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Some of you who know me have seen the nifty glitter texts I use to link the segments of my Fan-Fic, such as the one above. I had someone ask me if I could make them one... It is not difficult. If you would like me to make one for your Fan-Fic, or even one to post on another website linking to Your Page... Simply Reply Below, and I will make you one as soon as possible.

For maximum efficiency and a timely response, please include the following:

1) The Title of your Fan-Fic (or what you want your 'Glitter Text' to say).
2) The URL of your Fan-Fic (or the Page you want the Glitter Text to Link to).
3) What you want the 'Hover Text' to say (when you 'hover' over the graphic).
4) What you want the 'Bottom Text' to say. (i.e. By Jillian)
5) Preferred Glitter Color (Click Here Page 1). Give me the Letter-Number Code from the Grid. For example, I used I-3.

6) Preferred Font (Click Here Page 2). Give me the Row # and Left or Right. For Example, I used 10-R.
and finally,
7) If you're not already My Friend on TTS, then I'll need your Email, so I can send the code (or send me a Friend Request).
If you're already My Friend... I can send it to you in a TTS message. Click on 'Reply" or "Forward" to view the code.
Copy and Paste! :)

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Thanks to Dazzle Junction, where I make all my Glitter Text.
Hey Jillian, i would love if you could make me one
My FF is Alices Pov of Twilight
Its called Twilight; Alice's Pov
I would like to post it on My Page so when people go on theie the link sends them ot my FF.
Here is the link to My Page;
Um the bottom text you can write, By Monique
And for the colour that would be the best for Alices, i think maybe 7C.. what do you think for the colour for Alice?
awesome thankyou, sorry to be a pain
thanks again!
my story Wheres edward?what ! it is when edward goes to eating humans then he finds Bella when she is 3 and he killed her parents and then he takes care of her but only goes back to his famliy when she is 9 make me one

I need you to tell me what you want.... See 1-7 above??? Thnx
I took a stab at it... Now I just need your email so I can send you the code...or accept my friend request, and I'll send it in a TTS message.

Very Nice! Which website did you use? The one I use, Dazzle Junction turns the Glitter Text into a link, though. Yours is just a graphic. Team Edward all the way!
Download the instructions (bottom attachment in Discussion) to see all the places you must change.


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