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hey all this is my next story i just come up with it last night so please tell me what you think and please just say what you think

will let me tell you what has been going on for the last two years. will edward left me. saying that he dont love me no more will that is fine but i still love him and allways dad deid two years ago he just got realy sick and no one could find out what was wrong with him. i was with him for the last mouth he was a live and he died two days after my 18 brithday.. so now i live in my house in fork... my days are busy.. here is why my friend ben came over to help me for a little and he was there i was cry and one thing went to aother and we had sex.. will i like it. i mean it was ok not what every one said it was like but i find three weeks later that i was pregnant. will i call ben. i asked him if he could come over and he said yes.. ben got there and i told him what happen and that he was going to be a father. we were sitting there talking with i heard the doorbell ring so i told him to hold on and i went to the door. when i open the door. alice was there i just give her a hug and told her to come in. when she asked about my dad i tryed not to cry. then i told her that he had passed a way. she looked at me said that she was sorry and that she was back for good and no matter what edward said.. "i miss my best friend".( what alice said). i asked alice where she was staying and she said not sure right now and i looked at her. will alice if you would like you can stay here if you would like? bella really i can do that you would late me stay here and help you.
yes alice why would i not went my best friend to live wiht me you can help me with my baby with i have him or her. wait bella you mean that is true you are haveing a baby. i looked at her and told alice she that is right i am have a baby and she just looked at me for a little and ok bella will we have a lot of stuff to do be for the baby come..
"wait bella"?
"yes alice"?
"who is the father"?
"will ben is the father".
"wait what you said that you did not like him"?
" yes i did said that but he helped me out after dad died."
it is still hard for me to talk about my father passing a way.
"ok that is fine but you hade sex?"
"yes i did have sex but it was not like every one said it was like and now i am going to be a mother."
" he is in the next room."
we walked in and ben got up. "hi alice it is nice to see you again. so how long are you staying for this time."
" ben she is moveing in with me to help my with the baby so get off her back."
" fine bella when you best friend leave you again dont come to me and by the way dont call me when the baby is born because i dont went to be a father to this child and it is not my child you had sex with every guy in town."
"ben you know that is not true and you know you are the only guy i have had sex with and that is fine if you dont went to be a father to my baby then get out of my house and never come back here again."
ben left and i did not care. i could take care of this child with or without his help. i have alice to help me and she said that she is not leaveing me again. right..

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this could turn into a great story!! =)
thank you this story came to me last night with i was at my grandmother house so do you think i should keep going on with it
will now i am about five mouth and i find out what i am haveings in a week or two. i cant find alice no where maybe she is out on a hunt so i had to go to work so i can keep my house up and runing like i all was do.. will i have my own book store becuase my little town dose not have the best books so i just opened it to help.. i was at the store all day then alice walked in and said hi..
" alice where have you been all day i was going to ask you if you could help me put my new books away?"
" bella someone called me last night when you were sleeping and i had to go talk to this person face to face."
"that is fine but next time please leave me a note i was think you just left with out goodbye again."
"bella i told you i am back for good and so is this person."
" alice wait who called you last night that you had to go see?"
" edward called me last night knowing that i am hear and he is not mad at me or you about any of it he knows that you are with child and he want to help i was to ask befor he came in. if he could talk you face to face."
" but alice he said that he dose not love me and that is why he left me and the frist place."
"bella edward still loves you and never will stop loveiong you he just wented you to be happy with someone else and he know that will never happen so he give up on try to live with out you."
"oh alice i love him with all my heart tell him to come in."
alice went out the door and was back in no time with edward walking in behind her.
"hello edward"
"hello bella"
"bella alice said i will see you back at the house ok"
"ok alice bye"
edward look so geart we both did but i was getting fatter by the min.
" bella dont say that about you self."
" wait you can hear what i am thinking?"
" no i can not hear what you have thinking but i can hear your baby and you baby says what you are saying so i can hear you."
"will that is just great ."
"edward why did you come back?"
" bella i can not leave with out you any more i love you and never stoped loving you."
"edward i sill love you too but i can not just let you walk back in to my life and let you think that you can just keep walk in and out of my life i have to think of my child frist."
" i know what you mean and i am never leaveing you again. i am sorry for how i hurt you and i know it will take a long time for you. so i am will to show you and take care of you and the baby.(epov)
i just was looking at her. i person i love is right here and i can see how i hurt her. if i was her i would not let me back but i know that she still love me with all her heart. ( end of epov)
" that is fine edward but i do need some help can you please put the new books i got to day away for me please. i can not pick them up and after you are done with that we will go home."
" that is fine bella i can do that for you"
"thank you."
"your welcome."
edward was putting the new books away i was closeing the store for the night when ben walked in and ask to talk. i asked him what about and he said the baby and i told him that he will know when the baby come back he need to leave because the book store was close for the night and he could come to my house to talk but i have other thing to do like get dinner made and get stuff ready for tomorrow. when i open and ben said fine talk to you later and left edward come out and said that he was done and i locked up the store for the night and went home. when we got there alice had dinner ready meatlofa for dinner i loved it and we walked about what the babys room would look like if it wazs a girl and we talk about if it was a baby. i was so happy to have my best friend back and the man i love back in my life and have my baby come in this world with all this love that we all have for him/her.i most of feel asleep talkiong to alice because i felt edward pick me up and say it is ok love i am tacking you to bed. i had a great day.
bella's pov

The next day when i woke up. Edward was right there. i was not feeling good at all the morning. I had go put a note on the door of the book store saying " sorry closed for the day out sick." I guess ben didn't come by the store.He just don't carte about the baby. When alice got back she cooked me some food. I feel a sleep watching tv. When i woke up i was in alot of pain. Edward and aice tock me to the er. When we got there they tock me back right a way. when the doc come in he said that i have to be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. because we dont wont the baby to come to the time for him or her to come into the world.when the doc came back into my room he said that they were keeping me for the night to make sure that there is nothing else wrong with me or the baby. I was fine with that. i asked if alice or edward coiuld stay for the night to and they said no that they had to go home. I was fine with that. Edward and alice stayed to the nurse come in. Told them it was time to leave. Right after they left i went to sleep for the night. the next thing i know Edward was waking me up saying it was time to go home. I was so happy to go home but at the same time not becasue i could not go to work to keep the bills payed and that would mean i would lose my book store. i was so uypset about that. "bella i will pay the bills and keep the book store open you dont have to worry about anything." Edward i dont wont you paying my bills because i have payed for ever thing i have and i will not let no one pay for any thing of mine i am sorry but that is how i am now." " Bella that is fine but how are we going to pay the bills in the house?" " Edward you or alice could run my book store to i have the baby would that be ok?" " Bella that is great i will go work all day at the store and make sure you still have money comeing in so we can pay the bills." when you got home i find that there was a bed in the liveingroom so i could be with every one iun the day time and the night time to to my room for the night. i was just so happy to be home. i would sleep all the time. The next day edward want and worked at the book store so the money would keep comeing in and i had nothing to do so i was sleeping eating and talking to alice the hole day . I had been a sleep for two hours and alice wakes me upo saying ben was here to see me. ben and i talked about the baby for a good hour or two. i feel a sleep on him so he left for the day telling alice to tell me that he will come see me tomorrow. when i got back up edward was just getting home fropm the store. alice made dinner for me and we watched tv. I went up and tock a bath and went to bed for the night. edward was right there with me." good night my love sweet dreams." he kissed me and i fell a sleep.
OMG THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you i have aother story good a live for the night please read that and i will write more soon
sorry that i have not been posting at all find out the i am prego in the eggo so been getting sick alot i will have more up soon i hope thank u for waiting on me

sending love to my reader
That night I had a great dream that I was with Edward for ever that they had changed me to be with them but I still didn’t know how they changed me in my dream so I woke up. Thinking about my dream. Edward know that there was something on my mind but I would not tell him. “Bella Love what is wrong you woke up this morning all upset.” “ Did you have a bad dream?” “ no I had a great dream I am just thinking about what the dream meant for me and my child that is all.” Alice walked in and said. “ Bella every thing is going to be ok I know what your dream was n no Edward I will not tell u at all.” Edward looked at her. “ why not Alice I am your brother and she is the woman that I went for the rest of my life if that is what it is?” “ Edward yes I am your sister but first and all ways I am Bella’s best friend and there are thing that she tells u and thing that I tell u about her and this is not one of the thing that I need to tell you she dose.” Edward just looked at Alice and said fine don’t tell me and ran out the door to go to the store. Alice and I just sit there looking at the door that Edward went out. “ Alice do u think he is coming back?” “ Yes Bella he is come back he just went to work .” “ that is god I was think he way mad at me for not tell him about my dream.” bella “ Edward can never be mad at you he is mad at me because I would not let him know what was going on n why I look so wrong today that is all he will get over it in a hour and come home n say sorry I saw it happen when he left.” “ ok Alice I am going to take a nape.” alive just looked at me and said that was fine she hade to start my lunch any ways she said goodnight and I went to sleep. When I woke to Edward kiss. I know are ready know what he was going to say before he said it. Bella love “ I will like to say I am sorry for how I acted before I went to work but I love u and I just wanted to know what u were thinking about.” “ that is fine Edward but what I dream is for me to know n I let Alice see so I could talk to her about it. It is just girl stuff nothing for you to worry about ok love.” Edward said that was fine n went back to work for the rest for the day. Alice has made a small thing in to a big thing like Alice dose but I just don’t want her to stop I don’t know but I really love it. I ate lunch and I hade to go to the obgyn for my 6 mouth check up and they said that every thing is fine now that I can come off of bed rest I was happy about that so I can go shopping with Alice to find baby clothes and to get the thing I need for the baby. So we left and went to all the stores we could find I loved it I could go back to work n that was great Edward would be mad but I don’t care I want to make my own money to pay my bills and that is what I will be. We got home and we unload the car and want in side Edward was there asking where we have been n we told him that the doc tock me off of bed rest so I can go back to work now. “ Bella no you will not to work I will keep working for you and every thing I don’t went u doing nothing?” he yelled at me with that we were fitting. “ Edward Cullen u do not tell me what I can n cant do and if u think I am going to do that then u wan walk out that door and not come back.” I yelled back at him. Edward and Alice just looked at me. “ what I mean it if u think for one min that u are going to tell me what I am not going to do u have another thing come to you.” they just kept looking at me like I was some one they did not know. Bella Alice said do u really went Edward to leave. No I am sorry but just don’t say that to me I can do what I please around here ok . Edward just looked at me. The next thing I know he was walking out the door. “ Edward please don’t leave please come back.” Alice stopped me at the door. “ Bella let him go he will he back just let him go,. I said fine and went to bed.


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