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She laid on the cold floor, in a dark room. She screamed at the top of her lungs as fire coursed through her. She had no idea what was going on, or why. But the presence of a man in the room, caught her attention. She had hoped he was there to save her. To stop her suffering. He leaned down beside her, and spoke. "How could he have done this to me!" He growled. "You are useless now!" He added, as he stood and kicked her in the stomach, as though the pain she was already suffering through, wasn't enough. Then she was alone. Nothing heard through the darkness, but her own screams.



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Chapter 1

June 17th, 1908

Mary Alice Brandon, wasn't your normal 7 year old girl. She never liked frilly dresses, or playing with dolls. She would rather take a stick, and smack a wheel down the road, climb a tree, or fight with the local boys. Every time her mother tried to put her in something pretty, or fix her hair, Mary would come home filthy, with her jet black hair, in a wild mess atop her head.

"Now, sit on the stoop until we are ready. Don't let me come back to find you dirty," Samantha Brandon told her. "Yes, mama," Mary said politely. Then her mother disappeared back into the house, to finish getting ready to go to the market with Mary. 

Mary watched as two boys ran passed her house, laughing. "You won't believe what I found in the creek," one yelled at the other. "Tell me!" The other shouted, but the first boy only laughed. This made Mary curious. She too wanted to see what was in the creek, though her mother said stay put. "It will only take a minute," Mary whispered to herself aloud, "And I will stay out of the creek." Mary smiled as she climbed to her feet and began running.

"Look it's Mary, Mary, quite contrary!" One of the boys teased. "Adam, I beat you up once, don't make me do it again!" She yelled, as she caught up. "What are you doing here?" He asked. "I heard what you said, and I want to see whats in the creek too!" She giggled. "Go back home before you get your dress dirty. Your mama will give you another lashing!" He teased again. Mary pushed him to the ground, and kept running. The other boy laughed, "See you there, Adam! And so glad you could join me, Mary," he added, with a smile. "Thank you Thomas."

By the time they reached the creek, Adam had caught up. "So, what's this you want to show us?" He asked. "It's over here in the weeds," Thomas said, grabbing a stick off the ground. The three of them walked over, and using a stick, Thomas spread the weeds, to reveal a dead body. Mary gasped. "What do you think happened to him," Adam asked calmly. "Don't know. But he's got two little holes in the side of his neck," Thomas told them. Mary just stood there, with her hand over her mouth, staring at the two holes in the mans neck.

At that moment, Mary felt as though she left her body, as she saw visions of an teenage girl, with jet black hair, pale skin, dark eyes, and a beautiful face, walk up to another girl and introduce herself. "I'm Alice. Alice Cullen," the girl said, causing Mary to say it out loud. As though everything was sucked into her eyes, and back into her mind, Mary stumbled. Adam caught her arm. "Who is Alice Cullen?" He asked, when she looked over at him, with fear in her eyes. "I don't know," she whispered.

Mary felt drained, and the boys slowly walked her back to her home. "Mary Alice Brandon! Where have you been?" Her mother demanded. "Ma'am, Mary isn't feeling too well. She said someone's name, then she hasn't really spoke since," Adam told her. "What was the name?" Her mother asked. "Alice Cullen," he told her. "Who is Alice Cullen?" She asked. "We don't know. She doesn't know," Thomas said. "She seems weak," Samantha said as she pulled her daughter up the steps, and into the house. "You're warm too. I should put you to bed, and call the doctor. Thank you boys, for bringing her home," she added, as she closed the door.


Later that day, Mary laid in her bed, wrapped tight in her covers. The doctor checked her over then headed out in to the hall with her mother. "What is it doctor Jones? What's wrong with her?" She asked, worried. Mary's father had come home from work by this time, and he was standing there, holding his wife. "It seems she has yellow fever. While I was examining her, her nose began to bleed, which is a common symptom of it. She asked me if I knew an Alice Cullen, and when I told her no, and asked if she knew her, she told me no, but she saw the woman in her head. You might want to start praying now. It seems your daughter may not make it. She is showing signs of delirium. I will have an ambulance come round for her shortly," he stated as he tipped his hat. 

Samantha began to cry. Her only child laid in a bed, sick and dying, and she couldn't do anything about it. Her husband William, just held her. The same pain of losing a child, cut through his heart as well. He didn't want to lose her, either, and he knew he had to do something to save her. But what?

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I'm glad you guys like it! I will start Chapter 2 later! :-))

Great, Alice in her early childhood sounds really interesting as a story line. I like your picture of her first vision and the state it has left her in.

Thank you! It's something that has been playing on my mind for a while now! :-)) And I really don't do Alice ff's other than the one Roman and I started together a couple of years ago.

Chapter 2

Samantha stood outside her daughter's room, tears streaming down her face, as she knew her child wouldn't make it. Her husband, however, had different plans. He was off in a near by town, searching around for the best doctor there was, to help his daughter. He refused to give up. 

During the past few nights, Mary had a restless sleep, constantly asking for Alice Cullen. Samantha had a friend of hers searching through the town for anyone who answered to that name, or if they knew someone who answered to it. So far, the woman had no luck.

The doctor approached Samantha. "Oh, Dr. Jones. Any news?" She asked, as she sniffled, and wiped a tear from under her eye. "I'm sorry. All we have is time now. Just hope she is strong willed enough to pull herself out of this," he told her. Before he walked away, he grabbed her arm. "Again, I'm very sorry, Mrs. Brandon." He released her arm slowly, and walked away. 

Samantha walked into her daughters small room and set down. Mary's room was quarantined off from other patients in the hospital. She held her arm and shut her eyes. "God. If you can hear me, please save my little girl. She's all I have and I can't lose her. I know I've been hard on her, trying to make her into a lady, when she is just so carefree. And full of life. Please don't take that from her as well. Give her the strength to come out of this okay. Please lord," Samantha trailed off, praying to herself after that. The whole time, William was standing at the door, listening to his wife. He turned away, wiping a tear from his own eye. He knew he couldn't give up on his daughter, because if he did, his wife would give up on life.

Two weeks past, and Mary's eyes opened. Though they had opened many times before this, something in them was different. Before, they seemed empty, and fading. On this occasion, they were filled with life. Something Samantha missed seeing in them. "Mommy?" Mary said groggily. Samantha's face lit up. Before when she opened her eyes, she would ask for Alice Cullen. "Dr. Jones!" Samantha shouted, not leaving her daughter's side. "Mommy," Mary said again. "Dr. Jones!" Samantha screamed louder. The doctor ran into the room. "Where am I, mommy?" She asked. Dr. Jones eye's widened. He thought she wouldn't have made it through the night, since she hadn't made a sound in 3 days. "You're at the hospital, baby," she said, speaking softly to her daughter.

Dr. Jones rushed Samantha out, so he could check Mary. Five minutes later, he stepped out in the hall with her. "What is it doctor?" She asked, praying for the best, but expecting the worse. "Her fever must have broke during the night. I asked her if she remembered Alice, and she giggled and said she was Alice. Then she said her full name, Mary Alice Brandon. Mrs. Brandon, I think the worse is over," he smiled at her. "But she isn't fully herself. We must get her strength back before she can leave, and tend to her bed sores, or they will get infected." Samantha nodded, as she stared through the door at her daughter's bright eyes. "Can you send for William? I know he will be so happy," she said, beginning to cry again, but this time, it was tears of joy.

"Mommy?" Mary began, "Why was he asking about me?" "What do you mean, sweetie?" She replied, as she set down in the chair beside her. "My name. He asked me if I remembered Alice. No one calls me Alice," she giggled. "Oh, that was nothing dear, I promise," she smiled at her, glad to have her daughter back.

After Mary was fed, and cleaned up. Samantha went home, though she wished to stay with her daughter. William knew she needed a good nights rest, so he set with their daughter while she was gone. "Daddy, did something bad happen to me?" Mary asked. "You were just really sick honey. Now get some rest," he told her. Mary smiled at him, then closed her eyes slowly. William settled back in his seat, to get as much rest as possible when you are sitting up in a wooden chair. Around 2AM, Mary's voice made his eyes open.

She was sitting up in the bed, her hand moving wildly, as though she was writing or drawing. "There is a dark room. A man drops her there. He bit her on the neck and leaves her alone. She's screaming. Screaming wildly. I can feel her pain. Her body is on fire!" Mary shouted, as she suddenly began to scream. "Mary!" Her father yelled, trying to bring her back. "Mary!" He screamed again, then she fell back on the bed, breathing heavily. He waited a moment, staring at her as she lay there. Her eyes focused on the ceiling. "Mary?" He said calmly. His heart was beating wildly, as he feared the worse. "Daddy, she was in pain. He killed her and no one was there to save her," she said, as she began to sob. "Who?" He asked. "Alice Cullen."




I really like this story!! Keep it up, and hope to hear for some updates soon (:

Chapter 3

December 21st, 1917

It had been over ten years since the name Alice Cullen had been mentioned around Mary's house. That night in the hospital, her father William asked her to keep it between them, for it would worry her mother, if she knew. Mary still saw visions of Alice, though now they had become blurry and hazy, as though she was losing her sight. She learned of Alice's future, and also, that Alice would live past that painful night in the dark room. Mary never saw anyone else's future. Not even her own. She had also learned, Alice was different, and there were others like her, but she couldn't figure out how they were different.

Mary's father had past on, just a few days earlier. She and her mother were standing at the cemetery, listening to the preacher. She held her mother, as she listened to her sob, and as the casket was being lowered into the grave. Mary too, was crying for the passing of her father. Now, she had no one to share her secret with. Mary was almost an adult, and Alice, her 'imaginary friend', as he father called her, would be hard to hide without him. When ever she gasped, her father had learned she was seeing her, and would begin to repeat aloud, what she saw. Before she spoke, he would always take her into another room, so no one could hear her 'ramble'. 

Mary did love her father, and not just for helping her keep her secret, but because he was her father. She felt just as lost as her mother.

The men, holding the ropes, that held up the casket, began to slowly lower them. As they did, Samantha's cries for her husband grew louder. Mary held her mother tight, as she tried to break free, and leap on top of the casket. "No!" She screamed, her voice broken from crying. Her knees buckled, and she and Mary slowly went to the ground. "William!" She cried for her husband, "Don't leave me!"

At that moment, Mary gasped, and jerked her arms away from her mother, as visions flew out in front of her. Short black hair, hazel eyes, small nose, ivory skin and a tiny frame. Mary was staring at herself. Her very first vision of herself. She was wearing a white night shift. Fear was in her eyes, as she ran madly down a hall. Someone was after her. It was one of them. One of Alice's kind. Suddenly, the vision changed. Mary saw all of those same features, except two different ones. The skin was as pale as the moon, and the eyes were amber. Alice walked away from the dark room, in the same white night shift.

Just then, Mary's vision was gone, and everyone stared at her. "I'm Alice Cullen!" She shouted. "I'm Alice Cullen!" Tears still streamed down her face. She stood quickly, and began to run. She never thought she was Alice Cullen, and doesn't want to be Alice, but what was she to do? Can she change the future? Mary knew, she had to. Some how, she had to change the future.

February 19th, 1918

Mary didn't speak after that, and anytime she felt a vision coming, she would run, though she would rather just stop them. She didn't know how to control them, but she knew, she no longer wanted to see Alice's future. She didn't want to be Alice.

Samantha had worried about her daughter, since the day they buried her husband. She had been saving up money, for a visit to a therapist, in hopes he could help Mary. She didn't like that her daughter quit speaking, nor did she like what she said at the cemetery. She had thought talk of Alice Cullen died along with her illness. She also wondered, if that was part of why she disappeared a lot. One minute she was there, the next, Samantha would hear a gasp, and Mary would be gone. 

As Samantha set on the couch in her parlor, and thought of her daughter, she realized her husband knew. William knew she was still talking of Alice Cullen, because every time Mary gasped, her would take her out of the room. Samantha wiped a tear from her eye, though she was angry at her husband and daughter for keeping this secret from her, she still missed him.

Just then, she heard Mary in her room. "NO!" She shouted. Samantha ran to her room, but before she opened the door, she could hear her daughter speaking. Names flowed out her mouth, as though she knew them. "Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice. Alice. Alice!" It grew quiet in the room, and Samantha pressed her ear to the door.

She could hear low sobs on the other side. "Why is this happening to me? I don't want to see this anymore! I don't want to be Alice Cullen," she cried. Samantha gave a sigh. She knew she had to help her daughter through this.

She knocked softly on the door, then opened it slowly without Mary inviting her in. "Sweetheart?" She said softly, "May I talk to you for a moment?" Mary looked up at her, her face streaked in tears, and red from crying. "I want to talk to you, about Alice Cullen," Samantha said as she seated herself on the edge of the bed.


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