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Hi my names is Arianna Summers.And my life officially sucks now.Im being forced to move to Washington from my beautiful home in Tennessee.Why?Because some idiot sold my parents house before I could get there and stop it.A year ago my parents were murdered,and I didnt know about until a month ago.Ive been in Australia for the past three months for my surfing competitions and training.Since their isnt any oceans around Tennessee,Im away from home alot.When I got home last month,I went to my house and find that it has crime scene tape all around it.At first I thought it was some joke because my brother Aidan loved pulling pranks on me.I spent an hour looking for my family and walked over to my neighbors house.Saying that they were suprised to see me was an understatement.Mrs.Tanner looked like she seen a ghost and her kid wasnt much better.I asked her if she had seen my brother or my parents and she got real angry all of a sudden.She yelled some un-nice things and asked why I was caring now?Honestly I had no idea what she was talking about.Anyone who knew me,knew I loved my family.So I find out my parents have been murdered and my brother is missing.Which is really hard to believe,considering that a family of were-cats are hard to kill.Yep I said were-cats.My parents were and my brother was close to changing,but I never thought I would change.Sadness triggers a cats change.I was always a happy go lucky kid,so no one in my family thought I would change.But being told that your family's dead or missing puts a damper in anyones mood.Now im sitting on a plane on my way to Washington.


Arianna Summers

Black Jaguar shifter

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Jacob Black


Arianna's Imprint


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Chapter 1

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i like it you should continue
thanks guys im workin on the first chapter now so it mite be up in a few days.
I love it! It sounds great.

Chapter 1

I really hate plane rides.Now if I was flying first class or something I might like it,but not when you have to sit between a little boy who kept screamin and a weird guy who kept starin at me.But I have to say the dude was hot but kinda weird.So Im moving to some place called Forks.Honestly who would name a town after something you eat with?If I see Knives and Spoons im leavin.Yea im funny...not really.

In my parents will,it said that my great great grandpa left us a cabin somewhere in the woods around forks.I said somewhere.

I guess no one had ever heard of a Micheal Summers in Forks.I mean he lived here until he was 107 years old.Someone had to of heard of him.Since there were no hotels in this town,I guess I'd have to buy a house or something.Well at least I wouldnt run out of money any time soon.My family is rich or I guess I am now.When you live for a few hundred years,money starts to add up.Especially when your parents ar-were lawyers.

I found a cabin right on the edge of the woods.It had plenty of room around it for me to run.It was nothing like my old house.My old house was a huge cabin in a field.This one was a little smaller and surrounded by trees.I loved it.I decided to redecorate the house.Since I cant decribe things worth a crap,here are some pretty pictures


Living room


my bedroom

my bathroom

and the downstairs bathroom

Now my new house is perfect!-Insert really creepy smile here-.Now the only thing that could make me really happy is a place to surf....or a dog.I love dogs.Even though im pretty much a black leopard,animals that are smaller than our animal forms still love us.I might get one after I surf,and get a car...Wow i bet a car would of been really helpful when I got all the stuff to decorate my house and stuff.........Im so smart.

You know something?I just realized that I left all of my surfing stuff in Australia.Again Im really smart....Notice the sarcasm?Anyway,I called a cab to take me to Port Angeles so i could possibly buy a car and some more boards and stuff.

Ive never in all of my life liked the new cars they make now.They suck.The old vintage antiques are alot better than those pieces of scrap metel they make now.I sighed and kept walking down the street.I walked past several car dealerships and an some kind of broken down dealership that looked alot like a junkyard.Then I saw it.A 1970 SS Chevelle.I may not be a car junkie but I know my beauties.I walked inside the junkyard/car slling thing and practically ran over to it.It looked like it need a real good wash,some new tires,new paint,and probably a few more things but other than that it looked fine.A big black dude walked out of a little run down shack and over to me."Please tell me your selling this otherwise I'll cry."I told the dude honestly.The dude laughed at me.Laughed.I wasnt kidding,I would actually cry if he wasnt selling it."Yea Im selling it.But for a good price.Im Mr.Franks."Oh thank god."Im Ariana."I said not looking at Mr.Franks but at the car."How much?"I asked and he told me the price.11 grand wasnt that high.At least not for me..."You take credit cards?"I asked again and he nodded and led me to the shack.I paid for the car and skipped out to my new baby.I actually skipped I was so happy."I shall name you...... Krystal!"I shouted and got in her.


Im so happy right now.Now to find the nearest surf shop!I searched for an hour before I finally found one.Randy's Surf Shop.And apparently I had passed it three times!Im really starting to hate myself.I got three new boards and a couple of new outfits.Well the outfits are actually a black and blue bikini,and yellow and black bikini.



Im tired now.And considering that its almost 11 o clock at night,I think I'll save surfing tomorrow.I drive home with all my stuff in the back seat and went straight to my room and went to bed


sorry if its a little short guys.I didnt have that much time to write,I'll try to make the next chapter longer


















New reader -- this seems like a really intriquing story!  Please let me know when you update it!  I've lways wanted to learrn to surf, but at 68, I think I'm too late!!  Live on west coast of Fl - maybe could handle the Gulf's 'waves' - LOL!

thanks guys,your comments mean alot =).I'll try to have the next chapter out sometime this week,i cant say when cause i got skool tomorrow and idk how much homework ill have.
this is amazing sissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aw tank you sissy

New Banner for the Story

Doesnt it look cool?My first banner that actually turned out pretty decent!

I love the car!!!! Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!!

thanks,I will!the cars actually my brothers,and its actually named Krystal for some reason


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