiling. “We’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah, a whole month away from the whining pack,” joked Jacob, “Boy am I gonna enjoy this vacation.”

Seth raised his eyebrow, “Oh sure. You’ll miss us so much, you’ll wish the month will come and go quickly.”

I didn’t know about Jake, but Seth was right – I know I would miss him and the rest of the pack… A lot.

“We’ll be back before you know it, sweetheart,” soothed dad, “And you’ll enjoy the trip.”

“People, seriously now, we’re going to be late if we don’t leave now,” said Alice, “I can see it!”

“Bye Seth,” I said, hugging him again.

“Bye Ness,” he replied. He then turned and ran back to the forest, heading back to La Push.

“We’d run to the airport, but seeing that Alice decided one bag per person wasn’t enough, we’re going to have to take the cars,” teased Jasper.

Thanks to my dad’s vampire driving, we reached the airport in fifteen minutes. I’d never been out in the public much, so I was a tad bit scared of how the humans would react towards me. And flying on top of that was waking up that horrible feeling of fear in my tummy again.

“Relax, Renesmee,” whispered dad, “it’s going to be fine.”

I took a deep breath and walked through the airport doors, ready for their reactions…
I love this story....

you're a really good writer


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