The Twilight Saga

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My name is Bella Swan. And my life is a big bad screw up. I don't know why this happened to me...I don't know why my life is just a big clumsy peice of dump. I don't know why I ever thought anyone ever really cared about me.



He grabbed my arms and pulled the jacket sleeves up and seen everthing. I feel naked and exposed, as if someone just stripped me and put me in front of a camera.

Edward gasped. I looked at his face, he was very frightened.

Then he hugged me tight, "I'm so sorry" he said.

He started sobbing quiety, which made me start to cry and I just hugged him thight as if I were never going to see him again and sobbed in his chest.


I want to see what people think about this and let me know if you want me to write more.

i don't want to write if noones going to be reading it.







CHAPTER-4 part 2











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haha, hopefully I will have the chapter up tonight!!


-mercadez ;))

post more now plz
great chapter!!!
This is a really good story! please write more. charlie is horrible. I hope they save her from him! Great job again!


I just hope Charlie doesn't hurt her.

I'm halfways there, theres just one hint left for me to write, and I should be posting it tonight for sure!! let me tell you this, your gonna love it and probaly surprised!! Chapter 6 is the longest chapter I ever wrote for any story, hopefully since its longer, you guys will think its good!! I want to know what you guys think when I post it up, good or bad, let me know, you cant be a good writer if people never tell you if it was good or not. I won't get mad, I will try to change watever you think is bad the best I can!! I'm excited to post it up and re read the whole thing, even though I wrote it, I'm super excited! I'm excited to know what you guys think to, hopefully I get a lot of replies and more readers after this Chapter!!!!!!




thanks!! I'm pretty sure your stories arent bad! I wanna read them!! send me links pleasee!!

haha, I dont think the publishing will happen anytime soon, but if it does, we have to change names of course, but to what?? thats a good thing to think about!! lol!!




new reader

this is good i feel bad for bella write more soon

I'm gonna post it up in like ummm, an hour maybee, I'm almost done, I swear, it will be post and about an hour, maybe before that, I just need to think it through and type fast!! lol!!!



Chapter 6

After I said bye, I ran in side the house to hurry up and go to my room so I can lock my self in there, but that didn’t happen.

Before I even reached the stairs, the door slams shut and Charlie grabbed my arm and pulled me down to the ground.

I gasp and groaned at the pain.

I was already scared when Charlie came out the house when I got here, now I’m just horrified.

Charlie got on top of me with his knees squeezing my ribs and holding my hands down, pinning me to the ground. I’m struggling, trying 2 get out of his hold, but he’s stronger.

“Where you think your going?” Charlie said right in my ear loudly.

“Leave me alone.” I screamed at him and tried moving out of his hold.

“You lied to me, why would I leave you alone.” Charlie said angrily

And he squeezed his knees right in my ribs, then I screamed at the pain he was putting me in.

Then he laughed at me and stood up, pulling me up with him, then I screamed again because the pain on my sides was unbearable.

Then he opened the basement door and pushed me in there, and I fell to my knees and grabbed my sides, then Charlie walked in, slamming the door shut. He turns on the light, and I squint my eyes of how bright it is, “I need 2 see you.” Charlie says to me

Then he stood right in front of me, “Why did you lie to me Bella?” he asked and slapped me hard, “You disgust me.” He was saying while he hits me more and harder, “You should have never existed. You’re a waste space. You screwed up everything, if it wasn’t for you, my love would be here right now, but no, you have to exist.” He grabbed the top of my head, grabbing my hair, pulling it, holding it up, I reached over my head and grabbed his arms, trying to make him let go, all it did was hurt me more, so I just hold on to his arms. Then he slapped me hard 5 times.

Then my eyes started getting teary but I hold it in, if I don’t hold it in, it would only make him want to hit me more.

Then he let go, stood me up, and pushed me against the wall………..

((A/N sorry, I have to stop right there for that part))

I’m in my room, with a blade in my hand. I put my arm straight, then squeezed my hand real tight, then bend my wrist back, and I put the blade on my arm and put pressure on it, then I closed my eyes shut and put more pressure on the blade as I make a vertical line.

Then I dropped the blade, opened my eyes and looked at what I did and endured the pain, just by looking at the blood and feeling this certain pain, made me feel better a little bit at a time, then I got a rag that had dry blood on it, and cleaned up the blood on my arm, then I hold it on the cut so all the blood can stop.

After I got it cleaned up, I got up and went to my closet and got out some sweat pants and a tank top. Then I took off my shirt and switched it with the tank top. Then I took off my jeans and put my sweat pants on.

Then I threw my jeans and the shirt in the hamper by the door. Then I opened my back pack so can make sure that there wasn’t any work I had to do.

As I was looking through it, I felt something else, so I grabbed it and took my hand out the bag. It was a phone and a folded piece of paper, so I opened the paper and read it….

Dear Bella, this phone is for you and you only, mine and Edwards numbers are in it already. I got you this phone so you can call us if you need anything or need to talk. We are both here for you, you may not knows us at all yet, but to us, you’re a friend already and we are hoping for you to be our friend for a long time, if you want, you can get to know me and Edward better. I gave you this phone so you can reach us if you ever need anything. If you ever need anything or just wanna talk or whatever the reason is, call one of us, it doesn’t matter what time it is or where we’re at, we will answer it. Anything. Oh, the reason Edward is involve is because if I can’t get to you, he is willing to take my place when I can’t. In plus, me and him are better to talk to because we won’t make jokes or pretend to listen. We will listen and try to understand the best we can, which we will, and help you......with anything or everything.
Love Alice
p.s call me ASAP

Be time I finished the note, there was a couple of tears streaming down my face. Then I wiped then off with my hands, and then I grabbed the phone and note and sat on my bed.

Then I turned on the phone and looked at the contacts. Alice was right, her and Edwards numbers are in it.

I looked at the time, only 10 o’ clock, she said to call her, so I called Alice. She answered on the first ring.

“Hello!” Alice said happily

“Hey, it’s Bella.” I said

“Oh I know, I already had the number in my phone, Edward does to. I’m glad you found it, it took you a long time, so I just thought you didn’t want anything to do with us or didn’t even look.” She said

“Yah, something came up, sorry about that.” I said, technically I wasn’t lying, something did come up

“Oh, it’s alright! You kind of scared me when you never called!” and she chuckled

“Sorry again. Oh, thanks for the phone and your note, very much, I really appreciate it and thank you!” I said thanking her

“No problem!! I want you to know that everything in that note is true! I understand that we don’t know each other well, but I want to and hopefully you want to too! And if we do, we should start off slow, as in knowing me and Edward first, so you can trust us, then move on to the family! If that’s okay with you?” Alice asked me

“Yah, I think that’s a good idea, I think we should do it!” I said excitedly

“Okay then, it’s a plan!” Alice said

I chuckled, “Yes it is!”

Then me and Alice talked a little more then said our goodbyes and hung up.

Then I dialed Edwards number, he answered on the first ring to.

“Hello!” he said

“Hey, its Bella!” I said

He laughed and said, “I know, I had the number already!”

“Oh yah, I forgot!” I said dumb-folded

He chuckled, “Its okay!! So, what’d you need?” he asked curiously

“Oh nothing, I just wanted to tell you thank you, for helping me when you don’t have to, I really appreciate and wanted to tell you thank you!”

“Your welcome! Alice probably already told you this, but I want to tell you to, I’m here for you if you need anything, whenever, whatever time it is, I’m here!” he said

“Thanks, again! Its good to know that you can talk to some one!”

“That’s me, and of course Alice!” Edward said and chuckled

Then I laughed. “Okay, well, I’m gonna go to bed now!” I said then yawning

“Yah, sure, I’m picking you up tomorrow morning still right?” Edward asked

“Yes!” I said

“Okay, I will be there at 7!” he said

“I will be up and ready to go!” I said excitedly

“Okay, goodnight Bella!” Edward said

“Goodnight Edward!” I said

Then we hung up. And I passed out.


My alarm clock when off and woke me up, ugh, 630, why would I put it at 630?

Then I remembered Edward was gonna pick me up today, then I jumped out bed quick and ran to the restroom and jumped in the shower, then I brushed out my hair and out it in a ponytail, and brushed my teeth.

Then I checked the time, 659, I grabbed my bag and went downstairs, then I seen Edwards Volvo pull up to the curb.

I grabbed my key, locked the doors and started walking towards the car.

Edward got out the car, walked to the other side and held the door open for me.

“Good morning Bella!” ha said cheerfully

“Good morning Edward!” I said and sat in the car

Then he walked back to the other side, got in the car and off we go.

Again, he was driving fast. This time I’m in the front, so I put my seat belt on and started making it tighter making sure its tight.

“Umm Edward?” I asked, my voice sounding scared


“Umm, do you think you can like go the speed limit?! Please!” I asked nervously, hoping he will go the speed limit

As the car started slowing down, I took a breath of relief.

Edward sighed, “This is to slow for me!”

“How is this to slow for you, we’re going 40 mph?” I asked in unbelief

“Probably because we drive fast all the time and we’re used to it!”

“You ALL drive like this……..ALL the time?” I asked frightened kind of

“Yes!” then he started laughing and sped up just a little bit. “So Bella, where are you from?” he asked curiously

“Arizona! What about you guys?”

“Alaska.” He said out of distaste. “Where’s your mom at?” he asked curiously again

Then I just started day dreaming, at what memories I can remember.

“She’s with her husband.” I said in a flat tone, “She rather travel around the world, instead of taking care of her own daughter.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have never asked. Sorry.” Edward said guiltily

“Its whatever, I know your just curious, wondering, its alright, everyone is.”

“Are you sure? If you don’t want me asking you questions any more, let me know. I just want to be the first person to know you better, that’s all!” then we started laughing

“Okay, what do you have for me?” I asked, preparing myself for more questions

He laughed again, “Umm, how was the school in Arizona? Bet you had a lot of boys after you?” he asked, then I started laughing.

“Yah right, more like had them running the other way! I don’t know why, every one would be sure to never talk or look at me. I was invisible! It was alright though, I like it that way!” I answered his question

“Okay, what is your favorite color?”

“Blue! What’s yours?” I asked

“Brown!” he said quickly

Next thing I know, we’re pulling up into the school parking lot. We were like the 5th car in the parking lot.

Then a red convertible drove fast dodging us and parking, and then a jeep did the same. Then Edward went as fast and parked next to them.

Scaring the crap out of me when he did that.

Then Emmet jumped out the jeep and he walked over to us, then we got out the car. “What took you so long Edward?” Emmet asked play fully

Then they started laughing and he pointed at me.

Of course I start blushing, then I turned around and Alice was walking up to me. Her and Rosaline look beautiful.

“Hey Alice!” I said

“Hey Bella!” she said happily

Then she hooked our arms and we walked away from the group together.

“Umm, I hope you don’t mind me asking…..but did anything bad happen after we left? You don’t have to answer, I just wanna know.” She asked unsure

“Umm, honestly…….yes.” I said nervously. Then I started having flashbacks of everything that happened. Then I shivered.

I was about to tell her what happened, but then she said, “You don’t have to say anything. I don’t want to hear about you getting hurt, I will just get mad and trust me, no one wants to know me if I’m mad.”

“I’m sure I don’t want to see or get you mad, you might be like a little pixie, but I know there’s not a pretty side to your pixie self!” I said trying to brighten the mood and it did.

She started laughing, “Edward calls me that when I get mad!” then we both started laughing again

Then we started talking about random thing, next thing I know, the bell rings.

After everyone said bye to each other, me and Edward walked side by side to our first class that we have together. As we were walking, everyone was starting. All the girls with open mouths dogging me and the boys just had they’re mouths open.

“Everyone is staring. Why is everyone starting?” I whispered to Edward

He chuckled,”They probably think we’re together or something!” he guessed

Hmmm, I thought to myself.

As we were in the hallway, almost to our class, Jessica decides to trip me and I almost fell face first if it hadn’t been for Edward. After he balanced me, “Jealous.” I said unexpectedly loud enough for her to hear. It just came out.

Then Jessica turned around, “What did you call me?” she asked angrily

Then I looked her straight in her eyes and said it again, this time slow and clearly, “Jealous.” I can’t believe I am doing this. I would usually let it go, but my brain doesn’t want to let it go today.

“Why would I be jealous of you?” she asked in disgust

“Because I’m Edwards and the Cullen family friend and your not! Mainly because of Edward!” I said matter of fact

“What makes you think I’m into Edward?” she asked getting madder

“Who you trying to fool? Every girl in this school wants him and every guy wants to be him! It’s so obvious!”

“And your not?”

“No, I like him, but not like you and all these other girls!” I said getting annoyed at this conversation

Then out of nowhere, Jessica just charges at me, before she can get me, Edward pulled me out the way. While holding my arm, we walked to class, cutting through a crowd that unnoticeably formed.

After we sat down, I thanked him, “”Thank you, Edward!”

He laughed, “Your welcome!! You got her pretty mad!”

“I didn’t mean to, she is just drama, if she didn’t trip me because I am hanging out with the man of her dreams, I wouldn’t have put her on spot like that!!”

“Well, you got her good!!”

Then we both started laughing together. And from there, we went through the 8 hours free of drama!

love it

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