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Set after twilight, Bella and Edward are just friends. instead of having a romance in twilight they remained just friends. Both like one another but doesn’t know how the other feels. Bella knows all about edward and his family and about the vampire world. Edward loves Bella but hasn’t told her how he feels, as he doesnt think that his good enough but will he tell her before its too late. Will Bella End up with Edward or will she fall love with someone else?

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You would think after a year of living in forks that all the attention I got would have died down by now, but no it was still just like it was when I arrived, all the stares and whispers unfortunately as much as I would like to think this was down to my friendship with the Cullen family, I could not. It was all about me Bella swan the police chief’s daughter. Personally I didn’t the fascination myself, I was just an average girl with a co-ordination problem. Of course every time I mention this to one of my closest friends Edward Cullen he always told me “ you never see yourself clearly, do you”. We would usually have this conversation most days, I would ask him what he meant by that and he would reply “ you’re a beautiful, smart, funny, loving girl” and I would just roll my eyes at him and then he would smile my favourite crooked smile. Every time he said that I wondered if he truly meant it because surely if that’s what he thought of me then why had he never asked me out but then I would think why on earth would this god like creature want me.
“ Bella, Bella earth to Bella” Alice said waving her hands in front of me snapping out of my thoughts and bringing back to the reality that is forks high school cafeteria. “ Mm yeah” I replied a little dazed. “ As I was saying Bella don’t forget your coming shopping with me this weekend, I don’t even think about trying to get out of it” Alice replied giving me a stare as she did so as if to say I am always right. I just nodded. “ Off in your own little world again Bella” Edward whispered quietly in my ear. I felt the warm blush colour my cheeks. “ Ooooo Bella I hope that’s not because eddies whispering sweet nothings in your ear” Emmett chuckled wiggling his eyebrows at Edward. Edward just rolled his eyes and I felt the colour on my cheeks deepen. God why does Emmett have to say things like that, I mean he knows that me and Edward aren’t like that, I mean its not like I don’t want us to be its just Edward doesn’t see me that way. The bell rang, its was time for class, great I had biology with Edward and now thanks to Emmett I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything but Edward. I walked in to class and sat in my usual seat next to Edward and smiled. He smiled his dazzling smile back, if I didn’t look away now there was no way I wasn’t going to able to pay attention to what the lesson was about, oops too late, I couldn’t take my eyes away from him. The hour passed by so quickly I hadn’t noticed a single thing the teacher had said. I hoped there wasn’t going to be a test on this. Just as I got to the door to leave mike stopped me. “ Hey Bella, so hmmm I was wondering if you would go with me the dance next weekend, you know only if wanted to” he said looking at me all hopeful. Wow I was not expecting that, of course I knew about the dance but I had been hoping that Edward would ask me. “ So will you go with me” mike asked again trying to get my attention. “Sure, why not” I said trying to sound enthusiastic. I mean mikes a nice enough guy, sure I carn't dance thanks to my co-ordination problems but i'm sure we would have a nice enough time. Mike just grinned at me like he had just won the lottery or something. I was just about to leave when Edward barged past us nearly knocking me over. He looked angry but what on earth could have made him angry. I mean even if he did overhear mine and mikes conversation it’s wasn’t like that would bother him. We were just friends, he had never shown any interest in me like that. So why was he so angry. I would have to find out, maybe I could ask Alice.

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well that was.... interesting... good story!
That was...unusual for Edward, he has better self control, because he's not hurting Bella??
This story makes me laugh, blush and giggle silly all the time!
Zoe, you rock!
like think about if they hold out in all the guys even esme to carlisle they can have them doing any thing !!and it was pritty funny!! but dnt u think edward would let bella leave 2 alice n rose without tryin 2 preswade her and dazzle ther like 3 times ......?
i like that idea, i might just have to use it. he thinks rose and alice are a bad influence on his bella. his male and his just experiencing these lustful feelings and its not like bella's really complaining now is it.
post today???
it's awsome
awesome job!!
loved it
look forward to more
keep me updated!!
dddyyyiiiinnngggg for mooorrreee!!!!
sorry i didnt post any yesterday guys. im having internet troubles at home. ill try and write some now and post but it wont have the banner. also im staying with family this weekend so i might not be able to post on saturday.
thats okay i probably wont be able to get on here on saturday!
Everyone stood up to leave for school, all the girls would be taking roses car and the guys would taking Edwards Volvo. He was already standing by it waiting. He wasn’t happy that I would be away from him no matter how short a time it was for. Once we arrived Edward was straight over opening the door for me, taking my hand and helping me out. We walked in silence to class holding hands, not noticing anyone around us. I was just happy to be with Edward. Twice the biology teacher had to try and get my attention, Edward was such a distraction. He just chuckled; it was alright for him he could be distracted and still know what the teacher was talking about. I was glad when it was lunch. Edward had insisted on buying me lunch as I didn’t have breakfast this morning, he also said he brought as it would help with the blending in. jazz and em were still looking uncomfortable. Properly due to this morning, Edward let a low growl, not loud enough for everyone to hear but just enough that everyone at the table heard. I thought that meant I was right about em and jazz, but obviously I was wrong as he turned towards mike, Jessica and Tyler. One of them was having thoughts that Edward didn’t agree with. I rubbed his arm trying to soothe him and it worked, he intertwined our fingers before kissing my hand. “Thank you my love” I need everyone to relax, “ so I was just wondering is everyone in the house going to see me naked because if they are I would like a heads up” I said turning to Alice. “Nope, no one else is going to see you.” She replied in her tinkling voice. Alice had try to insist that this mornings driving arrangements not be changed but Edward said I was going with him and that was final. He took us to our meadow where we lay for hours, hardly speaking just looking in to each others souls, Edward stroking my face. He had always said not been able to hear my thoughts frustrated him but at this moment, not knowing his thoughts frustrated me. “What are you thinking about?” I asked breaking the silence he looked at me for a second before answering “about how I got to be so lucky and deserve you. And about last night and the times before that” I giggled “and when we might be doing that again, I have never experienced such pleasure and complete happiness before. My brothers of course told that I would of course enjoy physical love but I never imagined.” He trailed off tracing a finger up and down my side. I was glad he had enjoyed it as much as I did but as hard as I was for me to not make love to him over and over again I knew it was for the best. As Alice, rose and esme had reminded me I needed remind Edward that the women in the Cullen house were in charge and I also knew although he had made love to me, it took great restrain for him not to hurt me. Now he was the one frustrated with my thoughts. I pressed my lips to his and stood up, it was getting late and I needed to get home to Charlie and make dinner for us. Edward sighed and stood knowing what I wanted to do. He took my hand and helped me on to his back and he ran back to his car. We drove back to my house in silence. He kissed me goodnight before I climbed out of his car and headed in to the house. Charlie had ordered takeout. I felt guilty for not being here and cooking. “Hey bells, thought I would give you a break from cooking and that we could watch a movie together and eat take out” I nodded and grabbed something before heading to join Charlie in the living room. He had rented a chick flick out. I knew then that he had missed having me around; I felt another pang of guilt for not spending more time with him. The romance just made me want Edward more and think Charlie could tell. It was nice to just to spend time just father and daughter. When the movie finished we put the empty cartons in the trash and headed for bed kissing Charlie on the cheek and saying goodnight. That night Edward didn’t join me. I woke from a peaceful nights sleep, I headed to the bathroom to freshen up, Charlie had left to go fishing with Billy. When I was dressed I grabbed a couple of slices of toast before hearing a car honk. That was strange I was expecting visitors, I had no plans for today. I walked to the front door, when I opened it and looked outside I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
What was she seeing?? The fact that they were able to have an intimate moment without it being phyiscal was great.
-As Alice, rose and esme had reminded me I needed remind Edward that the women in the Cullen house were in charge -love this part. :)


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