The Twilight Saga

wichfanfic schould i write ?

(a) a nesie and jacob love story

(b) edward and bella story everyone is human

(c) all the cullens stuck in walmart

let me know wich one i schould write . comment the letter

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Edward and Bella story. Human is fine. Has to be a love story. I love the romantic stuff between Bella and Edward!
C!! GO WITH C!! there is too many A and B's and C is so original!!
c!!! i agree with Fozzie. its more original!!
I also agree C!!
WOO! I started a chain reaction for you!!
i will write c and when i post it i will give yall the link
i dk now wich one to write. comment
i sat b
B I love the Edward and Bella stories.
b annnnnnnnddddd c.(picture emmett stuck in wal-mart all night!! too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
WRITE CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC i agree with the others theres to many love storys this would be different.
I STILL SAY C!!! C IS WAY MORE ORIGINAL AND IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT!!! There is too many Edward and Bella love stories where they are all human and There is already a lot of Jake and Nessie Love stories or just the Jake and Nessie stories... That is the reason behind my vote...


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