The Twilight Saga

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This story takes place in Forks,
Bella is 15 yrs old, she moved to Forks when she was 13

At the age of 7 Bella was kidnapped, she was found after 2wks, of searching, nobody knows what happened in thoughts, 2wks her kidnappers were never found and Bella never speaks a word to anybody about it, She just deals with her problems by eating, she is now very over weight and has a very low self esteem.

Bella's mother and father separated 12mths after she was kidnapped,Renee her mother could not handle the stress of her daughter not talking about what happened, so Bella lives with her father charlie, Renee lives in Australia and is very rich.

Bella's best friend is Edward, who Bella is madly head over heels in love with as well as every other girl in forks, Edward is very protective of Bella and is always sticking up for her when the other kids at school tease her, Bella doesn't really understands why Edward is like this, but never questions his motives, but when a new girl arrives at forks things change, everything starts to take a dramatic turn for Bella and life as she knows it, just isn't the same,

why-me- chapter 1.

why-me-chapter 2.

why-me-chapter 3.

why-me- chapter 4.

why-me-chapter 5.

why-me-chapter 6.

why-me-chapter 7

why-me-chapter 8.

why-me-chapter 9.

why-me-chapter 10.

why-me-chapter 11.

why-me-chapter 12.


why-me- chapter 14.

why-me-chapter 15.

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amazing like always!!!!!!!! i hope this means you are feeling better we were worried about you!!!!!!!!! keep it coming!!!!!

i hope you are doing better!!!!! cant wait to see more!!!

how is everything going? i hope you are feeling alright! hope to you update soon!

are you okay I hope you feel better and write more soon your a miracle writter
hope you are feeling ok!

luv ur story i hope everything is ok...take care an plzzzz
come back 2 us =)
bells is anything wrong? you have posted in forever!!!!!!

hey i just noticed how long it has been since your last post or comment i hope you are feeling ok and i really hope you arent having any probloms i really miss your story and i hope you feel ok




write more soon plzzzz!!!!!

hey just checking trying to see if your ok??









love the story

please update soon


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