The Twilight Saga

my story is going to be oriented around Leah and Jacob. i hope you like it, cuz these are my two fav characters.

Chapter 1: Leah POV

"go away, jacob!" i screamed. i stormed away in human form. i wasn't going to give into him, no way no how! these days i tried to stay human, to hide my thoughts from jake and seth. i marched right over to a tree and punched it. why? why couldn't i just be normal? why can't sam love me? why am i have weird feelings for jake? less than five minutes ago, i almost let him have me. what stopped me? i don't know. i sank to the ground, putting my knees. the tears slowly began. what good am i? so many questions i had, they were overwhelming me, constricting my lungs. i vaguely wondered if i held my breath long enough, would i die?

i heard the heavy thud of paws approaching. i looked up, seeing seth, his head cocked to the side with concern. i stared at him darkly, wishing i had something to throw. he whined a little. "what do you want seth?" i hissed. he backed off, and ran back in the direction of the house. i sighed. why can't i be nice? i love my brother, and i hated to see him run to a house full of vampires by himself. why did he have to imprint on that half bloodsucker? ever since she was born, he's been with her 24/7. it was bugging me more than it should.

i felt a shimmer in the air. seth was probably phasing. i looked up at the sky. another drizzly day in washington. maybe i should apologize to jake. he was hurting as much as i was, if not, more. i sighed. why did i have to be the one to add to his hurt? i got up and wiped my hands off on my jeans. my mom, on one of her recent visits, brought me some clothes. i wonder if her and charlie would visit today? they seemed to be getting pretty serious. ugh. more love. well, better find jake.

Chapter 2: Jakes POV

i knew she wasn't sure about this, before she pushed me, before she screamed 'go away, jacob!', before she stomped away. i wasn't sure about it either. she had already told me she wanted to let go of sam, and quite recently, i decided to let go of bella. no way was i going to be in love with a married vampire, esp one with a kid. i leaned against a tree. maybe love just wasn't ever gonna work out for me. maybe i should just focus on important things, like my father. last time i saw charlie, he said billy wasn't feeling too well. but love was important to me too. i know my life is going to be freakishly long, and i want someone to be with me.

i heard leah yelling at seth. poor kid. just trying to help. i guess he's probably back at the house by now. i can't believe seth imprinted renessmee. i can't believe those bloodsuckers were ok with it. i can't believe i've been talking to myself for the last ten minutes. i should probably find leah. i hope she cooled down enough for me to talk to her.

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kay, sorry if that was boring. the next chapters will be more exciting. more love, war and vampires on the way!!!!!

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Oh I really like it!
You should continue, it wasn't boring at all!
I (L) Leah and Jake :)
i like it

good job

i want to read more


: )
i like it, please write more!!
ok, i write more soon.
Chapter 2: Leah's POV

My feet felt glued to the ground. every nerve in my body was screaming to go find jake, but what was stopping me? probably my pride. and my "amazing" self-control. they seemed to have created walls, thick, brick walls, forbidding me from loving jake or seth or anyone really. i didn't love sam any more, since how it's hard to love someone with a fiancee.

With much effort, i forced my feet to walk forward a couple steps. it was like being caught in a tug-of-war. my want for jake was pulling me to him, but something else was trying to keep me right here. anger burned inside of me. how do you rid yourself of pride thats been there forever? i began to shake. cool it leah, i thought. my emotion began to leak out my eyes again. i sighed. at least that part of my femininity was still intact.

"Leah?" his voice sent a thrill through my body. i both loved and hated it. i even more wanted to just run to him, to hold him.....but the walls were too high to climb, to strong to break down, and i didn't want to love him. i heard his heavy footfalls coming toward me. i wiped my wet face. i was definitely NOT going to let him see me crying over him.

"Oh, leah. there you are." said jake as he stepped out of the bushes. "what do you want jacob?" i said icily. he flinched and i slapped myself internally. i didn't actually think that was the way to try to be nice. "leah, i just wanted to say something." he said. i waited. and waited. and waited. "ok." i said. he took a deep breath. then another one. then another one. and he was about to take another one but i interupted. "what did you want to say?" i asked, straining to keep my voice toneless. finally, he began to talk. "leah, i love you and if your not ready for that level of commitment, i understand. i will wait. i don't care if it takes years, i will wait." he finished.

That did it. that broke down all the walls of pride and self-control. before i could stop my self, i tackled him, sending us both to the forest floor. "oh, jake i love you too! i'm so sorry, i was such a-" i began, but his lips were on mine before i could finish and everything else was forgotten.

Chapter 2: Jakes POV

i stopped in mid-stride. when i find her, what will she say? what will i say? i took another step. she might yell at me. another step. and i should say......what? step. maybe i should just say what i'm thinking. 'leah, i love you, so can we have sex already?' that might not be the best idea. step. hm, maybe i should apologize. step. but for what? i didn't actually do anything. step. i sighed heavily. no wonder bella didn't choose me, i'm no good at love. step. and yet, i'm trying it again. step. i'll just wing it and hope for the best.

Damn it, where is she? "leah?" i called. i heard a startled gasp come from my right. aha, found you leah! right, now i think i know what i'm doing. i stepped right through the bushes and saw her standing right in front of me. "Oh, leah. there you are." i said. she turned to face me. "what do you want jacob?" she snapped. i flinched when she said my name with so much venom.

"leah, i just wanted to say something." i said. crap, what did i want to say? my brain scrambled to remember, but i couldn't remember anything. wait, was it about-? "ok." she said. i lost it. more oxygen should help. i took a deep breath, then another, then another, then she snapped. "what did you want to say?" she said in a would be plain voice, but she couldn't disguise it anymore. finally, i just blurted it out. "leah, i love you and if your not ready for that level of commitment, i understand. i will wait. i don't care if it takes years, i will wait."

she suddenly jumped on me, hugging me tight. "oh. jake i love you too! i'm sorry i was such a-" she didn't finish because her lips were busy. i didn't want to let her finish. i loved her and would not stand for anyone down-talking her, especially herself. finally, this is what i was waiting for. for her to mine, all mine. now she was and my world was officially complete.

Chapter 3: Leah's POV

"jake." i sighed. perfect, just like the rest of him. he kissed down my neck. i suddenly had a desperate need for him. my lips found his again and i kissed him with life or death urgency. he responded enthusiastically.
i felt my shirt slide over my head. we rolled over so he on top of me. i became aware that neither of us had clothes on. we had seen each other naked before, but this time it was different, cuz before, he didn't belong to me. i stroked his face as i felt his rough hands explore my body. "jacob, jacob." i crooned.

i twisted my body in a way that made him groan. he kissed me again, i felt his tongue plunge deeper. he pulled my waist closer and i closed my eyes, letting him slip himself inside me. i was him, he was me. we were one. how did i ever live without his love? now it seemed like the center of everything, it was everything. without it, there was nothing.

i layed across him bare chest, extremely contented. maybe now, everything will be ok. i would be able to stand other people who were in love, because, truthfully, that's why i hated to hang around the cullen house. all the love in the air made it hard to breath, then the vampire stink on top of that.

the sky was beginning to darken and i knew seth would be coming out soon to see if we needed help. i really didn't want him to see me and jake, naked, lying on the forest floor, our bodies connected the way they were. i sighed. "jake...." i said. "Hm?" he answered. "Seth....." and that was i needed to say. we were both on our feet , getting dressed. i suddenly stopped. "Jake, we're gonna need to to phase in a few minutes to get to the house." i said. we both phased into wolf form at the same time.
please please pleasee write moree...this is really really really good!!!

---Lizzie P. thats me!!!
when r u writing more?? it is great
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i love it!!!! plzzz post more soon
right more it's good
aaaaawwww!!!! i love it continue please!!
leah and jake are for sure the best characters!!!
love them!!
see you around!


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