The Twilight Saga

the lovely Vannessa made this awsome Bannner for me, yay!! I love it!! thanks agian Vannessa!!!



My name is Bella Swan. And my life is a big bad screw up. I don't know why this happened to me...I don't know why my life is just a big clumsy peice of dump. I don't know why I ever thought anyone ever really cared about me.



He grabbed my arms and pulled the jacket sleeves up and seen everthing. I feel naked and exposed, as if someone just stripped me and put me in front of a camera.

Edward gasped. I looked at his face, he was very frightened.

Then he hugged me tight, "I'm so sorry" he said.

He started sobbing quiety, which made me start to cry and I just hugged him thight as if I were never going to see him again and sobbed in his chest.


I want to see what people think about this and let me know if you want me to write more.

i don't want to write if noones going to be reading it.







CHAPTER-4 part 2











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Your welcome for the Banner. Order anytime soon I had fun making it.

haha, okayy!!!! I have another story that I need one, but I havent even updated that one soo idk if I will even finish it!! I'll let you know though!!



I like it!

Awesome chapter.

Love it.

Post more soon and keep me posted :)

CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey this story is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can u plz keep me updated when u post more????.........................if thats not too much trouble................tanx :D


How Cute.. Keep Me posted



more like now
As much as I don’t want to talk to Charlie…...I really want to go to the Cullen’s.
So I took a deep breath and walked out my room and downstairs.
Charlie was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and watching collage football.
I took another deep breath and spoke, “Dad.” I said disgusted at myself at calling him dad in the first place
He turned to me and glared at me, “Yes?”
“Umm, I have this project I have to do for biology, and Edward Cullen happens to be my partner. He has all the utensils for this project; I don’t, so I need to go to his house to do it.” I said nervously.
“Mmmhmmmm, and does his parents know?” he asked
“Yes they do, hid mom said that Edward couldn’t bring the utensils here, that’s why I need to go there.” I said, still nervous
“You have to be here by 9. And if you’re not……well, you know what will happen.” He said and I flinched at the memory of what happened.
“Okay, I’m going to call Edward and tell him I can go.” I said and ran to the kitchen phone and called Edward.
***** 5 minutes later *****
I walked outside and Edward got out his car and opened the passenger door for me. I smiled and sat in the car, then Edward walked to the other side and got in the car,
“Okay, are you ready?” Edward smiled at me.
I took a deep breath and said, “Yes!”
He chuckled and drove away from my house. “Where do you guys live anyways?” I asked.
He chuckled again, “You’ll see!!” he said and went faster.
Here we go again, I said to myself in my head and held on to the door.
After like a 10 minute drive, we pulled up to a huge beautiful house. I stared at it with my eyes wide and mouth wide open. “You live here?” I asked.
He laughed, “Yes I do!!”
He laughed again and said, “Come on!” and helped me out his car.
Then he held my hand and walked me to his house. And he held the door open and we both walked inside his house.
“WOW…….again, WOW!!!” I said with my mouth open again.
“Okay, you really need to stop doing that! You look funny when you do that!!” Edward said and started laughing.
After Edward gave me a tour around the house, I met his family.
They were very nice to me, so welcoming.
Then Alice stole me from Edward and took me to her room, uh oh, I’m scared now! I heard she likes to shop, that’s nothing good to me.
When we walked in Alice’s room, I was in awe. Her room was so big and unbelievably amazing. She took me to her closet which looks about the size of my room. Then I looked around it and was defiantly scared now. There were clothes everywhere.
“Okay, now let’s get you changed and looking pretty!” she seen the face I had when she said that and then she quickly said, “Not that you’re not pretty or anything, but look at the clothes your wearing!” she said in disgust.
“There is nothing wrong with what I’m wearing!” I said looking at what I had on.
I had some blue jeans and grey long sleeved shirt with some converse on.
“Bella, you need to know something about me! I always win, so don’t try arguing with me.” She said smiling
“U-u-uhh, okay, s-s-sorry.” I said kind of scared
Then she started laughing and dug through her clothes.
Next thing I know, she was throwing me some black skirt and a white button down shirt.
“The restroom is right there.” She said pointing at the door behind me, “Change into that.”
I looked at her and saluted her and closed the door. I looked around in horror. No way. Her counter tops are full of makeup and hair stuff. She is not touching me with any of that at all. I can stand the clothes, but not the makeup. So I just changed like she told me to and tried not to think about the makeup.
The skirt was like too short for me and the shirt was a little tight, what I don’t understand is why Alice is doing this to me. I think she wants to torture me.
I walked out the restroom and when Alice seen me, she started jumping up and down really happy and I started laughing at her. “You look so good in that, I knew you would! Okay here, put these on!” she said and handed me some black flats. And so I did. “Okay, my favorite part!” she said and pushed me in the restroom.
Uh-oh, noooooo, I screamed in my head!
Then she sat me in a chair in front of the mirror. I am scared.
***** 30 minutes later *****
I had makeup all over my face and my hair was down and straightened. I don’t even look like myself. This is all wrong, it should be illegal.
Alice checked me out and had the biggest grin I have ever seen. She had to be the happiest pixie girl in the world. I laughed.
“What do you think?” she asked, before she let me tell her, she cut me off, “I don’t care how you think it looks, all that matters is that I did it and you look great, okay, time to show everyone!” she said
I screamed no in my head again, that’s embarrassing.
Then she grabbed my hand and walked out her room and downstairs to where everyone was sitting at. When they heard us walk in, they all turned around and stared at me. And I started blushing so bad, I probably looked like a human tomato to them. I seen Edwards face, he looked at me up and down and smiled at me.
“You look great Bella!” Edward said
All I did was smile and started to blush more. “Thanks!” I said


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