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From the song Whos that Girl by Hillary Duff: "Who's that girl, where's she from,

will she help be the one that you want in this world?

It's not real its not right

its not day its not night

by the way

Whos that girl living my life?"



Carrie Jekyll Blaire. My name. I’m not human. Not fully anyway. My mother is, was human. She’s dead now. Because of me. I killed her. And my father you may ask….I don’t even know who he is. My grand mother never told me about him. Except that I got his curly hair and piercing amber brown eyes. And that I should never ask about him. I cant love anyone. Or really care for someone aside from my grandmother. Because I am the devils daughter. Death’s daughter.




My eyes focused on the night sky. The wind blew my dark hair over my face. Where was I? I didn’t know this place. I think. It seems familiar. But so distraught at the same time. Why was I here?
“Claire.” I heard the voice. Soft. Like a lullaby. I spun around to see him. The boy I always dreamt about. He smiled at me. I felt my knees start to quiver. The boy that I dreamt and wanted. The boy I could never have. “My love.” He whispered and brushed back a lock of my hair. His hands on my hips, he pulled me closer. His lips only inches from mine. His smiled widened and his blue eyes gleamed. I wanted him. Needed him.
“Yes?” I whispered. My voice barely audio able.
“Now we can be together. Forever.” His lips were on mine then. Warm and soft. And-


My eyes fluttered open to my brown sealing. I groaned. Not that dream again. My damned alarm clock kept buzzing. I peeked out from under my warm blanket and reached for the clock. My hand searched blindly until I found it and chucked it across the room. Bloody thing. Should have turned it off. Well there goes another ten bucks. Grandma’s gonna kill me.
“Claire?” Damnit. My grandmother’s voice trailed down the hall and up the attic stairs. Yes my room was the attic but hey I like it up here. “Honey?” She was on the stairs now. “What was that?” I saw her grey hair from where I was still hiding under my quilt. Her head turned to where no demolished alarm clock was. “Claire Jekyll Blaire.” She said shaking her head. “That is the third one missy. Get up and clean it. Breakfast is down stairs when you’re ready.” I let out a groan and threw the blanket off of me. A cold chill ran through me.
“Yes ma’am, ma‘am yes.” I muttered. Bad idea.
“What was that Claire?” The one thing about Grandma: She can hear everything.
“Nothing Gran.” I said and went to the broken clock. She swatted at my head.
“No lieing to me.” I knew she was only kidding. “Now hurry up Claire. It may be Sunday but we still got church.” Church. Oh joy. Not. I couldn’t say I hated it there but everytime I went my head made me feel like crap and my stomach would feel like a knot. I had told Gran before but she said it was because I was still getting use to it. For ten years now she said that. Since I was six.
“Gran?” I stopped her before she went down the stairs. And after I had cleaned the heap.
“Yes baby girl?” I hated it when she called me that. And she knew it too.
“Um….Can I maybe not go to church today? Im not feeling so good.” I put my hands on my stomach hoping she would buy it.
“Oh are you okay honey?” She came forward and felt my forehead and cheeks. “You don’t seem warm. Is it your stomach?” I nodded. “Let me give you some jade tea and you can eat breakfast.” Gran was always big on herbs.  Please let her say I can stay home today.
“That’s be great.” I smiled but it didn’t reach my eyes. She left my room and I went to my closet. Sunday clothes. Hmm…. Oh right. I reached for my red plaid knee length skirt and red blouse. I reached for my leggings in my sock drawer and quickly got dressed. I looked at my full length mirror. My hair as a mess. It stuck up everywhere. How did no one laugh at that. I grabbed my brush and quickly got it to smooth out. I could smell jade tea through out the house as I bounded down the stairs. I found Gran standing next to them stove and a plate of chocolate pancakes sitting on the counter. I grabbed the plate and sat at the kitchen table. I loved the smell so much.
“Claire? I thought you wanted to stay home.” Gran said walking in with the tea. “Are you feeling better already?” I tried my best not to roll my eyes.
“No just you never said that I could miss it.” I played with my fork suddenly not all that hungry.
“Nonsense child. If you don’t want to go then I wont make you. God would never want someone in his house if they aren’t well or uncomfortable.” This time I rolled my eyes. God. Right. Then there is a Devil. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.” She said and I smiled and gave her ‘the look’. she couldn’t be mad at me for long now.
“Sorry Gran. And thank you.” I finished my pancakes and tea and went back up to my room. I didn’t bother to change. I’d have to get dressed again if I did when my best friend, Taylor, called. He was awesome.
About a half hour later I heard the front door slam and Gran’s car start and leave. Great. Nothing to do for two hours. I flopped onto my bed and closed my eyes. Letting the darkness surround me……..

“You are so beautiful.” His voice was like my own music. I looked up at him smiling. I could never really see his face. We were in the moon light now. And I could. He was shockingly beautiful. His hair was light enough that in the moon light it was almost white. And his blue eyes. Felt like they pierced my soul.  His lips felt so close again. His hand came up to my face, tracing my cheek. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. I leaned into his touch and felt his arm snake around my waist. “Stay with me. Forever.” His lips were at my ear.
“Forever.” I agreed and then darkness.….


I sat upright in my bed hearing a buzzing sound. My alarm clock was bashed up. So what was it? I looked around my dark room and saw my phone light up. Oh. Right. I could hear Not Afraid by Eminem playing and reached for it through bleary eyes. Taylor.
“Hullo?” My voice sounded groggy.
“CJ?” He called me by my nickname. “Where were you? You weren’t at church. And your Gran said that you didn’t feel good.” He sounded worried. Like he always did when it came to me it seemed. I knew I was like a little sister to him but I wanted to be so much more. If it were possible considering what I was.
“Yeah Tay.” I yawned and looked at my watch. 12:22. Great. “I didn’t feel good and Gran said I could stay home. I guess I fell asleep.” I sat up getting an immediate head rush.
“Okay. Just checking.” He sounded like he wanted to say something.
“Spit it out Tay.” I tried to sit up again.
“It’s nothing CJ. Just promise me not to do anything stupid or go anywhere without anyone. Please?” I couldn’t say no to him but why?
“Can I ask why?” I walked down to the kitchen very aware that I was feeling dizzy.
“Just promise me. I have a bad feeling in my gut.” Of course he did.
“I promise Taylor. Hey can you meet me in about an hour?” I wanted to see him. Yes I know, regular teenager in love.
“Sure. I’ll be at your house in five. Imma catch a ride with your Grandma. Bye Claire.” I smiled. I always like his voice. They dream boy didn’t hold a tenth of what I felt for Taylor.
“Bye Tay.” I hung up and hung my head. The joys of being a teen. And deadly.





It Starts

I waited for about five minutes starring at my ceiling. Starting to get uncomfortable. I started pacing when I heard a car pull up. Gran’s voice carried from the car through m open window. I looked out and met Taylor Anberlin’s emerald eyes locking onto mine. He knew I would be watching and smiled up. My insides felt like melting.
“…And you have to help me make it Taylor honey.” Gran went on as they came into the house. I rolled my eyes. Gran. Always the one to make things all grandma-like. I walked down my stairs and sat on the last step. Taylor came down the long hallway and walked over. He sat next to me and slung an arm over my shoulders.
“So how is the infamous CJ Blaire feeling?” He put a hand on my forehead. “You’re burning up. Oh no you’re contagious!” He jumped up and ran up to my room. I rolled my eyes and followed. He stood in the corner with his hands up as to push me away. “Stay back. I don’t want to get girl cooties.” He made a cross with his hands.
“Oh grow up Tay.” I ruffled his shaggy light brown hair and he put his arms down. “Jeez you know I don’t got cooties. Amber Beckons does.” We started to crack up and I fell flat on my butt. “Not a word.” I warned and narrowed my eyes. But he still continued too laugh. I grabbed my pillow and threw it at him.
“I’ve been hit.” He fell onto his back and faked dead. I rolled my eyes and creeped over. He stayed the same. I came closer until I hovered over him.
“Oh yeah! Tay’s dead. Now I can sell his body out to lonely woman who need a good quickie.” His eyes shot open and he sat upright and I tried to cover my laugh with my hand.
“Evil.” He got up and fell flat onto my bed. “You know, I like it here. Maybe I should have your Gran kick you out and I can stay here.” I turned and jumped on him landing right on his lap. I straddled him and crossed my arms.
“You wouldn’t.” He looked shocked and lost for words.
“I-uh-um-Oh.” I smirked and fell onto my bed next to him. “You cant do that to me!” He whined.
“Then be nice!” I chided. We laid on my bed for a while just starring at the ceiling. Soon my eyes started to flutter and I fought against heavy lids.
“Hey. Claire?” I peeked through my lashes and propped myself onto my elbow.
“What?” I yawned.
“Do ya think. You know if maybe we could-.” He was caught off by Gran’s voice.
“Kids! I made cookies.” I jumped up and was at the stairs in a second. If anything could stop me it was Grandma’s cookies. Cheesy to say but who cares.
“Can you hold that thought Tay?” I said looking at him from behind the stair railing.
“Oh yeah. Sure.” He got up and walked behind me. The house smelt of cookies and what was left of this mornings pancakes. My mouth started to water and I sat at the counter. Taylor sat next to me fiddling with his fingers.
“Okay here you two go.” She put the cookie tray on the counter and I immediately grabbed one. I accidentally touched the tray and burnt my hand.
“Ow ow. For damned sakes.” I barely noticed the words come out of my mouth before I heard Gran gasp. “Oh sorry Gran.” She didn’t seem to care.
“It’s alright baby. Go wash your hand with warm water and then put this on it.” She handed me a bottle and I took it. Peroxide, it read. “And then put this on. It will sting a little but it’ll help the burn.” She handed me a tube of Neosporin and I walked to the bathroom cradling my left hand to my chest. The water made it sting and so did the peroxide. The Neosporin only added to it. I looked through the drawers and found a bandage wrap and cotton padding. I wrapped it around my hand and put the bandaging on. The burn started to ache more than ever. Just don’t think about it Claire. Pain. I can feel it. For some reason and yet I cant feel love. Except for Gran and Taylor. What a world. I looked up at the mirror and gasped. Written on the glass in pink lipstick was “Coming for you”. My head seemed to spin and my stomach clenched. Who was coming? It had to have been Taylor. But he hadn’t came in. At all. Maybe Gran wrote it. But she wouldn’t be so cynical. I tried to wipe it away but my stomach kept making it hard to move. I ran towards the toilet and puked up what was my breakfast. Ugh. Dry heaves controlled my mouth and I felt like crap. Someone came in and over to me.
“Claire. What happened?” The voice was distant. My mind could barely comprehend it. I collapsed onto whoever it was and heard a gasp. “Claire. Come on. Snap out of it.” Taylor? Maybe. I opened my eyes slightly and was lost in a sea of green.
“T-Taylor?” He nodded.
“It’s gonna be okay CJ.” I felt arms, his arms under me and lift me from the ground. The disgusting taste of vomit had left my mouth and I took a gasping breathe.
“Oh honey.” I looked at Gran. She looked like she was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t look at her and buried my head in Taylor’s shoulder. I felt better now. Aside from my throbbing hand. I felt myself being laid on something soft and Taylor letting go. My hand reached out to his.
“No. Stay.” I grumbled and heard him sigh.
“It’s okay Taylor honey. I’ll go call Dr. Jackson.” I heard Gran leave and her soft steps down the stairs.
“Claire.” His voice was at my ear and I opened my eyes. “I’ll stay but you have to not puke on me. Promise?” His voice sounded teasing.
“Promise.” He laid next to me and I wrapped my arms around his torso. Appropriate, probably not but I didn’t care at the moment. I felt his arm around my waist and laid my head on his chest.
“Get some rest CJ.” And that was the last thing I heard before darkness…..

“You’re beautiful.” His lips were at my ear. I giggle and played with a strand of his blonde hair. “And perfect.” He kissed my neck and I moaned. “Stay. Please.” I nodded and was entranced by his eyes.
“Forever.” The words that usually ended the dream. But didn’t this time. I felt his lips on my cheeks. My forehead. And finally my lips. They were soft and warm. Hard and rough. But oh so careful. And something else. Something that wasn’t…right. Coldness. I pulled back and looked at him. He smirked.
“Love? What is it?” His tone didn’t sound concerned but amused. His arms tightened around me and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. I tried to push away but to no luck.
“Let.” Gasp. “Me.” Gasp. “GO!” I struggled but his arms felt like boa constrictors. I looked up and no longer saw my dream boy. But two actual snakes. No no no! I hated the filthy things and tried with all I had to get away. But they kept getting tighter and tighter. I couldn’t breathe at all.
“Silly child.” I heard but couldn’t see anyone. “Over here.” I looked to my right and saw a man with curly black hair and amber eyes. He looked about 35. “You silly stupid thing. Don’t you know not to fight?” He took a step towards me. The background of a beach that I was use to disappeared and was replaced with blackness. The snakes had disappeared.
“W-who are you?” I collapsed onto my knees and whispered.
“Why child. No one told you?” I shook my head. “I guess that filthy wench never thought it was good to know about me. Oh well. I will deal with the old hag later.” I tried to get to my feet but my knees trembled.
“Gran?” He nodded and gave a player worthy smile.
“Yes yes dear. Her. Lucinda Blaire. She was never a good mother. To your mother I mean.” He smirked. How did he know about them? “Listen to me child. Your filthy excuse for a grandmother couldn’t protect Carilyna and she can not protect you.” I took a step back and started to feel dizzy.
“Shut up. You don’t know anything about them.” Even though I wasn’t sure of that myself.
“Silly little thing. I hope you listen to me. Oh and just because I think it would be fair, even though I am not the one who cares about fairness, I will tell you this.” he came closer to where he could whisper in my ear. “It is starting.” Then nothing……

Hope I get more! *crosses fingers* Comment!



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wow... i like it... i would love to no what happens next... it was starting to get really interesting!
yay!!!! your posting it on here too!!!
good...but the part about "his piercing amber brown eyes" was cheezy
I know Sedyr. But I didnt have any other way to describe it. Cheesiness is my forte!
And thank you XO Edward XO and Maddie for the comments!
Hey RJ yet again you amaze me hope you continue soon.
Finally updated!!!!

(Taylor pov)

“You’re beautiful.” I whispered in her ear. She stirred but then calmed. Her lips played into a smile and my heart skipped a beat.
“Forever.” She whispered in her sleep. Typical Claire. She laid with her head on my chest and I couldn’t help but stare at her. She seemed so…So….Perfect. Like God made her personally. And I would know about that kind of thing. Perfect curls. Perfect eyes, smile, laugh. Whoa there Tay! You don’t even know if she likes you more than a brother, let alone that way. I groaned to myself and continued to watch her. She looked peaceful. What would I do if I lost her? Die probably. I started to hum a random song that I heard on a CD once.
My attention was caught immediately when Claire started to stir and her breathing picked up.
“Let me go.” Her voice sounded strained. She struggled but her eyes stayed shut.
“Claire. Claire. Wake up.” I hovered over her and held her arms above her head. She struggled more and I tried my best to calm her sleeping form. “Claire. Ssshh. It’s okay.” I let go of one of her wrists only to gather it in my other hand. I touched her cheek and she turned her head. Something wasn’t right. She made a noise like she was trying to say something but it was garbled. I tried my best to wake her but she stayed in her state. Oh boy. This is going to be hard. I touched her forehead and concentrated. “Claire. Wake up.” She gasped and then her eyes shot open. Her breathing was erratic and her eyes searched around. They finally settled on me. “Oh thank god.” I whispered.
“W-what happened?” She looked like she was going to cry. I couldn’t bare to see her when she did.
“You had a bad dream. And you were starting to scare me, Claire. Please don’t do that again.” I let go of her arms and helped her sit up.
“I-I’m sorry.” She whispered and my heart ached. If only she knew what she did to me. I pulled her close to me not wanting to let go.
“It’s okay. But…Just don’t cry. You know I cant stand tears.” I heard her strangled laugh but it sounded like a sob. I held her close to me. Closer than necessary.
“It seemed so real. And I couldn’t wake up.” I nodded listening as best I could.
“Don’t worry. You’re awake now. And it isnt real. What is real is me and you. Best friends.” But boy didn’t I want to be more. “ And you know I wont let anything happen to you.” I let her go and looked her in the eyes. “Claire Jekyll Blaire. You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you right?”
“Y-yes. But that’s another reason it was bad. I didn’t know where you were.” She looked at her lap and I tilted her chin up so she faced me.
“I am here. No matter what.” I kissed her forehead and she nodded. I am putting myself in my own personal hell right now.

(Next Day)

“You know this is pointless right?” Claire complained once we started walking to school. I rolled my eyes as she went on about why we shouldn’t go to school today. “I mean I just about puked my guts out yesterday and yet Gran still makes us go.” I chuckled.
“She made you go. I am but my own free will.” She rolled her eyes and muttered something along the lines of “show-offy no-it-all”.
“Then why do you come?” She had a point. Barely.
“Because if I didn’t then I couldn’t hang out with my bff CJ!” I made my voice high pitched and girly.
“I feel special.” She muttered.
“You should, CJ. You got a Gran that loves you and all that gooey goodness in you.” She didn’t look at me. “What? Did I say something wrong?” My voice was immediate.
“No. You didn’t say anything wrong. But something right.” She smiled and headed up the sidewalk that led to Temecula High. Mascot the Road Runner. Stupid, yes. Smart, no.
“Care to elaborate?” I asked catching up to her.
“Cant really. Just that you made me feel a little better.” I slung my arm over her shoulders.
“You know I am here for you right?”
“Or else you wouldn’t bother with me right?” I laughed a little.
“Hey don’t answer my question with a question.” I loved to hear her arguments.
“Then don’t ask questions.” Good point. We made it inside school and got a few looks and glares. Well looks from other guys and me giving them glares. “Hey you should really cool it with the over protectiveness.” She said once we got to our lockers. Which were thankfully right next to each other.
“What. It’s part of the job description. Best friend’s have to be: Fun, caring and or protective.” She shook her head and grabbed her books. “For example. Let me carry your books.”
“Let me think about it.” She said and started to walk to our homeroom. We sat at our usual spot in the back of class. “So. What do you think we should do about the dance coming up?” I hadn’t thought about that.
“Um…Well I wasn’t planning on going. You know with all those girls. Looking for dates. And are desperate…..Wait never mind. Im going.” She hit my shoulder at my joke.
“You are so mean. And not all girls are desperate.” She chided me like a child. I just nodded and the teacher called the class to order after the bell rang.
“Alright everyone.” Mr. Fisher said leaning against his chest and crossing his arms in that way only teachers seem to be able to do. “We have a new student. He has transferred here from Montana and we are all to be nice and welcoming.” A guy with blonde hair walked in and looked bored. “This is Luke Compton.” The guy looked around the room as if nothing. But then he looked at Claire. Crap. And she gasped.

(Claire pov)

“Alright everyone. We have a new student.” Whoopy, I thought not really giving a damn. “He has transferred her from Montana and we are all to be nice and welcoming.” Just then the door opened but I continued to stare out the window. “This is Luke Compton.” I turned to get a good look at the kid. No freaking way. He had pale blonde hair. He looked right at me and his blue eyes felt like they could pierce my soul…..

*Dramatic music* Who do you all think it is? First to comment gets a cookie! And why do you think Tay was able to wake up Claire on command?

Im excited to find out what happens!! This just got so interesting with a new man introduced. I like Claire!!! Nice Chapter! Great Story!
Hey RJ I am so curious as to who this new guy is, but I honestly am not sure. So you need to post soon and put me out of my misery!! Loved it though and what is special about Tay? How did he pull her out of her dream/nightmare?

Oh and about the other chapter that was actually chapter 3 but I marked it wrong so this is the real fourth chapter. I apologize for not updating sooner!


“This is Luke Compton.” I turned to get a good look at the kid. No freaking way. He had pale blonde hair. He looked right at me and his blue eyes felt like they could pierce my soul…..


He couldn’t be real. Not possible. But he is. I gawked with my mouth almost wide open. Good first impression Claire. His eyes stayed locked on mine and I felt a chill run down my spine.
“CJ? Claire?” I blinked and looked at Taylor. He was looking between me and my dream gu-, I mean Luke. I could finally give him a name. If he was my dream guy. “What’s wrong?” Tay grabbed my hand and tried to calm me. My breathing had sped up without me noticing. “You still feeling sick?” I nodded.
“Uh yeah. Maybe I should just go to the nurse after first period.” He nodded. I tried to control my breathing and heart. Luke still watched me and started to walk over. I kept my eyes towards the window. Just don’t acknowledge him. It might work. If only I was smart enough to make a fool proof plan.
“Hello.” I nearly jumped. His voice was just like it had been in my dreams. Every inch of him was what I had dreamed. “I am Luke.” He stood across from Tay and I. “May I sit?” He sounded like such a gentleman.
“I-uh-um….” Smooth! I couldn’t even for a coherent sentence.
“Actually no. You cant.” I looked at Taylor in shock. His arms were crossed and he had a pissed off look on his face. What was his problem?
“Why not, Anberlin?” Did they know eachother?
“Because, Compton, this table is for those who don’t pry on girls’ virtues.” I started to feel very uncomfortable.
“You would know a thing about th-.” The bell rang and he shut his mouth. Saved by the bell. I got up quickly and grabbed my bag and book. Next period was Spanish II. Something grabbed my wrist and I turned to Luke. I pulled my hand away automatically. He was staring to creep me out a little. How did he know Taylor? And how did Taylor know him? And what about ‘girls’ virtues’? “I am sorry for being rude. But I would like to speak with you sometime.” I tried to suppress a giggle. The one thing I’d done right today.
“Maybe.” I said and walked away with Taylor on my heels. As soon as we were out of the door and I grabbed his hand and all but dragged him outside and into the quad. I dropped his hand ignoring the tingling that went up my arm and faced him. “What the hell was that about?” I kept my voice quiet but he knew I wasn’t in a good mood.
“Remember when I asked you not to go anywhere without anyone?” I nodded. “Well I am going to change that a little. Don’t go anywhere without me or your Gran. Please Claire. For my sake.” I let out a breathe and looked around. He was hiding something and I needed to know what. Now.
“I promise only if you tell me what was that back there.” This time he let out a huge breathe.
“How about I tell you. But when I think it’s right?” He was such a pain.
“So in other words you wont tell me.” He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Fine. I promise. But I will get it out of you soon.” And with that I stalked off. Where was I going to go? Class had already started and my Spanish teach was a pain in the ass when you were late. Maybe just hang around the quad. No. To risky. I turned to see the back of Taylor’s head as he disappeared into the school. Well there goes the fun. What to do. What to do.
I sighed and decided to go to the nurse. I felt my forehead first. I was sweating but that could be from the California heat. Oh well. I walked in the direction of the office and nurse building. I felt a weird feeling. Like someone boring holes into me. Shaking it off I walked into the nurse’s office.
“Hello dear. What may I help you with?” The nurse, Ms. Carp, asked. She was about 29 maybe 30 and had the lightest blonde hair you had ever seen.
“I don’t feel so good. I was puking yesterday but my grandmother made me come.” She nodded and motioned for me to sit on the bed. The plastic wrapping made noise and I fumbled with the edges of it.
“Okay. Open wide.” She held up a thermometer and I obeyed. I hated having things in my mouth other than food. After about a minute she checked it and raised her eyebrows.
“What?” I hated being at the nurses because she never told you what was wrong till your parents showed up.
“Your temp is…102.” She reached forward and placed a hand over my forehead and immediately took it back like she’d been burnt. “Oh dear. Hold on one second.” She left the room and to the reception area. Probably to call Gran. I quickly pulled out my phone and text Tay.

In the nurses. Goin home. HELP.

His response was almost immediate.

Be there soon. Sorry ur sick.

I smiled to myself and leaned against the wall. How could I have gotten sick? It hasn’t rained in like a year so it couldn’t have been rain. And I haven’t really done anything that could have gotten me sick with anything. Maybe Gran put something in the cookies from yesterday. Allergies maybe and I did have one this morning. I heard the office door open and close.
“Is Claire Blaire in the nurses’?” My savior. Without an answer Taylor came in and brought me close to him. I was stunned as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Hi there.” I smirked and pulled away a little. “How did you get out of class?” Even I wasn’t that good.
“Secrets. Now is your Gran here yet?” Right when he finished the office door opened and Gran came bustling in with her purple skirt and shirt. She defiantly fit the role of a grandmother.
“Claire?” She noticed me and Taylor and came in the tiny room. “Oh dear. I am so sorry I made you come today. Lets get you home and then in a warm bath and pajamas. You can stay the rest of the day in bed.” I liked the sound of that.
“Okay, Gran.” She led me out of the building and I held onto Taylor suddenly feeling dizzy.
“Oh Taylor honey. Do you need to be excused as well?” Gran. Always the lady. I looked up at Tay and he shook his head.
“No need. I already did and my mother wont mind.” He gave her his signature smile and she didn’t press. I clung onto Tay and he noticed me. “Claire? Are you okay?” I nodded weakly. I felt like all of my energy had been sucked out of me suddenly. Before I could protest he scooped me up and held me bridal style. I slung my arms around his neck to steady myself. What the heck is wrong with me?
“Take me home. Please.” My voice was so low that even I couldn’t hear it. Which probably didn’t matter. Taylor started to smooth my hair back and I felt calmer but more tired.
“Go to sleep.” He whispered and I let the darkness consume me.

(Taylor pov)

She was asleep right when the words left my mouth. I carried her to her house which was literally behind the school. Her Gran led me to the house and I went up to Claire’s room. I gently laid her on the bed and she curled up into a ball like a cat. I smiled and pulled the covers over her body.
“She’s still asleep.” I said once I was in the living room facing Lucinda. She looked torn and I sat across from her. “We cant let him get her.” She nodded. I felt so sorry for her. A mortal caught up in all of this all because of her daughter. “Carilyna was strong. But Claire is stronger.” I whispered starring at my hands.
“That she is.” Lucinda said. She looked at me through bleary eyes.
“Taylor. We must keep her from him. If he were to get to her then who knows what Michael may do. She is Carilyna’s only child and it all falls on her. Taylor. You must protect her. Especially from him.” I nodded. This was why Claire was my charge. And the fact I was in love with her. Which I shouldn’t be. In love with Deaths daughter. And I, Lifes son. How, I don’t know.
“I will do my best Lucinda. My father promised Carilyna and I promise you. Lets just hope Claire doesn’t find out before I tell her.” She nodded and I got up. “One more thing.” I said turning back around. “Make sure that you put up the vervain.” She nodded and I was almost to the door when I heard screaming. I bolted for the attic…..



So? Comment?

OMG! WOW!!! Im so glad you updated this story! I hope you update soon because finally figuring out what is going on is making this story even better than it was.... Deaths daughter and Lifes son in love... WOW!!! I REALLY want to no who Luke is though!! LOVED IT!
I will update tonight again and trust me, you'll find out who Luke is soon  enough.

Hi RJ OMG that was awesome. I the forbidden love and the danger just around the corner I loved it. I hope you post more soon. I can't wait to see what happened upstairs and what comes next with Luke. Ok I will try to be patient but that's not really my thing LOL.




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